Chapter 92

  It was not until the next day that Wen Jianing got his script from Wen Tinghuan, but before that, he had already read Lu Jinlang’s script and knew what kind of story it was and what kind of role Xie Ruoming wanted him to play. 

  Xie Ruoming’s movies were, as always, a thriller and suspense.

  Chen Zejun was a divorced middle-aged policeman with an autistic daughter. Because he was busy at work and had no money, he sent his daughter to a small private rehabilitation institution every day at work, and then picked her up after he got off work.

  One day Chen Zejun went to pick up his daughter after work, and when he arrived at the rehabilitation facility, he saw that his daughter had been killed in a small classroom in a gruesome manner. Two hours after his daughter was killed, the cameras of the entire rehabilitation facility malfunctioned at the same time, and because it was the weekend, there were no other people in the classroom. He didn’t know who the murderer was or who had come in. The only witness was an 18-year-old Ye Xing who also suffered from autism.

  Ye Xing was an orphan. He had been fostered by relatives in a rehabilitation facility for a long time. Because of severe language and communication barriers, it was still impossible to know from him who was the real culprit. Chen Zejun was in so much pain that he almost broke down. The only motivation that supported him was to find the real culprit for his daughter. For this reason, he repeatedly harassed Ye Xing in private. Later, someone in the rehabilitation organization found out and reported it to the police. Chen Zejun was warned by his superiors and was temporarily suspended.

  But Chen Zejun, who was still unwilling, did not stop there. He even found an opportunity to sneak Ye Xing away from the rehabilitation facility, and then used a fake ID to find the elevator monitoring of the building where the rehabilitation facility was located.

  He forced Ye Xing to watch the surveillance with him at home, trying to identify the possible suspects.

  Because Ye Xing was a child with autism, after bringing him home, Chen Zejun had to take care of him. At first, Ye Xing reacted fiercely because of the changes in the environment. He refused to sleep at night, and repeatedly hit the wall with his head and stomped his feet. Since Chen Zejun had experience in taking care of his daughter, he had the patience to communicate with him. Ye Xing’s behaviour always reminded Chen Zejun of his daughter, and while it was extraordinarily painful, it also brought a little warmth to him.

  He took care of Ye Xing, re-established his living habits for Ye Xing, accompanied him to eat during the day, and sleep with him on a bed at night.

  As the two became close to each other slowly, with Ye Xing’s help, he was able to pinpoint several possible suspects.

  However, following his investigation, these people were crossed out by him one by one, and none of them was the real murderer of his daughter. Until later, he found out about a pervert who molested children. Chen Zejun did not notify his colleagues in the police force. He was afraid if they knew that he had taken Ye Xing away secretly, they would deprive him of the right to continue the investigation.

  Chen Zejun sneaked into the perverted home alone, and found many videotapes taken by molesting children in his home, and even found a hollowed-out compartment under the bed of his home where the body of a child was hidden. At this moment, the pervert came back and pulled out a machete from the back of the TV cabinet…

  After a difficult fight, Chen Zejun finally subdued the perverted murderer and called the police. He was bruised all over, dragged his tired body away before the police arrived, and returned home alone.

  As soon as he entered the room, Chen Zejun lay on the ground without strength. Ye Xing was frightened and hid behind the door and did not dare to come over.

  Chen Zejun beckoned him to come over.

  Ye Xing cautiously touched him, Chen Zejun wanted to reach out and hold his hand, but he put his hand behind his back and refused to extend it.

  Chen Zejun had to give up and told him to go. The police would check out their place soon, and it was estimated that he would be taken back for investigation and there was no way to take care of him.

  Ye Xing did not speak.

  Chen Zejun touched his face and said, “Good boy.”

  At this time, Ye Xing took out a fruit knife from behind and held it up high. He was still like an autistic child, his eyes fixed on the fruit knife as if he was in a trance.

  And Chen Zejun looked in a daze.

  It turned out that ten years ago, Chen Zejun had rushed through a murder case because he was eager to get promoted. Ye Xing’s father was wrongly accused and executed as a murderer, while Ye Xing’s mother hanged himself at home.

