“Have you heard the legend of the mirror at the Faculty of Pharmacy? It’s said that on the right staircase from the first floor to the second floor of the Faculty of Pharmacy, there is a mirror at the corner. Normally, you can’t see anything in it, but at midnight, if you look into the mirror, you can see the most terrifying things.”


       “Everyone’s most terrifying thing is different. For example, if you’re very beautiful, you might see yourself ageing; if you’re scared of ghosts, you might see a long-haired woman covering her face, standing behind you and so on… But that’s not important. The most important part is the origin of the mirror. It is said to have come from the old building of the Faculty of Pharmacy. The Faculty of Pharmacy used to have a three-story old building with a wooden structure and a small attic on each side. The mirror was supposedly kept in one of these attics. Later, a fire destroyed the old building completely. At that time, a senior sister was studying alone in the loft. While trying to escape, she got her leg broken by the falling mirror and couldn’t make it out, ultimately burning to death.”

       “It’s so tragic…”

       “Later, when the new Faculty of Pharmacy building was constructed, the dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, passing through the first floor, suggested adding a mirror here for students to tidy up their appearance. Somehow, someone brought the old mirror from the previous Faculty of Pharmacy building, and since then, there have been many creepy stories. Eventually, the building manager moved the mirror to the staircase area because no one usually passed by there. Then, one night, there was a power outage…”

       “Ah—” the girl at the next table suddenly screamed.

       Song Jun almost dropped his chopsticks because of her.

       Then the girl said, “Stop it, I’m not listening!”

       The girl opposite her, who was telling a campus legend, curled her lips and said, “Never mind, don’t listen then.”

       Song Jun quickly scooped up two mouthfuls of rice, picked up his tray, and left.

       He didn’t know whether the story the girl told was true or not, but the Faculty of Pharmacy building always seemed so weird to him, and he didn’t want to go into that place if he didn’t have to.

       He came out of the cafeteria and went back to take a nap. When he woke up, his head was covered with sweat. The small fan was whirring, but it didn’t have much effect. He hesitated and wanted to take his notebook to the laboratory to read the literature, but again, he was worried that he would not be familiar with the senior brothers and sisters in the laboratory, and it would not be good to rush there. He should wait until Zhou Yingchun allowed him to officially enter the laboratory.

       In the evening, Song Jun saw the black cat again. At that time, he took a shower and was wearing only a pair of underwear in the room. The black cat silently ran to his window and stared at him.

       Song Jun had nothing to feed it, so he carefully reached out and touched its head. Seeing that it didn’t resist, he gently scratched it with his fingers.

       The black cat’s eyes narrowed, with a look of enjoyment on his face. Later, he lay on his side on the ground and jumped out of the window after its fur was smoothed by Song Jun all night.

       The next day, Song Jun went to the supermarket outside and bought a small bag of cat food. He planned to feed the black cat some cat food if it came again, but he didn’t know if it would like it.

       In the end, that night, Song Jun did not wait for the little black cat to come but received a call from Bu Hui.

       As soon as Song Jun picked up the phone, Bu Hui said, “Junior brother, please do me a favour.”

       It turned out that Bu Hui was still in the hospital at this time. He admitted two patients in the afternoon and was still busy writing medical records. He had just received a call from his girlfriend, Cheng Ruijing, saying that she was locked in the laboratory and was now alone and scared. He asked Bu Hui to go to the administrator on the first floor to get the key and then come up to pick her up.

       Song Jun was immediately nervous when he heard about the laboratory because if he remembered correctly, Bu Hui’s girlfriend was a student at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

       Sure enough, Bu Hui told Song Jun on the phone that he really couldn’t leave now and asked Song Jun to help him go to the Faculty of Pharmacy building to find the administrator and then go to the seventh floor to help open the door.

       In fact, at that time, Song Jun didn’t quite understand why Cheng Ruijing was locked in the laboratory, but hearing that Bu Hui was very busy and anxious, he didn’t have the nerve to refuse, so he had to agree.

       After that, Bu Hui sent him another text message and gave him Cheng Ruijing’s mobile phone number.

       Song Jun put away his mobile phone, opened the door and glanced at Xia Hongshen’s room across his. The door was still closed, probably because he hadn’t come back yet, because he hadn’t heard the other party’s footsteps coming back.

       Song Jun had some mental trauma about the Faculty of Pharmacy building, but he just agreed to Bu Hui’s request. He also thought that Cheng Ruijing, a girl, was locked upstairs, which was really scary, so he had to muster up the courage to go there again.

       When Song Jun walked inside the school, he felt that it was no different from usual. The Faculty of Pharmacy building looked peaceful and peaceful from the outside, without any abnormalities.

       What happened that night seemed like a dream or a hallucination. He couldn’t get downstairs, but he didn’t see anything.

