Chapter 59

       Lu Jinlang looked at Ke Xinfan quietly, and Ke Xinfan was also observing Lu Jinlang brazenly.

       The two of them didn’t have much to say. After a few brief conversations, the assistant director came over and urged Wen Jianing to put on makeup, because reporters were invited to the opening ceremony. At this time, reporters appeared one after another.

       The opening ceremony of the film was not complicated, but before the ceremony was officially held, a reporter was arranged to give a brief interview to Lu Jinlang.

       Lu Jinlang went to see the reporter. Wen Jianing took the time to put on makeup, and Ke Xinfan followed Wen Jianing into the dressing booth.

       By this time Jian Jun had already arrived. He didn’t notice Ke Xinfan, but after seeing Wen Jianing, he stood up and greeted him.

       Wen Jianing nodded, sat down and asked the makeup artist to apply makeup for him.

       The first scene to be shot after the opening ceremony was a very important part of the whole movie. It was the scene when Yuan Xu, played by Wen Jianing, returned to his hometown to visit his seriously ill father. He lay down on the bed with heatstroke, and his cousin Yuan Sheng, who was always cold, took the initiative to show up to take care of him.

       The makeup artist finished Wen Jianing’s makeup. As soon as he stood up, Jian Jun and Ke Xinfan looked at him at the same time. Because it was a scene when he was ill, Wen Jianing with makeup looked pale and frail.

       Lu Jinlang didn’t like complexity. His requirement for the opening ceremony was to be concise and focused. He was not afraid that the reporter would not cover him. He was a film actor who just won an international award, and many media wanted to interview him but couldn’t find the opportunity. In Lu Jinglang’s first directorial work, the main actor was Ke Xinhang, who has just won the Best Newcomer Award at the Academy Awards. This was originally enough of a topic for the gimmicks.

       After the brief opening ceremony, a reporter seized the time to interview Wen Jianing and asked him if he had confidence in Lu Jinlang’s first role as a director.

       Wen Jianing smiled at the camera and said, “Of course I have confidence.”

       The interviewer was a female reporter. After hearing Wen Jianing’s answer, she couldn’t help but ask with curiosity, “Remember that during the Academy Award ceremony, you also supported Lu Jinlang and told him that he should’ve won the Film Emperor title again. Are you guys very close personally?”

       Wen Jianing told reporters, “I can only say that my personal relationship with him will not affect my professional judgment, otherwise I will not take the role.”

       Having said that, the interview was interrupted, and Wen Jianing had to start preparing for the shooting of the first scene.

       Before the shooting started, Wen Tinghuan hurried there. Although she had arranged an assistant for Wen Jianing, she still had one more person under her hand, which naturally makes her busier. And unlike Wen Jianing who already has many things on track. Jian Jun was still a newcomer who needed to start from scratch.

       At the same time, there was another newcomer that was Lu Jinlang. It was his first time to be a director, so it was inevitable that he was more careful and more critical of every job. At this time, he was communicating with the lighting engineer.

       Wen Jianing saw Jian Jun stood aside with a serious expression. Wen Jianing guessed that he might be a little nervous, so he walked over and said, “Relax.”

       Jian Jun nodded.

       When the lights were in place, Lu Jinlang called Wen Jianing and Jian Jun in front of him and asked, “Have you read the script carefully?”

       Wen Jianing didn’t speak, and Jian Jun replied, “Yes”.

       Lu Jinlang said, “Xinhang already knew the effect that I want. Jian Jun, let me explain to you again. You are an introverted middle-aged father. You feel some sort of guilt about your son, but you can’t express it too obviously. “

       Jian Jun hesitated and nodded.

       Lu Jinlang stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder, “Go ahead.”

       In the first take of the first scene, Wen Jianing was lying on the bed, making an uncomfortable moaning sound, his cheeks flushed and his hair was a little moist.

