Chapter 85

       Lu Jinfeng originally planned to deal with Wen Jianing’s affairs first when he went home. Still, because of the unexpected situation on Tongtong’s side, it seemed that Wen Jianing’s matter was not too important right now.

       After knowing that the family was fine, Lu Jinfeng went upstairs and called Lu Jinxin.

       When Lu Jinlang knew that Wen Jianing had come to Lu Jinfeng to ambush Lu Jinfeng early in the morning, he felt a little distressed. So he put his arms around his waist and said, “Let’s just go back first and find something to eat.”

        Wen Jianing hadn’t answered yet. The women of the Lu family looked over and seemed a little surprised, “Why are you going back?”

       Kang Huanxian said, “Just leave after lunch. Your lunch has already been prepared.”

       The old lady Lu also said, “Yes, I haven’t convinced the eldest yet, how can you leave?” She gave Wen Jianing a wink, meaning not to let her hunger strike this morning in vain.

       Wen Jianing grabbed Lu Jinlang’s hand and said, “Let’s stay and eat.”

       Lu Jinlang heard the words and said, “As long as you are willing to.”

       Lu Jinxin came back not long afterwards. This was not the first time Ye Zhujia tried to take Tongtong away privately, but this was the biggest disturbance. Although the police were called, fortunately, Wen Jianing didn’t get hurt much. It was the mother who wanted to take the child away, but she couldn’t take it away. So the police just said a few words and let her go.

       Lu Jinxin was so angry that he almost beat Ye Zhujia’s man outside the police station, but was stopped by the police at the door. In the end, he could only warn again and again that if Ye Zhujia thought about taking the child away, he would appeal to the court to ban Ye Zhujia’s visit.

       After the warning, Lu Jinxin still felt angry and planned to find someone to clean up the man. At this time, Lu Jinfeng called him and asked him whether the matter was handled properly.

       Lu Jinxin said it was all good.

       Lu Jinfeng asked him to come back to see the child first and ate lunch.

       By the time Lu Jinxin returned to Lu’s house, it was almost one o’clock at noon, and the whole family was waiting for him without eating. As soon as he entered the door and saw Wen Jianing sitting on the sofa, he walked over and said “Thank you”.

       Wen Jianing looked up at him and said, “You’re welcome, second brother.”

       Lu Jinxin nodded, did not say much, stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder and walked towards the second floor.

       When he went upstairs, he met Lu Jinfeng who was going downstairs that said to him, “The child is the most important thing, and you should spend more time with him. If you can’t take care of him well, it’s better to send the child to his mother.”

       Lu Jinxin didn’t say a word and brushed past him to the second floor. Tongtong fell asleep on the bed when he entered the room, but his eyes were still red.

       He walked to the bed and sat down, reached out his hand and touched his son’s head, then bent down and kissed him on top of his head, whispering, “Baby, I’m sorry.”

       Lu Jinfeng went downstairs and saw his mother sitting on the sofa talking to Wen Jianing, so he stepped forward and said, “Mom, are you okay?”

       The matter of the old lady of the Lu family’s hunger strike was not forgotten.

      Perhaps because she had been in shock this morning, the old lady really sighed at this moment. She sighed heavily and said, “If the car didn’t stop just now, Xinhang might have already passed away. You are just asking if I’m okay? Have you asked him if he’s okay?”

       Although the old lady deliberately said this to Lu Jinfeng, Wen Jianing obviously felt that Lu Jinlang’s hand suddenly tightened. He raised his other hand on the back of Lu Jinlang’s hand and patted it comfortingly.

       Kang Huanxian said, “Mom, what are you talking about, Xinhang is fine, don’t talk about these unlucky things.”

       The old lady sighed and said, “I won’t eat anymore, I’m not eating.”

       Lu Jinfeng rubbed his forehead, he really had a headache, and said, “Mom, stop it. I know what you want to say.” He walked to the sofa and sat down.

       The old lady said, “You know, but did you listen to it?”

       Kang Huanxian said helplessly, “The food’s ready, let’s talk after the meal.”

       During lunch, Lu Jinxin carried Tongtong downstairs.

       Tongtong’s mood was obviously still unstable, sobbing from time to time, and his small body trembles. He didn’t usually get close to Lu Jinxin very much, but now he was holding Lu Jinxin tightly, with his forehead resting on his shoulder.

