Chapter 58

       As they had dinner together that evening, Wen Jianing found that he didn’t know if Jian Jun was introverted or just too restrained. He didn’t talk much, but his behaviour was very steady.

       They chatted while eating, and Wen Tinghuan, who was outgoing and good at getting along with people, soon became closer with Jian Jun.

       Wen Jianing didn’t know if Jian Jun had any thoughts about what happened during the day. But by now, it seemed that there was nothing wrong on the surface.

       In another week, Wen Jianing and Jian Jun would be ready to join the filming.

  Before the filming, Wen Tinghuan really seemed busy all of a sudden, and she was unable to take care of Wen Jianing’s daily life. The company quickly responded and came forward to recruit a driver and life assistant for him.

       That day, Zheng Xin called him to the company and said he would introduce him to a new assistant.

       Before he meet with the assistant, Zheng Xin called Wen Jianing to the office and said to him, “Before this, I need to inform you one thing. Do you know the name of the new assistant?”

       Wen Jianing looked at him suspiciously.

       Zheng Xin said, “That person is Ke Xinfan. When he came to apply for the job, he had already said that he was your brother.”

       Wen Jianing could hardly conceal his surprise. He should have been surprised. He said, “Why don’t I know?”

       Zheng Xin looked at him. “He said he didn’t tell you, and that he wanted to surprise you.”

       It was not a surprise at all, and more like a shock for him. Ke Xinhang’s elder brother knew the secret of Ke Xinhang’s body. For so long, Wen Jianing had no news of him, but he did not expect him to appear suddenly in this way.

       Zheng Xin noticed Wen Jianing’s expression and asked, “It’s not good? If it’s not good, you can refuse, but I think you should still want to see him at least? “

       It was certain that Ke Xinhang’s relationship with his brother was not good, otherwise, it wouldn’t be this long that there was no contact between the two people. But Wen Jianing had no information about him in his mind because Ke Xinhang had no record of his brother.

       In this case, of course, he couldn’t directly refuse to meet Ke Xinfan. However, in the next meeting, he would be in a very passive position.

       Wen Jianing hesitated for a moment, and said to Zheng Xin, “I want to say a few words to him alone.”

  Zheng Xin nodded, “Of course.”

  Zheng Xin took Wen Jianing to the lounge where Ke Xinfan was. After opening the door for Wen Jianing to enter, he closed the door for them outside.

  Wen Jianing saw the man sitting in the lounge looking up at him.

  Ke Xinfan was almost 30 years old this year. The age difference between the two brothers was quite large, and their facial features were not particularly similar. Ke Xinfan looked much tougher and looked like he had experienced a lot of hardships that made him look older than his original age.

       Wen Jianing showed a defensive attitude because he thought that even Ke Xinhang should be defensive when he suddenly saw his long lost brother.

       Ke Xinfan looked at Wen Jianing and didn’t seem to think that anything was wrong. He stood up and smiled, “Xinhang, are you okay?”

  Wen Jianing intended to maintain this defensive stance and let the other party get as few words out of him as possible. He then asked, “Why are you here?”

  Ke Xinfan was still looking at him up and down. His expression was a bit complicated, and after a moment he said, “With your physical condition, it is really not easy to be able to be where you are today.”

       Wen Jianing looked at Ke Xinfan and wanted to see the sincerity of this sentence from his expression, but he found that the other party’s expression was very sincere and he couldn’t see anything wrong with it at all.

        Ke Xinfan said, “I have a problem with the project in another place, and I have nothing to do now. I went home to pay homage to our parents a few days ago and then came to see you. I just heard the news about your recruitment, so I thought that maybe I can try it.”

        Wen Jianing did not answer.

        Ke Xinfan looked at him, sighed this time, and took the initiative to say, “What? Are you still angry with your brother?”

        Wen Jianing knew that the two brothers really had a contradiction.

  Ke Xinfan said, “At that time, all I said was just words full of anger. As for you? You are such a big person, and you are angry with your brother for a little thing.”

  As for what the two brothers quarreled about at that time, Wen Jianing might never know the truth.

