Chapter 75

  It was a clear gesture by Wen Jiaying to drown his sorrows in wine. Wen Lin had known him for so long, and this was the first time he had seen him like that. Suddenly he stopped singing, put down the guitar and walked down from the stage to sit next to Wen Jianing, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

  Wen Lin stopped, and the band in the bar began to play soothing music.

  The bartender at the bar was helping him make the wine at the same time.

  Wen Jianing stretched out his hand and raked his hair, and said, “I’m okay, don’t worry.”

  Even though Wen Jianing said that there was no need to worry, how could Wen Lin not worry about it? When he saw that the second glass of wine was sent to their table, Wen Lin brought it to the side and said to Wen Jianing, “You tell me first, what’s going on?”

  In fact, there was no need for him to say anything. Li Rong had already guessed what the reason was when Wen Jianing appeared here alone, without Lu Jinlang by his side. As soon as he came over, he started drinking wine straight without saying a word. It was obvious that the two had a fight.

  But he saw Wen Lin’s worried face, Li Rong didn’t say anything. He picked up his own glass next to him and took a sip.

  Wen Jianing shook his head. There was nothing to say about his fight with Lu Jinlang, and it was impossible to find someone to talk to about the problem between him and Lu Jinlang.

  It was better not to say anything.

  He grabbed Wen Lin’s hand and said, “Will you drink with me? If I get drunk, open a room for me later, and just throw me on the bed and leave me alone.”

  Wen Lin hesitated and looked at Li Rong.

  Li Rong smiled and said, “Leave him alone, he looks like he needs to let off some steam.”

  Some time ago, when Wen Lin was in the lowest mood, he also used to drink so much. Everyone knew that drinking alcohol was bad and incorrect, and when you woke up the next morning with alcohol and headache, your mood would drop to the bottom again. However, because of his experience, Wen Lin knew that sometimes there were situations where others just couldn’t just enlighten them. Perhaps at this time, what he need from a friend the most was just company.

  Speaking of companionship, as he sang in Lanlu during this time, Li Rong was the one who accompanied him the most.

  From the first time when Wen Lin was singing in the bar by himself, Li Rong suddenly opened the door and came in. He hesitated for a moment but didn’t stop. Li Rong would sit down quietly next to him and listen to him singing. As long as he came over, he would always meet Li Rong from time to time.

  When his movie was finished, Li Rong called him specifically and asked him if he would come to Lanlu, and drove to pick him up personally. From then on, whenever he was around, he could always see Li Rong.

  Wen Lin liked it when Li Rong sat quietly below while he sang. He liked to sing, but he was not so arrogant that he did not need an audience, otherwise he would not have participated in the singing competition. When it was no longer convenient for him to perform outside, a relatively closed small space like Lanlu provided him with a stage. It was a lucky thing to have an audience who could enjoy his songs quietly.

  However, Wen Jianing that was next to Wen Lin who had said he wanted to get drunk, was a little sober. How dare he get drunk outside by himself? Even with a reliable friend like Wen Lin, he still had secrets that he didn’t dare to let the other party know. He was afraid that things would get out of control when he was drunk.

  Wen Jianing who snatched the glass from Wen Lin suddenly felt a little sad. He never thought he could not live without Lu Jinlang, but at least for now, since he left his side, it was undeniable that it would have a big impact on his life. Unless one day he can find someone to replace Lu Jinlang, but how is that possible?

  Wen Jianing rubbed the rim of the wine glass with his fingers, and then gently put it down.

  Wen Lin kept looking at him, somewhat puzzled.

  Wen Jianing smiled at him and said, “Will you accompany me to sing? Just that one song just now.”

  Wen Lin nodded.

  Two people walked onto the small stage, Wen Jianing sat in front of the microphone, and Wen Lin took the guitar and sat beside him.

  It was still the same song as the one just now, Wen Jianing Wen Jianing reached out and held the microphone stand. Wen Jianing’s voice was soft, and his voice was completely different from Wen Lin’s. The emotion he carried in the way he sang was obviously different, this song has some more special meaning to him.

