After the tidbits of the draw were broadcasted on TV, Yi Nan was attacked by netizens who liked Ke Xinhang, and Yi Nan’s fans stepped in to defend Yi Nan, which immediately caused a fan war.

       Of course, Yi Nan and Wen Jianing who was at the center of this storm would not be ignorant. When they were alone, they could not avoid being awkward to one another, and it was mainly caused by Yi Nan’s incomprehensible hostility towards Wen Jianing.

       Yi Nan’s hostility had become more and more severe following the quarrel on the internet.

       The two of them had to choose a song to sing together, and the instructor suggested that they choose a love song duet performed by a man and a woman.

       Yi Nan immediately said, “I hate it, that sounds disgusting.”

       Wen Jianing said nothing.

       But the teacher didn’t seem pleased because of the rude retort.

       Because Yi Nan didn’t cooperate, several ideas were rejected in succession. According to Yi Nan’s idea, he should sing solo, and Wen Jianing would just give him the harmony.

       Yi Nan even said that this would prevent them from being eliminated. Otherwise, with Wen Jianing’s level, he might also be dragged down.

       The instructor became unhappy and said, “Whatever you like,” then he turned and left.

       With only the two of them remaining, Yi Nan and Wen Jianing were not able to reach any consensus, so they naturally parted unhappily.

       When he went back to the dressing room, Wen Jianing suddenly wanted to give up. He thought that if he gave up and pulled Yi Nan down along the way, it would be worth giving up. However, he soon denied this idea, and felt that it was meaningless to compete with Yi Nan. With Yi Nan’s personality, even if he won the championship this time, it would be difficult for him to smoothly mix in the entertainment industry in the future.

       Before he packed his things and left, Wen Jianing wanted to go to the instructor again to discuss the next arrangements. He carried his bag and walked to coach  Zou Tong’s waiting room. When he wanted to knock on the door, he noticed that the door was not completely closed, and there was a sound of two people talking coming from inside.

       One of them was saying, “Mr. Zou, that kid Yi Nan is not sensible, so you should endure it a little bit more.”

       Zou Tong’s tone was not very friendly. “How can I bear it? He just said: I’m not satisfied, to everything that I said. “

       The other person said, “He has this temperament, but we can’t help it. You know it too, this year’s champion can only be him.”

       Zou Tong did not speak.

       The person said, “Lei Xing and Starlight have already agreed when they cooperated that Yi Nan is the champion of this year. He’s a bit of a prick, but he also has the talent.”

       Zou Tong said, “He asked to sing solo, and Ke Xinhang should just give him harmony. Do you think it is possible for them to advance to the competition like this?”

       The other person sighed, “I’ll find someone to tell him, Coach Zou, don’t be angry anymore.”

       Zou Tong said, “Go ahead. I don’t care what you say if you can persuade him.”

       When Wen Jianing heard this, he quietly turned and left. A moment later, he ran into Wu Dongqin in the corridor around the corner. Wu Dongqin was an assistant to the general manager of Lei Xing. Wen Jianing had met him when he signed a contract with Lei Xing.

       Wu Dongqin nodded to Wen Jianing and left. The direction he came from was from Zou Tong’s lounge just now.

       Wen Jianing stood there for a while, and didn’t plan to go to Zou Tong anymore. He now knew that he had drawn a jackpot. Even if he lay down on stage to sing, he would definitely not be eliminated in this show.

       Two days later, the “Sing to Soul” program shot a set of the latest promotional videos. This time the top 20 and the four judges would participate in the shooting.

      The entire shoot was done in simple and bright tones. Everyone’s clothes were white. The male players were in white shirts and loose slacks, and the female players were in white short dresses.

       Each of the ten groups had a separate shot.

       Speaking of which, Wen Jianing’s group was the most eye-catching group. Because the director of the filming seemed to have a bad temper, Yi Nan didn’t feel like creating any problems and fulfilled the director’s requirements seriously.

       The shot of the two of them was one sitting on a high place playing the piano, the other watering the flowers, and then smiling at each other.

       Wen Jianing’s shots were all taken once, and the director couldn’t help but praise him for his acting talent.

       When all the shots of the contestants were over, and after waiting in the studio for some time, several judges came over.

       In the face of these big-name judges, the director’s irritable temper has been reduced a lot. When filming, as Wen Jianing expected, Yi Nan stood in a very good position, behind Wang Mei and Xu Rujing. His own position was not too strategic, and An Yongkang was in front of him.

       This photogenic shot of all the members was repeated several times. Several judges stood in the front and needed all the players behind to jump up and make a gesture full of joy and expectation.

       Later, in the process of jumping up, he didn’t know who was behind him and hit Wen Jianing, who accidentally hit An Yongkang’s face with his elbow.

       An Yongkang was wearing glasses, but the glasses were knocked off by him.

       Wen Jianing immediately helped him pick up the glasses, and then apologized to him.

       But An Yongkang’s face still looked upset.

       After the shooting, Lu Jinlang suddenly walked to Wen Jianing and patted him on the shoulder, and said, “Wait for me when you are done.”

       Wen Jianing was stunned. He couldn’t refuse and nodded.