  For Ye Xing, what stuck in his mind the most was when he saw Chen Zejun who had wronged his father when he appeared in court to testify. After the case was concluded, Chen Zejun was never promoted because of conflicts with his superior. A few years later, his wife divorced him, leaving only an autistic daughter. As for Ye Xing, after his mother died, he remained silent until one day, he saw Chen Zejun who sent his daughter to an autism rehabilitation institution.

  Chen Zejun’s daughter was killed by Ye Xing, not that perverted paedophile.

  At the end of the movie, Ye Xing raised the fruit knife high and aimed it at Chen Zejun’s chest. Two lines of tears flowed from Ye Xing’s lifeless eyes, not knowing whether he was crying for his dead father or for the dying Chen Zejun in front of him.

  In the end, the knife was stabbed down, but not at Chen Zejun’s heart, because at the last second, Chen Zejun said to him, “It’s ten o’clock, it’s time to go to bed.”

  The police broke in and several guns were aimed at Ye Xing’s head. Chen Zejun was sent to the hospital for rescue, and the story ended.

  The role of Chen Zejun was naturally reserved for Lu Jinlang, and the role of Ye Xing was also very important. He was also regarded as the leading actor, and Xie Ruoming had his eyes on Wen Jianing.

  After reading the script, Wen Jianing sat on the sofa and was silent for a moment.

  Lu Jinlang sat beside him peeling an apple and asked him, “How do you feel?”

  Wen Jianing said, “I actually like the role of Chen Zejun better.”

  Lu Jinlang smiled when he heard the words as he peeled off the skin of an apple completely. He handed the apple to Wen Jianing and said, “It’s a pity, you don’t have that chance for the time being. Wait another ten years, maybe a director will give you.”

  Wen Jianing knew it himself and shook his head helplessly.

  After reading the script, Lu Jinlang came forward and asked Xie Ruoming to have a meal together, and then discuss some details about the movie.

  Now as for Wen Jianing’s work, even Zheng Xin couldn’t say anything about it. It was basically Lu Jinlang who had the final say. But Lu Jinlang would only advise Wen Jianing, and it was Wen Jianing himself who made the decision.

  Wen Jianing was obviously very interested in Xie Ruoming’s play.

  After reading the script, he found some information about autism on the internet. But this role was not just an ordinary autistic person, but a teenager deliberately disguised as one. How to perform the role, and whether to show different states before and after, all needed to be discussed continuously with the director.

  Because Lu Jinlang and Xie Ruoming were close, the place they met was not very formal, but in a small private room for four people.

  Wen Jianing had drunk some wine and later said that he was so enthusiastic that he unconsciously showed his familiarity with Xie Ruoming.

  Later, Xie Ruoming said with emotion, “Sometimes I think you look like an old friend, and you are inexplicably familiar.”

  Wen Jianing looked at Lu Jinlang after hearing the words, and the two smiled at each other.

  Xie Ruoming also drank some wine, then raised his glass to Wen Jianing and said, “I hope we can have a good work together.”

  Wen Jianing smiled and raised his glass.

  After that, came a series of preparations for the film.

  As an actor, there was not much Wen Jianing could do in the preliminary preparations. His main task was to figure out the role.

  Because he was with Lu Jinlang, he could often ask Lu Jinlang what he thought of this role. Although he did not always agree with Lu Jinlang’s views, he had to admit that some of Lu Jinlang’s opinions were of great help to him.

  During this period, Wen Cuilan surprisingly reached out to him, because it was Wen Jianing’s birthday that day. Wen Cuilan returned to China and wanted to visit Wen Jianing’s house.

  After completing the house transaction, this was the first time she had returned to China to contact Wen Jianing. She said she would just look at it and not disturb his life. For this reason, no one could refuse, let alone Wen Jianing himself.

  After Lu Jinlang knew, he persuaded Wen Jianing to tell Wen Cuilan the truth, but Wen Jianing still hesitated. The closer the person was, the more he cared about the other person’s thoughts. Although everyone would think that if Wen Cuilan knew about this matter she would be happy, he always worried that the other party would resist or could not accept it.

  ”Let me think about it again,” Wen Jianing said.

  Although his house had been unoccupied during this time, someone came to clean it at a fixed time every week.

