Chapter 6

       The recording of the program didn’t end in one day. When he returned at night, Wen Jianing was so tired that he didn’t even want to take a bath. He just lay on bed and immediately went to sleep.

       When he woke up every morning, he would be in a short trance. He wouldn’t be able to remember exactly where he was, and then he would recall that he was now a young man named Ke Xinhang, aged twenty, with singing as his hobby.

       He had now formed a habit, that was when he went for a bath and went to the toilet, he would try to avoid seeing his physical abnormalities. Sometimes when you couldn’t see it, you could force yourself to think that it didn’t exist.

       However, the most troublesome thing in the past two days was the bathroom at the TV station, because there were too many people there. If Wen Jianing waited for the cubicle to be freed up every time, it would take a lot of time.

       He felt that Ke Xinhang must be very strong to be able to grow up healthily.

       While waiting at the backstage area today, a hostess brought a cameraman to ask him questions. The hostess asked him what he thought of Lu Jinlang saying “Good acting” to him yesterday.

       Many people in the backstage area looked in his direction.

       Wen Jianing smiled shyly and said, “Can I take this sentence as encouragement to me?”

       “Well,” the hostess wanted to appear more friendly, but the question she asked was very intense. She then continued, “Don’t you think it is ironic?”

       Wen Jianing replied, “I think it is very helpful to my approach towards singing.”

       Who didn’t know how to avoid by going in circle?

       The hostess did not follow up, she asked a few more questions and then went to interview others. Later, when it was officially aired, Lu Jinlang’s words and Wen Jianing’s embarrassing smile were cut into trailers. Of course, this was a story for another time, and Wen Jianing has not thought that far.

       He thought he should be eliminated today.

       When he came on stage again, Wen Jianing found a quiet corner to stay. There were more than 20 people waiting to be confirmed. Many of these players have not been absolutely recognized, but instead became the highlight of the first game.

       Wen Jianing didn’t care much about this. He thought he had done his best, and he helped Ke Xinhang finish the step he had planned to take. How far he could go was really beyond his control; he was still thinking about whether he should contact some friends and find some other ways.

       He couldn’t attend school because he didn’t dare to go to the physical examination, and he didn’t want to live in the dormitory.

       He couldn’t reveal his identity when he was looking for his friends, but he could say that he knew Wen Jianing in the past and was introduced through Wen Jianing. It was not impossible to start from a small role.

       Wen Jianing was distracted until he heard the host calling his name.

       He came back to his senses and walked out of the crowd, and stood next to the host.

       The host handed him the microphone and said, “Is there anything you want to say to the judges? You have one last chance, which is in the hands of our four judges.”

       Wen Jianing felt it was somewhat unexpected. He took the microphone and said only one sentence, “I will work hard and hope to be recognized by the judges.”

       The host smiled and said, “It doesn’t sound very sincere. Which judge do you think is most likely to vote for you?”

       Wen Jianing looked at the four people on the opposite side. Right now, everyone’s expression was very relaxed. Wang Mei even made a gesture of opening her arms and said, “Come on!”

       This action made the audience laugh.

       Wen Jianing said, “I don’t think I can think about it casually. Otherwise, what if there were other judges who wanted to vote for me, but I blocked them out by myself?”

       The host smiled and patted him on the shoulder, then turned to the next person for an interview.

       These shots would not necessarily be broadcast at the same time, and would probably be left in dust. Unless for some of the particularly interesting interviews.

       The host took up a lot of time, making the whole atmosphere more and more tense, and then said that now each of the judges would announce the last contestant left to qualify in their hands.

       Several judges discussed and decided that An Yongkang would announce it first, according to the ranking of seats, and Lu Jinlang would be the last.

       When it was Wang Mei’s turn, Wen Jianing became nervous. Wang Mei was probably his only hope. But Wang Mei obviously wouldn’t do things as she pleased. After thinking about it for a long time, she voted for a female contestant whom she had praised vigorously before.

       The camera lens immediately aimed at Wen Jianing, trying to capture his expression.

       But he was still very calm, because he knew that the world depends on one’s strength, not luck.

       Wen Jianing felt a little tired. The temperature in the studio was very high, and the stage was scorched by the lights. He felt that he was sweating a little hard, and his lower body was particularly uncomfortable. He didn’t know whether it was because he was particularly concerned about the cause.

       He just wanted to finish early.

       It was finally Lu Jinlang’s turn. Since it was the last person to qualify, the host began to try his best to set off the tense atmosphere. After he said a series of words with the microphone, he raised his hand in the direction of Lu Jinlang and said, “I welcomed Mr. Lu Jinlang to announce which lucky player he voted for in the end!”

       Lu Jinlang had been sitting against the back of his chair. At this time, he sat up straight, reached out his hand and moved the direction of the microphone in front of him closer to his mouth, and said the words in a very calm tone, “Ke Xinhang.”

       There was a small uproar at the scene.

       Wen Jianing himself was stunned, but the host was the first to react. He asked Lu Jinlang in surprise, “Can Mr. Lu tell us why you made this choice?”

