Chapter 50

       Wen Jianing went to the villa where he used to live with Wen Cuilan. Instead of driving, the two walked over slowly. This was somewhat a well established high-end villa area, and Wen Jianing had lived here for many years and never thought of moving.

       The trees, flowers and plants in the neighbourhood had been growing for many years, and this short one or two years would not change anything. It was as if everything was the same as when he left.

       Walking past the area like this accompanied by his mother, made Wen Jianing felt in a daze. He couldn’t tell whether he was living in the present or in the past.

  Wen Cuilan always said that she regretted that she spent too little time with Wen Jianing in the end. But Wen Jianing didn’t think so. After remarrying, Wen Cuilan obviously lived happier, and he himself was too busy. When Wen Cuilan stayed with him, she was alone at home most of the time. If he could choose, he still hoped that his mother could live with the people she loved and lived a happier life.

  When they arrived in front of Wen Jianing’s villa, the two stopped.

  The exterior wall did not look desolate because of the property being taken care of. But it might be because no one lived for so many years, the house inside looked very dark from the window.

  When he opened the door and went in, Wen Jianing smelled a cold and stale smell rushing to his face. The furniture in the house had not been moved and was covered with a layer of white cloth.

  Wen Cuilan couldn’t hold back her tears.

  ”Have a look,” she said to Wen Jianing.

  In fact, there was nothing for him to see. Wen Jianing was too informed about this home. He heard Wen Cuilan next to him say, “After Jianing left, this place has remained untouched in its original state. I don’t know if you like these furniture, I can ask someone to move it if you don’t like it.”

  Wen Jianing walked to the middle of the living room and reached out to touch the TV cabinet. A photo of him was originally displayed here, but it was no longer there. He raised his head and looked at the stairs leading to the second floor. At the corner, the poster that he attached was gone.

  The cabinets and drawers were empty. Wen Cuilan had cleaned them all up.

  Wen Jianing walked up to the second floor and saw the empty big bed in his bedroom. There were no longer plants on the balcony on the second floor, but from here, everything was still the same as before.

  He turned his head and said to Wen Cuilan, who followed him, “Mrs. Wen, sell me the house. You don’t have to move the furniture. Please keep all the furniture. I like it here very much, and I will also take good care of this house. You are welcome to come back and have a look at it at any time.”

  Perhaps it was his last sentence that touched Wen Cuilan. Wen Cuilan’s eyes were red, she said to Wen Jianing, “You call me Aunt Wen. I’m also very happy that it’s a child like you who bought a house. As I said, the price isn’t an issue. I just hope you’re buying the house for pure purposes.”

  Wen Jianing said, “I bought it to live on my own.”

  Wen Cuilan nodded when she heard the words, she said, “That’s good, I hope so.”

  In the end, Wen Cuilan offered a price of 15 million yuan. This price was actually already cheap, considering the location of the villa. But when it comes to the value of the house, it was not easy to say the same. This was the former residence of big movie star Wen Jianing. If someone pursued it, of course it should be of higher value, but at the same time, this was also the place where Wen Jianing died suddenly. According to Chinese philosophy, his death was an unnatural death, which was considered very unlucky, so people who wanted to buy would hesitate.

  The entertainment industry was a superstitious circle. Wen Jianing was probably the only one who would buy the house here without any qualm.

  But 15 million was still too much for him. He couldn’t come up with so much money at a time.

  After some consideration, Wen Cuilan promised that he could move in first and handle the ownership transfer after paying the rent.

  Wen Jianing hesitated. He went to discuss with Wen Tinghuan to see if he could take out a loan to pay for the house all at once. Wen Tinghuan disagreed and said to him, “Why don’t you go and borrow some from the company?”

   “It’s not appropriate,” Wen Jianing said, asking for a loan from a company was equivalent to asking Lu Jinlang for a loan, which he didn’t think was appropriate.

   In fact, Lu Jinlang had already talked to him, but given his current relationship with Lu Jinlang, even if he really asked Lu Jinlang to borrow money, Lu Jinlang would also suffer. To put it bluntly, no matter what Wen Jianing said about the relationship between them, he still hoped to be on an equal footing with Lu Jinlang as much as possible in his heart.

   The fact that he bought back Wen Jianing’s old house was quickly caught by the keen media, or maybe the media was already paying attention to this matter since Wen Cuilan released the news that the house was for sale.

   He did not immediately tell Lu Jinlang about the purchase. Lu Jinlang knew about the news nearly a week later. He was eating at Lu’s house that day when he flipped through a gossip magazine that his mother threw on the sofa and saw it.

