The meal was a bit torturous for Wen Jianing, and he only hoped it would end quickly.

       But he didn’t expect that in the middle of the meal, the person in the private room next door came and knocked on the door. The person turned out to be Fang Wei, the director of ‘October Fireworks’, and he was eating in the same restaurant.

       Wen Jianing had mixed feelings when he saw Fang Wei.

       Fang Wei obviously didn’t notice him. He sat down and talked with Lu Jinlang and An Yongkang. Later, the topic of the upcoming ‘October Fireworks’ filming came.

       Wen Jianing sat aside and listened to them silently.

       Suddenly, Lu Jinlang said to Wen Jianing, “You have to also offer a toast to Director Fang too.”

       Wen Jianing was taken aback, took the wine glass and said to the other side, “Director Fang, I toast for you.”

       Fang Wei looked at Wen Jianing, although he didn’t think he was a figure worthy of attention, on the surface, he still maintained a kind and polite manner.

       Lu Jinlang said, “I think you might have more future in acting than singing.”

       This statement was made to Wen Jianing, but it was more like it was said to Fang Wei.

       Sure enough, Fang Wei asked, “This young man has good acting skills?”

       Lu Jinlang said, “If Director Fang has a project, you can give him a try.”

       Lu Jinlang’s words were purely to build a bridge for Wen Jianing. Wen Jianing didn’t know what to feel when he heard it.  He glanced at Lu Jinlang, but Lu Jinlang was not looking at him, and his expression was calm. Wen Jianing didn’t even know what he was thinking.

       After drinking with Fang Wei, Lu Jinlang asked him to go next door for a drink. Even if Wen Jianing told him to hold on, Lu Jinlang was somehow not paying attention. The few unspoken gratitude to Lu Jinlang were now all turned into unspoken complaints.

       Wen Jianing stared at a table of dishes and began to be dazed.

       An Yongkang checked the time and stood up and said goodbye.

       Wen Jianing looked at An Yongkang and knew that he was going to leave, but his brain reaction was slow for a few beats, and he didn’t know how to react.

       Before An Yongkang left, he patted Wen Jianing on the shoulder and said, “Develop well.” Then he said to Lu Jinlang, “Good night!”

       Lu Jinlang waved his hand, didn’t get up to see him off, but nudged Wen Jianing, “Let’s go back.”

       Wen Jianing looked at him and nodded, but his body did not move.

       Lu Jinlang asked him, “Can you stand up?”

       Wen Jianing nodded again and stood up by himself.

       He followed Lu Jinlang out and still got in Lu Jinlang’s nanny car. The air conditioner was turned on in the car. On the contrary, Wen Jianing felt more and more uncomfortable because the car was closed tightly.

       His head was a little empty, but he firmly remembered one thing, that was, never let anyone see his body.

       So when Lu Jinlang saw that he was uncomfortable, he reached out to open the refrigerator to pour him a glass of ice water, but accidentally touched his thigh, he suddenly shouted nervously, “Don’t touch me!”

       He shouted loudly, and his tone was full of panic. Even Lu Yunan who was driving could not help but turn his head slightly.

        Lu Jinlang looked at him, and seemed to think it was a little funny, “I think you have misunderstood something.”

       Wen Jianing heard what he said, but he couldn’t comprehend his words properly. He tried to move away from him and pull his legs together, thinking that with that no one could touch him.

       Lu Jinlang said, “I am interested in you, but I will neither force you nor do anything to you while you are drunk. You don’t have to be so nervous.”

       Wen Jianing shook his head. He didn’t understand what Lu Jinlang was saying.

       Lu Jinlang looked at his defensive posture and said, “You are too nervous. Relax a little, where do you live? I will send you back first.”

       Wen Jianing understood this time, he said, “My home? Beiao Garden—No, my home is on Jinyang Street.”

       “Beiao Garden?” Lu Jinlang noticed the place he was talking about. Although Lu Jinlang did not live there, he knew that Beiao Garden was an upscale garden villa complex in the city, where many celebrities and wealthy people lived.

       Wen Jianing had no way to pay attention to his slip of the tongue. He stretched out his hand to cover his head and groaned uncomfortably.

       Lu Jinlang asked the driver to drive him to the residential area where Wen Jianing was now renting. The car stopped at the door of the residential area. Lu Jinlang opened the door and let him get off.

       When he got off, Wen Jianing still remembered to thank Lu Jinlang properly. He bowed and said, “Thank you, Mr. Lu.” But he didn’t remember how frantically he refused Lu Jinlang in his car just now.

       Lu Jinlang didn’t say anything. He closed the door and asked Lu Yunan to drive immediately.

       Lu Yunan couldn’t help but whisper, “Mr. Lu?” He felt that Lu Jinlang was probably a little unhappy.

       Lu Jinlang said, “It’s alright, no need to say anything.”

