Chapter 74

  Because the director was in a bad state, the shooting ended early that day.

  When they were returning to the hotel, Lu Jinlang did not leave with Wen Jianing. After all it’s not like they are not always together, because they still want to avoid suspicion. But today Wen Jianing left with Wen Tinghuan in advance, and he was obviously avoiding Lu Jinlang.

  Wen Jianing felt it was too much for him. He knew that Lu Jinlang would not accept it, and he didn’t think it was Lu Jinlang’s fault, but he didn’t understand what he had done wrong. None of this was what he wanted, and he even wasn’t the one who initiated the relationship he started with Lu Jinlang in the beginning.

  Lu Jinlang’s obvious resistance made him feel hurt.

  Wen Tinghuan was driving, and Wen Jianing sat in the passenger seat. He was depressed and didn’t want to say a word, and he didn’t even bother to conceal it.

  When she saw Wen Jianing looking out the window with one hand on his head, Wen Tinghuan asked, “What? Did you have a fight with Director Lu?”

  Wen Jianing’s depressed mood was too obvious.

  Jian Jun who was sitting in the back seat heard the words and looked over in the direction of Wen Jianing silently.

  Wen Jianing didn’t say anything. They didn’t quarrel. It might be better if they have a good quarrel instead. Then he could release all those messy moods, and he could also ask Lu Jinlang why he couldn’t accept the fact that he was Wen Jianing.

  In the evening, Wen Jianing moved from Lu Jinlang’s room back to his own room next door.

  When Lu Jinlang came back, the room was empty. Wen Jianing even packed up his belongings.

  He walked to the bed and sat down. Suddenly he remembered that the last time they separated, Wen Jianing also packed up his things and moved out when he was away.

  It was honestly a very unpleasant feeling as if a piece of his heart had been left empty.

  Whether it was this time or that time, Wen Jianing didn’t go far. As long as he went to look for him, he could take him back. But as long as he hadn’t straightened out his mind, even if he got Wen Jianing back, there was no point.

  Lu Jinlang didn’t turn on the light and stayed in the dark silently.

  All day today, Lu Jinlang had repeatedly thought of the Wen Jianing he knew in the past. Although they didn’t meet many times, he still had a clear impression of the other party in his memory. There was no way he could overlap the two of them, and at the same time, he didn’t know if he should overlap the two. If one day in his heart, the two of them become one person, would it be because his current feelings had the upper hand, and made him fall in love with Wen Jianing?

  Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang were in a cold war. Other film crews might not be able to detect it, but how could they hide it from Wen Tinghuan?

  Lu Yunan finished the matters that Lu Jinlang asked, and hurried back. He was stopped by Wen Tinghuan on the set and she asked him, “Do you know what happened to Xinhang and Director Lu?” Wen Jianing had a lot of emotional issues before but he never refused to communicate with Wen Tinghuan. But this time, no matter what Wen Tinghuan asked, Wen Jianing refused to say anything. Until now, Wen Tinghuan only knew that the two of them had a disagreement.

  Lu Yunan actually didn’t know everything, but he could somewhat guess from what Lu Jinlang asked him about. As for the bizarre matter of Wen Jianing being reborn into Ke Xinhang’s body, Lu Yunan could not even think of it, so he felt more confused than Wen Tinghuan.

  ”I don’t know,” he said to Wen Tinghuan blankly.

  Wen Tinghuan didn’t believe it at all, “You don’t know? I don’t believe it. Lu Jinlang takes you by his side anytime and anywhere. Why don’t you know why the two of them quarrelled?”

  Lu Yunan felt that he was innocent. Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing always quarrel behind closed doors. How could he know?

  Wen Tinghuan didn’t give up and said, “If you don’t know, you can ask, right!”

  The relationship between Lu Yunan and Lu Jinlang was not like Wen Tinghuan and Wen Jianing. He was just a pure life assistant. Lu Jinlang’s work was handled by a special agent, and he had never tried to interfere with Lu Jinlang’s private life. Now Wen Tinghuan forced him to question Lu Jinlang. He had no choice but to say, “You should ask Xinhang.”

  Wen Tinghuan wanted to cry, “I already asked. He refused to say anything. If he is willing to talk, do you think I will ask you?”

  There was no answer.

  Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang had no answers themselves, how could other people know what was going on?

  Soon, nearly half a month of shooting in the local area came to an end.

  Today was the last scene. After the filming, they would stop working and head to the next location.

  This scene was actually the scene that Lu Jinlang asked Jian Jun to perform during his audition. He and Wen Jianing were on the hillside. Wen Jianing leaned on his shoulder and fell asleep.

  Jian Jun’s second performance of this scene was of course different from the first time. Although he was a newcomer, he was not the same as Wen Jianing and the others. He was a real graduate of the film and television school, and when it comes to acting experience, he was no less than them.

