Xia Hongshen clearly didn’t seem too concerned about the fact that Song Jun had lost the fragment of the Thousand Years Lamp he had worked hard to collect.

       Song Jun, however, was quite bothered by this because the item was lost while in his possession. Moreover, he noticed that lately, Xia Hongshen’s interests had changed into dilly-dallying with him. Song Jun felt very puzzled by this behaviour, as their relationship wasn’t like that. The constant hugging and touching felt almost like a form of harassment.

       Since Xia Hongshen didn’t seem to care, Song Jun thought of someone—Long Xing.

       Long Xing was a policeman, so finding a thief who stole mobile phones would not be a big problem.

       Song Jun gave Long Xing a call for this purpose. Long Xing asked him in detail the brand and model of his mobile phone, where he lost it, and who might have stolen it.

       Hearing his careful question, Song Jun also recalled the incident carefully, and suddenly, he remembered the young man who passed by him.

       Song Jun said, “When I was going out, a boy bumped into me. I don’t know if it was to steal my mobile phone.”

       Long Xing then asked him to recall the boy’s appearance and clothing.

       Song Jun thought for a while and told Long Xing everything he could recall. Long Xing then told him that he would check it out and asked him to just wait for the news.

       Two days later, Long Xing came to the Forensic Medicine building and told Song Jun that he had discovered something strange.

       “What?” Song Jun asked.

       Long Xing said, “I’ve asked quite a few people, but it seems that no one at the campus saw anyone matching the description of the young person you mentioned that day. I even checked the surveillance camera at the intersection ahead during the time you specified, and there was no young person with the characteristics you described passing through there.”

       Song Jun was a little disappointed.

       Long Xing said to him, “Let me check again. Most of these thieves are habitual thieves, and I’m sure they’ll do it again.”

       Song Jun thanked him and then said, “My mobile phone is actually not important. The important thing is that it has Senior Brother Xia’s Thousand Years Lamp fragments on it.”

       “Oh?” Long Xing was also a little surprised when he heard this, “Have you ever thought that that person might not have come to steal your phone but came for the Thousand Years Lamp?”

       Song Jun looked at him and suddenly felt a little terrified for some reason. If they were there for Thousand Years Lamp, then that person probably was not an ordinary person, and he didn’t know what kind of weird stuff it was.

       The place where the two met was in Xia Hongshen’s office. While they were talking, Xia Hongshen suddenly came in from outside.

       Today, there was a case for autopsy on the first floor. He didn’t take off his white coat, and there was still a trace of blood. When he walked in and saw Song Jun, he came over and hugged him.

       Song Jun was startled and disliked the fact that he was dirty, so he quickly wanted to push him away.

       When Long Xing saw Xia Hongshen, he happily shouted, “Teacher Xia!”

       Xia Hongshen reached out and touched Long Xing’s head and then continued to hold Song Jun, rubbing his face against the top of his head.

       Song Jun pushed him away with great strength and said, “I’m leaving first!” Then he ran out of Xia Hongshen’s office with a red face.

       Upon returning to the dormitory, Song Jun had no choice but to take off all his clothes and change. He thought to himself since it was Xia Hongshen’s stuff anyway, so he wasn’t in a hurry. He couldn’t figure out why he was in such a hurry, so he decided not to bother about it and let things be.

       However, losing a mobile phone was always a troublesome thing. After changing clothes, Song Jun sat in front of the computer, searching for a new mobile phone.

       In the evening, Song Jun went to the supermarket near the campus alone.

       He stood in front of the pet supplies counter, and Song Jun was in a daze. The little black cat seemed to have not come to him for a long time, and he didn’t know what it was doing…

       Song Jun picked up a bag of cat food, but he put it back afterwards. When he turned around, he saw the boy with curly yellow hair and fair skin again.

       The boy was carrying a backpack and seemed to be visiting the supermarket.

       As soon as he saw him, Song Jun followed him subconsciously. When he got closer, he stopped again, thinking that even if he rushed over, that guy probably wouldn’t admit that he had stolen his mobile phone.

       Song Jun kept chasing him after paying the bill and walking out of the supermarket. He didn’t expect to be able to stop him but just wanted to follow the man to see if he went back to campus. As long as he knew which dormitory he lived in, he could stop, tell Long Xing the situation and let Long Xing investigate.

       The young man didn’t seem to notice anyone following him. He came out of the supermarket and walked in the direction of the campus.

       Song Jun followed him at a close distance. One after another, they walked to the street at the south gate of the campus. This street was very lively every night. In addition to many restaurants, there were also a lot of bars and pubs, and the milk tea shop where Song Jun works was also on this street.

       Seeing that he was getting closer and closer to the campus gate, Song Jun could confirm that the boy was a student of the campus, but he saw him standing at the door of the public toilet on the right side of the street and stopped.

       The boy looked up at the public toilet door for a while. Just when Song Jun thought he was going in, he walked into a small alley next to the public toilet.

       It was a dead end.

       Song Jun passes this street almost every day. He didn’t need to confirm it at all. He could definitely say that there was no road in that alley; it was just a dead end between the public toilet and a barber shop next to it.

       There were no lights in the alley, but it was not completely dark because there were tall street lights next to it.

