Chapter 10 – End*


*Contains NSFW content 

Uther’s rut lasted for a very long time and they were occupied inside the cave for the entirety of summer. When autumn arrived, Eudora conceived as they had wished. Quietly landing at the entrance of the cave, Uther shook off the drops of water clinging onto his body.. He had flown far away to find some fresh fruit for Eudora’s lunch. This fruit was both sweet and sour, tasting very yummy to Eudora who was pregnant. Walking into the cave quietly, Eudora was still asleep, curled up with his long black hair scattered across the quilt. Kneeling beside him, he stared at Eudora’s stomach, which had become softer and rounder with each passing day. The cubs of the dragon race all hatched from eggs. Calculating the gestation period, the dragon egg should be about the size of his own fist now. It should hatch out of its own shell by spring the following year. Wagging his tail unconsciously, Uther thought about how his own little boy would noisily run circles and chase Eudora around next spring. With this, the gentle dragon’s face began to dull into a stupid dad-like expression.

It had been early autumn, so the residual heat of the summer hadn’t receded yet. Feeling the coolness of Uther’s body, Eudora subconsciously wanted to stick onto him to cool down. Shifting back to his human form, Uther took Eudora into his embrace, reaching out to massage his waist and stomach so he would be able to sleep more comfortably.

In the early stages of pregnancy, one should not carry out strenuous activities. At first, Uther was able to restrain himself, only hugging the other. But during pregnancy, Eudora became even more clingy and seductive, testing Uther’s self-control all the time. Such days which only allowed him to look and not touch were really bad for the whole dragon.

Eudora’s belly gradually became bigger and his chest became more and more sensitive. His nipples began to swell up and milk leaked out of them as soon as they were touched. Unable to relieve himself, Uther could only secretly lick Eudora’s breast every night, feeling aggrieved as he touched his own c0ck in his pants and cumming all over Eudora’s exposed flesh as the other slept soundly.

As his belly grew bigger, a circular mark would be caused by the waistband of his trousers even if he wore looser pants. Because of this, Uther simply disallowed Eudora from wearing them. He made Eudora pick out a bunch of nightdresses that were clearly meant for ladies from his collection. They had all been procured secretly when he was still living in the palace with Eudora. He didn’t expect the opportunity of using them to come so soon. Uther looked serious on the surface as he spoke, “Oh, I won’t allow you to wear this, your stomach will be uncomfortable. Baby, try it out. You see, this white one is actually very soft. The red one is also pretty.” But his heart was actually blooming with joy.

Eudora glared at Uther suspiciously after Uther tried dressing him in a see-through black-laced nightgown for the fifth time around, realizing that the perverted dragon was taking this opportunity to take advantage of him. Pretending not to see the saddened look on this perverted dragon, Eudora chose a normal white nightgown and turned around to put it on. When he turned back around, he saw the pervy dragon having a nosebleed.

Eudora: …..

Eudora was then pressed down and licked up and down.

By the time the first snow of winter had fallen, Eudora could already feel the life moving in his stomach, meaning that the cub was healthy. Uther also began decreasing his time spent going outside as much as possible, keeping the other in his arms. As more time went on, Eudora began to feel more and more of Uther’s unsated lust. At first, he was woken up several times, until one morning, he realized that his foot had been grabbed by Uther and used to slide against the dragon’s c0ck repeatedly, if the sticky fluids covering his toes were anything to go by. After realizing that Eudora had already woken up, Uther not only failed to stop himself, even intensifying his actions as he intently stared at his face while rubbing himself off even faster with his foot – proving that this behavior has been going on for a long time. In the end, he growled and came, drenching Eudora’s whole foot with thick and musky semen, which was the result of being abstinent for too long. 

This made Eudora’s own member pitch its own tent under his nightdress. Looking at it with a chuckle, Uther licked his fair ankles, causing him to curl up his mellow toes. Lifting the hem of his dress, Uther lowered his head between Eudora’s thighs as he held the member inside his mouth. Eudora was hot and bothered by the feeling in his lower half but couldn’t do what he wanted because he was too heavy to get up. He could only bite the back of his hand and grab Uther’s hair as he let out a weak moan. His body was very sensitive during pregnancy and after a few gulps, he shot himself inside Uther’s mouth. Raising his head, Uther kissed the corners of Eudora’s lips and patted him softly to coax the tired Eudora to sleep for a while longer.

