Wen Lin and Yi nan were both drunk, and Wen Jianing was lazy to send them home one by one. So they all settled in the guest room. No one thought the house was terrible at this time. They were already drunk and couldn’t tell where they were.

       After settling everyone down, Wen Jianing packed up his things on the balcony on the second floor. After he finished half of it, he felt tired and lay down on the balcony to feel the wind blowing.

       When there were a lot of people talking and laughing, he didn’t have much to think about. Once he was left alone, he couldn’t help but think about a lot of things. These messy emotions were simply beyond control, even Wen Jianing who had a new life after living for more than 30 years could not do it.

       But when he returned to the familiar house and familiar surroundings, he began to feel at ease again. At least so far, everything went smoothly.

       While Wen Jianing continued to wait for the company to make further arrangements for him, there was news on the internet that Fang Wei’s film ‘October Fireworks’ was nominated for a well-known foreign film festival.

       ‘October Fireworks’ had not been officially released in China, but it had already signed up to participate in foreign film festivals and had successfully entered the competition.

       The film festival lasted for ten days, and the award ceremony would be held on the last day. Since ‘October Fireworks’ had not yet been broadcasted in China, the audience’s attention to this film was not too great, and the movie’s shortlisting was just brief webpage news.

       But what really sparked the attention of the internet was that at the film festival awards ceremony, Lu Jinlang won the best actor award.

       This was the first time that a Chinese male star had won this award.

       As soon as the news came out, Wen Tinghuan immediately shouted “What the fvck!” and then called Wen Jianing to ask if he knew the news.

       Wen Jianing told her that he also saw it on the internet.

       Wen Jianing only found out the video of Lu Jinlang walking on the red carpet and received the award at the film festival on the internet. He didn’t know the news in advance.

       Lu Jinlang in the camera looks tall and handsome, dressed in a black suit, and looked calm. He expressed his gratitude in fluent English. It was very brief, only mentioning the director and crew, and he didn’t say anything else.

       Wen Jianing found all the video clips of Lu Jinlang that he could find, including the interviews with reporters at the red carpet at the beginning and at the end of the awards ceremony. The man in the camera had been separated from him for less than a month, but the distance between the two people had been greatly increased.

       He had been chasing Lu Jinlang, and when he thought he was getting closer, the distance between them had widened again.

       After watching Lu Jinlang for so many years, did he also feel some sort of admiration?

       In the past two years, Lu Jinlang had become more and more low-profile. His career had developed to such a degree that he no longer needs to rely on maintaining exposure to maintain his popularity. In other words, fame was not important to him, because his status was already unshakable. Usually, whether it was the media or movie fans, there were only very few traces of him that could be captured.

       But this time, Lu Jinlang suddenly made the headlines of entertainment news, and occupied a lot of space.

       The next day, Wen Jianing saw that all the newspaper entertainment pages were about Lu Jinlang, and it was also a popular topic on the internet.

       Lu Jinlang originally had a group of diehard fans, and they were not too young and usually kept a low profile. However, this time everyone was excited. In addition, the young people who didn’t pay much attention to Lu Jinlang in the past suddenly focused their attention on him.

       Someone posted a topic on Weibo, “The Standards of Male Gods”, which quickly became a hot topic. According to the description of the topic creator, the standard of a male god should be like Lu Jinlang, handsome, mature, powerful and had a low profile. He was perfect both in his inside and outward appearance.

       Many netizens who were unwilling to be left out have put forward their own standards of male gods under the topic, and one of them mentioned Ke Xinhang.

       Wen Jianing subconsciously clicked on the comment on that Weibo’s post and saw someone mockingly said: What qualifications does Ke Xinhang have to compare with Lu Jinlang? It was such a low comparison.

       When he saw this comment, Wen Jianing was not angry and found it a bit funny. He knew that if it was changed to Wen Jianing, no one would say that. But it had been more than a year since Wen Jianing died. He had slowly faded out of people’s sight and was replaced by a lot of fresh blood pouring into the entertainment circle.

       In a sense, that comment did reflect the current status gap between him and Lu Jinlang. He was more like an upstart. With the popularity of an idol drama, everyone knew him, but no one would think that he had enough acting skills and ability, or that he could also stand on the stage of world movies like Lu Jinlang and win awards. He was more of a short-lived idol.

       Wen Jianing leaned back on the computer chair and hesitated. He took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Lu Jinlang, saying, “Congratulations.”

       Lu Jinlang quickly replied to him in two words, “Thank you.”

       The conversation was over. Wen Jianing threw the phone aside and closed the current web page.

       Three days later, Wen Jianing received a call from Li Jiazhen, the assistant director of ‘October Fireworks’, inviting him to an internal celebration party.

