“The Nine Gates Yin Repelling Formation’s centre has been broken,” Xia Hongshen’s surroundings returned to the normal appearance of the haunted house, but he knew that the person setting up the spell array was not the person in front of him.

       This person was the person who was chased and hid from them just now, and he was also from the Demon Market.

       He was looking at Xia Hongshen in horror, as well as Ling Xiao and Xiang Wenxi, who came immediately after breaking the formation. Only Song Jun was missing.

       Although this man was said to be from the Demon Market, even he did not know the true identity of the owner of the Demon Market.

       “I have met the owner of the Demon City, but he always wears a mask when he appears. Since my cultivation is low, I don’t know his true identity.”

       “Who set up this spell array?” Xia Hongshen asked.

       The man said, “It was none other than the Lord of the Demon Market.”

       Ling Xiao frowned and asked, “Where did he go? Where did Song Jun go?”

       The man shook his head repeatedly and said that he didn’t know anything.

       Xiang Wenxi stepped forward, picked up his lapel, pointed at Xia Hongshen and said, “Have you never seen Demon Zhen? Are you not afraid that he will swallow you up if you dare to lie?”

       The man had a grimace on his face, “Of course I know about him, the Great Immortal, but I’ve told you everything I know, and I really don’t know about the rest.”

       Xiang Wenxi didn’t believe it, “Then why did you deliberately lead us here?”

       The man said, “I only followed the master’s orders. He said that if you all came, I should lead you all into the formation.”

       “You all?” Xia Hongshen asked.

       The man saw Xia Hongshen’s cold expression and felt frightened. He said, “It’s not you, but the young man who was travelling with you. He was the one Ling Xiao and the others called Immortal Sword Chunjun that day in the Demon Market.”

       Xiang Wenxi threw him away and looked at Xia Hongshen, “What should we do?”

       Xia Hongshen closed his eyes, slowly spread his arms, took a deep breath, and after exhaling, he let out a loud and intense roar—

       Xiang Wenxi immediately covered his ears in pain, and Ling Xiao pulled him away quickly.

       The entire amusement park trembled slightly with his roar.

       At this time, in the City God Temple, Song Jun raised his head in shock and said, “What was that sound?”

       Cen Le said softly, “Don’t panic. The demonic energy is spreading in the city, and the monsters are just restless.”

       Song Jun was still doubtful.

       With a wave of his hand, Cen Le completely blocked the passage between the amusement park and the City God’s Temple and, at the same time, completely isolated Xia Hongshen’s voice.

       Song Jun then turned around and continued to look at the lake, “No more?” he said.

       Cen Le said to him, “No more. What’s left is your memory in this life, which can no longer be seen from here.”

       Song Jun was silent for a moment and said, “I still don’t remember anything.”

       Cen Le raised his hand and gently touched the top of his head, “Because you drank Meng Po soup when you were reincarnated.”

       Song Jun was a little confused, “So those memories will never come back?”

       Cen Le did not answer him this time as if he acquiesced.

       Song Jun took a deep breath. His emotions were a little complicated. He couldn’t equate himself with Chunjun. After a moment of silence, he said, “So Senior Brother Xia came down to find Thousand Years Lamp because of me?”

       Cen Le smiled and said nothing.

       Song Jun squatted down slowly. He stretched out his hand to stir the water in the lake, and the scene he saw just now was completely gone.

       Cen Le said to him, “Princess Mei Ling is still waiting for him.”

       Song Jun heard this and turned to look at Cen Le in surprise.

       Cen Le said, “After retrieving Thousand Years Lamp, Demon Zhen will go back to the Heavenly Realm to get Princess Mei Ling, and at that time, the Jade Emperor might forgive you and allow you to return to the Heavenly Realm with Demon Zhen.”

       “Forgive us?” Song Jun repeated softly.

       “Chunjun,” Cen Le suddenly squatted down next to Song Jun, “stay,” he said while holding Song Jun’s hand.

       Song Jun was stunned for a moment.

       Cen Le said, “Demon Zhen just likes to collect weapons but doesn’t use them. Your value cannot be reflected at all by staying with him. What’s the point of following him back to heaven? Besides, you are not the only one around him. Do you still remember the days when you accompanied me on the battlefield?”

       Song Jun shook his head and retracted his hand, “I don’t remember,” he thought for a while and then said, “I don’t want to go to heaven with him.”

       Although he had no memory, he felt that the days in heaven did not look very good. If Xia Hongshen wanted to marry a princess when he returned, he would be even more unwilling to follow him back, but he also did not want to stay with Cen Le.

       Cen Le did not force him but asked, “Then what are your plans?”

       Song Jun said in a daze, “I want to get that memory back.” He looked at those pictures, but he had no idea what his past self was thinking, which made him feel uncomfortable.

       Hearing this, Cen Le said, “Let me help you find a way to neutralise the effect of Meng Po Soup.”

       Song Jun looked at him, “Is that okay?”

       Cen Le stroked the top of his head and said, “I’m willing to try it for you.”

       Feeling the other party’s gentleness, Song Jun suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. The memories of the past were right in front of him, and even though the person before him had once been his master, all he could think about was Xia Hongshen.

       “By the way,” thinking of this, Song Jun asked again, “Senior Brother Xia and Ling Xiao are still trapped in the haunted house. Will they be okay?”

       Cen Le said, “Of course nothing will happen. I am the City God, guarding the local yin and yang order, no one dares to mess around in my place.”

