Chapter 66

       After a short two-day break, Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang returned to the set to continue filming.

       Because of Lu Jinlang’s careful requirements, the progress of the filming was not too fast, but generally speaking, it went smoothly. He was very satisfied with Jian Jun, who was scouted by himself.

  Wen Jianing could also feel Jian Jun’s potential, who sometimes had some interesting ideas about acting.

  It was like the scene they filmed today. As Yuan Xu’s father was dying, Yuan Sheng suddenly appeared to say goodbye to Yuan Xu.

  The performance scene was in the small courtyard of Yuan’s family. At this time, Yuan Xu had not felt sad about his father’s imminent death. He squatted numbly on the steps of the small courtyard.

       At this time, Jian Jun, who played Yuan Sheng, walked in.

       According to the script and the director’s request, Jian Jun came to say goodbye to Wen Jianing. Wen Jianing was baffled because he didn’t know what was going on. Jian Jun shook his hand, blessed his future life, and then turned and left.

       At the time of the official shooting, Jian Jun was very emotional. Some of his actions were not planned initially but were completely the result of being emotional. He put his hand on the back of Wen Jianing’s neck, put his head on his shoulder, hugged him hard, then let go, and then smiled at him and said, “Don’t be angry with your mother, she worked so hard to raise you until you are this big. Please be considerate of her. In the future, the family should get along and live a good life.”

  Wen Jianing looked a little startled at his expression, and asked, “Sheng ge, what’s the matter with you?”

  Jian Jun smiled, waved to him, and then turned to leave.

  Although they hadn’t performed this scene even once, Lu Jinlang agreed with Jian Jun’s emotional performance. During the break, he asked Jian Jun what he thought of the scene.

  Because Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing were both out today, Tongtong could not stay at home alone, so they brought him to the set.

  During the shooting, Tong Tong was handed over to Lu Yunan.

  But as soon as Lu Yunan didn’t pay attention, Tongtong went to touch the filming equipment on the set.

  Wen Jianing picked up Tongtong from behind, put him on a high stool next to him, and said helplessly, “Don’t be naughty, have you forgotten about your head being stuck last time?”

  Tongtong opened his mouth as if he had really forgotten.

  Wen Jianing saw both his palms were covered in dust, so he took a tissue to wipe his hands carefully.

  Jian Jun was talking to Lu Jinlang, but at this moment, he looked in Wen Jianing’s direction in a daze.

  Lu Jinlang lowered his head to write and draw on the script, and suddenly realized that he had not received Jian Jun’s response, so he raised his head to look at him, followed his gaze, and saw Wen Jianing helping Tongtong wipe his hands.

  He turned the pen in his hand, Lu Jinlang said to Jian Jun, “Jian Jun, any more ideas?”

  Jian Jun suddenly came back to his senses when he heard his name, shook his head, and said, “No, nothing.”

  Lu Jinlang then said, “Well, we’ll go first according to your idea later.”

  Jian Jun nodded.

  Wen Jianing wiped Tong Tong’s hands clean, picked him up from the stool, and led him to Lu Yunan.

  At this time, Wen Tinghuan hurriedly walked by Wen Jianing from a distance, looked down at Tongtong, and then said to Wen Jianing, “Did you take this child out two days ago and get photographed?”

  Wen Jianing glanced at her strangely, “Yes, what’s the matter?”

  Wen Tinghuan said, “Have a look on the Internet.”

  He was photographed by the paparazzi that day when he took Tongtong out on the street. After the photo was posted on the Internet, there was not much response, after all, it was just a trivial piece of news. But he didn’t expect that after just two days, some netizens found an old photo of Lu Jinlang. The photo was taken about half a year ago. It was a photo of Lu Jinlang walking out of a restaurant holding Tongtong in his arms. These gossip websites were not so polite to Lu Jinlang. They wrote the words “illegal son” directly in the title, followed by a big question mark. Although the content of the news was vague, it deliberately pointed to the suspicious identity of the child.

  Netizens who were good at digging up stuff took this photo at this time, and also deliberately enlarged Tongtong’s face for comparison, and concluded that they were the same person.

  So there are a lot of speculations circulating around.

  The most common speculation was that Lu Jinlang was Wen Jianing’s sponsor. Wen Jianing had been highly praised since his debut because of Lu Jinlang’s influence. Now he was the main actor in a movie which also happens to be directed by Lu Jinlang.

  A well-known blogger on Weibo put the two photos together and wrote: This was clearly a family of three!

  This Weibo post had caused a lot of reposts, but everyone was just taking it as a joke, and no one took it seriously.