After waking up, the flustered Eudora scolded Uther for being a perverted dragon. Uther looked at him and said, “Baby, what you said was right. It’s all my fault. There won’t be a repeat of today where I’ll continue to rub at you even after you’re awake.” Perfectly displaying the attitude of someone who blindly admitted to their mistakes without repenting for even a second.

One day, Uther was reading a book with Eudora and came across a chapter about a method of stretching out the birth canal to reduce the burden of labour during childbirth. Eudora wanted to escape but Uther firmly held his arms before he could do so. After being forced to listen to Uther reading the page and confirm that there was no problem of achieving this via sex, Uther stripped Eudora naked.

Asking Eudora to lie on his side, Uther pulled up one of Eudora’s legs and pushed himself in.

“Wa… move slowly, you…” Eudora anxiously hit Uther’s back. 

Moving slowly, Uther felt that the cavern was tight and dry. The passageway was no longer as loose and had closed up like how it was before they did it for the first time. He carefully rubbed his prostate back and forth with his c0ckhead so that Eudora could get used to it. 

Gradually, wet sounds could be heard coming from where they were connected. Uther buried his c0ck deeper inside. Taking the baby into consideration, he left a considerable length outside. If it was too deep, Eudora would feel uncomfortable. “Baby, touch yourself too okay? Use one hand to touch your chest and the other for yourself down there.”

Eudora obediently succumbed to his desires as he felt good. Pinching his nipple and rubbing it well, milk began to trickle down his breasts and coated his fingers. He felt himself getting closer and closer.

“U-Uther… help me… feels uncomfortable… want to cum…”

Uther leaned down, holding the swollen nipple in his mouth to comfort his lover. He also occasionally swiped his thumb over the slit on Eudora’s sensitive c0ckhead. Wiping the precum off it a few times before finally causing him to splurt out cum as he convulsed weakly.

The dazed Eudora was then quickly flipped over. Feeling Uther’s c0ck quickly rubbing between his thighs, perineum and balls made him feel aroused again and his own member which had just spilled all over itself began to drool weakly again. His hole clenched and unclenched greedily and the fluids that came out of him caused his inner thighs to become soaked. Even Uther’s pubic hair was drenched.

At the end of it all, Uther pointed his c0ck at the round belly and came happily, covering Eudora’s stomach in a mix of semen and milk. He laid on the bed with his hair plastered wet against his face and the soaking mess on his chest, his vision started to blur. Still heavily aroused by Eudora’s erotic appearance, he sent a shot of cum into Eudora’s small mouth, coaxing him to lick the slit on the top of his c0ck and suck up the remaining fluids.

Uther pulled Eudora, who was tainted with his smell, close and fell asleep, waiting for spring to arrive.

When the weather warmed up, Uther took Eudora and the newly hatched dragon to the hot springs deep within the forest. The little dragon had Eudora’s eyes, and he stayed in his mother’s arms, yelling excitedly as he watched everything around him with curiosity. Standing in the water, Eudora encouraged the little dragon to also jump in and join him. Afraid, the younglin clung onto his father’s tail with his claws. In the end, Uther flicked his tail impatiently and sent the cub splashing into the water. Eudora hurriedly fished the pitiful child out and kissed him lovingly. Uther wagged his tail calmly and stepped into the water too, pretending that he didn’t do what he just did. 

When the little one gained more confidence, he started to splash the water around him with tree branches and play on his own. Uther was able to hold Eudora in his embrace and allow them a moment to themselves.

The atmosphere was great, and they began talking about everything. To be exact, it was just Eudora speaking with Uther agreeing from time to time. They spoke about their past of living on the mainland and plans for the future, that they would wait for the little one to learn how to fly on his own before bringing him to the mainland to explore, and then bringing him to Dragon Valley so they could start travelling elsewhere.

The bumbling little dragon climbed back into Eudora’s arms as he chirped, skillfully undoing all the top buttons on his shirt so he could drink milk from his chest. Holding the nipple in his mouth, he swallowed down his father’s milk as though he’d been starved and even asked Eudora to pat him.

“… Just who did he take after?” Uther thought for the thousandth time in his heart when he thought about what he had done during that rut to have caused his son’s mischievous behavior.

Under the shade of a tree, Eudora rocked the little one to sleep in his arms. Uther acted as a large pillow behind him, gently curling his tail around his son. After chirping twice, he cleverly laid down on his father’s stomach and continued to sleep. Uther reached out front to give Eudora a tender kiss, and the peaceful lives of the family of three continued onto the future just like this…



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