Chapter 51

  The matter of finding someone to clean up Wen Jianing’s old house was entrusted to Wen Tinghuan.

  He stayed temporarily at Wen Lin’s place for two days. He had nothing to tidy up. He just dragged his luggage to his room and took out his daily necessities.

  When he opened the suitcase, Wen Jianing saw the little bears at a glance. He picked them up, looked at them, and put them back in the suitcase.

  That night, Wen Jianing changed into pyjamas after taking a shower and sat in the living room with Wen Lin to drink beer.

  Wen Jianing liked to get along with Wen Lin, just as Wen Lin liked to stay with Wen Jianing.

  Wen Lin took out his guitar and sang while playing. Wen Jianing sat on the ground with his back against the sofa, holding a beer bottle in his hand and listening to him sing.

  Wen Jianing felt that if Wen Lin was born more than ten years earlier, he might be able to develop very well in music. However, the current market doomed him to have no way to just focus on singing, unless there was a strong support behind him.

  As he thought of this, Wen Jianing inevitably thought of Ke Xinhang. If Ke Xinhang were still alive, he would probably be as emotional as Wen Lin. He felt that Ke Xinhang was full of ambitions and talents that couldn’t be displayed. With Ke Xinhang’s personality, he might not be as sociable as Wen Lin, because of his sensitivity and low self-esteem. In order to distance himself from others, he wrapped his whole body with thorns so that it was not easy to get close to him.

  Wen Lin’s song styles were mostly warm and relaxed tunes. As Wen Jianing listened, he leaned his head on the sofa, and slowly closed his eyes.

  And at this time, Lu Jinlang had just returned to his empty home.

  The room was very clean. Although Wen Jianing still had something to take away, Lu Jinlang could barely find traces of him in the place.

  Lu Jinlang sat by the bed, called Lu Yunan and told him to come and pick him up tomorrow. He planned to move back to the villa and wouldn’t come to stay for the time being.

  Wen Jianing drank a little too much that night. He did not go back to the room later and fell asleep directly on the sofa. Wen Lin took a blanket to cover him.

  The next morning, Wen Jianing and Wen Lin both went to the company, and Zheng Xin called them back for a short meeting.

  It was mainly to arrange the next phase of work for a few people.

  Yi Nan and Wen Lin were about to prepare for the promotion of the TV series, and in the meantime, they would definitely attend many entertainment programs and publicity activities. On Wen Jianing’s side, some commercial activities had invited him, but they were still in the negotiation stage. However, his commercial shooting schedule was still temporarily vacant.

  ”There are already arrangements for the next movie,” Zheng Xin said to him.

  Wen Jianing was a little strange, “What kind of arrangement?”

  Zheng Xin spread his hands, “I really don’t know this time. Manager Bai said that there is a movie, but he didn’t know exactly what movie it is.”

  When he heard this vague answer, Wen Jianing immediately thought of Lu Jinlang. It would only be Lu Jinlang who could make arrangements for him through Bai Shengzhe.

  Zheng Xin said, “Trust the boss. The company has always been very good to you.”

  It was a sentence that was difficult to say in front of Yi Nan and Wen Lin, but Zheng Xin had been an agent for so many years. Unless you had a very strong relationship, this was really the first time he had seen an agency that was so considerate of artists.

  Zheng Xin knew about Yi Nan’s backup. But Ke Xinhang? All he could think of was his relationship with Lu Jinlang.

  When Zheng Xin spoke to Wen Jianing alone, he asked, “I heard that you broke up with Lu Jinlang?”

  Wen Jianing smiled bitterly, “You are too well informed.”

  Zheng Xin said, “Tinghuan doesn’t dare to make any decision about you. As soon as she hears something, she will immediately discuss it with me. What she considers is your next development.”

  Wen Jianing nodded, “I understand.”