  Wen Jianing saw the news, raised his head and said to Wen Tinghuan, “This kind of gossip will soon subside as long as you don’t pay attention to it.”

  The internet nowadays was too vast, countless information floods people’s eyes every day. Today’s headlines were likely to be thrown out of people’s minds because of a bigger news tomorrow, not to mention these meaningless speculations.

  But these things that Wen Jianing didn’t pay attention to were noticed by others.

  Lu Jinlang was explaining to the assistant director. When he was about to continue shooting, Lu Yunan brought his mobile phone over. The muted mobile phone screen was flashing, showing it was Lu Jinfeng’s call.

  After answering the phone, Lu Jinlang heard his eldest brother ask, “Is Tongtong with you?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “Yes.”

  Lu Jinfeng said, “Bring Tongtong here tonight, and you will also go home for dinner.”

  Lu Jinlang glanced in the direction of Wen Jianing and Tongtong, and replied, “Okay, I understand.”

  After he hung up the phone, he stood up and walked in Wen Jianing’s direction. He didn’t know that such a piece of news had been circulating on the Internet. He just listened to Lu Jinfeng’s tone and felt that there was probably something he wanted to say.

  Walking to Wen Jianing, he said, “My eldest brother told me to go back for dinner tonight.”

  Wen Jianing felt something amiss, and asked, “Is something wrong?”

  Lu Jinlang said, “I don’t know yet, he suddenly asked me to take Tongtong back.”

  Wen Tinghuan let out a soft ‘Ah’, “You have not seen the pictures on the internet?”

  ”What picture?” Lu Jinlang asked.

  Wen Jianing handed him his cell phone.

  Lu Jinlang saw the two photos, flipped through the online comments, and exhaled, “I see.”

  He thought that Lu Jinfeng must have seen it, or his mother or his sister-in-law saw it, and then told Lu Jinfeng.

  A few days ago, Lu Jinfeng followed the top leaders of the city out of town to go on a trip. He just came back in less than a week. But even when he came back, he was so busy that he worked overtime until late at night.

  Both Lu Jinlang and Lu Jinxin were brought up by Lu Jinfeng, but after their two younger brothers became adults, and their respective businesses expanded, Lu Jinfeng didn’t care much about them anymore.

  For Lu Jinfeng, time was very precious, especially during dinner time every day. This was not a special day of the festival. If he was gathering the family for dinner, in Lu Jinlang’s opinion, Lu Jinfeng must have something important to say.

  After they finished work early in the afternoon, Lu Jinlang drove back with Tongtong and asked Lu Yunan to drive Wen Jianing.

  Wen Jianing declined. He planned to go to Wen Lin for dinner while he had time.

  Lu Jinlang nodded and told him to be careful on the road and not to drink if he was driving.

  Wen Jianing held Lu Jinlang’s hand when no one was seeing him around.

  The old house of the Lu family had been around for some years. It was bought when Lu Jinlang’s father was still alive. The villa in the suburbs was now in the city centre, but the surrounding environment was very quiet.

  The old lady Lu was used to living here for decades, and she refused to move anywhere. Usually, Lu Jinfeng and his wife live with the old lady. They also have a daughter, who was now studying abroad.

  Lu Jinlang parked the car on the lawn outside the house and helped Tong Tong open the car door and untie his seat belt. The little guy was excited to call his grandma and ran into the house.

  Tongtong just ran to the door and saw Lu Jinfeng standing by the door, so he braked sharply and ran back towards Lu Jinlang. Lu Jinfeng has a serious personality, and everyone in the Lu family was a little afraid of him.

  Lu Jinlang picked up Tongtong, greet his eldest brother, and walked inside.

  Lu Jinfeng’s time was precious, and he didn’t like to beat around the bush. He stood at the door and let Tongtong come in first, but left Lu Jinlang behind and asked straightforwardly, “What’s the matter with Ke Xinhang?”

  Lu Jinlang didn’t intend to hide it from him. Sooner or later, he had to confess this matter. Since Lu Jinfeng asked, he saved him from looking for another opportunity, so he said straightforwardly, “My lover.”

  Lu Jinfeng was a little surprised. He had suspected it because he had heard some rumours about Lu Jinlang’s sexual orientation. When he saw the news, his first reaction was to call Lu Jinxin and ask him how his son ran to others. At that time, Lu Jinxin said vaguely that it was not because of Lu Jinlang’s relationship, so Lu Jinfeng felt something was wrong.

  But Lu Jinlang was too frank, and he didn’t have a chance to say what he was prepared to ask, he was taken aback for a while before he said, “Are you kidding?”