       Song Jun planned to go in and directly find the administrator, then go up to the seventh floor together. That way, there wouldn’t be anything to be afraid of.

       However, after entering the Faculty of Pharmacy building, Song Jun did not find the administrator. The door of the building administrator’s room was open, and the TV inside was still playing TV images.

       He walked around the first floor and tried standing near the administrator’s room to shout out to the administrator, but he got no response.

       At this time, Bu Hui called again. Bu Hui asked him if he had arrived. He said that Cheng Ruijing was alone upstairs and was very scared.

       Song Jun was a little helpless. After hanging up the phone, he stood there and hesitated for a while.

       At this time, a man and a woman happened to come in from outside, talking and walking towards the elevator. Song Jun immediately followed them and got into the elevator with them.

       The couple took the elevator to the fifth floor and went out. Song Jun sat alone on the seventh floor. When the elevator door opened, he walked out and turned the corner before realising why Cheng Ruijing had been locked inside.

       There was a security door in the corridor, which was like a fence, dividing the corridor into two halves. Song Jun shouted, “Senior Sister Cheng?”

       Soon, someone responded to him. Cheng Ruijing ran out of a room inside the security door and asked, “Is the administrator here?”

       Song Jun shook his head, “I didn’t find the administrator.”

       Cheng Ruijing was very disappointed, but when she saw Song Jun, she seemed less scared. She walked towards Song Jun and stood across an iron gate from him, complaining, “I closed the door for a while inside and forgot to tell them. As a result, when they left, I got locked out! It’s so frustrating!”

       Song Jun subconsciously reached out and pushed the security door, but unfortunately, it couldn’t be pushed.

       Cheng Ruijing said, “What should I do? Is the administrator not here?”

       Song Jun said, “There was no one when I came here. Where are your classmates? Ask them to come back and open the door?”

       Cheng Ruijing said, “The one with the key said he went out to eat and might not be back until after nine o’clock.”

       Song Jun was helpless, “What should we do? You wait here for a moment, and I’ll try to find the administrator again.”

       Cheng Ruijing reached out and grabbed the iron door, “Don’t leave. I feel very scared alone. You know, Senior Sister Tian just jumped from the building a few days ago.”

       Song Jun was about to speak when he suddenly froze. He suddenly stuttered and asked, “Are you alone here?”

       Cheng Ruijing saw his expression change and said strangely, “Yes, I am the only one here.”

       What she didn’t know was that Song Jun had just seen a pair of red high-heeled shoes standing there in the bathroom two doors away from Cheng Ruijing.

       From Song Jun’s position, he could only see a little bit of the tip of the shoe sticking out. It looked more like a person standing with legs together behind the corner of the wall, with a little bit of the tip of the shoe sticking out.

       Cheng Ruijing noticed that Song Jun’s expression was getting worse and worse. and suddenly became a little nervous. She lowered her voice and asked, “What’s wrong?”

       Song Jun wanted to tell her: Look back. Is there a pair of shoes or a person standing there? But he didn’t dare to say it. He was afraid that he would scare Cheng Ruijing, and he was even more afraid that Cheng Ruijing would confirm something once she looked back.

       “What should I do?” Cheng Ruijing was still struggling. She planned to call Bu Hui again to urge him to come over. She felt that the junior brother in front of her was a bit dull and unreliable.

       Just when Cheng Ruijing took out her cell phone, she saw Song Jun’s eyes suddenly filled with fear.

       It was fear because, at that moment, Song Jun saw a hand sticking out from the corner of the wall and gouging at the edge of the wall, and the nails of the fingers were dyed with bright red nail polish.

       Cheng Ruijing was frightened by Song Jun’s eyes and immediately turned around to look.

       But at this moment, the elevator made a ‘ding’ sound, and then the elevator door opened, and someone walked out.

       Song Jun and Cheng Ruijing were attracted by the sound at the same time and turned to look, only to find that it was Bu Hui who came up with the administrator on the first floor.

       Cheng Ruijing suddenly became happy.

       Song Jun turned around to look again, but he could no longer see the tips of the shoes and fingers.

       The administrator complained as he came over to get the key and opened the security door.

       Cheng Ruijing lost his temper with Bu Hui, blaming him for coming too late. Bu Hui looked troubled, “Lady, do you know that it was hard for me to find someone to help me get off work, and I have to rush back soon.”

       Song Jun was a little embarrassed when he heard this and said to Bu Hui, “I’m sorry, Senior Brother Bu.”

       Bu Hui patted him on the shoulder and said, “What are you sorry for? Junior brother, I want to thank you for coming all this way. I’ll treat you to a meal another day.”

       Cheng Ruijing went back to the laboratory to pack her small backpack. Song Jun subconsciously took a few steps forward, wanting to go to the bathroom door to have a look, but Bu Hui suddenly grabbed his arm.