       He cautiously leaned closer to take a look but found that there was no sign of the young man in the alley. The boy disappeared in this roadless alley.

       Unable to resist, Song Jun took a few steps towards the inside, wondering if the young man had noticed being followed and had jumped over the wall to enter the school directly from there. Suddenly, he noticed an iron gate at the end of the alley.”

       Was there ever a gate here? Song Jun found that he really couldn’t remember clearly.

       He stood there blankly for a while and made up his mind to turn around and leave immediately, but before he could leave, a tall man suddenly appeared behind him, put a hand on his shoulder and said, “What? Do you want to go in, classmate? Come with me.”

       Song Jun said, “I don’t…”

       The man’s hands were very strong, and he obviously didn’t listen to what Song Jun had to say. He only said two words, and the person already pulled him behind the iron gate.

       Inside the iron gate was a bar.

       It looked like a very ordinary bar, with people drinking and chatting. But it didn’t look like the bars that appeared around the campus because the people here didn’t look like students.

       There were a lot of people in the bar, and Song Jun felt less scared after he came in because, with so many people, there wouldn’t be any demons suddenly appearing.

       He turned to look at the man next to him and found that he was very tall, probably close to two meters tall, and very strong.

       The man smiled at him and patted his back, almost knocking him down.

       Many people in the bar looked in this direction and seemed a little surprised to see Song Jun. Some people asked, “Who is he? How did he get in?”

       The tall man said, “I brought him here.”

       Many gazes were directed in this direction. The man took Song Jun’s hand and walked forward, saying, “Where is Ling Xiao?”

       The bartender in front of the bar said, “There’s a show tonight. The boss is in the back explaining things.”

       The man smiled and said, “That’s great.” He grabbed Song Jun’s hand and walked to the table on the side to sit down. “Stay and watch the show.”

       Song Jun’s arm felt hurt from being pulled by him. At this time, he finally had the opportunity to ask, “Who are you? What on earth is this place?”

       The man crossed his legs, hugged his right knee with both hands and said to him, “The Bar.”

       Song Jun stood up, “I’m leaving.”

       But the man pulled him hard and said, “Sit down and watch the show.”

       Seeing the tension in the man’s muscular arms and the absence of a smile on his face, Song Jun felt a bit nervous. The man’s countenance appeared dark and serious. Suddenly, Song Jun turned his head and glanced at the bar once again.

       The bar still looked nothing special, with a small stage in the middle. At this time, all the guests’ attention fell on the stage in the middle, but at the same time, many people were paying attention to him.

       He felt like this was a small bar where the guests were all familiar with each other, but he was a stranger who had barged in for no reason, and everyone was wary of him.

       The performance was about to start. Song Jun didn’t know what kind of performance it would be, but he suddenly felt a little excited at this time.

       Before the performance officially started, a waiter came to Song Jun’s table. While looking at Song Jun, he whispered something in the man’s ear. The man waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, call Ling Xiao to come over later, he knows.”

       The waiter said nothing more, apologised and left.

       Song Jun asked softly at this time, “What kind of performance is it?”

       The man said to him, “Murder.”

       Song Jun was stunned when he heard this.

       At this time, the spotlight on the stage lit up, and the performance officially began. Song Jun saw a young man being pushed out of the stage with his eyes covered, his mouth gagged, and his hands and feet bound.

       The person was clearly the boy with yellow curly hair from before.

       Song Jun stood up in surprise and was pulled to sit down by the man next to him.

       Unable to calm down, he asked, “You want to kill him?”

       The man said, “I’m just watching the show, why are you so anxious!”

       Next, Song Jun saw another man go up to the stage. The man held a whip in his hand and slapped the boy hard on the face.

       Immediately, blood flowed from the young man’s face.

       Immediately afterwards, the whip in the man’s hand struck the young man’s body one after another. The young man groaned miserably, and soon, blood seeped out all over his body.

       Song Jun looked at this scene in disbelief, his hands trembling a little. He simply couldn’t believe that there was such a terrible and dehumanising performance just outside the campus separated by a wall. No. How could this called a performance? This was a massacre.

       He stood up again, and the man reached out to pull him. He grabbed the man’s arm and bit him hard.

       The man waved his hand, and Song Jun was pushed away by a strong force, and his body knocked over a table next door. Ignoring the pain and the commotion, he got up from the ground and rushed towards the stage. He wanted to stop the cruel performance from continuing.

       However, he still failed to go up. When he first stepped onto the stairs, he was stopped by a man. The man was wearing black clothes and pants, with strong features and a scar diagonally across one cheek.

       Song Jun was hugged directly by him, and he looked at each other face to face. He heard the man’s deep voice and asked doubtfully, “Chunjun?”

       The moment he heard these two words, Song Jun felt as if his head had been hit hard by something. Something surged up, but he couldn’t catch anything.

       However, the man immediately threw him away and said, “You are not Chunjun. How could Chunjun be like this?”

       Song Jun fell heavily to the ground.

       At this time, the man who brought Song Jun in came over and shouted, “Ling Xiao.”

       Ling Xiao, the man in black, looked towards him.

       The tall man leaned into his ear and said something unknown.

       Ling Xiao’s cold face showed a slightly surprised look, and then he looked at Song Jun and said, “Are you really Chunjun?”

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