  Lu Jinlang smiled, “I’m not kidding. Eldest brother, I plan to take him home someday.”

  Lu Jinfeng’s face didn’t look good, “Are you crazy?”

  At that moment, the person who helped Lu Jinlang shifted Lu Jinfeng’s anger suddenly appeared. Lu Jinxin stopped the car and walked over. He saw his eldest brother and third brother standing at the door talking from a distance, so he waved and said hello.

  Lu Jinfeng was also angry at Lu Jinxin, and yelled, “Is that how you take care of your son? Throwing him to Lu Jinlang? How did you become a father?”

  Lu Jinxin stopped, reached out to scratch his head, took out a cigarette from his pocket and wanted to smoke.

  Lu Jinfeng said, “Why are you smoking? We are going to eat soon.”

  As soon as he finished speaking, his wife Kang Huanxian cautiously said behind him, “The food’s ready. Jinlang and Jinxin, let’s come in first.”

  Lu Jinfeng lowered his voice and said to Lu Jinlang, “Come to my study after dinner.”

  At dinner, the whole family was quiet.

  But everyone could tell that Lu Jinfeng was in a bad mood.

  The old lady Lu took a sip of the soup with a spoon. After putting down the spoon, she suddenly said to Lu Jinxin, “Look at you, upsetting your eldest brother. You are already an adult.”

  She thought that Lu Jinfeng was upset because it was because of Lu Jinxin’s divorce and that he didn’t take care of Tongtong.

  Lu Jinxin was unhappy when he was wronged, so he put his chopsticks on the table and said, “Why is it my fault? It’s obviously the third child’s fault.”

  The old lady Lu said, “What do you mean by the third? The third is the most obedient, so he won’t cause trouble.”

  Kang Huanxian was the first in her family to see the news on the Internet. She knew that the reason Lu Jinfeng was unhappy today was that he saw those two photos, so at this time she dissuaded the old lady Lu and told her to stop talking and kept putting vegetables in her bowl.

  Lu Jinlang put down the dishes and suddenly said to the old lady, “Mom, I’m in a relationship.”

  The old Lu was instantly elated, and she asked with a smile on her face, “When did it happen? Have you got a girlfriend?”

  Before Lu Jinfeng had time to stop Lu Jinlang, he continued, “Not a girlfriend, but a boyfriend.”

  The old lady Lu was still smiling when her eyes widened in surprise, her expression was a bit distorted, and she asked, “What? Boyfriend? Who is whose boyfriend?”

  Lu Jinfeng growled, “Enough! Shut up!”

  Lu Jinlang continued, “I said my lover is a man.”

  The old lady frowned tightly this time, with a complicated expression on her face. It was obviously too sudden that she couldn’t react properly, and she said in a daze, “A man…”

  Lu Jinfeng put the chopsticks down again, stood up and said to Lu Jinlang, “Come upstairs and talk to me!”

  Tongtong was taken aback and leaned toward the old lady Lu.

  The old lady hugged him quickly.

  Lu Jinlang stood up obediently and followed Lu Jinfeng up to the second floor.

  The old lady hugged her grandson tightly, and she struggled for a long time and said, “How do you find a man to fall in love with? Look, this time, you will make your eldest brother angry.”

  Lu Jinxin said in the news, “Mom, your focus is wrong.”

  The old lady looked at him, “Why is my focus wrong?”

  Lu Jinxin said, “It doesn’t matter whether the eldest brother is angry or not, the important thing is that the third child is really playing with a man now and wants to live with him for a lifetime.”

  The old lady wrinkled her face into a ball, “So, this means he can’t have a child.”

  Lu Jinxin didn’t speak.

  After a while, she said again, “The third child is stubborn and determined, once he made up his mind, your eldest brother won’t be able to convince him. What should we do?”

  Lu Jinxin said, “How do I know?”

  The old lady glared at him, “Stop eating, go up and take a look. Don’t make a noise.”

  Lu Jinxin helplessly put down his food, stood up and walked towards the stairs.

  The old lady stretched out her hand and touched Tongtong’s head. After a while, she asked Kang Huanxian, “Sister in law, do you know who it is?”

  Kang Huanxian only saw the photo today. Although Lu Jinlang didn’t say it clearly, she guessed it in her heart, so she whispered, “It seems that we have seen him at Jinlang’s house before. Mom, young man you like who played the lord.”

  The old lady was taken aback for a moment, then opened her eyes wide and said, “Xiao Zongyan?”

  Kang Huanxian nodded.

  The old lady continued “Aiya, Aiya” several times, and she suddenly fell silent, and she didn’t move for a long time.

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