       Bu Hui said, “That’s the women’s restroom over there, and the men’s restroom is in the opposite corridor.”

       Song Jun had to stop.

       Cheng Ruijing packed up her things and came out. The administrator locked the iron door again and turned off the lights in the corridor on this floor.

       With so many people together, Song Jun didn’t feel scared, but he was still worried about the scene he just saw.

       But until they entered the elevator, they didn’t see anyone else on this floor.

       Song Jun felt like he might have run into something ominous. All those strange events happened inside the Faculty of Pharmacy building. Thinking about the senior sister from the Faculty of Pharmacy who jumped off the building, Song Jun was more inclined to believe that the Faculty of Pharmacy building was haunted.

       But why did it only happen to him every time? Cheng Ruijing stayed alone for such a long time and obviously didn’t see anything.

       Song Jun didn’t know what to do. If he talked about this kind of thing, no one would believe it, right? Maybe he should go to a temple, pay respects, and ask a monk to perform some rituals?

       In the midst of random thoughts, Song Jun gradually fell asleep. After dawn, what happened last night seemed not so scary anymore.

       He didn’t sleep well that night. The next day, Song Jun went to see Zhou Yingchun in the morning. Zhou Yingchun took him to the laboratory so that he could start to familiarise himself with operating the laboratory’s instruments. There were many senior brothers and sisters in the same laboratory, but Zhou Yingchun was currently only mentoring him.

       For this reason, Zhou Yingchun took him to the pathology teaching and research office downstairs that day and found Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen was writing something in the office. When Song Jun followed Zhou Yingchun, he saw Xia Hongshen wearing glasses and a white coat. He was a little startled. Song Jun found this version of Xia Hongshen so good-looking that it was almost frightening. There was even a hint of indescribable restraint in his appearance.

       When Xia Hongshen faced Zhou Yingchun, his attitude was not very warm, and when he heard Zhou Yingchun ask him to help take care of Song Jun, he did not refuse.

       Before they left, Xia Hongshen turned the signature pen between his fingers and said to Song Jun, “If you have any questions, you can come to me.”

       In the afternoon, Song Jun went back to the dormitory at around three o’clock.

       As soon as he opened the door, he heard footsteps going up the stairs. Those were not the footsteps of Bu Hui or Xia Hongshen but the footsteps of a woman wearing high heels.

       Song Jun stood there, and after a while, he saw a foot wearing red high heels stepping into the corridor.

       The person who came was Cheng Ruijing.

       Cheng Ruijing was wearing a white dress and red high heels today. She seemed to be carefully dressed up, but she didn’t seem to be in a good mood. After going upstairs, she walked towards Bu Hui’s room.

       Song Jun said to her, “Senior Sister Cheng, Senior Brother Bu is not here.”

       “Not here, huh.” Cheng Ruijing repeated, standing there and not looking like she was leaving.

       Song Jun hesitated for a moment, seeing that Cheng Ruijing was not leaving, and he was too embarrassed to enter the room and leave her alone in the corridor, so he said, “Senior sister, would you like to go to my room and sit for a while? Maybe Senior Brother Bu will be back later.”

       Cheng Ruijing looked towards him and said, “Okay.”

       Song Jun invited Cheng Ruijing into the room to sit down. He saw that his room was a bit messy and tidied it up.

       Cheng Ruijing sat upright on the stool, reaching out and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

       Song Jun noticed that her fingers were painted with red nail polish, which looked exactly the same colour as the fingernails of the hand that appeared in the Faculty of Pharmacy building last night.

       Song Jun suddenly felt an inexplicable chill, but seeing that Cheng Ruijing’s expression was very calm, he restrained his random thoughts and said, “Sit down for a moment, Senior Sister and I’ll go get some water to boil.”

       Song Jun took his electric kettle out, walked to the water room to fill it up, and then returned to the room.

       The door was open when he left. When he looked in, he found that Cheng Ruijing, who was originally sitting on a chair, had disappeared. Perplexed, he pushed the door open and saw Cheng Ruijing sitting on his bed.

       Cheng Ruijing sat beside Song Jun’s bed and put down the mosquito net Song Jun bought the day before yesterday to cover her upper body, leaving only one pair of legs exposed and bright red nails digging into the bedside.

       Song Jun suddenly felt that this kind of Cheng Ruijing was too scary. He took two steps back toward the door and felt he bumped into someone. When he turned around, he found that it was Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen reached out to catch him and also grabbed the kettle that he almost dropped on the ground.

       “What?” Xia Hongshen’s usually slow voice sounded.

       Song Jun turned around and grabbed Xia Hongshen’s arm and shouted, “Senior Brother Xia!”

It didn’t help that the next chapter’s title is High Heels… ( ‘ ﹋ ‘ ; )

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