In addition to the driver, there were also a few passengers sitting in the car.

       When the driver saw Song Jun hesitating to get on the bus, he looked over and asked, “Do you want to get in?”

       Song Jun felt strange and asked the driver, “Sir, why is there still a bus at this time?”

       The driver said, “Oh, the bus broke down just now. It took some time to repair it. Isn’t this the last bus again? We have to make sure to drop off all the passengers at the station.”

       After Song Jun heard what he said, he didn’t doubt anything anymore and got on the bus.

       There were about four or five people in the car, all sitting in the back rows. Song Jun also habitually sat in the empty seat at the back. There was a woman sitting in front of him. Song Jun didn’t pay close attention to her appearance. He felt very tired after working until now, so he closed his eyes.

       After all, he was on the bus, so Song Jun didn’t dare to sleep too deeply and kept paying attention to the bus station announcements.

       But after a long time, the radio in the but never sounded, and it never stopped.

       Song Jun opened his eyes and looked outside, and suddenly found that it was dark outside, and he had no idea where the bus had driven to.

       This was not normal because even late at night, the city was brightly lit, and the street lights everywhere were on, so there would definitely not be a situation of total darkness.

       Song Jun was confused just now, and he wondered if he had slept through it.

       He couldn’t help but turn around and see that there were still those few people on the bus, all sitting in their original positions with indifferent expressions.

       Song Jun began to get nervous at this time. He stood up and walked forward, looking out through the large windshield in front of the bus. With the headlights, he could only see that the bus was still on the same path. Driving on the road, but not much more can be seen.

       “Sir, Sir!” He called the driver twice.

       The driver turned to look at him, “What’s wrong?”

       Song Jun asked, “Where is this place? Have you passed South Road Station?”

       The driver said coldly, “We haven’t arrived yet. What’s the rush?”

       Song Jun didn’t know whether he should believe it or not. He asked again, “Why is it so dark outside?”

       The driver was silent for a moment before answering him, “The power is out.”

       Song Jun asked, “How long will it take to arrive?”

       At this time, the driver turned around and glared at him fiercely. The expression was so ferocious that Song Jun caught his breath, and he dared not ask again.

       Song Jun did not return to his seat. He grabbed the armrest and stood in front for a while. This time, he was sure that more than one stop had passed, but the driver had not stopped at all, and the person sitting on the bus had not gotten off at all. Those people were completely unresponsive.

       He didn’t dare to wait any longer and shouted, “Stop! Stop! I want to get off!”

       Even if it was dark outside, it was better than staying on this eerie bus.

       However, after Song Jun shouted loudly, the driver pulled over. The bus came to a stop, and the rear doors opened promptly.

       He stood in front of the car door. Song Jun saw the darkness outside, and the bus door was like a monster’s mouth that was about to swallow him in the next second.

       Despite his fear, Song Jun got out of the car.

       However, Song Jun was not the only one who got off the bus. The woman who was sitting in front of him also got off the bus after him.

       The door closed, and the bus continued to drive forward.

       Song Jun stood on the side of the road and was stunned for a while. His eyes adjusted to the darkness around him, and he realised that he was not in the city centre at all, but he didn’t know where he was in the wilderness.

       The woman stood not far from him and did not move.

       Song Jun glanced at her and saw that she lowered her head and kept looking at her toes.

       After hesitating for a moment, Song Jun did not speak to the woman but walked in the opposite direction to the bus. The woman actually followed him over.

       Song Jun couldn’t help but pay attention to the woman behind him as if he was afraid that she would pounce on him and strangle him in the next second.

       However, that didn’t happen. The woman just kept following Song Jun.

       Until Song Jun stopped, turned around and asked, “Why are you following me?”

       The woman raised her head to look at him. She was a young and beautiful woman, she looked to be in her early twenties, wearing a beautiful and elegant long dress with a small coat outside.

       She smiled, simple and gentle, and said to Song Jun, “Are you lost?”

       Song Jun looked at the young woman who looked like a rich lady in front of him and felt that she did not look like a monster or a bad person, but he still couldn’t help but be wary and asked, “Who are you?”

       The woman waved her hand and said, “Don’t get me wrong, I felt something strange on that bus just now, but I didn’t dare to speak. When I heard you ask to stop, I immediately followed you.”

       Although he was still sceptical, Song Jun had to admit that he was slightly relieved after hearing the woman say this.

       It was better to know that someone was with him in this unfamiliar environment than to be alone and scared.

       “Where are you going?” Song Jun asked, and he began to think that he might be able to send this woman home first.

       The woman smiled, with a friendly look on her face, and said, “Actually, I live not far from here. I thought you couldn’t find your way back, so I want you to come to my house first.”

       Song Jun suddenly became wary again. He didn’t believe it was such a coincidence. This woman obviously followed him and got off near him, so how could she conveniently live in the vicinity?