       So Lu Yunan didn’t speak anymore. He was a very quiet and calm person. He had followed Lu Jinlang for many years, and he had followed him since his debut.

       Lu Jinlang’s private life was actually very clean. It’s been a long time since he showed an obvious interest in a person like this.

       Wen Jianing returned to Ke Xinhang’s small rental house. He felt that he was really safe when he finally closed the door, and he could no longer hold on and fell down on the bed.

       He felt really depressed, and the things weighing on his heart were driving him crazy. He suddenly knelt on the bed and began to pull his clothes and trousers. He stripped himself completely in one breath. After leaving nothing, he fell asleep on the bed contentedly.

       When he woke up the next morning, Wen Jianing rubbed his aching forehead.

       He looked up and saw his clothes scattered on the ground. Then he looked at his body and thought he might be have gone crazy.

       Luckily he hadn’t forgotten to close the curtains.

       Wen Jianing took out a clean change of clothes and went to the bathroom to take a shower. While taking a shower, he remembered that he seemed to have offended Lu Jinlang in his car. He hammered the glass in the shower room with some annoyance and let out a long sigh.

      However, he didn’t have so much time to be annoyed. The rehearsal would officially start this morning, and he had to rearrange the selected songs. Even if he got Yi Nan’s death-free gold medal, he didn’t dare to fool around for the audience was not a fool.

       He hasn’t seen Lu Jinlang for more than a week, and the song he sang with Yi Nan unexpectedly worked well.

       After the modification, the chorus part was simply changed into two voice parts. Wen Jianing’s clear voice matched Yi Nan’s low and slightly hoarse voice, and the harmony part turned out to be extraordinarily flavorful.

       But Yi Nan didn’t cooperate anyway. During the rehearsal part of the stage performance, the rehearsal teacher simply let them stand beside one another without making eye contact at all.

       Yi Nan sang in front of the microphone stand all the way on the stage, while Wen Jianing moved around. The chorus part was on the part where he sat on a swing and the light came down to create a soft atmosphere.

       Wen Jianing was not nervous at all because he knew the result of this game in advance, but on the day of the official recording, his performance could almost be described as stunning.

       At the end of the performance of their group, Xu Rujing praised him when commenting, “Ke Xinhang, your performance today is even more eye-catching than Yi Nan. This song is modified to suit your voice and the result is really good.”

       It is the first time that Xu Rujing has said so much to praise him. Even if he was not serious about the outcome, Wen Jianing can’t help smiling and nodding in thanks.

       After the performance, Wen Jianing went back to the backstage area and waited.

       Actually, there was a bathroom behind the dressing room, but Wen Jianing never went there. Even if he came down from the stage with sweat, he would only go into the dressing room to change his clothes instead of taking a bath.

       He didn’t even know the structure of the bathroom.

       At this time, they have to wait for the result, and they would be on stage again later. Everyone was both excited and nervous. Of course, some feel depressed because of their poor performance.

       Wen Jianing heard that Yi Nan was talking to others excitedly, and he was obviously satisfied with the performance just now.

       Yi Nan was talking to a young female contestant. She said, “I’m very nervous. What should I do?”

       Yi Nan quickly said, “I am also very nervous, but it doesn’t matter, you should have confidence in yourself.”

       Wen Jianing couldn’t help but laugh and thought: Of course you would have confidence in yourself.

       This day was also the first time Wen Jianing saw Lu Jinlang since the filming of the program’s promotional video.

       Lu Jinlang’s attitude towards Wen Jianing was never written on his face, and Wen Jianing didn’t know if he still cares about what happened that day. That day, Lu Jinlang made it clear that he was interested in him.

       Wen Jianing had been speculating before about the fact that Lu Jinlang might be interested in him, so he was not surprised that he finally heard him say it that day.

       He himself was a person who has been in this circle. He understood that Lu Jinlang’s interest might mean “I have a crush on you”, “I want to sleep with you”, or “I like you very much”, but it would never be understood as “I’m in love with you”.

       In fact, the answer was very simple. No matter what Lu Jinlang’s desire was, Wen Jianing would absolutely never agree. Because of his body’s condition, he rejected all possibilities.

       Right now, Wen Jianing could still occasionally think about it optimistically. But if Lu Jinlang really saw his body, he might be frightened and so he dismissed the idea immediately.

       Before, Wen Jianing was still hesitating whether to apologize or not to Lu Jinlang after the recording was over, but after he thought about it in the backstage area, he thought it might be better not to go so Lu Jinlang would not misunderstand him.

       Later, at the end of the competition, all the players came on stage to hear the announcement of who advanced to the next round.

       Of course, Wen Jianing and Yi Nan won’t be eliminated, and they even won first place eye-catchingly.

       After announcing the results of the competition and sending the eliminated five groups off the stage, the host announced that the mode of the next competition will be a challenge.

       As for the specific events of the challenge, the audience has to wait and see.


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