Because he had prepared for the worst before coming here, any slight concession from the other side was an unexpected surprise for Suo Yang.

       The two of them had obviously returned to Suo Yang’s home, but they were as reserved as strangers.

       They stood at the door awkwardly, not knowing which way to go, just waiting for the owner to give them orders.

       “Go wash your hands.”

       Suo Yang’s mother came out of the kitchen and pointed in the direction of the bathroom.

       So, the two grown men walked to the bathroom in a polite manner, not daring to say a word during the process.

       Shen Huiming was very curious. He didn’t know whether the atmosphere in Suo Yang’s family was originally like this or whether it became like this after he came out of the closet. If it had always been like this, it would have been too depressing.

       While washing his hands, Suo Yang glanced at Shen Huiming in the mirror and then said softly, “They are like this most of the time.”

       Shen Huiming looked at him in surprise.

       Suo Yang didn’t say much because he was worried about being overheard by his parents. Some words were better said by the two of them alone.

       After washing their hands, the two of them were called to sit down at the dining table and prepare to eat.

       This meal made Shen Huiming very stressed. Although Suo Yang’s parents did not show too much attention to him, the feeling was worse than being ‘checked on the household registration’.

       From beginning to end, Shen Huiming was only asked three questions.

       First question: What do you do for a living?

       Second question: Where do you live?

       The third question: What do your parents think of their relationship?

       Shen Huiming answered each one seriously, “I have a small company of my own, and the current profits are pretty good.”

       “My hometown is the city where Suo Yang lives now. I went to university and postgraduate school abroad, and now I live separately from my parents after I came back.”

       “I told my family about my sexual orientation a long time ago. My parents have also met Suo Yang and they like him very much.”

       With every question and answer, Shen Huiming felt like he was in an interview.

       When they were talking, Suo Yang never said a word. He just sat and ate silently, listening to their conversation.

       As for Suo Yang, he had not been back for many years, and there was no excitement or joy in the family of three’s reunion.

       Suo Yang rarely took the initiative to find topics in front of his parents. He only asked a few questions about how they were doing and how their work was going. His parents’ answers were simple, like a simple conversation with an unfamiliar person.

       Shen Huiming felt quite uncomfortable when he heard this, but after all, he was in someone else’s home, and he couldn’t say anything more, so he could only suppress his distress for the time being.

       After Suo Yang asked about their current situation, his parents also asked him back, their tone still flat to a bit indifferent.

       Suo Yang’s father asked him, “Is work going well?”

       “Well, I have been flying international flights for several years. I have been upgraded to first class, and my salary is better than before.”

       Suo Yang’s mother asked him, “You haven’t encountered any difficulties in life, right?”

       “No, everything is fine.” Suo Yang paused and then said, “There are no difficulties, but there are quite a few good things.”

       Shen Huiming saw the two people sitting across from him pause with their hands holding chopsticks, and he also turned to look at Suo Yang.

       Suo Yang was calm, and his expression and tone did not change when he spoke. He talked about things between him and Shen Huiming as if casually discussing the weather with his parents, “Huiming and I are in the process of completing all the necessary procedures. Once everything is in order, we plan to get married in Berlin.”

       Shen Huiming suddenly felt a little panicked. He felt that Suo Yang’s parents were obviously not willing to accept their relationship, so it was better not to mention it now and take things slowly in the future.

       But in fact, Suo Yang was their son after all and knew them better than Shen Huiming.

       If they didn’t accept them, they wouldn’t be allowed in today at all.

       Suo Yang knew that his parents were the type of people who couldn’t express their emotions, or in other rather, they were unwilling to. Instead of displaying joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness on their faces and exposing all their emotions, they preferred to conceal their true thoughts.

       In fact, Suo Yang was like this before; only he displayed a false affability to others while they showed indifference.

       At the end of the day, it’s all the same thing.

       If it weren’t for Shen Huiming, Suo Yang might have ended up like his parents, who deliberately hid their emotions and feelings at first, and in the end, the ability to feel and express them gradually deteriorated.

       Suo Yang said, “My life has never been too bad, and there weren’t any exceptionally good things either. But after meeting Huiming, good things have been happening continuously.”

       The two people opposite were eating and listening without making any comments.

       Suo Yang stopped talking after saying this. His heart was beating fast, but nothing was abnormal on the surface.

       Shen Huiming was convinced of this family. If he was allowed to live in such an atmosphere, he may become depressed in just a few days, let alone a few years.

       “I understand.” Suo Yang’s mother finally responded.

       In this way, after finishing the meal in such an awkward and delicate atmosphere and putting down his chopsticks, Shen Huiming originally planned to help clean up, but then he heard Suo Yang’s father asking what time they would drive back.

       This was simply an eviction order.

       Suo Yang said, “We have booked a hotel for tomorrow.”

       They walked to the door, and the first meeting between Shen Huiming and Suo Yang’s parents was coming to an end.

       It might as well be over, Shen Huiming thought; if this continued, he almost didn’t know if he should breathe.