       Yuan Sheng, played by Jian Jun, pushed open the door and walked in quietly. He was expressionless at first, and when he walked to the bed, his eyes began to shine with moisture. He reached out and touched Wen Jianing’s forehead, then went to the table to pour him water.

       Lu Jinlang stared at the monitor, keeping his jaw with one hand unchanged.

       The shooting of the first few shots was relatively smooth, except that he would occasionally comment on some details of Jian Jun’s actions and expressions, but he usually finished in the second or third shot.

       And the only scene that encountered some trouble was the scene where Jian Jun helped Wen Jianing up and took off his shirt to help him wipe his body.

       When Jian Jun took off Wen Jianing’s short-sleeved T-shirt, he was taken aback for a moment.

       Under the light, Wen Jianing’s body looked fragile and beautiful. His skin was delicate and fair, and his skin was soft and shiny. It was the first time that Jian Jun felt uncomfortable with a man’s body.

       Wen Jianing actually also felt uncomfortable. Of course, it was nothing in the past, but after becoming Ke Xinhang, he was used to hiding himself. Although it was only the upper body, he still felt a little unbearable to be watched by so many people besides Lu Jinlang.

       Wen Jianing tried hard to endure it, but the scene was an NG because Jian Jun was stunned to see his body.

       Lu Jinlang didn’t say anything for a long time after calling for a stop.

       Wen Jianing simply sat up. Wen Tinghuan immediately took a piece of clothing and put it on him.

       Jian Jun seemed embarrassed and said, “I’m sorry.”

       Wen Jianing smiled and patted him on the shoulder, then turned to look at Lu Jinlang.

       Lu Jinlang also just raised his head to look at him. Wen Jianing didn’t know what he was thinking. After a while, he said to Jian Jun, “Don’t be distracted, do it again.”

       For the second take, Jian Jun restrained himself from thinking about random thoughts. He actually didn’t have any strange thoughts about Wen Jianing’s body, but at that moment, he felt that such a body seemed a bit sexy, and it felt different from the body of a man he usually saw. When Jian Jun wiped Wen Jianing’s body with a wet towel, his fingers accidentally touched his nipple. At this time, Jian Jun could control his expression, but it was difficult to control his eyes. The look in his eyes told Lu Jinlang that he was still distracted.

       Lu Jinlang called out again to stop.

       Jian Jun was a little embarrassed.

       As a director, Lu Jinlang had a very good temper. He stood up, took the thin coat in Wen Tinghuan’s hand, and took it to Wen Jianing.

       Lu Jinlang said to the other staff, “Let’s take a break.”

       Then he sat down by the bed, waved to Jian Jun and motioned him to sit down by the bed.

       None of the other staff members came over.

       Lu Jinlang said to Jian Jun with a volume that only the three of them could hear, “What are you thinking about?”

       Jian Jun glanced at Wen Jianing and told the truth, “Xinhang ge body is too soft, and I can’t concentrate.”

       As soon as he said that, it was Wen Jianing’s turn to be embarrassed. His body was slender, with few muscles, and his skin was smooth and delicate. These features that were not masculine were due to body hormones. Jian Jun did not say it directly, but it meant that Wen Jianing was like a woman and felt soft to the touch.

       Wen Jianing opened his mouth and wanted to talk, but for a while, he didn’t know what to say and finally chose to be silent. Anyway, he was not a director.

       Lu Jinlang stood up suddenly, asked Jian Jun to stand up with him, and then said to Wen Jianing, “Lie down.”

       Wen Jianing put on the t-shirt upon hearing the words and lay down.

       Lu Jinlang was going to personally demonstrate it for Jian Jun. He reached out to support Wen Jianing’s back to help him up and then helped him undress.

       Wen Jianing closed his eyes, the redness of his cheeks was originally made by the makeup artist, but at this time he really started to get a little hot. It had been a long time since Lu Jinlang touched him like this, the warm and strong palms, and his clothes that were roughly stripped off. Lu Jinlang grabbed the wet towel next to him and wiped his body. Lu Jinlang accidentally wiped his chest with his fingers, and he could feel the two nipples stand up sensitively.

