After singing the song, Wen Jianing returned to his original position, and then Shen Youzong, who accepted his challenge, began to sing.

       Generally speaking, this round was a very interesting one. It depended on the choice of the players and the underlying tension growing among the players. But the only unforeseen hiccups that surprised Wen Jianing happened to Lin Qingyu, who ranked third in popularity.

       Lin Qingyu did not choose a less popular opponent as ordered by the talent agency company, but she chose Wen Lin instead.

       Wen Lin did not appear surprised and calmly responded to the challenge.

       In fact, Wen Jianing thought that Lin Qingyu and Wen Lin are the same kinds of people. They were the ones who could be called musicians. They loved music, could compose a song and liked to sing their own songs with a guitar. Ke Xinhang should also be these kinds of people. It was a pity that Ke Xinhang was a little less talented than Wen Lin.

       Yi Nan could only be called a singer. He could sing, but he didn’t necessarily have much enthusiasm for music.

       It was no surprise that Lin Qingyu chose Wen Lin. She decided to act according to her will on this stage and chose Wen Lin because she recognized his strength.

       Not to say that he approved of Lin Qingyu’s behaviour, but at least Wen Jianing admired her courage.

       Because it was a live broadcast, after all five groups of players finished the match, the program began to broadcast commercials.

       It was inevitable that the judges would have to exchange their views.

       Wen Jianing relaxed and cracked his neck.

       Wen Lin, who stood next to him asked, “Are you nervous?”

       Wen Jianing turned his head and said, “I should be asking that to you.”

       Wen Lin smiled, “Not nervous. I have nothing to say if I lose to Lin Qingyu.”

       Wen Jianing could not help laughing when he said that.

       Wen Lin asked him what he was laughing at.

       He shook his head, and just revelled in Wen Lin’s words. He thought that if Wen Lin had lost to him, he would probably be very unwilling.

       After the advertisement, the camera switched back. After a long opening speech, the host solemnly said, “Next, our judges will announce the results of the challenge in the order of the competition. First of all, let’s welcome Coach Wang Mei—the judge of the first round, to announce her results!”

       Wang Mei sat up straight and began to comment on Yi Nan and You Hao’s performance according to the records in a small notebook in front of her.

       Yi Nan and You Hao stood in the middle of the stage. No matter what Wang Mei said, You Hao was expressionless. He probably knew that he could not escape the result of being eliminated.

       Sure enough, Wang Mei subsequently announced the result of her decision, and she chose to let Yi Nan stay.

       Yi Nan bowed to Wang Mei excitedly, and then waved to the direction of the audience.

       You Hao’s expression hasn’t changed from beginning to end. Maybe in addition to losing the game, You Hao was more angry about being betrayed by his friend. Wen Jianing looked at him, and was a little afraid that he would burst out at any time, but he didn’t. Even when Yi Nan came to hug him, he still could raise his arm and hug Yi Nan and said, “Good luck.”

       Next, it was Wen Jianing and Shen Youzong’s turn. Even if this group was not as tight in strength and popularity compared to the first group, this group was still a little suspenseful.

       Even Shen Youzong felt that he didn’t sing too good just now. If it was really based on his strength, he should not be eliminated.

       Lu Jinlang had shown his favourable treatment for Ke Xinhang, but Shen Youzong has also received Lu Jinlang’s “good” evaluation. He feels that he should have more confidence in himself.

       Holding the microphone, Lu Jinlang didn’t give a long speech, and he just said, “I choose Ke Xinhang.”

       Wen Jianing slowly exhaled. He was actually very nervous just now, because he really didn’t have much confidence in this round. While breathing a sigh of relief, he couldn’t help but feel a little bit of joy.  No matter what recognition Lu Jinlang expressed for him, at this time, Wen Jianing would rather think that it was something worth his happiness.

       But that little joy did not show on his face, Wen Jianing just chose to bend down and bow.

       Shen Youzong smiled bitterly. He might have some regrets and some unwillingness, but he felt there was nothing more to be done.

       The host said, “Can Mr. Lu tell us the reason for making this choice?” He didn’t expect Lu Jinlang to comment more. So the host thought about how to continue the topic and to not sound too cold.

       But Lu Jinlang said slowly this time, “At first when the chief director of the program invited me to be the program’s judge, I rejected him. Because I told him that I can’t sing, and I can’t understand who sings better than anyone else. And it will make the program appear to not be professional enough.”

       Wen Jianing remembered that when he first knew that Lu Jinlang was a judge, he thought so too.

       Lu Jinlang continued, “At that time, the chief director told me that I don’t need to be able to sing, I just need to listen to songs. This program is called Sing to Soul. Whether you sing well or not, depends on your soul. Everyone has aesthetic ability, even if it is a kid who has never learned songs and has no skills, as long as you think he sings well, he is good. So since I sit on the judges’ bench, I have only one requirement for all the contestants, and that’s to impress me. Don’t feel unfair, because you may not sing badly, but it’s just not enough to impress me.”

       After Lu Jinlang finished speaking, the host immediately went and said, “So sometimes it is difficult to grasp the point that touches people’s hearts. And the beauty of music is that it can choose a simple and direct way to move you. Maybe this is what we really want to get through singing.”

