Chapter 7

       After he heard Lu Jinlang’s voice, Wen Jianing forced himself to calm down and warned himself not to misbehave in front of Lu Jinlang. He turned around slightly and said, “Sorry, Mr. Lu, my pants are wet, it’s not very convenient now.”

       He thought Lu Jinlang would leave after hearing what he said, but he didn’t expect Lu Jinlang to come in and asked, “Wet?”

       Wen Jianing pinched his palm and told himself it was okay. He couldn’t see it.

       In fact, he should have not been able to see it at all. His pants were wet, but they were only slightly stuck on his body, and he couldn’t see any detailed outline. On the contrary, he reacted a little too much because of his nervousness.

       Sure enough, Lu Jinlang took a look and said, “Wait.”

       After he said this, Lu Jinlang went out. Wen Jianing didn’t understand what he meant, but soon Lu Jinlang came back and took a pair of clean pants for Wen Jianing.

       Wen Jianing has always avoided facing Lu Jinlang head-on, but it could also be understood as an adult avoiding embarrassment.

       As soon as he received the pants from Lu Jinlang, Wen Jianing quickly thanked him and took them to the dressing room to replace his wet pants.

       After he changed his pants, Wen Jianing was able to calm down and wondered why Lu Jinlang was here at this time and why he would show such obvious kindness to him.

       From Wen Jianing’s view, this was indeed a very obvious good intention. In the past, when they were on the set, except for when they were on the scene, he only talked no more than three sentences in total to Lu Jinlang.

       But when he came out of the locker room, he found that Lu Jinlang had disappeared. After he brought Wen Jianing a pair of clean pants, he had already left.

       Wen Jianing was a bit at a loss, but he could only understand that he didn’t understand Lu Jinlang. Perhaps Lu Jinlang was an enthusiastic and kind-hearted man by nature.

       When Wen Jianing went back that night, after changing his pants, he found that it was a very high-end custom brand. If he could wear casual pants of this brand, it must be Lu Jinlang who owned the pants.

       That being the case, Wen Jianing couldn’t dispose of these pants at will. He specially sent them to a dry cleaner for cleaning that night. On the day of the official recording of the second round a week later, he took the pants to the TV station.

       Before the official recording started, the dressing room was in full swing, and everyone was busy putting on makeup and trying on clothes. On the contrary, Wen Jianing was the simplest. He had good skin and only needed a simple repair and put on the prepared costumes.

       Taking advantage of this free time, he took out Lu Jinlang’s trousers from his backpack and took them to the direction of Lu Jinlang’s waiting room.

       Lu Jinlang’s and the other’s waiting room was very quiet. Several doors were closed, and several big stars stayed in their respective rooms. Even the voices of someone talking and chatting couldn’t be heard.

       Wen Jianing knocked on the door of Lu Jinlang’s waiting room and heard the person inside say, “Come in.”

       When he opened the door, he saw that Lu Jinlang was alone in the waiting room. He was sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper.

       Seeing that it was Wen Jianing, Lu Jinlang lowered the newspaper in his hand, looked at him, and asked what his intention was with his eyes.

       “Mr. Lu,” Wen Jianing gestured to him with the pants in his hand, “I’m here to return it to you.”

       Lu Jinlang glanced at it and said, “Put it here.”

       Wen Jianing glanced at the waiting room’s surroundings, walked over and put his pants on the sofa, and said again, “Thank you.”

       Lu Jinlang folded the newspaper and put it aside. He asked Wen Jianing, “I heard you were ostracized by other contestants?”

       Wen Jianing was taken aback for a moment, and then said, “No, where did Mr. Lu hear about it?”

       Lu Jinlang did not answer his question.

       Wen Jianing couldn’t help but wonder, “Mr. Lu, can I ask why you voted for me that day?”

       Lu Jinlang hadn’t spoken yet. The waiting room’s door was suddenly pushed from the outside. Lu Jinlang’s assistant and agent came in from the outside together. When they sawWen Jianing inside, they all paused.

       These two people actually knew Wen Jianing in the past. Lu Jinlang’s assistant, Lu Yunan was a very honest and responsible person, and he didn’t talk excessively. Lu Jinlang’s agent, Song Dong, was a lot slicker and liked to measure down someone’s weakness, but this kind of personality was very helpful for his work.

       When he saw Wen Jianing, Song Dong’s eyes were a little unspeakable. He asked Lu Jinlang, “Are we disturbing you?”

       Lu Jinlang shook his head.

       Wen Jianing had no intention of staying after seeing this situation. He thanked Lu Jinlang again, opened the door and went out. Before going out, he noticed that Song Dong was still looking at him.

       The moment he closed the door, Wen Jianing suddenly understood the meaning of Song Dong’s eyes. In the past, when he saw some unknown actresses leaning in front of Lu Jinlang, Song Dong also showed those kinds of eyes.

       Wen Jianing couldn’t help being a little amused thinking that Song Dong actually looked at him this way. He then walked towards the large dressing room without looking back.

       Although the preparations started in the morning, the official recording would not start until the afternoon.