       As for these actions, Lu Jinlang said to Jian Jun, “Have you never taken care of a child?”

       Jian Jun shook his head.

       Lu Jinlang said, “You can go back and observe more. Yuan Qishi’s living environment was quite rough, and he was not so gentle and meticulous when he took care of his son. You don’t need to be too careful, just grasp how much strength you should use.”

       Jian Jun was lost in thoughts.

       Lu Jinlang then said to him, “The bodies of a little boy and a little girl are the same.”

       Jian Jun heard this and suddenly said, “I understand.”

       Lu Jinlang reached out and patted him on the arm, “Jian Jun, believe more in yourself. You have that strength.”

       Jian Jun nodded vigorously, “Thank you, Director Lu.”

       After he said these words, Lu Jinlang turned his head to look at Wen Jianing.

       Wen Jianing kept lying on the bed without moving. He was watching Lu Jinlang with his eyes open. Except for the redness of his cheeks, he was a little breathless, but it was well hidden by him.

       Lu Jinlang only saw that his eyes were moist because Wen Jianing was looking at him without blinking. After a moment of silence, he stood up and said, “Take a rest.”

       Wen Jianing sat up, put on his coat, and tried to calm his emotions. He didn’t care about Jian Jun, who was still trying to figure out what Lu Jinlang had just said next to him.

       He had been scorched by the light, and his forehead was slightly sweaty. The makeup artist came to help him fix his makeup. While applying powder, the makeup artist said, “Is it hot? Your face is red.”

       He did not answer.

       When the makeup artist left, Wen Jianing turned to look at Lu Jinlang, who happened to be also looking at him.

       He knew that Lu Jinlang must have noticed just now because they were too familiar with each other’s bodies. And since he separated from Lu Jinlang, he hadn’t even tried to vent by himself. At this moment, he was suddenly aroused, and the reaction was quite normal.

       After a brief look at each other, both of them turned away.

       After Wen Jianing looked away from Lu Jinlang, he immediately noticed Ke Xinfan, who was squatting in the corner of the studio. Only then did he realize that Ke Xinfan had been watching him from there.

       When Ke Xinfan saw Wen Jianing looking at himself, he curled the corners of his lips and showed a devious smile.

       Wen Jianing controlled his expression and turned his gaze away slowly.

       Ke Xinfan took out a cigarette case and a lighter. When the staff saw it, they immediately came to stop him from smoking in the studio, so he stood up and walked out.

       When the filming started again, Jian Jun had obviously found the state.

       He wiped Wen Jianing’s body vigorously with a wet towel as if treating a child. After wiping, Wen Jianing felt that the skin on his body was a little bit painful as his whole body was rubbed red by him.

       As soon as this shot was over, Wen Tinghuan ran over to Jian Jun and said, “Why are you wiping so hard? Xinhang’s skin is about to be rubbed off because of you!”

       Wen Jianing felt a little amused, and stopped Wen Tinghuan from blaming Jian Jun, and said, “It’s okay.”

       Jian Jun seriously apologized to Wen Jianing, “I’m sorry.”

       Wen Jianing shook his head, “If you have to apologise for this, are you going to apologize when shooting future scenes?”

       They eat lunch on the set in the afternoon.

       Ke Xinfan originally had gone out to hang out, but when it was time to eat, he immediately came back, took a box of lunch and squatted in a place not far from Wen Jianing and burying his head to eat.

       Wen Jianing was with Jian Jun and Wen Tinghuan. He raised his head and saw that Lu Jinlang was still discussing with the assistant director whether there was a need to retake the shot. So he got up and took two boxes of lunch and walked over, and handed them one box to each of them.

       The assistant director took it over and politely thanked Wen Jianing.

       Lu Jinlang asked him, “Have you eaten?” Then he reached out to pick it up.