       The woman seemed to see that Song Jun didn’t believe it, so she didn’t extend the invitation again. She said, “Then I’ll walk with you for a while and see if you can get a taxi.”

       Song Jun didn’t know how to answer her, so he continued walking forward silently.

       As they walked, the woman introduced herself, “My name is Tu Zhenzhen, and I am a student at University C.”

       Song Jun paused for a moment, “You’re also from University C?”

       “Huh?” Tu Zhenzhen said in a very excited tone, “Are you too?”

       Song Jun nodded.

       Tu Zhenzhen said, “What a coincidence. I am studying fashion design, and I am in my third year of college this year.”

       Song Jun stopped and turned around to see Tu Zhenzhen looking at him strangely. He hesitated and said, “Where is your home? I’d better take you back first.”

       Tu Zhenzhen smiled when she heard this, tilted her head and said, “No, I see you are very scared, so I’d better see you off. There might be a taxi ahead.”

       Song Jun was embarrassed by what she said. He himself was in a daze and a little wary. He also felt that this girl, who was younger than him, should not be a bad person. He thought for a while and felt that it would be better to send Tu Zhenzhen back first.

       Song Jun said, “Let me take you back. Didn’t you say it’s not far?”

       Tu Zhenzhen said, “Hmm…” He hesitated for a moment and said, “Okay, if you’re not afraid, you can go in and sit for a while and then leave after dawn.”

       After saying that, Tu Zhenzhen raised her hand and pointed to a place not far away, “It’s right there.”

       Song Jun looked in the direction she pointed and found that there was a two-story villa along the path. The villa was lit up and was the only lit building nearby.

       Song Jun followed her in that direction and asked curiously, “Are your parents at home?”

       Tu Zhenzhen shook her head, “No.”

       After she said this, she said nothing more, so it was not convenient for Song Jun to continue asking.

       After accompanying Tu Zhenzhen to the door of her house, Song Jun planned to leave.

       Tu Zhenzhen opened the door to the room, and a warm yellow light suddenly shone out from inside, looking very reassuring. Tu Zhenzhen said to Song Jun, “Come in and sit down. Even though you are a guy, it is too dangerous to walk alone at night.”

       Perhaps it was because bright light would make people feel at ease. Song Jun saw the bright and comfortable look inside the living room and instantly did not want to go back to the darkness.

       Tu Zhenzhen didn’t force him. She just stood by the door and invited him.

       Song Jun hesitated.

       Tu Zhenzhen said, “Why don’t you come in and I’ll get you a glass of water, and take a rest.”

       Song Jun finally nodded and followed Tu Zhenzhen into the house.

       Tu Zhenzhen warmly invited him to sit down on the sofa and turned on the TV for him. Song Jun suddenly felt that this kind of warmth and comfort made him feel safe. Maybe he was thinking too much. He could really stay here. For example, maybe he could sleep on a large and soft sofa and wait until dawn before leaving.

       Tu Zhenzhen poured him a cup of tea and asked him if he wanted to call a family member or friend to pick him up.

       Song Jun saw that it was already one-thirty in the morning and almost two o’clock in the morning. He shook his head and said no. The only people he could think of now were Senior Brother Xia and Senior Brother Bu. No matter which one, he was embarrassed to make calls at this time to disturb people’s sleep.

       At this time, Song Jun heard a man’s voice from upstairs, shouting, “Zhenzhen!”

       Song Jun was stunned. The man’s voice did not sound young. He sounded like Tu Zhenzhen’s father, but she had just said that her parents were not at home.

       Then, Song Jun heard a rapid cough coming from upstairs.

       Tu Zhenzhen quickly said to Song Jun, “Sit down for a moment. I’ll go up and take a look first.” After saying that, she hurried upstairs.

       Song Jun picked up the teacup and looked at it, then put it down after a slight hesitation. The presence of a man in the room made him feel a little concerned. He felt that the most basic precautions should be taken.

       The decoration and furnishings in the room looked simple and elegant. There were two large blue and white porcelain vases next to the TV cabinet, which looked expensive.

       Song Jun stood up and couldn’t help but look around the room, noticing a faint fragrance in the air.

       From time to time, the sound of a man coughing and the sound of two people talking in low voices came from the second floor. Song Jun couldn’t hear clearly what they were talking about, and he didn’t have the nerve to get closer to eavesdrop.

       There was a small makeup mirror placed on top of the speaker next to the TV cabinet. Song Jun didn’t notice it at first. When he passed by, he suddenly noticed from the corner of his eye that the person in the mirror was not himself but a wrinkled face. old man.

       After being stunned for a moment, Song Jun came closer to take a closer look and found that it was still himself that was reflected in the mirror. There was nothing strange about it. The picture he just saw seemed to be just an illusion.

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