       At noon, a lunch box was prepared by the TV station.

       When he saw everyone rushing up to get the box lunch, Wen Jianing was not in a hurry to squeeze in. He sat in his seat and looked at his mobile phone. At this time, a person came over and handed him a box of lunch.

       Wen Jianing looked up and saw a young man named Wen Lin.

       Wen Jianing was very impressed with Wen Lin from the first sight, because he felt that Wen Lin’s character was very similar to Ke Xinhang in his imagination. He looked handsome, slightly reclusive, and liked music. When Wen Lin was free, he played guitar alone in the corner.

       Wen Lin took the initiative to help Wen Jianing get a lunch box. Wen Jianing was actually very grateful. He smiled and was about to thank him, when a person behind him reached out and took the box lunch and said, “Thank you.”

       Wen Jianing and Wen Lin were a little surprised. They turned around and found that the person who grabbed their lunch was Yi Nan. Yi Nan was the most dazzling contestant in this competition. He had a seductive appearance and could sing well. After the preliminary rounds were broadcasted, Yi Nan became extremely popular online.

       Yi Nan was not close with Wen Lin and Wen Jianing, but he was a very high-profiled person and didn’t hide his popularity at all. At the same time, because of his high popularity, many players would unconsciously take the initiative to please him and build a good relationship with him, because many people think that Yi Nan was likely to be the champion of this competition.

       Yi Nan’s behaviour of snatching a lunch box would be regarded as a joke or even a playful gesture.

       But Wen Lin obviously didn’t think so. He immediately looked upset, and said, “Please give it back to me. If you want to eat, you can get it yourself.”

       Yi Nan had already cracked the disposable chopsticks with a smile. When Yi Nan heard his words, he looked up to Wen Lin and jokingly said, “Just go get another box. Please give this box to me.”

       Wen Lin said, “Please take it yourself, I’m not happy to invite you to eat.”

       Yi Nan couldn’t maintain his composure anymore, he stood up and said, “But you can just invite this little white boy* to eat?”

       At first, Wen Jianing wanted to persuade Wen Lin to forget it, but when Yi Nan said something about himself, he felt uncomfortable. He also stood up and said to Yi Nan, “Mr. Yi should be a little more polite. “

       Yi Nan said, “Why do you think I’m rude to you?”

       Wen Lin was obviously angered by what Yi Nan said to Wen Jianing. Wen Lin angrily said, “Cut the crap!” and then he reached directly for the lunch box.

       Yi Nan blocked him for a while, and Wen Lin couldn’t hold the lunch box firmly. Then the lunch box suddenly fell to the ground.

       The entire dressing room’s attention was drawn to them, and a TV station staff member was already asking loudly, “What happened?”

       The atmosphere here was tense, and Wen Jianing really worried that Wen Lin and Yi Nan would argue with each other again. When he was about to speak, suddenly he heard someone knock on the door of the dressing room and asked, “Is Mr. Ke Xinhang here?”

       It was a little abrupt because the entire dressing room who had been quiet because of Wen Jianing’s quarrel all turned their heads and looked over at the same time.

       There he saw that the person standing at the door turned out to be Lu Jinlang’s assistant, Lu Yunan.

       Lu Yunan held a plastic bag in his hand. He didn’t seem to think that there was anything wrong with the atmosphere inside, and he directly walked toward Wen Jianing with his bag.

       He put the plastic bag on the table in front of Wen Jianing and said, “Mr. Lu asked me to bring it to you.”

       Lu Yunan said that and left.

       Wen Jianing was a little surprised. In addition, all the eyes in the entire dressing room were focused on him, and he felt a little uncomfortable. He untied the bag and saw that there were two carefully packed lunch boxes inside. It was all an exquisite meal.

       These were obviously not lunch boxes that were sold outside for more than ten yuan**, but were packed in big restaurants.

       Under such circumstances, no one could say anything for a while.

       The dispute between Yi Nan and Wen Lin also stopped. Yi Nan went to get a box of lunch by himself and hummed vaguely before leaving. Probably in addition to mocking Wen Jianing, there were some inexplicable meanings behind it.

       Lu Jinlang’s obvious care could be understood as Wen Jianing had really come to this round by having a backup, or it could also be understood as Lu Jinlang’s special recognition for Wen Jianing, so he was willing to support him.

       No matter what, it was an enviable thing.

       Lu Jinlang’s concerns were all sent over. Of course, Wen Jianing couldn’t refuse. He invited Wen Lin to eat with him, but Wen Lin said, “No, you can eat by yourself.”

       Then Wen Lin took the box lunch and sat beside him to eat.

       Wen Jianing sighed for a long time, decided to ignore the gazes around him, and sat down to eat the meal first.

The author has something to say:**

Although it’s brief and unimportant, it’s not so exaggerated. He’s just nervous. I found the topic difficult to get around…..

*little white boy = refers to men who only rely on someone to provide financial support
**10 yuan = $1.55
*** Every author’s words seem to be related to the conversation they do with some readers


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