On the third day of Wen Jianing’s participation in the official shooting of ‘Springtime Dream’, he met Fang Mingdong, who played the leading role in the film. In fact, Fang Mingdong used to be an old acquaintance of Wen Jianing, and they used to make movies together. At that time, Fang Mingdong played a supporting role for him. The two got along well, and they also ate and drank together in private.

  Fang Mingdong’s personality was a little extreme, and he had a lot of things he didn’t like. Of course, he wouldn’t stand up and criticise, but his likes and dislikes would be clearly shown on his face.

       In the past, he used to like interacting with Wen Jianing, but now he obviously didn’t like Wen Jianing very much. When Wen Jianing greeted him, he nodded in response, but soon turned aside under the pretext of other things and was unwilling to have a long chat with Wen Jianing.

       Wen Jianing guessed if it was because Lu Jinlang asked the producer to put him in, and the matter was known by Fang Mingdong. So Fang Mingdong was dissatisfied with him from the beginning.

       Today’s scene was in a coffee shop. The male lead played by Fang Mingdong was having a meeting with a female client, but the female protagonist and her friends mistakenly believed that he was coming for a blind date. The heroine was worried but didn’t dare to stop it, so Xue You, played by Wen Jianing, rushed out, took the water cup and splashed the male lead’s face with water. He cried about how he had cheated on him and scared the female customer out of her wits.

       Before the official shooting, Wen Jianing rehearsed with Fang Mingdong several times. Wen Jianing pretended to splash the water in the empty cup into Fang Mingdong.

  Fang Mingdong suddenly said to him, “Try to pass it in one go, otherwise, I will have to blow dry my hair before we can continue again.”

       Wen Jianing felt that his request was actually quite excessive for a newcomer like him. Who didn’t want to do it all at once, but the more thorough your request, the easier it was for the other party to be nervous, and made mistakes.

       But lucky for him, Wen Jianing was not a newcomer.

       The filming officially started. Wen Jianing was wearing a long windbreaker jacket, tights and black boots. He walked up to Fang Mingdong’s table and splashed the water on Fang Mingdong’s face without saying a word.

       His movements were very quick, and Fang Mingdong had no time to react at all. Before he could react, he had been splashed with water all over his face.

  The female client opposite him screamed and stood up and took two steps back.

       Wen Jianing followed with a slap in the face and controlled the angle. This shot looked heavy, but in fact, it just hit his jaw. The sound was loud but it shouldn’t hurt too much.

       Fang Mingdong’s head was tilted to one side

       Wen Jianing folded his arms across his chest and said, “How can you do this to me?”

       Fang Mingdong covered his face with one hand, turned his head and asked angrily, “Who are you?”

       Wen Jianing put his finger against his nose and said, “Shame on you!” Then he ran outside.

       Fang Mingdong stood up and shouted, “Who are you? Hey! Explain properly!”

       After the scene was over, Cao Songquan gave Wen Jianing a thumbs up and asked him to take a close-up shot.

       After a few days of filming, Cao Songquan was very satisfied with Wen Jianing. He even pulled Wen Jianing to see the picture on the monitor and asked Wen Jianing for his opinions.

       He felt that Wen Jianing’s performance was very consistent with many of his ideas and so he was very interested in communicating with Wen Jianing.

       Cao Songquan was a director with obvious personal characteristics. He liked to use the same actors that he felt could express what he wanted. For example, Fang Mingdong had worked with him more than once.

       As for Wen Jianing now, he felt like he had dug a treasure. Therefore, he went back to watch some shots of ‘The Strange Fate of Hairpin and Phoenix’ and realized that Wen Jianing’s acting skills were indeed superb, but his face was too good. In idol dramas that were relatively crudely filmed, it was easy to overlook some things.

  After the filming of the scene, Fang Mingdong’s assistant quickly took a towel to wipe his hair. He turned to look at Wen Jianing and saw that Wen Jianing was already standing next to Cao Songquan to watch the shot with him. The two of them were talking and laughing together.