  In the end, he didn’t get drunk that night. However, Wen Jianing was a little dizzy because of the first glass of wine when he came in. He went to the front desk staff and asked them to open the small room where he had stayed with Lu Jinlang.

  The staff felt awkward and said that the room had already been reserved.

  In the end, Li Rong called someone and persuaded them to change rooms before letting Wen Jianing stay there that night.

  Wen Jianing slept until the next morning. After he woke up, he lay lazily in bed and didn’t want to go anywhere. After all, there was no one at home if he went back anyway, so he might as well stay here.

  Wen Lin usually didn’t spend the night in the Lanlu very often. However, last night because he was worried about Wen Jianing who stayed, he stayed in the small room next to him.

  Early in the morning, Wen Jianing opened the door and saw Wen Lin appear at the gate of his yard. Wen Lin smiled and said to him, “Let’s have breakfast together.”

  Wen Jianing also smiled and said, “Okay.”

  The two of them stayed in the Lanlu all day and didn’t leave. After they eat the meal in the morning, they went out to climb the mountain. After they climbed to the top of the mountain, they were sweating and went down the mountain for lunch. In the afternoon, he stayed in the Lanlu and Wen Jianing taught Wen Lin to play snooker.

  Because there were not many people in the afternoon, there were only two of them in the billiard room.

  Wen Lin’s skills were not so bad, and Wen Jianing was not in a hurry. He was just slowly spending time playing with him. While he was holding the cue and watching Wen Lin play, he asked, “What’s the matter between you and Li Rong…?”

  Wen Lin’s movements were obviously sluggish, but he said, “He often comes to listen to me sing.”

  ”Just listening to you sing?” Wen Jianing asked.

  Wen Lin stood up straight and looked at Wen Jianing, then nodded, “Just listening to me sing.”

  ”Wen Lin,” Wen Jianing hesitated when he said these words, “Maybe you are not happy to hear it, but you should know what kind of person Li Rong is.”

  Wen Lin was not dumb, he said, “I know. I also know that he is Yongfei jie’s boyfriend.”

  What exactly did Li Rong want, he never told Wen Lin. At first, Wen Lin felt that it was a bit awkward to be alone with him, but after a long time, he didn’t seem to mind it anymore. He also needed someone to listen to him sing.

  ”No matter what his purpose was,” Wen Lin said, “I have my own bottom line. “

  Wen Jianing suddenly asked him, “You don’t like men, do you?”

  Wen Lin was stunned by the question for a moment, and then said, “No, I don’t like men.”

  Wen Jianing nodded in relief. He didn’t continue the topic.

  The two of them played in the billiards room until dinner, then he continued to sing with Wen Lin.

  It was Thursday when Wen Jianing came back yesterday, and today was already Friday.

  Because it was the weekend, many more guests came to Lanlu in the evening. Wen Lin and Wen Jianing stayed there all day, so when they went to the bar it was still early and they were the only two people there, but after half an hour or so, other customers came in one after another.

  No matter who came, this small stage was open for anyone to sing.

  It was just that Wen Lin was ashamed to dominate the stage all the time.

  He stepped down midway, and a middle-aged boss at the next table immediately called the young female singer who came with him to sing a song.

  Wen Lin went to Wen Jianing and sat down.

  Wen Jianing handed him a glass of water and said, “Take a break.”

  Wen Lin had just reached out to take the glass of water when the door of the bar was suddenly pushed open from the outside. It was opened by a man who acted like a big shot and didn’t care about the gaze of others.

  As he entered, he took a quick glance and saw Wen Jianing, and instantly his eyes lit up as he walked towards the table, and said loudly as he walked, “Oh, who is this? When you become a big star, you no longer recognize your old friends, huh?”

  Many people looked over for a while, and Wen Jianing had to stand up to shake Yang Wenchong’s hand.

  However, Yang Wenchong still had the nerve to hug his back and patted him, and then smiled smugly. He originally came with his female companion, but at this time the companion was left behind him. It was only when Wen Jianing reminded him that he remembered to call the young model over and sit down.