       After that, the host asked Shen Youzong to briefly say a few thoughts. The winning Wen Jianing was not interviewed because he still had the next round. After that, he went back to his original position.

       In the third group, Lin Qingyu, who took the initiative to challenge, lost to Wen Lin, who accepted her challenge.

       Lin Qingyu was very calm when she heard Coach An Yongkang announce the results. When interviewed, she also said that she had accepted her loss.

       The next two groups were suspenseful to the end because there was little difference in strength and popularity.

       Anyway, some people were happy and others were sad. Because they had been together for so long, it was not easy for those who were happy to be too happy, and those who were sad also have to force a smile to cheer for those who remain.

       As soon as the round was over, he immediately received a notice when he returned to the backstage dressing room. The talent agent company arranged dinner for everyone to eat together.

       Wen Jianing takes a look at the time. At this time, it was probably just a late night snack.

       The top ten were now all signed singers of Lei Xing. Although they had been eliminated, no one could tell which one laughs last. Throughout time, the champion may not be the one with the best development.

       So at the end of the game, those who were eliminated or staying in the game were all arranged to have this meal together. In addition, the company also hosted a banquet for four judges and senior executives from Starlight, as well as the main creators of the show.

       The meal was a standard Chinese meal. In the medium-sized private room of a large restaurant, two large tables with a capacity of 20 people were placed.

       Wen Jianing and his group came first. After entering the private room, they all consciously sat down at a table at the outer part.

       A moment later, Wu Dongqin, assistant to the general manager of Lei Xing, came in with the four judges and a director of the TV station, along with the producer and director of the competition program.

       There are also some other staff from Lei Xing and the TV station’s program group. After they came in, Wu Dongqin politely greeted them and asked everyone to take their seats.

       As they were about to sit down, Wu Dongqin suddenly came over and asked Yi Nan and Wen Jianing to sit at the table inside.

       Yi Nan readily accepted.

       Wen Jianing hesitated for a moment, and then got up and went to the table inside.

       Wu Dongqin looked at both sides and saw that there was still room at the inner table. He called Wen Lin and Lin Qingyu over again. Then he returned to his position and sat down.

       Wu Dongqin stood up and first expressed the greetings of the boss of Lei Xing company, saying that the other person was not in the country and could not be here in person and asked for their understanding. After that, he said that everyone has worked hard, and since this round was over, they were welcomed to have a good meal.

       When Wu Dongqin was speaking, Wen Jianing noticed that Lu Jinlang was casually wiping his hands with a hot towel. This kind of luxurious meal was obviously meaningless to him, but on this occasion, he still attended and did not embarrass the Lei Xing company and TV station.

       After that, they began to serve food and wine.

       He watched the waiter fill the glass in front of him with Baijiu*. Wen Jianing took a deep breath, knowing that it would be unavoidable to socialize on this occasion tonight.

       It was true that he has to drink. But he gave himself the limit, that was, he must not get drunk to the point of unconsciousness, and in any case, he must maintain the last bit of soberness.

       Wen Lin, who was sitting next to Wen Jianing, couldn’t help but frown slightly when he saw a glass full of Baijiu in front of him.

       Upon seeing this, Wen Jianing patted his arm without saying anything.

       Since his debut, he had joined a lot of these kinds of meals. In the beginning, he drank himself to the point of unconsciousness. Later, he could sit in his seat and watch others drink, and then even he could refuse to participate in the meaningless meal. He was then able to slowly quit drinking, and maintain his body. He finally reached that point after working so hard little by little.

       However, now, after so many years of hard work, he had been beaten back to the drinking ritual again. Even if he knows that this was harming his body, he still couldn’t help it.

       Wen Jianing picked up the wine glass, and politely rejected some toast, and even helped Wen Lin block some wine.

       At the end of a meal, he saw that Yi Nan had begun to talk nonsense to Wang Mei excitedly, while Lin Qingyu was unexpectedly brazen and drunk. Up until now, Wen Jianing was still sitting in his seat refreshingly and warmly and spoke to Wen Lin in a low voice.

       Wu Dongqin was still encouraging Wen Jianing to drink more.

       Wen Jianing’s mind had begun to be blurred. He felt that he was approaching the limit. So he simply fell forward, lying on the table and pretending to be unconscious.

       So after a short while, the banquet ended.

       Most of the contestants in the competition were drunk and were sent away first by the staff of companies and television stations who did not drink. Several famous judges also stood up and left one after another, and someone quickly followed and escorted them out.

       At this time, Lu Jinlang suddenly walked behind Wen Jianing and said to Wu Dongqin, “I will send Ke Xinhang back.”

       Wu Dongqin didn’t pause at all when he heard the words. He nodded and smiled, “Oh dear, if it’s not too much trouble for you, Mr. Lu, then I will leave xiao Ke to you.”

       Wen Jianing heard their conversation and immediately wanted to sit up.

       Lu Jinlang had reached out to help him and said in a low voice in his ear, “If you want to pretend to be drunk, act like it.”

       Wen Jianing suddenly stiffened and didn’t move anymore.

       Just as Lu Jinlang helped him up, Lu Yunan had already come over. He took Wen Jianing from Lu Jinlang to help carry him, and walked out of the private room with Lu Jinlang.

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