  Today’s work ended early. Before finishing work, Cao Songquan asked Wen Jianing and Fang Mingdong to wait and have dinner together in the evening.

  Cao Songquan loved to play around and this fact was well-known in this industry. His wife was actually very strict, but Wen Jianing didn’t know how strict she was. Cao Songquan would go out to eat sneakily every time he was filming, and he heard that his wife had caught him.

  When Wen Jianing heard that Cao Songquan asked for dinner, he guessed that Cao Songquan had arranged some entertainment. This kind of entertainment was necessary. Wen Jianing greeted Wen Tinghuan and asked Wen Tinghuan to go back first, and that he would take a taxi back later at night.

  Wen Tinghuan heard that he was going out with Cao Songquan, and whispered, “Don’t mess around, it’s very troublesome to be photographed by paparazzi.”

  ”I won’t mess around,” Wen Jianing said.

  Cao Songquan first booked a private room for dinner in a private club. He said there were more people to make things more lively, and he went to pick up two more people, and let Wen Jianing take Fang Mingdong’s car to go over there first.

  Fang Mingdong’s assistant drove. Wen Jianing and Fang Mingdong sat in the back seat.

  On the way, Fang Mingdong asked casually, “Where is your assistant?”

  Wen Jianing said, “It is not convenient for a girl like her, so I tell her to go back first.”

  Fang Mingdong didn’t say anything more.

  When they arrived at the private room of the restaurant for the dinner, there were still only two of them, but Cao Songquan had set a large table. Obviously, he had called many other guests.

  Fang Mingdong didn’t talk to Wen Jianing and lowered his head to play with his mobile phone.

  Wen Jianing felt that the atmosphere was a bit awkward. In fact, he had a lot of topics to talk about to Fang Mingdong, but he couldn’t say it because Ke Xinhang didn’t know Fang Mingdong’s personal affairs.

  Nearly twenty minutes later, Cao Songquan and his entourage came. There was also Wei Lun, the actor in this year’s Academy Awards, and Wei Qinglei, a well-known screenwriter in the industry. Wen Jianing knew that the two of them, along with Cao Songquan, and Fang Mingdong, were people in a small circle, and he was the only outsider here.

  Seeing Wei Lun coming in, Fang Mingdong and Wen Jianing both stood up and greeted them politely.

  Wei Lun was in his forties this year. He had acted in plays for many years, from minor to important supporting roles. He had also played a large number of cheap movies, and some forbidden movies that couldn’t be released in the country. It was really not easy to get to this point.

  Cao Songquan gives a proper introduction to Wen Jianing in general.

  Wen Jianing had been very popular recently. Even if one didn’t really care about the internet, it was impossible to have never heard his name. Wei Lun and Wei Qinglei both greeted him politely.

  As soon as these people sat down, someone knocked on the private room door. Six or seven beautiful young girls came in from the outside. They were actors and magazine models who he had never met and couldn’t even call their names.

  One of them obviously knew Cao Songquan, and when she saw him, she rushed over and kissed both sides of his face.

  Cao Songquan smiled and told everyone to sit down and have fun today.

  There were girls sitting on Wen Jianing’s left and right sides, and the entire private room suddenly became lively. Cao Songquan said, “You girls should introduce yourself one by one.”

  Those girls really stood up and introduced themselves one by one.

  The girl on Wen Jianing’s left said to him, “My name is Xixi. I have been watching ‘The Strange Fate of Hairpin and Phoenix’ before, and I really like you.”

  When Cao Songquan heard her, he immediately said, “You have to express a little if you like it.”

  When she heard what Cao Songquan said, Xixi picked up the wine glass and said to Wen Jianing, “I toast you a glass.”

  Wen Jianing picked up the wine glass, not because of Xixi toasting him, but purely to not embarrass Cao Songquan.