       Lu Jinlang said, “I want to hear him sing more songs.”

       After saying that, Lu Jinlang had no intention of continuing to express his opinions.

       The host had no way to make him talk more. He smiled and concluded the round. The recording of the program was almost over here. Finally, he congratulated the contestants who passed, expressed regret for the contestants who lost the audition, and then announced that the recording was over.

       Wen Jianing still hadn’t recovered. He saw Lu Jinlang stand up and walk towards the backstage with Xu Rujing beside him. A female contestant who participated in the competition ran to him to ask for an autograph, but he politely refused.

       The preliminary competition has officially ended, and a total of 25 contestants advanced to the next round. The competition would not continue to record to the next round until the preliminary editing was broadcasted. At that time, the competition would focus on the contestant’s performance. During this period, the players would be given professional training and stage makeup. The final speech of the general director was summarized as: it was not a competition, but a wonderful concert.

       All the contestants who entered the next round of the competition were very enthusiastic, as if they were really looking forward to their concert.

       However, Wen Jianing’s mood was a little complicated. When he packed up and left, he even heard the two girls walking in front talking about who was his backup.

       They didn’t notice that Wen Jianing was behind them, and Wen Jianing didn’t deliberately pass by them. He listened to them guessing all the way until they left the gate of the TV station.

       Back home, Wen Jianing called Su Shan about him passing the preliminaries.

       Su Shan was surprised and said, “I will give you a few days off. If you become popular, remember to come back to the bar and have a concert.”

       Wen Jianing smiled and thanked him.

       After that day, the professional music team hired by the TV station began to train these contestants in turn. Wen Jianing had to run to the TV station almost every day.

       Until the first round was officially broadcast, the program had become popular all over the country. Of course, there are many factors, including Starlight’s original influence, the famous judges, the strong candidates selected through the audition, and the excellent post production.

   The program Sing to Soul**, which is called STS for short on the Internet, triggered many topics at once, and several contestants became popular in the simple preliminary round.

       Ke Xinhang was one of them. But in reality, he became popular because he was different from other contestants. He was the only contestant in the program who entered the semifinals with his face. Some people joked that he was so handsome that he moved Lu Jinlang and had gone beyond the boundaries of gender.

       Of course, this did not prevent a large group of girls from falling in love with him and a fan group soon formed.

       Wen Jianing went online to read this news, but he didn’t pay too much attention to it. It was a good thing to be noticed, no matter how far he could go in this game, after all, it opened a way for him.

       However, what bothered him a little was that some contestants who entered the semifinals were obviously showing some resistance to him. It seemed that he had been labeled as having a backup. Impressed Lu Jinlang by singing? As if the devil believes it! As for getting chosen because of his face, if it was Wang Mei they would believe it more. But Lu Jinlang would not choose him because he was good-looking. The final result of the discussion was that he should have a backup.

       Those judges have probably been greeted in advance by his backup. Anyway they must’ve arranged something to ensure that Ke Xinhang would not be eliminated.

       These were the words discussed behind his back and would not reach Wen Jianing’s ears, but he could always feel the unfriendly attitude of those people.

       At the end of the rehearsal that afternoon, when Wen Jianing was packing up in the big dressing room backstage to leave, a girl next to him looked into the mirror while drinking water from a glass.

       The two men behind them started joking and bumped into the girl’s elbow. All her water in the glass splashed on Wen Jianing’s pants.

       The girl screamed, put down her glass and went after the two noisy young people, then turned back and asked if Wen Jianing was all right.

       After Wen Jianing was splashed with water on his pants, his first reaction was to sit down. He was very nervous, because he wore a pair of loose casual pants today and it all stuck to his body as soon as he got wet. He was very afraid of what others could see from the outline of his pants.

       When the girl asked him if there was anything wrong, he shook his head and said it was all right, but his face looks unwell.

       The girl looked at him closely and said, “It’s not boiling water, It’s not that serious, right?”

       Wen Jianing took his bag to cover his leg and said, “It’s nothing, it’s not hot.”

       The girl then said to him, “I’ll get the hair dryer for you to dry it.”

       Wen Jianing refused, “No, I’ll handle it myself.”

       The girl looked at him again, seeming to think that his attitude was not very friendly, so she stopped caring about him anymore.

       Soon, the people in the dressing room packed up their things and left one after another. They left Wen Jianing alone in the room, still sitting in his seat.

       He was too nervous, and he couldn’t help thinking more about it. Is there a surveillance camera in the dressing room? Will he be photographed by the surveillance camera?

       Actually, the dark trousers he wore might not be noticeable at all, but he just couldn’t convince himself not to care.

       When the people were almost gone, he knew that a cleaning staff would come in to clean in a while, so he stood up and reached for a hair dryer that was not far away.

       Just when he got it in his hand, he heard a person’s voice at the door, “What are you doing?”

       Wen Jianing dropped the hair dryer on the ground. He recognized that the voice belonged to Lu Jinlang.

The author has something to say:

How can you be groomed to rise in ranks…… But don’t worry, this story main plot is based on emotion

*Sing to Soul is originally written in English like that


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