       Lu Jinxin showed rare gentleness and patience to feed him.

       However, when he scooped the food with a spoon and handed it to Tongtong’s mouth, Tongtong refused to eat it at first, and pulled his fingers into the Lu Jinxin’s new tie, and said in a crying voice, “Mom.”

       Lu Jinxin was about to speak when he suddenly found a table of people staring at him nervously, warning him not to talk nonsense with his eyes. He then lowered his voice, lowered his head and lips almost pressed to Tongtong’s forehead, and said, “Mom will be separated from Dad in the future, and she will come back to see you when she has time.”

       Tongtong actually knew something, but none of the adults was sure what he knew.

       Although his eyes were still red, he didn’t insist that he wanted his mother. However, when he heard Lu Jinxin’s words, he changed his mouth and called out in a tender voice, “Dad.”

       Lu Jinxin hugged him tighter, kissed his forehead and face, and said, “Daddy is here, don’t be afraid.”

       Kang Huanxian stood up, “If Tongtong doesn’t want to eat, so let me steam an egg for him, so he can eat something.”

       Lu Jinxin nodded, “Thank you, sister-in-law.” He then noticed that the mother’s bowl was empty, and the chopsticks did not seem to have been moved, and said strangely, “Mom, why aren’t you eating again?”

       Lu Yanyue said, “It’s dad’s fault grandma is angry.”

       The old lady sighed and looked at Lu Jinfeng.

       Lu Jinfeng couldn’t help it anymore, put his chopsticks aside, and said, “The family is here today. If you have anything in mind, open up and say it.”

      When he said this, no one at the table said anything for a while.

       Kang Huanxian asked her babysitter to steam eggs for Tongtong. She walked out to sit down at the table, and suddenly said, “Jinfeng, forget it.”

       Lu Jinfeng was stunned. He never expected that the first person to tell him off today would be his wife.

       To be honest, from the beginning Kang Huanxian didn’t like Wen Jianing very much. She felt that it was not normal for him to be with Lu Jinlang, and she felt that he was neither male nor female. However, after such an incident today, Kang Huanxian suddenly realized that he was actually a pretty normal boy, smart and motivated and responsible, and Lu Jinfeng was so unfair to him. It was really unfair. Her husband only wanted to pull Wen Jianing out of the entertainment circle and have a simple environment with his brother. But he never thought that it would be breaking Wen Jianing’s career. What if his brother changes his mind in the future and asked to break up, what position would Wen Jianing be in?

       She married Lu Jinfeng that year and willingly quit her job to take care of his mother and two younger brothers at home. That was a sacrifice she made for the family, and it did not mean that this was her duty. Now, where did Lu Jinfeng have the confidence to make such demands on Wen Jianing?

       However, Kang Huanxian didn’t express these thoughts in front of the people at this table. No matter what, she took into account her husband’s dignity.

       Lu Jinfeng looked at his wife in a daze.

       “Eldest brother,” Lu Jinxin said suddenly, “I want to transfer all my shares in Lei Xing to the third child.”

       As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Jinlang looked at him in surprise, “Second brother?”

       Lu Jinxin hugged Tongtong in a more comfortable position, let him lie in his arms, and then said, “I can’t handle this anymore. Brother, you have to quarrel with the third and pull it yourself. I haven’t finished pulling the skin on my side. Don’t let me get caught in the middle on both sides.”

       Lu Jinfeng sullenly said, “What are you talking about!”

       Lu Jinxin said, “It’s all from the bottom of my heart. Is it interesting to agitate everyone about something like this? When the boy dumps the third when he is old one day, I’ll help you clean him up slowly.”

       Lu Jinlang smiled upon hearing the words, “That’s impossible.”

       Lu Jinxin looked at him and wanted to taunt him, but after a second thought, dismissed it, and said, “I hope so. If you don’t take care of feelings, they’ll be gone. Even if you lock people at home, you can’t change anything.”

       Kang Huanxian stood up, went to the kitchen and brought out the steamed egg to Tongtong, and then persuaded the old lady, “Mom, you should eat first, and don’t burden your body.”

       The old lady didn’t answer but just watched Lu Jinfeng.