  He couldn’t say that he like this kind of entertainment, but it was not necessarily disgusting. When he was in the past, he even thought it was okay to play with these girls, but now it was impossible. Not only because of his physical limitation, but it was also because his desire to do so was no longer there.

  Even halfway through the meal, he suddenly wondered what Lu Jinlang was eating at home alone tonight.

  After dinner, Cao Songquan opened a private room in the clubhouse to sing.

  Cao Songquan liked to ask these young girls to sing and dance. He and Wei Lun talked together while smoking cigarettes. The girl next to him returned to him after singing, she hugged him and ran back to sing

  Cao Songquan seemed to like the entertainment.

  Cao Songquan called Wen Jianing over and said to Wei Lun and the others, “This kid is still young but he is very good.” He asked Wen Jianing, “How old are you? Twenty one?”

  Wen Jianing said, “Yes, and I will be twenty-two in the second half of this year.”

  Cao Songquan nodded.

  Wei Lun heard the words and sighed, “So young.”

  Cao Songquan said to Wei Qinglei, “How about it, Old Wei? Go write Xiao Ke a suitable script for him.”

  Wei Qinglei smiled and said, “No problem. If I wrote the script, would you direct it?”

  Cao Songquan patted his chest, “Of course I will direct it, and I will also be the producer. I promise to make Xiao Ke fly high into the sky.”

  Wen Jianing was flattered with Cao Songquan’s demeanour. It seemed that Cao Songquan really liked him. He could feel it and couldn’t help but feel a little more grateful.

  At this moment, Fang Mingdong said to their side, “Why didn’t I see you shoot me a movie that made me soar into the sky?”

  Cao Songquan said, “Am I not filming you right now? Why are you jealous?”

  Several girls giggled on the sidelines.

  One of them hugged Fang Mingdong’s waist, raised her head and whispered to him in a low voice. Fang Mingdong took down the cigarette from his mouth and stuffed it into the girl’s mouth. The girl quickly took a puff with a smile.

  Wen Jianing glanced at the time and felt that it was time for him to find a way to get out.

  The girl named Xixi came closer to him, touching Wen Jianing’s chest with one hand, and touching his thigh with the other.

  Wen Jianing was very sensitive to that place, and immediately reached out and grabbed Xixi’s hand, smiled and held her hand in his hand to prevent her hand from moving.

  Cao Songquan said to him, “There is a room upstairs, just sign with my name.”

  Wen Jianing hesitated, he couldn’t say he wanted to leave in front of Cao Songquan, but it was very easy to leave and later find a reason to leave Xixi away. So he just stood up, and at the same time stretched out his hand to pull Xixi up, and said, “Then I’ll have a rest first.”

  Cao Songquan gave him an understanding look and waved him to hurry away.

  Wen Jianing walked to the door of the private room with his hand on Xixi’s waist. He was taken aback when he opened the door because he found Lu Jinlang standing outside the private room.

  Lu Jinlang obviously intended to come in, but when he saw Wen Jianing coming out, he withdrew the hand that was pushing the door, stood still and smiled at him.

  Wen Jianing had no intention of cheating, and of course, he did not feel guilty for Lu Jinlang, but if he immediately releases his arm around Xixi, it would seemed like he had been caught in adultery; but if he did not release it, it seemed like he was provoking Lu Jinlang.

  At the moment Wen Jianing hesitated, several people in the private room saw Lu Jinlang, and Cao Songquan was the first to stand up, “Oh! Film Emperor Lu! What a coincidence?”

  Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing didn’t deliberately hide from anyone in the circle. Cao Songquan may have heard that before, but Wen Jianing was not popular at that time. It was not a great deal for Lu Jinlang to take care of a young artist, and as time passed no one remembered it anymore. 

  When he saw Lu Jinlang now, Cao Songquan still didn’t react for a while. He was just wondering who Lu Jinlang was looking for and hurriedly asked him to come in and sit down.

  Lu Jinlang smiled, and said, “Thank you for the invitation, Director Cao. I’m here to pick up someone.”

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