  He still remembered when he kissed Wen Jianing’s forehead because he hadn’t read the script and didn’t know the relationship between the so-called father and son. But this time, he had read the script from beginning to end and had communicated with Lu Jinlang many times. He knew that Lu Jinlang wanted a more introverted father who didn’t know how to express his feelings.

  Yuan Qishi’s son had been separated from him since he was a child, and the number of times the father and son met was very limited. In the last moments of his life, he borrowed the body of his nephew and accompanied his son for some precious period of time.

  Jian Jun weaved grasshoppers with grass in his hand. Wen Jianing yawned, leaned his head on his shoulder and closed his eyes. Jian Jun’s movements didn’t stop, as he was still weaving grass.

  This part of the story actually happened at the end of the movie. That night, Yuan Xu found his cousin Yuan Sheng coming to bid him farewell, and then his father Yuan Qishi took his last breath.

  The weaved grasshoppers in Jian Jun’s hands trembled slightly. On his shoulder, Wen Jianing’s breathing became even and he seemed to have fallen asleep. He finished weaving this little thing, stopped, and turned his head to look at Wen Jianing.

  According to the script, he only needs to look at Wen Jianing for a long time, then slowly turn his eyes away, and then the camera turns to the air along with his eye movement.

  But Jian Jun lowered his head again and kissed Jian Jianing’s forehead. The movements were very light and light, full of nostalgia.

  Lu Jinlang didn’t call to stop. He looked at the scene and was stunned. He recovered and found that he had broken a signing pen in his hand.

  Wen Jianing also knew that Jian Jun’s scene was wrong, but the director didn’t call to stop, so he didn’t open his eyes, and continued to act.

  Later, Lu Jinlang asked him to do it again.

  Jian Jun seemed a little embarrassed. He explained to Lu Jinlang, “I just think we will be parting soon at that time. Even the most introverted person will still be unable to control their emotions.”

  Lu Jinlang nodded and said nothing.

  The scene was completely shot the second time according to Lu Jinlang’s script, without the kiss.

  Both shots were kept, and the decision was left at the time of editing.

  When Lu Jinlang called for the end of the day, everyone was a bit excited to be packing up and leaving this time.

  The last filming location was at school. Lu Jinlang and the others had to return first, and the remaining camera equipment and props would be delivered slowly.

  Wen Tinghuan had been out for a long time and felt happy at the thought of going home. She ran to Wen Jianing and asked him, “Are you going with us or going back with Director Lu?”

  Wen Jianing turned his head and glanced at Lu Jinlang and saw that he was talking to Lu Yunan, so he said to Wen Tinghuan, “I’ll go back with you.”

  Wen Tinghuan looked at him.

  Wen Jianing said, “Since you know what the situation is, there is no need to ask me all the time.”

  Lu Jinlang finished explaining to Lu Yunan at this time. He turned his head and saw Wen Jianing had gotten in Wen Tinghuan’s car, so he said to Lu Yunan, “Let’s go too.”

  Because it was late, they did not drive back on the same day, but stayed at the hotel for one night and set off the next morning.

  During this period, they had to wait for camera equipment and props, so they were able to have a short two-day break before the final shoot when they got back.

  In the morning, Lu Yunan helped Lu Jinlang take his luggage down the elevator from upstairs. As soon as the elevator door opened, they saw Wen Jianing, Jian Jun and Wen Tinghuan standing in the lobby waiting to check out.

  After the check-out procedure was over, Jian Jun reached out to help carry Wen Jianing’s suitcase beside his leg.

  Wen Jianing said immediately, “No, I can do it myself.”

  ”It’s okay,” said Jian Jun while pulling the suitcase with one hand and walking forward together.

  Wen Jianing quickly followed.

  Lu Jinlang didn’t say anything and handed Lu Yunan the room card to let him check out.

  After driving back that day, Lu Jinlang did not go back to Wen Jianing’s house but went straight back to his villa. He didn’t intend to move the things he left in Wen Jianing for the time being. They didn’t break up. He just needed a short time to calm down.

  However, Wen Jianing didn’t know if Lu Jinlang planned to return. He was thinking over and over again, could this mean he and Lu Jinlang had come to an end? Was this really a knot in Lu Jinlang’s heart that would never be opened?

  Wen Jianing turned on all the lights at home and packed up all of Lu Jinlang’s things. He couldn’t bear to see them and didn’t feel good when he saw them.

  When he was about to clean up, he suddenly got angry and threw everything on the ground. He watched them scattered on the ground, then stepped back and leaned against the wall to breathe.

  After a while, Wen Jianing took out his cell phone and called Wen Lin. He wanted to find someone to drink with him. It was better to talk with someone than to think at home alone.