  Having said this, Zheng Xin suddenly sighed. He said, “It doesn’t matter if you split up, Xinhang, I am very optimistic about your future. Your relationship with Lu Jinlang now is helpful to your career, but when you develop well it will inevitably become a stumbling block.”

  Unless they were secretive for a lifetime, when the two were together for a long time, they would always have the possibility of being caught by sharp people. It was fine if it was a secretive relationship between a man and a woman. But we were talking about two men, when this scandal was exposed, Zheng Xin was afraid it would have a certain impact on their career.

  This kind of impact did not matter to Lu Jinlang, but it was terrible for Wen Jianing, who was trying to seek development because he would be regarded as the one who was taking advantage of Lu Jinlang to hype. Lu Jinlang could stay locked at home and didn’t face any media, but Wen Jianing couldn’t do that. He still needs to stand up and explain to the media and fans. He had to bear great pressure from the outside world.

  However, it was not impossible to solve. The only way was that Wen Jianing could stand in the same position as Lu Jinlang. When he did, he would no longer need to explain anything to the outside world. No matter what his private life was, he didn’t need to explain it to anyone.

  But obviously, now Wen Jianing didn’t need to think about it so much. He probably wouldn’t face that pressure one day.

  After leaving the company, Wen Jianing drove to the Beiao Garden.

  Wen Lin asked to go with him to see the old house of the God Wen. Wen Jianing smiled and said, “Let’s go.”

  The two people walked into the elevator together. When the door was about to close, Yi Nan suddenly ran over to block the elevator door and asked, “Where are you going?”

  Wen Lin was about to answer, but Wen Jianing smiled and said, “You and us are not the same team. Why should I tell you?”

  ”Psycho!” Yi Nan was suddenly angry.

  Wen Jianing did not continue to tease him and said, “Wen Lin is accompanying me to see the house. Do you want to go together?”

  Yi Nan was taken aback for a moment, and asked, “Wen Jianing’s house?”

  Wen Jianing nodded.

  Yi Nan hesitated for a moment and walked into the elevator.

  Although Zheng Xin didn’t say anything about Wen Jianing buying a house, it had been spread all over the company. The most common view was that he was a fan of Wen Jianing and was a fanatic devotee.

  Yi Nan heard a young man say, “What movie fan? He must be secretly in love with Wen Jianing, right?”

  In fact, sometimes it was not easy to draw a clear line between worship and admiration. There were many girls who wanted to marry idols and many girls who were willing to sleep with idols. Whether it was just simple worship or love, they probably haven’t figured it out by themselves.

  So what about Wen Jianing and Ke Xinhang? Yi Nan couldn’t help thinking about this question. Since Ke Xinhang had strange admiration for Wen Jianing, how could he keep that kind of relationship with Lu Jinlang? He must have known that Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing were always at odds.

  As his imagination ran wild, Yi Nan suddenly shook his head and thought: It’s none of my business!

  The house was already cleaned and furnished. So Wen Jianing just had to check what other daily necessities needed to be bought. Wen Tinghuan asked him to sort out a list and she would go buy it for him in the afternoon.

  The house was not very luxurious, and the decoration style was a little old, but it had soft tones, and an elegant environment.

  Wen Lin stood in front of the stairs, touched the handrails with his hands, and said, “Wen Jianing’s house.” He unconsciously carries some sort of admiration in his tone.

  Yi Nan was obviously a bit calmer. He looked around and said to Wen Jianing, “The house is nice, but I heard that Wen Jianing died upstairs at the time?”

  Wen Jianing came out of the bathroom on the first floor and was typing on his mobile phone. He was sending a message to Wen Tinghuan that he wanted to buy toilet paper. Hearing Yi Nan’s words, he looked up at him and said, “Yes, when I turned off the lights at night and stood on the first floor looking upstairs, I could see a dark figure slowly walking down the stairs.”

  The room suddenly became quiet, leaving only the sound of Wen Jianing typing on his mobile phone.

  Wen Lin suddenly let go of the stair handrail and said, “Are you serious?”