  Wen Jianing had never seen Yang Wenchong with the same person, it was always a woman he didn’t know every time.

  In comparison, Li Rong, who could find a fixed girlfriend, could probably be regarded as faithful.

  Wen Lin and Yang Wenchong had met, but they were not close with one another.

  Wen Jianing introduced them and they shook hands. Then Yang Wenchong focused on Wen Jianing. He sat down next to Wen Jianing, put one hand on Wen Jianing’s shoulder, and said, “Baby, come on, let’s play.”

  Yang Wenchong had average playing skills, but he was very addicted to snooker.

  Wen Jianing shook his head.

  Yang Wenchong shook his shoulder, “Come on, come on.”

  Wen Lin frowned slightly and felt that Yang Wenchong did not respect Wen Jianing too much.

  But Wen Jianing didn’t seem to care, and continued to reject Yang Wenchong, “I played all afternoon, and my hands were sore, so I won’t play.”

  ”Your hands are sore? I’ll rub it for you if you’re sore,” Yang Wenchong said as he grabbed Wen Jianing’s arm and started massaging it, while still saying, “If it is not enough, I’ll find a dozen chicks to help you massage it to ensure you are comfortable!”

  Wen Jianing said with a smile, “That’s not necessary…”

  Before he finished his words, he heard someone say, “You better let him go.”

  Several people turned their heads to look at the same time and saw that the person who came was Li Rong. Li Rong walked towards this side and said, “Otherwise, Lu Jinlang will not let you go.”

  Yang Wenchong said indifferently, “It’s not like Lu Jinlang is here.”

  Li Rong raised an arm, turned sideways and pointed to the door of the bar.

  Then Wen Jianing saw Lu Jinlang come in.

  Lu Jinlang had been watching Wen Jianing’s past movies at home since last night. He watched ‘Duel’ once, and then asked Lu Yunan to find him other movies starring Wen Jianing in the past. He watched them at home all day today.

  He had never tried to observe a person so carefully. But when he took a closer look, he would find that Wen Jianing and his beloved Ke Xinhang did overlap. Because no matter how good a person’s acting skills were, it was difficult to avoid some of the same emotional expressions when they played different roles, such as small movements when embarrassed, and the curvature of the corners of their mouth when they were happy.

  He also went online to find some interviews that Wen Jianing attended, which were closer to how Wen Jianing himself was than in his movie roles. Lu Jinlang hadn’t noticed or thought about it in the past, but when he saw it seriously, he would find that they might really be the same person.

  He had known Wen Jianing for so long but he knew very little about Wen Jianing. Because he was not interested, he didn’t understand.

  The reason he actually show up at night was actually because Li Rong had called him.

  He didn’t want to meet Wen Jianing so quickly, because in a sense, not meeting was also to avoid arguments that would hurt each other’s feelings. But he came anyway because Li Rong told him that Wen Jianing was drinking too much.

  Lu Jinlang suddenly worried about Wen Jianing’s physical condition. If he really wanted to drink, then it should be when he was by his side.

  As soon as he walked in, Lu Jinlang saw that Yang Wenchong was making a move on Wen Jianing. He certainly wouldn’t be angry with Yang Wenchong, so he just give him a look.

  Yang Wenchong withdrew his hand quickly and gave up his place to Lu Jinlang.

  Lanlu was a place where insiders and big bosses were mingling, no one would be surprised by the appearance of a big star. But with Lu Jinlang’s status, young newcomers in the entertainment industry couldn’t help but secretly look at him.

  Just like the young female singer who was pushed onto the stage to sing just now. After she saw Lu Jinlang coming in, she stopped unconsciously, and after a while, she snapped out of it and started singing again.

  Lu Jinlang sat down beside Wen Jianing.

  Although Wen Jianing didn’t avoid him, there was no eye contact between them.

  Li Rong looked at them and pretty much knew the situation by heart.