       After chatting with Zou Tong in the afternoon, they finally decided to sing a male song. The main reason why it was chosen was that Yi Nan was good at singing this kind of song, although it was not so easy to sing with Wen Jianing’s voice.

       Zou Tong said to Wen Jianing, “Rearrange it, raise the tone for your part, and alter it well. You can think about it when you go back.”

       Wen Jianing nodded and planned to go to the bar to find his bandmates for help. 

       But he still didn’t dare to leave when things were over, because he promised to wait for Lu Jinlang after he was finished. He didn’t know when Lu Jinlang’s work was over. Perhaps Lu Jinlang had forgotten about him and he had left by himself.

       Nevertheless, he still planned to wait here a little longer. If Lu Jinlang didn’t call him after the TV station was off work, it was still not too late for him to leave.

       After a while, Wen Jianing received a call from Lu Jinlang’s assistant, Lu Yunan, and asked him to go directly to the underground parking lot to find a nanny car with a license plate tail number 357.

       Wen Jianing knew that the car was Lu Jinlang. He had seen it more than once on the set before.

       Sure enough, as soon as he opened the door, Wen Jianing saw Lu Jinlang sitting inside and said to him, “Get in.”

       The driver was Lu Yunan, and Lu Jinlang was the only one in the car except him.

       Wen Jianing didn’t understand what Lu Jinlang meant, and he wasn’t even deliberately pretending to be alerted. He asked carefully, “Is there anything wrong Mr. Lu?”

       Lu Jinlang said, “Let’s have dinner together.”

       Wen Jianing took a deep breath, he suddenly thought of something, and he didn’t dare to sit down with him. Based on the Lu Jinlang he had known in the past, he had never imagined that Lu Jinlang would be such a person.

       Of course, it was not that there was something wrong with Lu Jinlang doing this kind of thing, but the Lu Jinlang he imagined was always more upright.

       The place to eat was a fancy restaurant.

       Before they got off the car, Lu Jinlang handed him a pair of sunglasses. He took them and put them on his face. Unexpectedly, Lu Jinlang didn’t wear anything, and he got out of the car and walked directly to the private room of the restaurant.

       After Lu Jinlang entered the private room, Wen Jianing discovered that besides the two of them, there was An Yongkang.

       Although Wen Jianing was not familiar with An Yongkang in the past, he has heard some news that An Yongkang’s personality was very ungenerous and spiteful.

       What happened today was purely an accident, and he didn’t hurt him, but it made An Yongkang lost his face.

       Wen Jianing suddenly understood that Lu Jinlang was creating an opportunity for him to make amends.

       On the surface, An Yongkang appeared to not mind, but his stares at Wen Jianing were really not very friendly.

       After Lu Jinlang beckoned him to sit down, he personally stood up and took the wine bottle, and helped An Yongkang pour a glass of wine. After pouring the wine, Wen Jianing picked up the wine glass and said, “Coach An, I’m really sorry today. I offended you. I’m here to toast you a glass. I hope you adults don’t think much of this vile me.”

       An Yongkang looked at him indifferently, picked up his glass and clinked the glass with his.

       Wen Jianing drank his wine and sat back in his seat. He felt that it was really hard to deal with people like An Yongkang.*

       At this time, Lu Jinlang picked up his wine glass and said to An Yongkang, “Let me propose a toast to you for him. Children are not sensible, and there will be a direct lesson in the future, so there is no need to be angry with him.”

       An Yongkang’s complexion changed when he faced Lu Jinlang. He took his wine glass and said, “What is this, do you think I’m angry about this trivial thing?”

       After drinking the wine, An Yongkang put down the glass and said, “I am a little curious. Jin Lang, you really like Xiao** Ke.”

       Lu Jinlang smiled, and said, “This young man is enthusiastic, he reminds me when I was young, and I wanted to give him a hand.”

       An Yongkang obviously didn’t believe it all. He smiled vaguely, and then said to Wen Jianing, “Look at Coach Lu’s support for you. Why don’t you have more drinks with your Coach Lu.”

       Wen Jianing suddenly became a little angry. In fact, he was quite familiar with this kind of occasion. People like him appearing here are equivalent to being a drinking companion***. Everyone instructed him to drink, and he had no way to refuse.

       When he picked up the wine glass again, Wen Jianing said to himself, “Remember, you must not get drunk. You still have secrets you can’t let others know!”

       After he finished prepping his mind properly, Wen Jianing raised his glass to Lu Jinlang with a smile. “I always remember Coach Lu’s care in my mind. Thank you very much. I’ll drink first.”

The author has something to say:

I think my setting has been misunderstood. Regarding xiao shou’s body, it is not so it’ll be known by everyone in the future to later insult him. But to carry out “the following indescribable insult” after being known by xiao gong****. But since I can’t describe it, I can only brainstorm it…

*In China, you are expected to offer a toast to apologize on your mistakes, and if the other person is not drinking the wine that you toast, you are considered as not being forgiven. That is why Wen Jianing think An Yongkang is difficult to handle to due not wanting to accept his apology.
** xiao = little, it’s like saying Lil’ Ke
***drinking companion = bar girl
**** xiao gong= the top (seme)


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