Chapter 13

       Wen Jianing was supported by Lu Yunan and carried into Lu Jinlang’s car. Today, Lu Yunan didn’t drive Lu Jinlang’s luxurious nanny car but instead drove a low-key car.

       Although Wen Jianing pretended to lie unconsciously on the table, he did drink a lot, and his mind was not really sober.

       He sat in the back seat of the car with Lu Jinlang, and Lu Yunan started the car in the front driver’s seat.

       Wen Jianing felt that he was a little slow in thinking right now. After he got in the car, he stared at Lu Jinlang blankly.

       Lu Jinlang looked at him calmly and asked, “What are you looking at me for?”

       Wen Jianing said, “Do you think I am not as good as you?”

       Lu Jinlang laughed when he heard his question, but he didn’t say anything. He raised his hand and brushed Wen Jianing’s hair.

       He sat in the back seat of the car with Lu Jinlang, and Lu Yunan started the car in the front driver’s seat.

       Wen Jianing raised his eyes and looked up. No one had done this to him for many years. Since his mother re-married and left home.

       Sometimes, people like to be treated as children by others, especially when they were vulnerable.

       It was already late at night. Lu Yunan was driving along the empty street. Wen Jianing stared at Lu Jinlang for a while and began to feel a little uncomfortable in his stomach. It was probably because he drank too much.

       He reached out to find the switch and pressed the window down, but he fumbled for a long time in the dark and couldn’t find it.

       Lu Jinlang suddenly leaned over, and one arm went around him and helped him press down the car window’s button.

       Wen Jianing tensed his body.

      After Lu Jinlang helped him push down the car window, he sat up straight again. However, at that moment he still clearly felt Wen Jianing’s nervousness. He asked him, “What are you nervous about?”

       Wen Jianing shook his head. He closed his eyes and let the wind out of the car window blow on his face. He told himself not to think about anything so as not to vomit in the car.

       However, as soon as the car stopped, Wen Jianing couldn’t help but feel nauseated. He suddenly opened the door and rushed out, squatting on the roadside and vomiting all the contents in his stomach.

       Lu Jinlang opened the door and asked him, “Are you okay?”

       Wen Jianing raised a hand and waved it.

       When he finished vomiting, he felt much better and his head became clearer. He raised his head and looked around and asked, “Where is this?”

       Lu Jinlang said, “Parking lot.”

       Of course Wen Jianing knew that this was the parking lot, but he didn’t know where the parking lot was. He thought that Lu Jinlang would send him home directly.

       When Wen Jianing stood up with one hand on his stomach, he saw that Lu Yunan had turned around and left in his car.

       Only he and Lu Jinlang were left here.

       Wen Jianing looked at Lu Jinlang and was at a loss for a moment.

       Lu Jinlang said, “My house is upstairs. You can go up with me and change into clean clothes.”

       Wen Jianing hesitated, he understood what Lu Jinlang meant and why Lu Yunan left. He only had two choices here today, either go upstairs with Lu Jinlang or embarrass him and be left here alone.

       But how could he possibly reject and embarrass Lu Jinlang now?

       Wen Jianing reached out and rubbed his forehead, and said to Lu Jinlang, “Okay.” At the same time, he was trying to figure out how to get away, but in any case, he believed when Lu Jinlang said he would not force him, he would not.

       This apartment was a house that Lu Jinlang bought in the city centre and it was a high-end neighbourhood. There was a park nearby and there were no high-rise buildings around. The apartment had only seven floors in total, and the house Lu Jinlang bought was on the top floor.

       Lu Jinlang obviously came to live in this house often. After he opened the door and went in, what Lu Jinlang did first was finding Wen Jianing a new set of pyjamas and let him take a bath first.

       Wen Jianing felt that he was a little dirty and didn’t smell good, so he didn’t refuse and took the clothes and walked towards the bathroom. After he entered the bathroom, he carefully locked the bathroom door and began to take off his clothes.

       After relaxing and taking a bath, Wen Jianing put on a clean and soft pyjamas and came out of the bathroom.

       Lu Jinlang poured him a glass of warm water, let him rest, and then went to the bathroom to take a bath by himself.

       Wen Jianing sat on the sofa in a daze and suddenly thought that he might as well slip away while Lu Jinlang was taking a bath, but soon he felt that this behaviour was a bit childish and ridiculous. Furthermore, he was afraid it might lead to Lu Jinlang reacted badly, so he gave it up.

       Wen Jianing took a sip of water in his glass, raised his head and leaned on the back of the sofa chair. He thought about whether choosing Lu Jinlang to be his judge today seems to give Lu Jinlang some hint in his opinion.

       In fact, when making this choice, Wen Jianing felt it was somewhat inappropriate. After all, he still took advantage of Lu Jinlang’s unusual thoughts toward him to get himself another chance to advance.

       If he really wanted to avoid suspicion and show it to Lu Jinlang, he shouldn’t choose him at all.