  The call to Wen Lin was quickly connected, and the surroundings around him seemed to be quiet. Wen Lin asked him softly, “Xinhang? Are you back?”

  Wen Jianing said, “Where are you? Can you have some drinks with me?”

  Wen Lin was never someone who could say no to people, especially Wen Jianing. He immediately replied, “Okay, I am in the Lanlu now, are you going to come over?”

  ”Lanlu?” Wen Jianing didn’t respond to why Wen Lin was in the Lanlu, and he didn’t have the time to think carefully. He just replied, “Okay, wait for me, I’ll come over right away.”

  Wen Jianing was depressed and didn’t know how to vent, while Lu Jinlang also lost his temper for the first time.

  Lu Jinlang was sitting on the sofa watching TV with a water glass in his hand and casually turned to the Starlight channel which was surprisingly replaying the talent show ‘The Voice of Soul’ that year. What was being shown on TV was the refined version, which had been edited again, and what Lu Jinlang saw happened to be the part in which Wen Jianing sang a love song to him

  What a superb acting!

  What was he thinking at that time? Was he impressed? He started paying attention to him, right? When in fact, all of that was just an act by a great actor.

  Lu Jinlang grabbed the water glass and threw it toward the TV. But the house was so big that the water cup didn’t hit the TV screen, but landed on the front of the TV cabinet, spilling water from the cup all over the floor.

  He sat in a daze for a while, went to the bathroom, took a mop, and dried the water on the floor. At this moment, he suddenly squatted down again, opened the drawer under the TV cabinet, took out the DVD of ‘Duel’ and put it into the DVD player to start playing.

  He wanted to take a closer look at Wen Jianing, to see if he was really his Xinhang.

  Wen Jianing drove to the Lanlu.

  The film that Wen Lin participated in had ended. It was originally a small budget movie with few outdoor scenes and everything was almost completely shot in the studio. Although the filming was over, Wen Lin did not completely separate himself from the role.

  At the end of the filming of this movie, the director realized that Wen Lin’s state was not right, and had been persuading him to understand that it was just a movie and not to be stuck in it forever.

  The psychiatrist introduced by Lu Jinlang was actually very useful. After Wen Lin went to talk to him a few times, he was obviously not so depressed anymore.

  The reason why he was in the Lanlu at this time was because after Wen Jianing brought him here last time, he fell in love with that small music bar in the Lanlu. Recently, whenever he was free, he liked to bring his guitar to play and sing on the small stage. Even without an audience, he could sing all night.

  When Wen Jianing heard Wen Lin say he was singing, he thought it would be a good outlet for him to let off steam. If music could calm him down, then he just had to immerse himself in the music.

  It was just that Wen Jianing didn’t expect that when he opened the door of the bar and went in, it was not Wen Lin alone that he saw. In the bar, Wen Lin also had a quiet audience, and it was actually Li Rong.

  Wen Jianing was a little surprised.

  Li Rong stood up generously and greeted him, “Xinhang, when did you come back?”

  They all knew that he and Lu Jinlang were filming in other places.

  ”Li Rong?” Wen Jianing stood there.

  Li Rong smiled and said, “Lu Jinlang didn’t come back with you?”

  As soon as he heard Lu Jinlang’s name, Wen Jianing was silent for a few seconds and did not answer. Instead, he asked, “Why are you here?”

  Li Rong said, “Listening to the song.”

  Wen Jianing suddenly remembered that Li Rong had asked him about Wen Lin last time, and he couldn’t help but become wary again.

  Li Rong chuckled, he stepped back and invited Wen Jianing to come and sit next to him, “Let’s listen to the song together?”

  Wen Jianing went over and sat down beside him and ordered himself a glass of wine.

  Wen Lin stopped when he saw Wen Jianing coming in. At this time Wen Lin sat down and said, “Let me sing you a song.”

  Wen Jianing said, “Okay.”

  Wen Lin plucked the guitar strings with his fingers, and a string of soothing tunes came out.

  Wen Jianing still remembered this song. It was the love song he once sang to Lu Jinlang during the singing competition. Now when it was sung from Wen Lin’s mouth, it sounded totally different. Moreover, the arrangement changed slightly when it was played and sung by Wen Lin.

  The waiter brought the wine up and placed it in front of Wen Jianing.

  Wen Jianing listened to the lyrics that seemed to be whispered in Wen Lin’s mouth. He reached out to pick up the glass, took a sip, and then drank it up.

  Li Rong was taken aback by him, and he didn’t even have time to reach out to stop him.

  And after Wen Jianing put down the wine glass, he shouted in the direction of the bar, “One more glass!”

It was quite heartbreaking that he was afraid that to accept Ke Xinhang is Wen Jianing because he thinks it will mean he is falling out of love with Ke Xinhang and were falling in love with Wen Jianing because he still differentiate both as two different person

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