The inhumane abuse on the stage continued, and Song Jun was horrified. He stood up again and tried to stop them but was knocked to the ground again by Ling Xiao.

       Ling Xiao stepped on Song Jun’s chest with the hard soles of his leather boots and asked the question again, “Are you really Chunjun?”

       Song Jun said, “What Chunjun?! I don’t know what you are talking about!”

       Ling Xiao stretched out a hand to raise Song Jun’s face, looked at it carefully for a moment, and said, “He is very similar to Chunjun.”

       At this time, the tall man who brought Song Jun in came over and said, “Ling Xiao, you can see clearly. This man is really Chunjun, and I have seen him with Demon Zhen with my own eyes, and now Fengliu1Feng Junyuan and Longshao2Long Xing and Yueya[/mfn]Xi Anling[/mfn] have appeared, and the person next to that old demon can only be Chunjun.”

       Ling Xiao’s expression was icy cold, and no one knew what he was thinking. After a while, he said, “Do you understand any of what I just said?”

       The man was stunned when he heard this.

       Ling Xiao said, “I have never seen Chunjun show such pure and kind eyes. How could the former best killing sword in the world become like this?”

       Song Jun still didn’t understand what they were talking about. He turned his head with difficulty and looked at the stage. The young man had been whipped to the point of dying. Song Jun has heard of this kind of punishment in ancient times. People who have been flogged may or may not die, but he always believed that it was caused by wound infection due to a lack of medical conditions in ancient times. But today, he might have to see how a person was beaten to death with a whip.

       The boy was lying on the stage at this time, and the clothes on his back had become tattered, and the flesh and blood oozing out of it could be seen. Although his mouth was blocked, Song Jun could still hear his ragged gasps. There was a wheezing sound, and the rhythm of the breathing began to become slower and slower.

       The audience in the bar was very excited. At first, they were attracted by the commotion in Song Jun’s direction. Later, when they saw Ling Xiao catching the person, they all turned their attention back to the stage. At this time, some people were even whistling and cheering, and some shouted, “Kill him!”

       Song Jun looked back at Ling Xiao and said, “He is really going to die.”

       Ling Xiao said to him, “So what if he dies? You have been stained with the blood of so many people. Why are you so pretentious now? Is it possible that by ascending with Demon Zhen, you can really develop a bodhisattva heart?” Ling Xiao laughed out loud, “What a joke!”

       Song Jun looked confused. He had no idea what Ling Xiao was talking about, but he vaguely felt that it had something to do with him.

       At this time, the boy was grabbed by his legs and dragged towards the backstage.

       The stage lights were turned off and replaced with soft music, restoring the original atmosphere.

       Song Jun wondered if there was a way for him to escape after witnessing all this. Could he call the police? Would Xia Hongshen come to him if he found out that he was missing? Was there any way Long Xing could find out his whereabouts?

       While he was thinking anxiously, Ling Xiao grabbed him and threw him on the sofa next to him.

       Song Jun struggled to stand up when he suddenly saw the dying boy who had been whipped on the stage walking out from the backstage. He had changed into a set of clothes, and his whole body looked intact, without any trace of injury.

       Seeing his appearance, Song Jun was stunned.

       The young man also noticed Song Jun looking at him and walked towards this direction. Suddenly, he transformed into a golden fox and rushed towards Song Jun, wanting to bite him.

       As a result, Ling Xiao grabbed the back of its neck, threw it aside, and hit the drum kit next to the stage hard.

       The little fox turned over and stood up, baring his teeth.

       Ling Xiao shouted, “If you make trouble again, get out.”

       The little fox glanced at Ling Xiao, finally restrained his claws, and sat down to stare at Song Jun.

       Song Jun’s face turned pale with fright because he had seen Xiang Wenshi before, but now he finally reacted quickly and said, “A demon?”

       “Are you afraid of demons?” Ling Xiao sneered, “You have been with that old Demon Zhen for so long, and you are still afraid of demons?”

       Song Jun still shook his head, “I don’t understand what you are talking about?”

       Ling Xiao was about to speak when suddenly, the little fox sitting on the ground said, “He killed my brother!”

       Song Jun looked at the little fox. Although he knew he was a demon, he couldn’t help but ask in surprise, “He was clearly beaten up just now…”

       “It’s just an illusion,” Ling Xiao explained, “Xiang Wenxi doesn’t have any other abilities. He’s just good at illusion.”

       Song Jun looked at the little fox named Xiang Wenxi and asked, “Are you Teacher Xiang’s younger brother?”

       Ling Xiao snorted coldly, seeming to be very disdainful of Xiang Wenshi.

       Song Jun thought of another thing, “So you stole my mobile phone? You wanted to steal pieces of Thousand Years Lamp?”

       Before Ling Xiao could speak this time, he suddenly heard a fierce banging sound coming from the door of the bar.

       The originally noisy environment in the bar immediately became quiet. The guests all stood up and looked towards the door of the bar. Then they heard another noise, and it turned out that someone was banging on the door outside.

       Ling Xiao said, “Demon Zhen.”

       The whole bar suddenly became commotion because of these two words.

       Ling Xiao grabbed Song Jun and threw him at the little fox, saying, “Take him first!”

       The little fox grew taller and bigger than a person. It used its tail to wrap up Song Jun on its back like Xiang Wenshi had done before and ran towards the back of the stage.