       When the two of them changed their shoes and were about to go out, Suo Yang’s father stopped them.

       “Wait a minute.” Suo Yang’s father entered the house and came out soon, holding a bank card in his hand.

       “The money you transferred over the years.” Suo Yang’s father handed the card to him, “We haven’t touched any of it. The password is your birthday.”

       Shen Huiming frowned subconsciously.

       Suo Yang also frowned at the same time. He never thought that in the end, he would be stabbed in the heart.

       He thought that the door of the house had opened for him, and even if there was no warm hug, at least it had begun to relax. But it turned out that he was overthinking it.

       He was stunned but finally took the bank card.

       Suo Yang left with Shen Huiming, went downstairs and walked out of the community without looking back.

       In the winter afternoon, the sunshine was actually gentle, but Suo Yang felt somewhat cold.

       He walked quickly outside the neighbourhood, not even having the extra energy to see if Shen Huiming was following him.

       After exiting the neighbourhood gate and turning a corner, Suo Yang walked into the alley and squatted down with his back against the wall.

       Shen Huiming had never seen him like this before, and he felt as much pain as if he had been on a torture device.

       He went over, squatted next to Suo Yang, and gently stroked Suo Yang’s hair.

       In winter, the white mist they exhaled swirled around, and Shen Huiming suddenly felt that it was very cold today. If Suo Yang cried here, his tears would probably freeze.

       But Suo Yang didn’t cry. He just squatted there for a while and then grabbed Shen Huiming’s hand.

       His head was buried in his arms, and his hands held Shen Huiming tightly.

       Shen Huiming stayed with him quietly, watching him, waiting for him to slowly adjust his emotions.

       Suo Yang said before that there was nothing too bad in his life, but Shen Huiming knew it, so he just didn’t say it.

       In this way, the two of them squatted at the alley entrance for a long time until their legs became numb.

       They helped each other stand up, and Suo Yang smiled, “We seem to be in our seventies.”

       Shen Huiming saw him smiling, but he couldn’t breathe a sigh of relief. He hugged him over distressedly and leaned against the wall together to relieve the soreness and numbness in his legs.

       “There is a bank in front.” Suo Yang said, “Come with me.”

       Shen Huiming looked at him doubtfully.

       Suo Yang put his hand in his pocket and held the bank card, “If they don’t want this money, then so be it. I’ll transfer it to my own account, and maybe I can make an early payment on the mortgage for the house.”

       He spoke very softly, and every word drifted away with the white mist he exhaled.

       However, these words were particularly weighty and weighed heavily on Shen Huiming’s heart.

       “Where will you take me to reminisce about your youth later?” Shen Huiming took his hand and walked towards the bank, deliberately changing the subject.

       “Go to my school, my high school,” Suo Yang said, “go to the big tree where I was confessed to by a girl, and confess your love to me again.”

       Shen Huiming smiled and nodded, “Okay, as long as I can get in, I can confess my love ten thousand times.”

       Both of them laughed, but their hearts were sour.

       Suo Yang and the others went to the bank’s self-service deposit and withdrawal machine. He just didn’t want to keep the card because it was hard to look at.

       However, when he inserted the card and entered the password, he found that everything was not the case.

       The money in this card was far more than what he had transferred to his parents in the past few years, even several times more.

       “What’s wrong?” Shen Huiming stood behind him. After waiting for a while, he found that Suo Yang was standing there motionless. He was a little worried and went up to ask.

       “Huiming,” Suo Yang said to Shen Huiming, staring at the balance above, “they lied to me.”


       “This is not just the money I transferred to them.” Suo Yang choked up when he said this. “The money I transferred in the past few years has only been tens of thousands, but here is 300,000.”

       This time, Shen Huiming was also confused.

       “You read that right?”

       Suo Yang pulled him over, “Look.”

       Shen Huiming glanced at the screen, frowned and said, “It’s true.”

       When he turned his head, he found tears on Suo Yang’s face.

       “I still misunderstood them.” Suo Yang raised his hand, wiped the tears from his face, and said with a smile, “They still want me.”

       Seeing him like this, Shen Huiming couldn’t hold himself any longer and went over to hug him in his arms.

       Shen Huiming didn’t know what to say at all. He couldn’t criticize Suo Yang’s parents because they were his lover’s family after all, but it was undeniable that the way they expressed their feelings was really not acceptable. He didn’t know if it was a knife or candy.

       Shen Huiming was so distressed that he hugged Suo Yang tightly and gently stroked his back, “Yes, they have figured it out.”

       Suo Yang closed his eyes and bit Shen Huiming’s shoulder.

       He tried his best not to cry out, but the more he tried to restrain himself, the more he couldn’t control himself.

       He was so uncomfortable; he had suppressed it for so many years, and it could finally be released today.

       The knot that was about to strangle him was finally untied today.

       Suo Yang didn’t blame his parents at all because he understood them, and actions that were incomprehensible to others actually had a sense of grace to Suo Yang.

       It was already good to be like this.

       Suo Yang bit Shen Huiming’s shoulder and still cried.

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