       In fact, Wen Jianing was purely a minor character in the movie, and there were not many lines. There was no need to invite him to this kind of celebration banquet. To put it bluntly, Fang Wei thought of him highly and of course it was not good for him to refuse.

       But on the way there, he suddenly encountered a traffic jam, and even if he rushed, he was still more than ten minutes late.

       He felt very embarrassed, and he hurriedly apologized as soon as he opened the door of the private room.

       All of the people present here were the main creators of ‘October Fireworks’. The actors invited were only the male and female leading roles and the important supporting roles of the heroine’s father. It was simply not suitable for Wen Jianing to appear here.

       However, the film producer still enthusiastically invited him over to sit down.

       There were two people sitting between Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang. Only after he sat down did he have time to look in the direction of Lu Jinlang, who was also looking at him and smiled at him.

       The relationship between the two of them may or may not be known to the people at the table, but they were not saying anything about it. Although they did not deliberately try to conceal it, it was not a formal relationship that could be put on the table after all.

       Although ‘October Fireworks’ only won the best actor at the film festival, and did not get the best film award, it had made good publicity even when it had not been released in China.

       The producer first stood up with a wine glass and thanked everyone. He was very confident about the box office results when it was officially released in China.

       Everyone stood up and raised their glasses.

       The next topic naturally shifted to the participation in the film festival this time.

       In fact, everyone felt it was quite sudden that Lu Jinlang was suddenly able to win the prize. They were completely caught off guard. The heroine Jin Zhenzhen said that she almost stood up when she heard Lu Jinlang’s name. She was so excited.

       Wen Jianing saw that Lu Jinlang was just smiling as he listened to them talking about it.

       The two people sat at the table, and they basically didn’t communicate. At most, they only looked at each other occasionally, and after a moment they would look away slowly without appearing intentional.

       Halfway through the meal, Wen Jianing stood up with a glass of wine and stood up to toast Lu Jinlang.

       “Congratulations,” he said again.

       Lu Jinlang replied, “Thank you.”

       The two clinked their glasses. Wen Jianing drank it and sat down again.

       Obviously, the people couldn’t seem to control their emotions, and they all seemed a little excited. Compared with Lu Jinlang, he was the calmest one. Everyone came to propose a toast to him. He didn’t refuse one and drank it all.

       After dinner, they moved to a private bar and continued to drink.

       Lu Jinlang seemed to be drinking too much, and he appeared very silent. He sat on the sofa with one hand on his face and didn’t say a word. Only when others were talking to him would he smile slightly and make a listening gesture.

       Wen Jianing sat opposite him, talking to Fang Wei in a low voice.

       Fang Wei asked him, “I heard that Lu Jinlang has plans to invest in movies. Do you know about it?”

       Wen Jianing shook his head, “I don’t know.”

       Fang Wei didn’t ask whether he really didn’t know or was just faking ignorance. He smiled and said, “He talked to me and said he was interested in investing by himself.”

       Wen Jianing couldn’t help looking up to Lu Jinlang’s direction, only to find that Lu Jinlang was looking at him.

       Lu Jinlang’s eyes were a little unfocused, presumably because he was drunk. His collar button was wide open, his lips glistened. He noticed that Wen Jianing was looking at him, and he didn’t look away.

       Wen Jianing said to Fang Wei slowly, “It’s very good. Now the film makes money.”

       In one night, Wen Jianing drank beer, red wine, and foreign wine. In addition to being a little drunk, Wen Jianing felt his lower abdomen was bulging and stood up and went to the bathroom.

       The restrooms here only have a single chamber. When he closed the door and stretched out his hand to buckle the door, he suddenly felt that the door handle was turned vigorously from the outside. Then Lu Jinlang pushed the door open and broke in, and then reached out to lock the door.

       Wen Jianing was pushed by Lu Jinlang and leaned against the cold ceramic tiles on the wall. Lu Jinlang stepped forward and hugged him by the waist and kissed him hard.

       He did not resist, but his memory overlapped inexplicably with the first time he was stuck in the bathroom by Lu Jinlang and was played by him. At that time, he drank too much and was unable to resist, but this time it was Lu Jinlang who was drunk.

       In fact, at that time, he felt that Lu Jinlang was mostly just toying with him.

       He hugged Lu Jinlang’s shoulders and felt Lu Jinlang’s fierce kisses fall on his neck and front neck, His clothes were loosely pulled apart, and Lu Jinlang’s warm palms touched his smooth skin.

       Wen Jianing felt that his body temperature was rising rapidly, until he felt Lu Jinlang pull away his pants, he reached out and grabbed his hands, panting and asking, “Didn’t we break up?”