  However, Yang Wenchong didn’t notice it. He raised his arm and bumped Lu Jinlang, and said, “Ask your wife to accompany me to play snooker.” He knew that Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing’s relationship was serious, so he deliberately used the words ‘wife’.

  Wen Jianing glanced at him coldly. Lu Jinlang did not speak and raised his hand to call the waiter over.

  Yang Wenchong was still oblivious and when he saw Wen Jianing refused to agree, he pulled Lu Jinlang and asked him how he was doing lately.

  Lu Jinlang hadn’t been with these friends for a long time since he started filming. He ordered a drink, and when the waiter brought the drink, he smoothly changed the wine in front of Wen Jianing.

  Yang Wenchong noticed it, and suddenly started clamouring, “What kind of drink is that? You might as well go back to your mother for milk!” He raised his hand to the waiter and ordered two bottles of wine. Since he didn’t play with him, at least everyone had to drink happily.

  Wen Jianing felt a little uncomfortable, but he could feel that Lu Jinlang was still defending him. But he knew that Lu Jinlang didn’t want to see him, although he wasn’t sure why Lu Jinlang didn’t want to see him. Was it because he thought he was old? Did Lu Jinlang think he didn’t look as good looking as Ke Xinhang? Regardless of the reason, since he didn’t like it all, what was the point of such hypocritical behaviour? It just made him more uncomfortable.

  He asked for a cigarette from Yang Wenchong and took a deep breath after lighting it. He then slightly raised his head to exhale the smoke.

  He was Wen Jianing and he was proud of himself. He was not inferior to Lu Jinlang, and he wouldn’t beg for him.

  Lu Jinlang watched a lot of his movies in the past two days, and at this time he couldn’t help comparing him with the previous Wen Jianing. If there were not so many people here, he might want to reach out and touch him lightly.

  When he saw that the atmosphere was somewhat awkward, Li Rong naturally shifted the topic to Yang Wenchong.

  Yang Wenchong then began to look at Wen Lin again. He wondered if Li Rong was interested in Wen Lin, but he didn’t dare to ask. Because Li Rong was still polite to Wen Lin after all, it seemed that he hadn’t started anything yet. Yang Wenchong was afraid that his nonsense would disturb Li Rong’s situation, and Li Rong would not let him off easily afterwards.

  Li Rong casually chatted with him, and suddenly his sight drifted to several people who had just entered the bar.

  These people also attracted Wen Jianing’s attention, because the person walking in the front was Guan Xiaotian and his girlfriend Le Shu, the one who came in behind them was an actor named Tang Yanzhong, and the other was Yuan Qian.

  Guan Xiaotian and Yuan Qian were not close with each other. The fact they would come together was probably because of Tang Yanzhong’s relationship. Tang Yanzhong had slowly approached Guan Xiaotian in the past two years after Wen Jianing’s accident.

  Yuan Qian also saw Li Rong at first sight after coming in, and her face immediately turned sour. She turned away and walked towards the opposite corner with Tang Yanzhong and the others.

  ”Why is it so crowded today?” Li Rong asked casually.

  Yang Wenchong looked at him, “There’s a festival, don’t you know?”

  Li Rong asked him, “What festival?”

  ”It’s the Qixi festival!” Yang Wenchong said. He leaned back, smiled and raised his hand to touch the woman next to him, “That’s why I take my little baby out to have fun.”

  Wen Jianing was stunned to realize that today was the Qixi festival day. If it hadn’t been for the cold war with Lu Jinlang, maybe he would not forget this festival, and they would spend a sweet night together. 

  The young female singer that was singing on stage went down.

  Li Rong asked Wen Lin, “Not going to sing a song?”

  Wen Lin shook his head, “Forget it, there are so many people.”

  Li Rong said, “It is precisely because of so many people that you two should sing some songs for everyone to listen to.”

  Wen Lin still shook his head, but Guan Xiaotian, who was sitting at the table opposite them, suddenly stood up and walked towards the top of the stage.

  Wen Jianing turned his head and looked in the direction of Guan Xiaotian unconsciously.