       Lu Yanyue pulled her hands and counted, “Six to one, Dad, don’t be stubborn. No, there’s Tongtong, it’s seven to one.”

       Lu Jinfeng finally put a hand on the table and said, “Whatever, I don’t care. Anyway, you choose the road yourself. You will bear the consequences for yourself in the future. It has nothing to do with me.”

       Lu Yanyue said with joy upon hearing this, “It should have been like this long ago.”

       Wen Jianing couldn’t help but smile. He was really happy and said to Lu Jinfeng, “Thank you, eldest brother!”

       Lu Jinfeng suddenly felt awkward with the family’s joyful atmosphere, but in any case, it was better than the family tossing and turning. He sighed and said, “Don’t say anything else, let’s eat first.” Then he looked at the old lady, “Mom, what do you say?”

       The old lady was smiling, holding the bowl in one hand and the chopsticks in the other, and said, “Let’s eat and eat!” After she said that, she gave Lu Jinfeng a slice of his favourite fried beef with her first chopsticks.

       Lu Jinfeng shook his head and said nothing.

       After Lu Jinfeng took this big step back, it was as if the whole Lu family had been through the rain, and even the impact of Tongtong’s affairs in the morning had been diluted.

       In the afternoon, Lu Jinxin went out. Tongtong refused to go upstairs to sleep, and Wen Jianing had been sitting in the living room with him.

       They left the Lu family after dinner.

       Lu Jinlang drove the car, Wen Jianing relaxed and stretched his arms and took a deep breath.

       Lu Jinlang glanced at him and said, “Finally, it’s not in vain for you to get up so early today.”

       Wen Jianing smiled, “Yeah, your eldest brother is soft-hearted, didn’t you say so? How can you be reconciled if you don’t work hard?”

       Lu Jinlang stretched out his hand and touched his head.

      In the evening, when they returned home, Lu Jinlang asked Wen Jianning to lie down on the bed, and he had to rub the wound on Wen Jianing’s waist.

       In fact, Lu Jinlang didn’t know much, so he called specifically to ask Xia Yan what to do. At this time, he poured the medicinal liquor into his hand and pressed it against the bruise on his waist.

       Wen Jianing held back the pain and didn’t cry out.

       However, Lu Jinlang didn’t have the heart to press it. When he saw that there was a layer of sweat on his forehead, he retracted his hand and said, “Forget it, let it take care of it slowly. You won’t be filming any time soon anyway”

       Wen Jianing turned his head to look at him, “It’s okay, just go on.”

       Hearing the words, Lu Jinlang stretched out his hand and continued to squeeze his waist, but the movement was lightened, and he did not squeeze where he was injured. Instead, he slowly slid down and pinched his hip bone.

       Wen Jianing did not stop him, but put one arm under his head and tilted his head sideways to look at him.

       Lu Jinlang gently squeezed, and said, “My eldest brother has always been a bit stubborn. As long as he thinks he should do it, he will insist. My sister in law would argue with him when she first got married to him. She doesn’t talk too much now. Eldest brother must have been surprised to hear what sister-in-law said today.”

       Wen Jianing said, “I think that sister in law still has some ideas on her own. You said that after she married her eldest brother, she has been taking care of you and xiao He at home. She has a gentle personality, but it does not mean that she has no opinions on her own.”

       Lu Jinlang nodded, “My eldest brother may have overlooked his wife’s thoughts.” After speaking, he continued to pinch his hand down, pinching it at the top of Wen Jianing’s thigh.

       Wen Jianing remained motionless, and said, “My waist is not working. I’m afraid I can’t satisfy you today.”

       Lu Jinlang laughed in a low voice, “I can satisfy you.” Although he said so, he stopped his hand movement, changed his hand to hold Wen Jianing, and said, “Second brother talk to me in the afternoon. He really wants to give me all the shares of Lei Xing, and then he plans to wash his hands and won’t do business in the entertainment industry in the future.”

       Wen Jianing was silent for a moment, “Now everyone knows that you are the boss of Lei Xing, will there be any repercussions?”

       Lu Jinlang said, “It’s hard to say, but attention is always a good thing for entertainment companies. The most feared thing in this industry is that no one pays attention to your existence, not even the media nor the audience.”

       Wen Jianing squeezed his hand, “No matter what, I will support you as boss unconditionally.”