       Lu Jinlang breathed heavily, he raised Wen Jianing’s leg around his waist with one hand, and pinched his chin with the other hand, rubbing his lips with his thumb repeatedly, pressing his forehead against his forehead, and said, “Who said we are breaking up? Me? Did I say we are breaking up?”

       Wen Jianing suddenly felt that alcohol could really make someone a mess. He felt Lu Jinlang’s warm breath with alcohol tap his nose, and his body became more aroused. He said, “I’ve moved away. So what now?”

       Lu Jinlang asked him, “And you’re willing to do that?”

       Wen Jianing was a little puzzled, he raised his eyes to look at Lu Jinlang’s eyes, but they were too close, and he couldn’t see anything.

       Between his words, Lu Jinlang lightly pecked his lips, and the hand holding his chin slid down, slipping from the hem into his clothes.

       Wen Jianing held back a comfortable groan.

       Lu Jinlang continued, “I haven’t given you the male lead role that I promised. Do you think it’s a good idea for you to break up like this?”

       Wen Jianing smiled suddenly, and he said, “You are the financier, and you can do whatever you want. I have no say in this.”

       Lu Jinlang put his head on Wen Jianing’s shoulder, at an angle that Wen Jianing could not see, his eyes were somewhat hollow. He said, “Well, I never like to owe others, and I will not end things unclearly. I’ll definitely give you what I promised at the beginning.”

       Wen Jianing looked at Lu Jinlang’s shoulder in front of him and suddenly wanted to open his mouth and bite down hard, but when he really bit it, he lightened his strength. He said, “Okay, I’ll wait.”

       Lu Jinlang lowered his head and smiled. He unzipped Wen Jianing’s pants, and put his hands in.

       Wen Jianing knew that the bathroom door had been locked by Lu Jinlang, but he still glanced in that direction subconsciously.

       Lu Jinlang’s palm wandered on the inside of his smooth thighs, and then slowly grasped Wen Jianing’s d1ck between his legs. He didn’t caress too much, but gently rubbed the top with his thumb.

       Wen Jianing felt pleasure crawling up his back along his spine, and there was a layer of goose bumps on the back of his neck. He felt that he was really a lustful animal. At this moment, he still slightly moved forward and asked Lu Jinlang for a kiss.

       So Lu Jinlang kissed his lips, teasingly, first lightly licked his lower lip, and then covered it and sucked hard.

       Wen Jianing gasped, not daring to moan, he straightened his waist and urged Lu Jinlang, “Hurry up.”

       Lu Jinlang was not in a hurry. He unzipped his trousers and released his already erect d1ck, but he first touched and held Wen Jianing’s d1ck.

       Wen Jianing looked down and couldn’t help laughing at himself.

       Lu Jinlang grabbed Wen Jianing’s hand and let him hold his own d1ck, and then asked him, “What are you laughing at?”

       Wen Jianing shook his head, stroked the big hard d1ck in his hand and rubbed it a few times, then he stood up again, and he said, “Come on, I want it too.”

       They relieved each other’s desire with their hands. For a moment, their breath was burning, and even the mirror in the bathroom was covered with a thin layer of mist.

       Wen Jianing could no longer hold it, the thin liquid came out from his semi-hard d1ck. While in his hand Lu Jinlang’s d1ck was still hard, and he didn’t stop moving while Lu Jinlang repeatedly kissed him on the cheek and neck, panting heavily.

       Later, when Lu Jinlang cum on his hand, Wen Jianing even closed his eyes somewhat tiredly.

       The two separated, looked at each other and waited until their breathing calmed down.

       When Lu Jinlang washed his hands and zipped his pants, he heard a knock on the door outside. Someone asked, “Is someone there?

       Wen Jianing had straightened his pants and was buttoning his collar, where Lu Jinlang had sucked him an obvious hickey.

       Lu Jinlang opened the door calmly and walked out.

       The person standing outside was Li Jiazhen. He was already a little dazed from drinking. At this moment, he sobered up with a jolt from head to toe.

       Lu Jinlang nodded and left.

       Wen Jianing also washed his hands, his cheeks flushed, and said to Li Jiazhen, “I’m sorry, I’ll be finished soon.”

       Li Jiazhen hurriedly said, “Don’t be in a hurry, I’ll just go over there.” He walked two steps forward, and suddenly realized that it was a women’s toilet, and stopped again.

       At this time, Wen Jianing had come out of the bathroom and moved his wrist, which had been pinched red by Lu Jinlang, towards the private room. He felt that Lu Jinlang did drink a lot, otherwise he wouldn’t be so rough. It was just that Wen Jianing couldn’t make a careful distinction if the words spoken were Lu Jinlang’s true feelings or just a drunk person’s words.

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