       Song Jun only felt that the scenery in front of him was changing rapidly. He couldn’t see anything clearly at all. He only felt that the fur under his body was soft. He was being carried by this golden fox, and he didn’t know where he was running.

       After an unknown amount of time, the little fox stopped, slowly walked forward a few steps, loosened its tail, and let Song Jun roll to the ground.

       Song Jun’s stomach jolted, and he almost vomited.

       The little fox also turned into a human form. He reached out and grabbed a handful of shaggy golden hair on his head and pulled out the pendant around his neck from his collar. Song Jun saw that it was clearly a piece of Thousand Years Lamp, which had been used as a mobile phone chain before on his phone.

       “Where is this?” Song Jun asked, stroking his chest.

       Xiang Wenxi said, “This is an abandoned building in the north of the city, fenced off and waiting for demolition.”

       Song Jun stood up and found that the surrounding area was pitch black. It looked like an abandoned building, and the entire floor was very open. It might have been a large shopping mall or supermarket in the past.

       Until now, Song Jun didn’t know much about what happened except that the boy in front of him was a fox demon. He didn’t even know why he escaped with him.

       The surroundings were dark and terrifying.

       He asked Xiang Wenxi, “Why do we come here?”

       Xiang Wenxi stood quietly and said, “Waiting here for Ling Xiao to come over.”

       Song Jun was not willing to stay here and wait for Ling Xiao to come over. Because the surrounding was a completely closed environment, there was no light at all. He didn’t even know which direction to go.

       But he still tried to take a step and then heard Xiang Wenxi say, “Don’t move recklessly, or you might get trapped in my illusion.”

       “What illusion?” Despite asking, Song Jun still tried to take a step forward.

       At this time, he saw light coming from a distance.

       “Who is it?” Someone asked loudly from a distance while walking in the direction with a flashlight.

       Song Jun looked back at Xiang Wenxi and saw that Xiang Wenxi had not moved, so he took two steps in the direction of that person and asked, “Who are you?”

       The man walked closer and closer with a flashlight. Song Jun finally saw his appearance clearly. He was a simple middle-aged man. The man said, “I’m the gatekeeper. Who are you? This building is scheduled for demolition. Why did you come in? There’s nothing here!”

       Song Jun breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I’m sorry, I’m going out right now.”

       “Tsk!” the middle-aged man said, “I don’t know how you sneaked up here. Young people nowadays really think there is nothing here. What is there to do? Come on, follow me out!”

       Of course Song Jun would like someone to take him out.

       Looking back, Song Jun wanted to find Xiang Wenxi but found that he had disappeared.

       The middle-aged man urged him, “Let’s go quickly.”

       Song Jun hesitated, and asked the man, “Uncle, did you just see a young man with me?”

       When the middle-aged man heard this, he said, “Where is the young man? I only see you.”

       Song Jun said, “The one standing next to me.”

       The middle-aged man held up a flashlight and waved around, “There’s no one around. Don’t scare people by telling nonsense at night. I saw you were alone from the beginning to the end.”

       Xiang Wenxi was a demon, and Song Jun had not forgotten it. Compared with the demon, Song Jun felt that the uncle in front of him was more reliable. After hearing the middle-aged man’s urging again, Song Jun followed him forward.

       When they were far away, Xiang Wenxi appeared on the spot, looked at the direction Song Jun left and said, “I told you not to walk around casually.”

       Whether it was a supermarket or a shopping mall, it was surrounded by a completely closed environment. It was already night, and the lights from outside couldn’t penetrate at all.

       The road Song Jun could see was illuminated by the middle-aged people next to him holding flashlights.

       He didn’t know which direction they were walking in, but large shopping malls like this usually only had elevators, and the stairs were often in the corners of the shopping mall, making them not easy to find. The old shopping mall had a power outage, so of course, it was impossible to take the elevator downstairs. Maybe they could go down from the stopped elevator, but he didn’t know if it had been demolished, so the middle-aged man around him probably took him to the stairs to find the safe passage.

       “It’s so dark. How did you find your way up?” the middle-aged person asked. “Aren’t you afraid?”

       Song Jun didn’t know how to answer, so he had to say, “I originally had a flashlight, but it ran out of power just now.”

       The middle-aged man responded, “Oh… What’s so fun about this? You’re still a student, right? A middle school student?”

       “No, I’m a college student,” Song Jun was embarrassed to say that he was a graduate student.

       As the middle-aged man walked, the flashlight in his hand swayed up and down according to his walking posture. Song Jun could not see in the distance. He could only see the road ahead, which was full of dust and waste.

       The two people walked to a wooden door. If they expected correctly, there should be a safe passage behind this fire door.

       Song Jun was half a step behind the middle-aged man, and he waited for the middle-aged man to open the door.

       At this time, the middle-aged man said again, “It’s so dark. How did you find your way up? Aren’t you afraid?”

       Song Jun was about to answer him when he suddenly realised that this middle-aged man had only asked this question once before, and the content of the question was exactly the same as his previous question.

       After hesitating for a moment, Song Jun said, “My flashlight is out of power.”

       Then, he heard the middle-aged man say, “Oh… What’s so fun about this? You’re still a student, right? A middle school student?”

       After hearing these words, Song Jun’s arms were instantly covered with goosebumps. He slowly raised his head and looked at the middle-aged man’s face.

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