       But so what? Even now, Wen Jianing didn’t plan to give himself in. What’s more, with his body like this, even if he wanted it, it would only scare Lu Jinlang.

       He took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes.

       When he heard the bathroom door opened, he opened his eyes and turned to look in that direction. He saw that Lu Jinlang was wearing only a pair of pyjamas, and walked out of it with his upper body naked. While walking, he wiped the drops of water on his neck with a towel.

       Lu Jinlang’s figure was very good, and he obviously trained in the gym after deliberate planning. His whole body was slender and strong. In fact, Wen Jianing had seen Lu Jinlang’s naked body in the past, but he found that it was the first time that he had looked so carefully, with a different emotion than in the past.

       Wen Jianing remembered that two years ago, an entertainment website held a poll. The topic of the poll was: The male star who is most wanted to have a one night stand with. The result of that vote was that Lu Jinlang had always been at the top of the list, and Wen Jianing himself was on the list, but he ranked eighth.

       At that time, he felt a little unconvinced and asked his agent which part that the women would think of him as less to Lu Jinlang.

       The agent directly looked for the comments of a woman who participated in the voting to show him. In the comment, the lady compared Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing, saying that Wen Jianing looked too elegant, and in fact, it didn’t meet women’s sexual fantasies and was more suitable to be a husband. If it was a one-night stand, of course, Lu Jinlang was sexier and more attractive.

       Wen Jianing didn’t think so at the time, but now he felt convinced because he was suddenly aware of Lu Jinlang’s sexiness.

       Lu Jinlang sat down next to him, and the refreshing fragrance of the shower gel floated over. He asked Wen Jianing, “Feeling better?”

       Wen Jianing nodded and said, “Thank you.”

       After Lu Jinlang sat down, he unconsciously arched his waist slightly and made a defensive posture.

       Lu Jinlang noticed that and he was somewhat concerned about Wen Jianing’s repeated obvious rejection. He asked, “Do you still think I can’t be trusted?”

       “No,” Wen Jianing reached out and put the glass on the coffee table. He was organizing his thoughts, trying to find a way to resolve the situation that would not be embarrassing for both of them. He said, “Mr. Lu, I see I’ve seen many of your movies and always liked you.”

       Lu Jinlang leaned one elbow on the back of the sofa chair, propped his head, and said, “Are you not a fan of Wen Jianing?”

       Suddenly hearing his name from Lu Jinlang’s mouth, he was taken aback. He couldn’t react to what he said, and then he remembered that when he first spoke to Lu Jinlang and asked him about ‘October Fireworks’, he said he was a fan of Wen Jianing.

       Lu Jinlang continued, “And do you also like me?”

       Wen Jianing said, “This is not a contradiction.”

       Lu Jinlang asked, “So?”

       Wen Jianing was interrupted by him and didn’t remember what he was going to say next.

       Lu Jinlang then said, “So you want to say that I shouldn’t take action against a simple fan, even though that fan used me in the game today to make him qualify smoothly.”

       “I didn’t use you,” Wen Jianing retorted immediately, “If I had to say that I used something, it would be the rules. Isn’t that why the rules are formulated like that? Is it not so people can take advantage of it?”

       Lu Jinlang looked at him with a smile.

       Wen Jianing found that he had never seen Lu Jinlang’s smile. He once analyzed Lu Jinlang’s acting skills; the way he laughed in different roles was different, but Wen Jianing had never seen this kind of smile.

       His eyes were bent downward, like the shape of the moon, the corners of his mouth are slightly upturned, and his handsome face exudes a soft smell. Such a smile, even when he was acting in a romantic film, Lu Jinlang never showed it to the heroine.

       But Wen Jianing couldn’t help but look away.

       Lu Jinlang stretched out a hand, pinched Wen Jianing’s chin, made him turn his head, and then slowly approached and kissed his lips.

       Wen Jianing did not resist.

       He had acted in a lot of kissing scenes in the past. It didn’t matter whether the other party was a man or a woman, and it didn’t matter whether he felt good or not. He could kiss as long as he was acting. But in fact, Wen Jianing’s private life was quite clean. Of course, it was not that he lived a life of abstinence, but he had lived for 34 years and had not experienced any unforgettable love. He preferred a quiet and comfortable life to a woman’s companion.

       The moment Lu Jinlang kissed him, he couldn’t tell the difference between reality and acting, but then he realized that he was wrong. Lu Jinlang’s kiss was not very intense, but it was very hot. He felt the other party’s tongue reach into his mouth and entangled his gently and with irresistible strength. He tried to take the lead, but unfortunately, it was not possible. Perhaps in some respects, even Wen Jianing was still too innocent compared to Lu Jinlang.

       Wen Jianing was a little out of breath, but what he thought in his head was some gossip about Lu Jinlang.

       Lu Jinlang then held his chest with one hand, his thumb pressed teasingly on his chest.

       Wen Jianing suddenly pushed Lu Jinlang away. He knew he couldn’t continue. He couldn’t let Lu Jinlang touch his bottom line.

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