  Wen Jianing asked him, “How did you come up with the idea of working as an assistant?”

       Ke Xinfan smiled, “I’m just looking for something to do everywhere. It’s better to help my little brother than to help others, isn’t it? Besides, with your physical condition, isn’t it hard to find an assistant? “

  As he heard Ke Xinfan repeatedly mention his physical condition, Wen Jianing felt a little uncomfortable. If he really thought of his brother’s well-being, he would not mention it easily.

  Just like how it was with Lu Jinlang, he seldom mentioned this matter except when it would be a topic of flirting when he was intimate, and he rarely mentioned it because he was paying attention to Wen Jianing’s emotions.

  Wen Jianing said, “Do you know what an assistant’s job is?”

  Ke Xinfan spread his hands, “You tell me.”

  Wen Jianing said, “The assistant is equivalent to the hired driver and nanny. To be honest, I don’t think our relationship is good enough for this.”

  Ke Xinfan smiled, “Don’t you feel sorry for your brother?”

  Wen Jianing said politely, “I think about each other for our sake.”

  Ke Xinfan’s face became a little cold, “What? Is it because you are a big star now? You didn’t forget your last name, right?”

  He put on a displeased face, but Wen Jianing found it easier to deal with. He said, “May I ask why are you looking for me now, big brother?”

  Ke Xinfan leaned back, put his two long legs on the table, took out a cigarette from his pocket, and said, “Your big brother is out of work. I want to find something to do, and you won’t even help me with this?”

  Wen Jianing said, “I just think this job may not be suitable for you.”

  Ke Xinfan said, “Then you can find a job that you think suits me.”

  Wen Jianing leaned forward slightly, put his hands on the table, and said to Ke Xinfan, “Big brother, give me some time to think about it.”

  Ke Xinfan spread out a hand, “You feel free to think about it slowly, my little brother.”

  He came out of the lounge, Wen Jianing found Zheng Xin and said to him, “Let him be my driver for now.”

  Zheng Xin asked him, “Is it all right?”

  Wen Jianing smiled, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him. We used to quarrel a lot, and we were quarrelling the last time we met.”

  Zheng Xin heard the words and said, “Then it’s better to change people if this will affect your mood.”

  Wen Jianing said, “It’s okay, let him do it first.”

  Ke Xinfan obviously wanted something from his younger brother but didn’t explicitly mention it. Ke Xinfan was probably testing his limit. He himself did not dare to act rashly, because he also wanted to test Ke Xinfan’s limit and come up with a proper way to deal with him. Unless there was a way to ensure that Ke Xinfan would shut his mouth and not use his physical defect to threaten him.

  When he returned to the lounge, Wen Jianing saw Wen Lin talking with Ke Xinfan inside. When Wen Lin saw Wen Jianing come back, he smiled and said to him, “Is he really your big brother?”

  Wen Jianing smiled, “Yes.”

  Ke Xinfan asked Wen Lin, “Why? It doesn’t look like that?”

  Wen Lin said, “If you look at it at first glance, you guys really don’t look alike. But if you look closely, you will find that the contours of the facial features are still similar.”

  Ke Xinfan said, “We haven’t been alike since we were young.”

  Wen Jianing said to Ke Xinfan, “Big brother, you can go back first if it’s okay.”

  Ke Xinfan raised his eyebrows to look at him, “Why? Is the assistant’s job so easy? Why are you hurrying me to go before you get off work?”

  Wen Jianing explained to him, “The assistant doesn’t need to take a class, and I own a car. I just need you to drive when I go out to socialize or attend activities occasionally. Otherwise, I can drive myself at other times.”

  Ke Xinfan smiled and said, “That easy?”

  Wen Jianing said, “Yes, I will call you if I have something to do.”

  Ke Xinfan stood up, “Well, please call me whenever you need to. I’ll make sure to be there when you call.”

  As he waited for Ke Xinfan to leave, Wen Lin asked Wen Jianing, “Are you really planning to let him be your assistant? Would it be okay?”