   He sat on the sofa and flipped through the magazine. His six-year-old nephew ran over and lay on his lap and asked, “Third Uncle, what are you looking at?”

   This child was Lu Jinxin’s son, Tongtong.

   Lu Jinxin was divorcing his wife, but his wife was unwilling. So did the elderly in the Lu family, so he dragged it down for a while. There was no way to solve it for a while. When they eat at home, Lu Jinxin’s wife would still show up with her son.

   Lu Jinlang didn’t answer him.

   Instead, Lu Jinxin was intrigued by his son’s words. He walked over and saw the magazine in Lu Jinlang’s hand. He took it and asked Lu Jinlang, “Did you buy it for him?”

   Lu Jinlang shook his head.

   When he returned home after dinner, Lu Jinlang opened the door and heard Wen Jianing rummaging in the bedroom.

   He had some wine in the evening and walked over to the bedroom door and asked, “Packing up to move?”

   Wen Jianing was stunned. He was just rummaging through the wardrobe for an attire that he planned to wear to the company tomorrow. After searching for it for a long time, he didn’t find it. He had to free up a lot of things in the cabinet and put it on the bed, but he didn’t expect Lu Jinlang to ask such a question.

   Is he planning to move? He himself did not know. He and Lu Jinlang got along well and did not quarrel about the values. No matter what their position for this relationship was, it was strange to say he wanted to move out for no reason.

   But Lu Jinlang asked this, he probably had been waiting for him to move.

   Wen Jianing turned to face Lu Jinlang. He said, “I have already discussed this with Ms. Wen, and she promised to sell me the house.”

   Lu Jinlang took off his coat as he walked into the room, “I see, I saw it in the magazine.”

   After a short silence, Wen Jianing heard Lu Jinlang say, “Congratulations on getting what you want.”

   He couldn’t tell if Lu Jinlang’s words carried some anger because Lu Jinlang was still as gentle and polite as before. Perhaps Lu Jinlang felt unhappy that he had only learned about the purchase of a house through Gossip Weekly, and Wen Jianing didn’t take the initiative to be the first one to tell him.

   Lu Jinlang looked at the clothes on a bed, stretched out his hands and rolled up his sleeves, and asked, “Do you need help?”

  By now, Wen Jianing was feeling a little confused. He stood there for a while and reached for the suitcase on the top of the cabinet. It was a little higher but he could reach it on tiptoe.

   Lu Jinlang walked behind him and reached out to help him take the suitcase.

   Wen Jianing smelled the smell of wine on Lu Jinlang, and asked, “Have you been drinking?”

   Lu Jinlang said, “I drank a few glasses of red wine with my eldest brother and second brother at home in the evening.”

   In fact, he drank a lot.

   The two of them took down the suitcase together.

   Lu Jinlang said, “I’ll get a towel and wipe it for you.” After that, he went to the bathroom.

   As Wen Jianing sat down by the bed, he felt slightly overwhelmed for a while. But then he began to fold his clothes one by one.

   In fact, it was only because of Lu Jinlang’s invitation that he moved in together. It seemed that there was no guarantee or commitment.  Now that he wanted to move, Lu Jinlang also let him move. It seemed that there was nothing wrong with that.

   Lu Jinlang knelt on the ground to help Wen Jianing clean up the suitcase and then opened it to help him put his clothes in one by one.

   Wen Jianing suddenly had an unexplainable feeling, as if everything was just going well at first then one day, Lu Jinlang suddenly said he didn’t like him. He then really impatiently urged him to leave without lessening the impact at all. Although he had already made psychological preparations, he just didn’t expect that this day would come so soon.

   He had so many clothes that he couldn’t fit in one suitcase.

   “Just pack this much first.” Lu Jinlang said, “You can come back later for the other stuff. Don’t worry.”

   “Can we talk?” Wen Jianing said.

   Lu Jinlang looked at him, “What do you want to say?”

   Wen Jianing sat down by the bed, “Do you want to end it with me?”

   Lu Jinlang did not immediately answer.

   “Jinlang,” Wen Jianing called his name softly, “Am I a second Yan Ruowei to you?”

   Lu Jinlang smiled gently at his words, “You are Ke Xinhang, not some other person.”

   Wen Jianing said, “That’s probably what you said to Yan Ruowei as well.”

   Lu Jinlang didn’t refute. He might had said something similar to Yan Ruowei, but he couldn’t remember it clearly.

   “Forget it,” Wen Jianing said. He once vowed that he would not become the second Yan Ruowei, so why bother with Lu Jinlang now.

  Lu Jinlang looked at him and suddenly came over to crush him on the bed and kissed his lips heavily.