  Wen Jianing raised his head again, seeing that both of them looked stupefied, he said, “Of course it’s a joke.”

  Wen Lin breathed a sigh of relief.

  Wen Jianing went up to the second floor to see if there was bedding in the room and if he needed something else, Wen Lin and Yi Nan followed.

  Then they saw Wen Jianing sitting directly beside the bed.

  Wen Lin suddenly asked in a low voice, “Are you planning to stay in this room?”

  This room was the master bedroom. There were traces of large Wen Jianing posters once hung above the bed, and this room contained a bathroom and toilet.

  Wen Jianing nodded.

  Wen Lin didn’t know what to say and looked at Yi Nan.

  Yi Nan couldn’t help but say, “Aren’t you afraid?”

  ”What is there to be afraid of?” Wen Jianing said, “It should be a happy thing to sleep in the same bed with my idol.”

  Yi Nan’s face was complicated, and after holding back for a long time, he said, “Pervert!”

  Later, Wen Tinghuan helped Wen Jianing buy all the things he wanted. While Wen Lin and Yi Nan were here, Wen Jianing asked them to help pack up.

  Wen Lin was reluctant to let Wen Jianing move so soon and asked him, “Why don’t you stay with me for two more days?”

  Wen Jianing said, “I feel I’m bothering you too much. I will move over here as soon as things are ready.”

  Wen Lin didn’t have the heart to keep him.

  Instead, Wen Jianing said, “Why don’t you consider moving here? Anyway, I live alone and I won’t charge you rent.”

  Wen Lin hurriedly said, “How can I be so shameless to do that?”

  Wen Jianing reached out and touched his face, “We’re all brothers, what’s there to be ashamed of?”

  To celebrate the move, Wen Jianing invited Wen Lin, Yi Nan and Wen Tinghuan for dinner.

  There was definitely not enough time to do some cooking, so he directly called to order a takeout hotpot, and then Wen Lin and Wen Tinghuan drove together to a nearby supermarket to buy tableware and beer for the hotpot.

  That night, four people sat on the balcony on the second floor, eating hotpot and drinking beer. Although the distance between one house and the others was far apart, people living nearby could still hear their laughter from time to time.

  Later, several people were a little drunk, but Wen Jianing was the most sober one. He stood up and stood on the edge of the balcony railing and looked into the distance.

  Here he could see the low hills in the distance. The sky had darkened, leaving only patches of black shadows on those low hills.

  Wen Jianing closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

  Suddenly, he heard the rapid sound of the doorbell.

  Wen Jianing took a look at Wen Tinghuan, who drank too much and was pulling Yi nan to tell corny jokes, and Wen Lin, who was listening while supporting his face with his hands. So he went down and opened the door alone.

  When he opened the door, Wen Jianing saw that the person standing outside turned out to be Guan Xiaotian.

  At that moment, Wen Jianing could not tell what Guan Xiaotian’s expression meant, but after seeing that the person opening the door was Wen Jianing, Guan Xiaotian’s face instantly became sullen, and he said, “What the hell are you doing here in Jianing’s?”

  ”Xiaotian?” Wen Jianing realized that he was out of his mind after saying these two words. As he saw Guan Xiaotian in this environment, he seemed to feel that he really went back to the past, but he soon woke up, and said, “What’s the matter?”

  Guan Xiaotian frowned and said, “Did you buy Jianing’s house?”

  Wen Jianing nodded, “Yes.”

  Guan Xiaotian said, “I don’t know for what purpose you bought Jianing’s house, but can you respect him a little bit?”

  Wen Jianing couldn’t help laughing, “Excuse me, may I ask how I have disrespected him?”  

  Guan Xiaotian was originally just gone out looking for a friend, and when he left, he deliberately drove around Wen Jianing’s house to take a look, but he saw the light from a distance and heard some noise from the second floor.