       Lu Jinlang smiled and lay down beside him, stretched out his arms and hugged him.

       Lu Jinxin needed some formalities to transfer the shares to Lu Jinlang, and they didn’t hide it from Bai Shengzhe. They simply explained the current situation. In the future, all affairs of Lei Xing will be decided by Lu Jinlang.

       Naturally, the matter of Wen Jianing’s dismissal was not exposed.

       The production of the movie ‘Bitter Summer’ was in full swing in the latter stage. Lu Jinlang asked Wen Jianing and Wen Lin to immediately record the theme song.

       With Tan Yangxi as the producer, Wen Jianing and Wen Lin spent a whole day in the studio recording the song.

       Lu Jinlang planned to promote the theme song on the internet after the post-production of the theme song was completed, as the first step in the promotion of the film.

       Every time Wen Lin and Wen Jianing cooperate with each other, it aroused some people’s expectations. Even without the help of the online publicity organization founded by Lu Jinlang, this song had been on the hot topic list by their fans.

       The song was very nice and tender. Wen Jianing’s live performance may have fallen slightly short, but the whole effect is perfect after Tan Yangxi’s critical recording and post-processing.

       At the end of the year, the movie had an official release date.

       There was a lot of preparatory work that needed to be done before the release, but Lu Jinlang mainly handles those work. For Wen Jianing, his most important job was to promote the movie.

       Because of the scheduling of TV programmes, the variety shows had to be recorded about half a month to a month in advance to ensure that they would be broadcast when the movie was released.

       As the two male protagonists of the movie, Wen Jianing and Jian Jun included post-promotion when signing the contract. Of course, they were ready to frequently visit several major TV stations in China.

       As a film director, Lu Jinlang also chose two variety shows and personally promoted the film.

       In fact, Lu Jinlang didn’t really want to be on variety shows, but he understood that his own influence was much greater than Wen Jianing and Jian Jun. How could such a good resource not be used properly?

       After discussing with Wen Jianing, Lu Jinlang finally decided on two programs; one was a weekend talk show, and the other was a large-scale celebrity wilderness survival reality show that was very popular recently, that had just been introduced to China by Starlight Channel after it became popular abroad some time ago.

       He remembered that when he and Lu Jinlang were just together, they used to watch the foreign version of the show together in the hotel.

       The reason why this program was chosen was that the show had recently become too popular. Each celebrity’s participation in the recording was divided into two episodes. Now the TV station had just broadcast the two episodes, and it had already made a veteran artist who had been a little out of fashion popular. At first, Lu Jinlang wanted Wen Jianing and Jian Jun to participate. Later, the TV station made it clear that Jian Jun’s reputation was not big enough. If Lu Jinlang came to participate, they could shoot a special feature for Lu Jinlang’s movie. So it was finally decided that Lu Jinlang, Wen Jianing, Jian Jun, and Zhao Qin would record together. No other guests were invited to these two sessions.

       To catch up with the movie’s release date, they prepared for the show almost immediately. The shooting time was three days and three nights, and all of them were sleeping outdoors.

       The program team invited a foreign survival expert as the team leader to lead them and the film crew to go deep into an uninhabited forest inland and start a survival journey.

       Because it was a reality show, the show would be filmed from the night before they leave.

       Wen Jianing really had no choice. In order to deal with the shooting, he and Lu Jinlang moved out of the apartment and went back to their respective villas. In addition, he had to prepare all the things he had to bring these days and take them with him so that the camera could shoot the scene of packing up his things.

       When the cameraman and director of the show team arrived, Wen Jianing opened the door in casual sportswear and invited them in, and then put the equipment for survival in the wild that Wen Tinghuan had prepared for him in advance and packed it again under the camera.

       The director asked him, “Do you know what kind of environment you are going to?”

       Wen Jianing raised his head, his face without makeup looked flawless under the camera. He said, “I know, I watched the previous episode.”

       “Are you nervous?” the director asked.

       Wen Jianing said, “Of course I’m nervous, but there is nothing to be afraid of.”

       With a rare opportunity, he took it as a holiday with Lu Jinlang.

       The director talked to him a few more words and finally said, “Take a good rest. We will leave early tomorrow morning.”

       Wen Jianing nodded, smiled and said, “Okay, I will work hard.”


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