  Wen Jianing said to him, “It’s only just for the time being. I will help him find a suitable job as soon as possible.”

  Although he said so, Wen Jianing understood that what Ke Xinfan was looking for was not a job, but him. The most terrifying thing was the endless blackmail, and Wen Jianing couldn’t really kill him. So in this situation, it was better not to irritate him.

  But what if Ke Xinfan could still remember his brotherly affection for Ke Xinhang?

  After confirming that Ke Xinfan had left the company, Wen Jianing went to find Wen Tinghuan and asked Wen Tinghuan to help him find someone to check Ke Xinfan’s information over the years. The more detailed, the better.

  Wen Tinghuan felt it was a little strange, “Isn’t that your brother? And I heard from laoshi that you plan to keep him?”

  Wen Jianing did not hide too much from Wen Tinghuan and said, “I have a bad relationship with him. I don’t know what he has been doing outside these years. I suspect that he came for money.”

  Wen Tinghuan frowned upon hearing this, and said, “He heard that you are famous, so he came back and looked for you?”

  Wen Jianing nodded.

  Wen Tinghuan slammed the table, “Then what’s the point of talking to him? Just drive him away!”

  Wen Jianing looked at her and said calmly, “He is my biological brother, no matter what, as long as he runs to the media and causes trouble, it will be a scandal.”

  Wen Tinghuan said in exasperation, “What a troublesome guy.”

  Wen Jianing said, “So Ting jie, I entrust this matter to you. It’s best not to alarmed too many people.”

  Wen Tinghuan nodded, “You don’t worry about my work.”

  In fact, from the day Wen Jianing was ready to make his debut as Ke Xinhang, he was worried that Ke Xinhang’s family would become a stumbling block to him in the future. And it turned out, Ke Xinfan still appeared in front of him so abruptly after so long.

  At night, Wen Jianing was alone at home, he felt a little agitated, tossing and turning, and thought about Ke Xinfan.

  After he thought for a long time, he called Su Shan and wanted to ask Su Shan if he had heard Ke Xinhang mention his brother before.

  Su Shan thought over the phone for a long time and said, “He seems to have said that he had a bad relationship with his brother once. I don’t know what it is. I’ve never seen his brother.”

  Wen Jianing thanked him.

  Apart from confirming that the two brothers Ke Xinhang had a bad relationship, there was no useful information from Su Shan. Wen Jianing sat on the sofa with his mobile phone and thought about it for a long time, and decided to start easing the relationship with Ke Xinfan. After all, they were brothers. If Ke Xinfan just wanted some money, he just had to satisfy him.

  The opening ceremony of ‘Bitter Summer’ will be held the next day.

  Wen Jianing got up early in the morning. He had to go to the studio rented by the crew and in the morning he had to put on makeup and styling.

  He just changed his clothes and went downstairs after taking a bath. He heard the doorbell ringing downstairs and opened the door to see that the person standing outside was Ke Xinfan.

  Ke Xinfan leaned against the door, smoking a cigarette, and asked him, “Why don’t you call me? Aren’t you going to the opening ceremony today?”

  Wen Jianing’s tone was calm, “Because I can drive by myself, I didn’t want to bother big brother.”

  Ke Xinfan suddenly smiled and snorted, “To be honest, your personality has changed a lot when I come back this time. I guess it’s different to be a big star. You were once a mouthful, and I can’t help thinking about things from our childhood.”

  ”How old was I?” Wen Jianing asked him, “Did I follow your butt chasing and calling big brother?”

  Ke Xinfan’s eyes were a little empty for a moment, probably because he recalled some memories.

  Wen Jianing did not ask how he knew his schedule, nor did he ask how he found it, so he opened the door and invited him to come in and sit down.

  Ke Xinfan looked at the house and said, “What a big house.”

  Wen Jianing smiled and said, “I still owe the house payment and I haven’t finished paying it. Come in and sit down. Wait for me inside.”

  Ke Xinfan walked in but did not sit down beside the sofa. He stood at the entrance of the stairs and saw a huge poster hanging on the corner of the stairs leading to the second floor. It used to be Wen Jianing’s poster, but now the person on it had been replaced by Ke Xinhang.