  He was a little confused at the time. He got out of the car and knocked on the door before he even thought about it. However, when he saw the person who opened the door, he became a little angry.

  Guan Xiaotian said, “This is my good friend’s house! Although the other person is no longer there, I don’t want to see you holding a noisy party in his place!”

  This was a totally unreasonable accusation. No matter who the house belonged to in the past, now that it had changed its owner, what right did Guan Xiaotian have to prevent others from gathering in their own home? It would be fine if it made the neighbors feel disturbed, but now it was clear that he was saying that because he didn’t like to see it.

  However, Wen Jianing was not angry, because he knew that Guan Xiaotian’s inexplicable anger was just out of nostalgia for him. He calmly said, “This is my home now.”

  Guan Xiaotian froze for a moment at his words.

  Wen Jianing continued, “I miss Mr. Wen very much, but I bought the house not to commemorate Mr. Wen, but to live here. If you think we are noisy, I’ll go up and ask them to keep it down, but it’s my right to hold a party here. Mr. Guan, why are you being so hostile to us?”

  Guan Xiaotian seemed to have recovered at this time. He put his hands in his pockets, shrugged his shoulders slightly and said, “I’m sorry.”

  Wen Jianing suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

  Guan Xiaotian took out a cigarette and handed it to Wen Jianing.

  Wen Jianing thanked him and refused.

  Guan Xiaotian lit a cigarette for himself. He stepped back two steps, looked up at the top of this building, and asked Wen Jianing, “Why did you want to buy this place?”

  Wen Jianing said, “It’s because I like this house.”

  Guan Xiaotian nodded, “Jianing also likes this house very much. He said that the environment in this neighbourhood is very good and quiet. The balcony on the second floor has a wide view. It is a very comfortable thing to sit there and read the script.”

  ”But he is no longer there,” Wen Jianing said.

  He hadn’t thought about whether some people would one day know his identity. The person he once wanted to tell most was Wen Cuilan, but he resisted it because it was difficult for him to imagine the consequences once Wen Cuilan knew it. Everyone had their own pace of life, and the life that was disrupted by the sudden death of Wen Jianing gradually regained its calm as time passed. He didn’t want to disrupt them again with his own resurrection.

  But whether anyone would know it or not in the future, he didn’t think Guan Xiaotian will be among them.

  Guan Xiaotian took a deep breath, took a sip of the cigarette into his mouth, and then said, “I understand.”

  Wen Jianing said, “I’ll go up and ask them to keep their voices down. I’m sorry.”

  Guan Xiaotian shook his head, “No, I’m sorry to have bothered you guys.”  

  He saw that Guan Xiaotian had not left, Wen Jianing hesitated whether to invite him in for a seat. At this moment, he suddenly heard Guan Xiaotian ask, “Are you still with Lu Jinlang?”

  This question really stunned Wen Jianing, because in any case, Guan Xiaotian shouldn’t ask him such a private question.

  Wen Jianing looked at Guan Xiaotian and didn’t answer. He wanted to let Guan Xiaotian know that he was not willing to answer this question.

  However, Guan Xiaotian’s original purpose didn’t seem to get the answer. He just said, “You have probably heard of the relationship between Jianing and Lu Jinlang. I hope you will at least exercise some restraint here.”

  Exercise some restraint? Wen Jianing kept thinking about the meaning of Guan Xiaotian’s words. Did he mean he should not mess around with Lu Jinlang in Wen Jianing’s house?

  After saying this, Guan Xiaotian raised his hand to indicate that he was leaving.

  Wen Jianing nodded, “Take care.”

  Wen Jianing just kept watching Guan Xiaotian as he got into the car and left. Wen Jianing was still thinking about his words in his head, and suddenly couldn’t help but laugh. He thought that if he really died at that time, he would be very angry to know that one day Lu Jinlang was fooling around with a strange man on his bed in his house.

  He would probably show up in the middle of the night and scare them to death!

  With this in mind, Wen Jianing felt slightly relieved.

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