  On the afternoon of the appointed time, Wen Jianing went back to his villa. The first thing he did was to open all the doors and windows in the house to let the fresh air in.

  He stood on the balcony on the second floor and looked into the distance. For a moment, his memories overlapped with the memories of the past.

  Wen Cuilan appeared not after too long. She obviously felt that her arrival had disturbed the young man’s life, so she appeared very cautious. But when she came back from this trip, besides visiting her son’s cemetery, there was only this house left to hold her thoughts.

  Wen Jianing invited her in and poured her a cup of coffee.

  Wen Cuilan politely expressed his gratitude, and asked the other person for advice and said, “Can I go up and have a look?”

  Wen Jianing said, “Please feel free.”

  He accompanied Wen Cuilan to the second floor. In fact, since entering this house, Wen Cuilan had always been surprised, because she did not expect this house to remain almost as it was when Wen Jianing was here. She was already mentally prepared for great changes.

  Wen Cuilan stood at the door of Wen Jianing’s bedroom and looked at it for a long time until her eyes were wet, then she turned and walked towards the balcony.

  Wen Jianing looked at her back and couldn’t help feeling heartache. He walked to the balcony with her. Just when he was about to speak, he heard the sound of footsteps going upstairs.

  Wen Cuilan obviously heard it too, she turned around and said strangely, “Is anyone coming?”

  Wen Jianing hardly needed to look at it. He could hear Lu Jinlang coming only by the sound of footsteps upstairs. But Wen Jianing felt nervous for a moment, he understood why Lu Jinlang came here at this time.

  Wen Cuilan saw Lu Jinlang appearing at the balcony door, and was even more surprised for an instant. She said, “Is this… Lu Jinlang?”

  Lu Jinlang smiled and stretched out a hand, “Hello, Mrs. Wen.”

  Wen Cuilan was confused, but still shook Lu Jinlang’s hand, “Hello…”

  Wen Jianing pulled Lu Jinlang’s hem, but Lu Jinlang held his hand with his other hand.

  Wen Cuilan noticed their movements, and she was in a daze for a while, but she quickly understood that after all, she had been abroad for a long time. Although she was surprised, she didn’t have too many other emotions. She was just a little embarrassed and said, “Am I interrupting? Should I go now?”

  Wen Jianing tried to break free of Lu Jinlang’s hand and suddenly felt a little timid in front of his mother. Lu Jinlang refused to let him go. He just smiled at Wen Cuilan and said, “Mrs. Wen, don’t panic. Jianing has something to tell you.”

  Wen Cuilan was sensitive enough to catch the word “Jianing”, but at that moment, her first reaction was to turn her head and look around. She didn’t understand what Lu Jinlang meant, but if Jianing was still there, she would only think of him like a wisp of a ghost lingering in this house.

  Lu Jinlang knew that Wen Cuilan had misunderstood, he forcefully pulled Wen Jianing to Wen Cuilan and said, “He is your son, Wen Jianing.” He felt that there was no need for Wen Jianing to avoid it. Wen Jianing himself may be okay with the situation, but he saw more clearly the situation as an outsider. Wen Jianing’s worry was unnecessary. For a mother who had lost her son, there was nothing more important than having her son back and still being happy.

  This was a long story that was difficult to clear. When Wen Jianing told Lu Jinlang, Lu Jinlang refused to believe it. But this could not be concealed from his mother, Wen Cuilan trembling slightly raised her hand and stroked Wen Jianing’s face. Although he had a completely different appearance and a different body, through communication, she was sure that this is her son.

  The bond between mother and child couldn’t be replaced by any feelings.

  Wen Jianing felt Wen Cuilan’s palm against his face, and finally couldn’t help but hug the other person, choked up and called mom.

  Lu Jinlang left quietly at this time, leaving them a space to be alone.

  He sat on the sofa on the first floor and turned on the TV. In fact, he was a little bit emotional. At that time, Wen Jianing told him the truth, he would not believe it anyway. But it’s different now with Wen Cuilan. With just a few words, Wen Cuilan already knew that this was her son. There could be no mistake.

  Lu Jinlang waited for nearly an hour, Wen Jianing and Wen Cuilan still did not get out of the room upstairs. He saw that it was almost time, so he walked up to the second floor, knocked on the door and said, “It’s time for dinner. Shall we go to dinner together?”