  Lu Jinlang then remembered that in the past, Guan Xiaotian and Wen Jianing had a good relationship. When they occasionally met at entertainment venues, Wen Jianing was always with Guan Xiaotian and the others.

  Guan Xiaotian was an actor, not a singer. It was strange for him to take up the microphone and came on stage. As soon as he came on stage, he told the band that he would sing “You Will Marry Me Today”.

  As he stood in front of the microphone, Guan Xiaotian said softly, “This song is for my girlfriend Le Shu.”

  After he finished speaking, the band began to play music.

  Wen Jianing looked in the direction of Le Shu. He saw Le Shu smiling and looked at Guan Xiaotian with happiness.

  Guan Xiaotian’s singing was not very pleasant, and he kept going out of tune. But on such a day like today, a touching song full of love dedicated to his lover still aroused the enthusiasm of everyone in the bar.

  Many people even applauded him spontaneously.

  Halfway through the song, when he started to enter the interlude, Guan Xiaotian suddenly said, “I am standing here today and want to say to my girlfriend, Le Shu, would you marry me?”

  The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became enthusiastic, it was full of applause and whistles. Le Shu stood up, her face was incredibly surprised and happy, and she even began to cry.

  ”Say yes! Say yes!” someone clapped their hands and shouted for her.

  Le Shu was not a member of the show business industry, and she was a little shy and nervous in this situation. She opened her mouth several times to say yes, but she was too embarrassed to make a sound.

  Guan Xiaotian smiled and raised his hand, and said, “My friends, can you help me?”

  Wen Jianing stood up all at once.

  Everyone at the table looked at him oddly.

  Lu Jinlang reacted fast and stood up and took his arm.

  Wen Jianing turned to look at him, a little puzzled.

  Lu Jinlang asked him, “Are you feeling unwell?”

  Wen Jianing said, “I…”

  Before he finished speaking, Tang Yanzhong, who was with Guan Xiaotian and the others, stood up, walked over and pushed Le Shu onto the stage with a smile.

  Le Shu smiled shyly, but did not resist, and was pushed onto the stage by Tang Yanzhong. She then stood in front of Guan Xiaotian.

  Guan Xiaotian knelt on one knee, took out a ring box from his pocket, and opened the flannel cover. Inside was a shiny diamond ring. He solemnly said, “Marry me, Le Shu.”

  Le Shu covered her mouth with one hand, and she was so excited that tears were falling. She nodded vigorously and extended one hand to Guan Xiaotian so that he could put the ring on her hand.

  Then Guan Xiaotian stood up and spun her around.

  The atmosphere in the whole bar had reached a climax, and Wen Jianing was also a little emotional. Guan Xiaotian had been a friend of his for many years, and he had been in love with Le Shu for a long time. During the most difficult time, Guan Xiaotian complained to him and felt that he couldn’t keep on going. At that time, he advised Guan Xiaotian not to give up, so that he could have what he have today.

  Lu Jinlang clutched Wen Jianing’s arm tightly so as not to let him pass.

  Wen Jianing looked at Lu Jinlang, and his eyes filled with puzzlement.

  Lu Jinlang said to him, “Don’t go there, it’s not appropriate.”

  It was indeed inappropriate. If Wen Jianing had been in his usual self, he might not want to go there. But he had two drinks today, and now he was in such a situation that he admitted he somewhat felt deviant to Lu Jinlang’s words. He said, “You don’t want me to contact my past friends, do you? You want me to be your little lover Ke Xinhang instead of being Wen Jianing all my life?”

  The surrounding area was very noisy, and Wen Jianing’s voice was only loud enough for the two of them to hear clearly.

  But when the people at this table saw his expression, it was obvious that the two of them were arguing.

  Lu Jinlang said softly, “I didn’t mean that.”

  Wen Jianing raised his arm and shook away Lu Jinlang’s hand, which was holding him.

  His movement was strong, and it looks like the two people were about to fight. The others had felt the tension between them and were watching them. When they saw this situation, Wen Lin and Yang Wenchong quickly stood up and pulled them apart.

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