  On the way out, Ke Xinfan touched Wen Jianing’s Mercedes-Benz. He whistled, and praised, “What a luxurious car.”

  Wen Jianing said, “Let me drive.”

  Ke Xinfan said, “How could I let you do that, I am your driver.”

  He insisted on driving, and Wen Jianing didn’t force it. On the way, Wen Jianing asked him, “Big brother, you don’t actually want to be my assistant, right?”

  Ke Xinfan seemed to be smiling but his smile didn’t really reach his eyes and did not say anything.

  Wen Jianing said, “Why don’t you say frankly, big brother. What on earth are you planning to do?”

  Ke Xinfan pointed his finger at him, “Big star, you’re so different.”

  In Ke Xinfan’s view, Wen Jianing and Ke Xinhang’s personality differences were caused by his current status. Wen Jianing breathed a sigh of relief. It was fine if he wanted to think so, it was better than Ke Xinfan doubting his true identity.

  They were brothers, and Ke Xinfan might be somewhat soft-hearted; if they were no longer brothers, perhaps Ke Xinfan would hesitate to use despicable means to deal with him.

  Wen Jianing went on to say, “If you really want to find a job, I will help you introduce one that is more suitable for you. The assistant job is not suitable for you, and I have no reason to use my brother as a driver.”

  Ke Xinfan looked straight ahead and said, “Oh well, there’s no need to hurry. Us brothers haven’t seen each other for so long. How about we talk about the past first and think about other things slowly. “

  Wen Jianing held back his anxiety at the bottom of his heart, smiled and said, “That’s fine, as long as big brother likes it.”

  After they drove to the set, Wen Jianing got off the car first, and Ke Xinfan drove the car to the parking place. He turned his head and watched Ke Xinfan drive the car away, clenching his fist with one hand. This slimy attitude of Ke Xinfan was a bit torturous.

  When he came back to his senses, Wen Jianing discovered that Lu Jinlang was standing not far away, looking at him.

  He walked in the direction of Lu Jinlang, “Why are you here?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “I just saw you, and was waiting for you to come over.”

  Lu Jinlang accompanied Wen Jianing to the dressing room. All the crew members met on the way greeted them politely, and the whole crew began to work in an orderly manner

  This was the first film directed by Lu Jinlang. Wen Jianing couldn’t help being excited for him when he thought about it.

  However, Lu Jinlang’s attention was not here. He asked Wen Jianing, “Is that a new driver?”

  Wen Jianing thought of Ke Xinfan, and his face became gloomy. He said, “The man driving is my brother.”

  Lu Jinlang stopped suddenly and looked at Wen Jianing.

  Wen Jianing looked at him. He wanted to say that his brother threatened him with his physical condition, perhaps to extort money from him. But before he said that, Wen Jianing suddenly thought, what was the point of saying it to Lu Jinlang? He seemed to be subconsciously seeking Lu Jinlang’s help because he couldn’t think of an appropriate solution, even though Lu Jinlang might have a way to help him solve it. They have clearly separated. What right did he have to use Lu Jinlang like this?

  As he thought of this, Wen Jianing shook his head without saying anything.

  Lu Jinlang said to him, “If you have something to say, say it.”

  Wen Jianing hesitated, just said, “He knows my physical condition.”

  That was natural, after all, he was his biological big brother.

  Lu Jinlang asked, “Why have I never heard you mention it in the past? Is your relationship not good?”

  Wen Jianing was about to speak when he suddenly saw Ke Xinfan walking in their direction with the car key in his hand. He looked around all the way, as if the whole set was very interesting, until he came to Wen Jianing, looked at Lu Jinlang, and then said, “Oh, I know this guy! The great film emperor Lu…. what Lu again? “

  Lu Jinlang stretched out a hand to him, “Hello, I am Lu Jinlang.”

  Ke Xinfan held his hand, raised the corner of his mouth and said, “I am Ke Xinhang’s brother, Ke Xinfan.”

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