  The intense kiss seemed to harbour some anxiety and unspeakable emotion. Lu Jinlang settled his leg between Wen Jianing’s two legs, and with one hand pulled his pants.

   Wen Jianing hugged him and responded to him, not mincing his enthusiasm in the slightest.

   They kissed, hugged, and moved relentlessly.

   At the last moment, Lu Jinlang slowed down, without hurting Wen Jianing.

   Wen Jianing felt a little insatiable. It seemed that there was no more legitimate and reasonable emotional entanglement between them other than making love. Since they originally came for this, they might as well do it once and for all.

   When Wen Jianing woke up in bed feeling sore the next morning, he opened his eyes and saw a pair of little bears which Lu Jinlang brought back to him at Xu Rujing’s wedding placed on the cabinet not far away. Since it belonged to him, he better take it away with him.

   In the morning, Wen Jianing called Wen Tinghuan and asked her to pick him up by car.

   Lu Jinlang said he had to leave in the morning and didn’t stay to see him off.

   When she was helping Wen Jianing carry things into the car, Wen Tinghuan said, “You guys are so efficient, he’s just waiting for you to buy the house so he can kick you out immediately, right?”

   “I don’t think so,” said Wen Jianing.

   Wen Tinghuan sighed, “You are moving away, but he won’t even show his face.”

   Wen Jianing shook his head and said that he did not want to comment on it. He said, “Find a place for me to stay for two days first.”

   Wen Tinghuan said strangely, “Weren’t you given all the keys to Wen Jianing’s house already?”

   Wen Jianing said reluctantly, “For such a big house, I have to find someone to clean it first, and then prepare some necessary daily necessities. How can it be possible to move in immediately?”

   Wen Tinghuan looked at him, “Lu Jinlang drove you out, huh?” Wen Tinghuan thought it was Wen Jianing who wanted to move. But seeing the house there was still not cleaned up, it seemed that it was really a sudden decision.

   Wen Jianing didn’t want to answer this question. He planned to stay in the hotel for two days.

   Wen Tinghuan said, “Forget it, I’ll find you a place to stay for a few days that can promise not to kick you out.”

   Wen Jianing asked, “Where is it?”

   Wen Tinghuan said, “Wen Lin’s place.”

   Wen Jianing was surprised when he heard that. His first reaction was to refuse because he felt inconvenient, but he didn’t dare to be too nervous. He just said, “It’s not good. Wenlin’s side of the place is too small. I’m going to give him too much trouble if I go over there.”

   “No worries,” Wen Tinghuan said, “The company helped him to re-rent a two-bedroom house. He now lives alone in a spacious house, and it is a house rented by the company. You don’t have to feel embarrassed.”

   Wen Jianing suddenly asked, “Why doesn’t the company rent me a house?”

   Wen Tinghuan said, “You already have a house, and it’s the mansion of Film Emperor Lu. It’s a good house that the company can’t even afford to rent. Wen Lin’s old house is going to be demolished, do you want to steal this place from him?”

   Wen Jianing hadn’t been to the company for a long time since he injured his leg, and he didn’t have the opportunity to chat with Wen Lin. He didn’t even know Wen Lin’s current situation.

   Wen Tinghuan said, “I’ll call Wen Lin. He will definitely welcome you openly, so don’t worry about it.”

   If there was one bedroom for one person, he could lock the door when he took a bath and went to the toilet. Wen Jianing thought it was not a big problem to live there for two days. So he didn’t immediately stop Wen Tinghuan from contacting Wen Lin.

   Let’s just go and check it out, he thought to himself.

   Wen Lin was really pleased with Wen Jianing’s temporary two days stay. He wished he could drive to pick him up in person.

   “Mr. Popular,” Wen Tinghuan sighed with emotion evaluating Wen Jianing’s popularity.

   Wen Lin and Yi Nan’s historical game adaptations had been filmed. They were now in post-production, and ready to start the promotion. Wen Lin was not busy these days and wrote songs at home when he was free.

   Wen Jianing saw that Wen Lin’s new home was simple and tidy, and neatly organized.

   He said, “It’s very good.”

   Wen Lin was a little embarrassed. “I don’t dare to buy too many things for the rented house. I also want to buy my own house.”

   It seemed that everyone already knew about Wen Jianing’s house purchase.

   There was a vacant bedroom in Wen Lin’s place, and the lock of the bathroom door was also intact. He only needed to lock it from the inside to ensure privacy. Wen Jianing saw that Wen Lin’s character was pure, he was not too curious, and his personality was also gentle.

   “Just for two days,” he said to Wen Lin.

   Wen Lin smiled and said, “You are welcome to stay for as long as you want.”

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