  Wen Cuilan looked at Lu Jinlang. Just now she had been talking to Wen Jianing about the past and life after separation. Now when she saw Lu Jinlang, she suddenly remembered the two people holding hands just now.

  ”You…” Wen Cuilan felt a bit complicated for a while.

  At this point, Wen Jianing naturally has nothing to hide. He can only say to Wen Cuilan, “Mom, I’m with him now.”

  Wen Cuilan had just experienced the ecstasy of her son’s loss and recovery. Now no emotions could overwhelm the unspeakable excitement and joy. She froze for a while, and asked Wen Jianing, “Is he that Lu Jinlang?” She remembered her previous son once said that Lu Jinlang was his rival.

  Wen Jianing smiled upon hearing this, and said, “It’s him.”

  Wen Cuilan knitted her brows, not knowing what to say.

  Of course, Lu Jinlang didn’t expect Wen Cuilan to accept them like this, but he would let Wen Cuilan know that whether she objected or not, the relationship between them would not be shaken anymore. He said to them again, “Let’s go to dinner first, after the meal, we still have a lot of time to talk slowly, okay?”

  Wen Jianing nodded and said to Wen Cuilan, “Mom, let’s go eat first.”

  After dinner that night, Lu Jinlang sent Wen Jianing and Wen Cuilan back to the villa at Beiao Garden, and drove away by himself, leaving them room to speak slowly.

  Before he left, Wen Jianing stood by the car door and asked, “Are you staying?”

  Lu Jinlang stretched out his hand to hold his hand, and said, “You can say whatever you have to say, otherwise your mother will always have some concerns.”

  Wen Jianing squeezed his hand hard.

  Lu Jinlang said, “I believe you can handle the relationship with your mother.”

  Wen Jianing said, “Of course, you forgot that I am already 37 years old.”

  ”Right,” Lu Jinlang smiled, “Today is your birthday. Happy birthday to you.”

  Wen Jianing lowered his head, leaned into the car window and kissed Lu Jinlang’s lips, “Thank you.”

  When he turned around, Wen Jianing saw Wen Cuilan standing in front of the gate looking at them.

  Until Lu Jinlang’s car drove away, Wen Cuilan said to Wen Jianing, “Actually, I wanted to stop it, but I also thought that compared to you being able to come back, alive and healthy. Other things don’t seem so important.”

  Wen Jianing took a deep breath, hugged Wen Cuilan, and whispered, “Thank you, mother.”

  They talked a lot that night, but there was one thing Wen Jianing hadn’t told Wen Cuilan, and that was about Ke Xinhang’s physical disability. Since he was destined to be with Lu Jinlang and destined to have no children, there was no need to tell Wen Cuilan these things to make her feel even sadder.

  Wen Cuilan originally only planned to stay for one night before leaving after this trip, but because of Wen Jianing’s affairs, it took her a week before she left.

  She didn’t want to leave for a moment. In the past, she always regretted that she stayed in the country for too little time to meet her son. Later, her son had an accident and the two people never had a chance to meet again. It was rare to find out that her son was still there, so she naturally wanted to spend more time with Wen Jianing.

  But later, Wen Jianing persuaded her to go back. After all, she still had a husband and family there, and Wen Jianing didn’t want her to tell her husband about this.

  On the day she left, Wen Jianing took her to the airport.

  Wen Cuilan said that she would come back to see him often and told him to get on with his life.

  ”Whether you can end up with Lu Jinlang or not, your mother hopes you can be happy. As long as you want to see me, please call me at any time, and you are also welcome to come to Canada to live with us,” Wen Cuilan said softly.

  Wen Jianing reached out and hugged her mother, who was always gentle, and nodded in response, “I will, Mom, you have to be happy too.”

The author has something to say:

Recently there have been a lot of chaotic things

Please rest assured that after writing for such a long time I am becoming more and more resistant to blows, I will not end it hastily! Everyone seems to be afraid that I will be glassy-eyed, I am a little embarrassed ……

Ah, I think there have been some readers who are saying things to author ┐(´ー`)┌
I actually give up the idea that his mom will know about him but I am really glad the author decided to write about it

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