       Song Jun nodded slightly.


       Long Xing received an emergency call to the police that afternoon, saying that a man who had overdosed on drugs and had hallucinations was found in a community injuring people with a knife.

       After the 110 patrol officers arrived at the scene, they found that the situation was difficult to control and immediately requested support from the city bureau.

       Long Xing arrived at the scene and heard from his colleagues who had come earlier that the man had locked himself in the room with a knife and a hostage.

       They need to send someone to knock on the door and negotiate to attract his attention, and then one person could climb down from the upstairs window and seize the opportunity to break the window to save the person.

       Long Xing said, “I’ll go.”

       He secured a safety rope around his waist, then climbed out of the window of the upstairs house. Dangling, he slid down to the window of the floor below. Peering inside, he noticed that the assailant was currently distracted, holding a knife to the hostage’s neck while facing off with the people outside the door.

       He carefully reached out and pushed the window and found that it was locked from the inside and could not be opened.

       A colleague upstairs leaned out of the window to ask him about his situation, and he made two simple gestures.

       After a while, the people outside the door made a move to break in.

       The assailant shouted loudly not to come in, dragging the hostages back.

       Long Xing saw that the time was almost up; he clasped the outer edge of the window frame above his head with both hands, kicked through the glass with a strong kick, and entered.

       The assailant turned his head when he heard the noise, and Long Xing was stunned when he saw his face because his face was covered with scratched red sores, and his eyes were abnormally red.

       Although he was stunned for a moment, Long Xing still lifted his body into the air, wrapped his legs around the assailant’s neck and squeezed him hard.

       The assailant fell to the ground with his knife, and the hostages hurriedly crawled away from him.

       Long Xing subdued him, took out the handcuffs, tied the assailant’s hands behind his back, and then asked the hostage loudly, “Are you okay?”

       The man had not yet recovered from the shock.

       At this time, the assailant, who had been subdued by Long Xing, seemed to be going crazy. He twisted his neck at a terrible angle and bit Long Xing’s arm, making him bleed from the bite.

       When the colleague who broke in saw this scene, he stepped forward and kicked the assailant away and then worriedly asked Long Xing to quickly treat the wound. Because this person was a drug addict, the biggest fear was that he had AIDS.

       Long Xing did not react much. Even if this person really had AIDS, he would not be infected. However, he clearly noticed that his wound was filled with black mist that could not be seen with the naked eye. This was similar to the way Xia Hongshen was bitten by the beast. Just like wounds, they were manifestations of the invasion of demonic energy.

       He stood up and looked down at the assailant, still writhing on the ground. He couldn’t shake the feeling that the man seemed even more deranged, truly frightening. Concern washed over him involuntarily.

       After dealing with the assailant, Long Xing hurried to school to find Xia Hongshen. When he arrived, he found that Feng Junyuan and Xi Anling were both there, but Song Jun was missing.

       Xia Hongshen sat at the table and looked out the window expressionlessly.

       Xi Anling was very anxious and asked, “What happened to Song Jun?”

       Xia Hongshen glanced at her and said, “You don’t have to worry about it.”

       Upon hearing the words, Xi Anling felt the urge to get angry. However, seeing Xia Hongshen’s displeased expression, she didn’t dare to just leave like that. Just like that, she silently took a seat on the side.

       Xia Hongshen asked Long Xing, “What’s the matter?”

       Long Xing told Xia Hongshen what happened to him before.

       Xia Hongshen asked him to show him the wound on his hand.

       Long Xing stretched out his hand.

       Xia Hongshen looked at the wound on his hand and said, “There is indeed a demonic energy, but there’s no need to worry. Your body is not an ordinary mortal one; demonic energy cannot infiltrate through such minor wounds. In a few days, you’ll be healed.”

       Long Xing nodded and then asked, “What happened to Song Jun?”

       Xia Hongshen answered him, “Abducted.”

       Hearing this, Long Xing glanced at Feng Junyuan and Xi Anling next to him.

       Feng Junyuan shook his head, indicating that he didn’t know the situation.

       “The spread of demonic energy outside seems to be getting more and more serious,” Long Xing said, sitting down next to Xia Hongshen’s crib.

       Xia Hongshen did not comment.

       Feng Junyuan said, “My mentor has also fallen ill, the hospital is now overloaded with patients, doctors and nurses are being infected one by one, the situation is terrible.”

       Long Xing said, “The government has ordered the closure of roads in and out of the city, and medical rescue teams are on their way, but judging from this situation, it may be difficult to be effective.”

       Xia Hongshen suddenly raised his head and looked at the sky outside the window.

       Long Xing and the others fell silent, waiting for Xia Hongshen to speak.

       “Soon,” Xia Hongshen said, “The Jade Emperor won’t ignore this. The city may soon face an imminent catastrophe that will bury both those tainted by demonic energy within the city and the spreading demonic energy.”

       Long Xing’s face changed when he heard this, and he stood up, “What should we do?”

       “Find the root cause,” Xia Hongshen said. He always believed that the demonic energy here was related to the owner of the Demon Market, and the owner of the Demon Market was the one who took away Chunjun. But what was the purpose? Was it just for Chunjun’s sake?

       As Xia Hongshen contemplated, he suddenly remembered that there was a place that seemed unusually quiet at this time. Whether it was related or not, the entire city was in jeopardy, and as a deity, he should make an appearance to restore order.

       “We’ll go to the City God Temple tonight,” Xia Hongshen said.

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