After dinner, the man took him to the East Coast once again.

       This time, both of them dressed up casually. Chu Yu did not ask him to wear a collar or a leash. Seeing the surprised expression on Xu Ye’s face, he smiled and said, “Today’s mark is more beautiful.” Xu Ye blushed at the teasing gaze that fell on his neck. He now knew why the man chose this round-necked white sweater for him. The unobstructed hickeys on his neck clearly demonstrated his status as a sub.

       It was the weekend and the club seemed even busier than yesterday. Even without the restraints of the leash, Xu Ye stayed within one meter behind Chu Yu and concentrated on observing his master’s movements. He was much calmer than the day before.

       In the VIP members’ sitting area, the Lion, the Pharaoh, and the cat and mouse duo were all there, as well as three unfamiliar faces. Chu Yu sat down, looked at Xu Ye who was stopping at the entrance of the sitting area, and patted the seat next to him.

       Xu Ye was startled, with some surprise in his eyes.

       The VIP members’ area wasn’t particularly large. When there were a large number of people inside, the masters would ask their slaves to wait outside. Xu Ye originally thought that he would kneel with other people’s slaves, but the man just gave him the order to ‘sit next to him’. He thought about it several times and made sure that he had not mistaken the order. He walked over and sat down next to Chu Yu.

       Murmurs erupted in the venue, with many people looking over curiously. After all, doms rarely gave their subs equal status within the clubs. Xu Ye looked at his master with a slightly stuffy expression. The man smiled faintly and put his arm on the back of the sofa behind him, silently keeping him within his reach.

       The Lion whistled and joked, “Mr. Earl looks quite spirited today. You must have slept well last night.”

       “Not bad.” Chu Yu curled his lips.

       “Was it a good sleep quality or a good pre-sleep workout?” Jerry glanced at Xu Ye’s neck with a smile and asked more openly, “This guy can still get out of bed today, so it seems like the exercise wasn’t too much.”

       “Keeping the right balance is also a test of the dom’s control.” The Earl responded calmly, unfazed, “In this regard, I’ve always been moderate.”

       This kind of topic made Xu Ye blush so intensely that even the tips of his ears turned red. He kept his head down and his gaze fixed on the floor, unable to lift it. His embarrassed demeanour only made the doms find it even more amusing.

       Tom deliberately asked, “Xu Ye, is your master as much of a gentleman in bed as he is now?”

       Xu Ye raised his blushing red face after his name was called. He didn’t know how to answer, so he looked at the man next to him for help. Chu Yu smiled and helped him out, “If you’re so curious, why don’t you abandon Jerry and come over to me? You can experience firsthand what I’m like in bed.”

       “…No need.” Tom glanced at the handsome man beside him with raised eyebrows and quickly backed down.

       After chatting for a while, the venue darkened. All the lights were focused on the wooden execution frame in the centre of the venue. Then, a shirtless man walked into the light with his head lowered. The moment Xu Ye saw his face clearly, he opened his eyes wide in shock.

       The venue fell silent. Four burly men in black stood expressionlessly on both sides of the execution frame. The host with the microphone looked at the paper in his hand and said to the man, “An Xia. Ordinary member. You’ve been a member for two years, right?”


       “Yesterday you claimed that a certain slave offended you for no reason and caused him to be punished with ten lashes. After a thorough investigation by the Club’s Management Committee, it was found that you had instigated the confrontation with the slave intentionally. Not only did you violate the Membership Rules about ‘prohibitions of conflicts provocation’, but you also blatantly lied and deceived everyone. Is that correct?”

       “…Yes.” His voice trembled slightly.

       “Very well.” The host came over and asked, “Mr. Earl, because Mr. Anxia’s misconduct has brought displeasure to you and your slave. According to the rules, his punishment should be based on your objection.”

       Chu Yu casually scanned the crowd and spoke with a cold voice, “Soft whip. Twenty lashes.”

       “Sir, everything is my fault. I dare not ask for your forgiveness. I only hope that you can grant me one last favour,” An Xia knelt in his direction and continued, “Please administer my punishment yourself.”

       “I refuse.” The man’s response was firm and unequivocal, leaving no room for negotiation.

       “Sir!” An Xia couldn’t help but shout, “I love you, I have always loved you! I only ask you to let me come back to you…” His voice turned into a muffled groan, and two black-clad men promptly stepped forward, pinching his jaw and inserting a ball gag into his mouth. They then put him on the execution frame and firmly clasped his hands and feet. The execution frame was specially designed so that one could barely touch the ground with the tips of their toes, with most of the body weight supported by the suspended arms, making it extremely uncomfortable.

       Next, the black leather whip specially used for punishment came through the air and landed on his back with full force. Each strike on his flesh produced a terrifying sound that made one’s teeth ache. With each lash, blood began to seep from various parts of his back. An Xia’s face turned pale in pain, and tears streamed down his face.

       Xu Ye watched in silence. He knew that this was something arranged for him by Chu Yu, but he felt a sense of discomfort deep inside.

       “He stayed with me for two months.” the man began as if explaining something, “But due to some misconduct on his part, I terminated our Master-slave relationship.”

       Xu Ye glanced at the man enduring the punishment in the centre and softly said, “Master, may I leave for a moment?”

       He really didn’t want to witness this cruel punishment.

       A knowing smile appeared at the corner of the man’s lips as he stood up. “Sure, let’s go back together.”

       In the end, the two of them left before the twenty lashes of punishment were completed. After that appearance, Xu Ye’s name was bestowed with the title “The Earl’s Favourite” and spread throughout the entire circle.

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