       “Yes,” Wen Jianing told him.

       Lu Jinlang asked him, “How do you feel?”

       Wen Jianing said, “Shouldn’t I ask you this? How do you feel? Great director.”

       Lu Jinlang smiled, “It’s more difficult than I imagined.”

       In regards of this movie, he could present a detailed and complete picture in his mind for every scene, but when he really shot the scenes, it was difficult to fully fit with his imagination. Because he was just a director, he couldn’t carry all the work of lighting, modelling, photography and clothing on one person’s shoulders. And sometimes regardless of how inspired the actor was, their performance was always different from what he expected.

       These difficulties would not be discovered without experiencing them personally.

       Wen Jianing said, “I have confidence in you.”

       Lu Jinlang nodded, “People all over the country thought you were my diehard fan.”

       Wen Jianing couldn’t help asking, “Isn’t it?”

       Lu Jinlang said, “Isn’t it Wen Jianing’s?”

       The topic stopped here, and the two did not continue.

       Wen Jianing returned to his seat, picked up the box lunch and continued to eat.

       At this time, Ke Xinfan had finished eating. He squatted beside Wen Jianing, and while digging out his teeth with a toothpick, he said, “What’s the matter? You’ve been kissing the director’s ass? “

       Wen Jianing didn’t want to talk to him.

       Ke Xinfan said, “That’s the way it is right. You used to be so pretentious and acting high and mighty, but now that you are in the entertainment industry, you seem to be completely reborn.”

       Wen Jianing didn’t have any appetite to listen to him. He wanted to put down his lunch box and wondered why he couldn’t just leave him alone. He smiled at Ke Xinhang and said, “People will always grow up.”

       Ke Xinhang snorted. Ke Xinfan didn’t know what Wen Jianing was thinking and stopped talking.

       It was late at night when the shooting ended, and Ke Xinfan still drove Wen Jianing back.

       As soon as he returned home, Wen Jianing closed the door forcibly, unwilling to let Ke Xinfan into his house at all. The car key was still with Ke Xinfan, but Wen Jianing didn’t think it was important anymore. He wished Ke Xinfan left in the car and never showed up again.

       Even though it was late, Wen Jianing insisted on taking a shower, dried his hair and sat at the bedside to cut his toenails with nail clippers. Halfway through the cut, Wen Tinghuan actually called.

       Wen Jianing answered the phone and heard Wen Tinghuan asking in surprise, “You are not asleep yet?”

       He didn’t know whether he should be angry or amused, and said to Wen Tinghuan, “Why do you call me if you think I’m asleep?”

       Wen Tinghuan said, “Because I just finished a phone call with Director Lu, so I called you immediately.”

       Wen Jianing was taken aback when he heard the words, “Lu Jinlang? What did he call you for?”

       Wen Tinghuan said, “He asked about your brother.”

       Wen Jianing put the nail clippers aside, held the phone with one hand, gently rubbed his feet with the other, and asked, “What did you tell him?”

       Wen Tinghuan said, “I told him everything you told me.”

       Wen Jianing was silent for a while, and then said, “Why did you tell him about this?”

       Wen Tinghuan sighed, “Although I don’t know what weakness of yours is in the hands of Ke Xinfan, I can see that you can’t deal with him. If you refuse to tell me what the problem is, go and talk to Lu Jinlang. If you can’t solve it, let him solve it for you.”

       Wen Jianing said, “It’s not that I can’t solve it, but I’m still thinking about how to best solve this matter. Have you heard anything about what I asked you to check for me?”

       “How fast can it be?” Wen Tinghuan said, “I just went to a detective agency! But I’ve already sent someone to check. Don’t worry. I’ll be the first to inform Lu Jinlang as soon as I have news. “

       “You!” Wen Jianing was speechless for a moment.

       Wen Tinghuan already said, “Good night, go to bed!”

       Then the phone was hung up.

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