Owner? Song Jun felt as if he was in a dream; everything was covered with a layer of mist, and he couldn’t see clearly.

       The man walked up to him with a determined and handsome appearance. A gentle smile graced his face as he reached out and tousled Song Jun’s hair.

       Song Jun took a step back uncomfortably.

       The man was not angry. He said, “You don’t remember me.”

       Song Jun said, “I don’t know you.”

       The man said to him, “Do you still remember the person you saw just now? That memory is actually your previous life.”

       Song Jun’s eyes widened in surprise.

       Seeing his reaction, the man smiled and said, “Actually, I should say that he is you; it’s just that you forgot that memory.”

       “That person…is Chunjun’s sword spirit?” Song Jun asked hesitantly.

       The man nodded.

       Song Jun asked again in disbelief, “He’s me?”

       “Yes,” the man told him.

       Song Jun shook his head, denying, “No, I don’t just have that memory; even those pictures didn’t evoke any emotions in me. In my opinion, it seems to me to be someone else’s story entirely.”

       The man said, “Then do you want to finish this story?”

       Song Jun looked at him silently.

       The man said to him, “You don’t have to doubt me. You have seen me before in your story just now.”

       Song Jun looked confused.

       The man said, “I told you that I am Chunjun’s owner. Have you forgotten?”

       When Song Jun heard this, he suddenly realised, “Are you the general who sealed Chunjun?”

       The man smiled slightly and said, “Gou Jian’s general, whose real name is Cen Le.”

       Song Jun then asked doubtfully, “You have been dead for so many years. Why haven’t you been reincarnated?”

       Cen Le said, “Because I was a general before my death and became an official of the underworld after my death, without being reincarnated.”

       Song Jun was surprised and understood when he heard this.

       Cen Le stretched out a hand, “Come, follow me, and I will take you to find the part of your lost memory.”

       Song Jun looked at him, hesitated for a long time and did not hold his hand but said, “I’ll go with you.”

       Cen Le was not displeased, turned around and walked in front of Song Jun, leading him in one direction.

       The two walked one after another for some time. Song Jun suddenly saw a pagoda standing in the distance. He had seen this pagoda before. Xia Hongshen told him that the pagoda was called Soul Suppressing Pagoda, and it was located in the City God Temple.

       He turned around and looked around, and Song Jun suddenly found that he was already in the City God’s Temple. He couldn’t help but quicken his pace to catch up to Cen Le and said, “Is this the City God’s Temple?”

       Cen Le said, “Yes, this is the City God’s Temple.”

       “What on earth are you…” Song Jun asked.

       Cen Le said, “I am the City God.”

       Song Jun looked at him, not very surprised, but although he had heard the name of the City God and had been to the City God Temple, this was the first time he saw the City God.

       After taking a few steps forward, Song Jun suddenly stopped.

       Cen Le turned back to look at him.

       Song Jun asked him, “Do you know who the owner of the Demon Market is?”

       He hadn’t forgotten why they went to that amusement park in the first place.

       Cen Le stood opposite him, calmly saying, “I am the owner of the Demon Market.”

       Song Jun looked at him in shock.

       Cen Le said, “This is originally the method I used to maintain order in this city. Who says that the owner of the Demon City must also be a demon? I just use the existence of the Demon City to restrict the balance of these demons wandering in this city. Don’t let them act recklessly.”

       Song Jun asked, “What about the spread of demonic energy?”

       Cen Le smiled faintly, “You have wronged me. I also want to find out what happened. How can I easily tolerate disturbing the order of this city?”

       Seeing Cen Le’s smile, Song Jun didn’t know whether he should believe it or not.

       At this time, there was a distant sound of bells, and the smell of incense was wafting in the air.

       Cen Le said to him, “Come with me.”

       Song Jun hesitated but followed.

       Cen Le took him walking in the City God Temple. Song Jun saw no one else along the way until they came to a lake. The lake had a perfectly round shape, but it was divided into two halves like a yin-yang symbol, with one side being darker and the other lighter.

       Cen Le stood by the lake and asked him, “What else do you want to know?”

       Song Jun said, “What happened after Chunjun was sealed.”

       Cen Le said, “Okay, what this lake can reflect are your own memories of past lives. Whatever you want to know, just go and see for yourself.”

       After Song Jun heard this, he slowly took two steps forward, lowered his head and looked towards the lake.

       Chunjun was sealed, and the stars moved. Two hundred years later, a man in white appeared in the sealed place. The man’s appearance had not changed even after thousands of years, and Song Jun saw that it was none other than Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen held the Chunjun inserted in the rock with one hand, and the palm of his hand glowed slightly; then he broke the seal and pulled the Chunjun out of the stone.

       At that time, Chunjun had not yet obtained the immortal body and could not transform. The so-called sword spirit was just a spirit attached to the sword.

       Xia Hongshen seemed to feel that the sword in his hand was about to move, and the sword spirit turned into a shadow in the air. Song Jun looked carefully at the shadow, and it was clearly Jijun, the villain whose body was refined to the sword before. Song Jun didn’t notice it at that time, but now he looked carefully It seemed that Jijun’s face was exactly the same as his own, but with a lot more ferocity, making it look like two different people.

       At this time, Chunjun was still a fierce sword containing endless murderous energy.

       But Xia Hongshen didn’t care. He put the Chunjun away and took it with him to start his long journey. Demon Zhen really liked to collect divine weapons from all over the world. Whenever he heard that someone had a powerful weapon in his hand, he would go and see it himself.

       During these long years, Chunjun had been by his side.

       Demon Zhen didn’t kill people; he only ate ghosts. The blood stain on the Chunjun sword slowly washed away over time, and the murderous aura in his body gradually subsided.

       Song Jun saw Xia Hongshen hugging Chunjun and sitting under a big tree to take shelter on a night of heavy rain. However, the rain was too strong, and his white clothes were soaked. He impatiently transformed into an animal shape, and the rain soaked him. The wet fur clung to his body, looking a little pitiful.

       The Chunjun Sword was pressed under him, and the sword spirit turned into a phantom and sat beside him with an empty expression. He had not taken it out of its sheath for a long time, and he had almost forgotten who he was.

       Demon Zhen shook his head from time to time, but the annoying rain could not be shaken away. He looked at Chunjun and tried to talk to him for the first time.

       During these years, although Demon Zhen travelled around as a human being, Xia Hongshen still maintained his beastly habits. He did not have close friendships with people and rarely talked to people.

       He was not very good at expressing himself, so he just said to Chunjun, “You can try cultivating.”

       Chunjun was a little slow. After a long time, he turned to look at the big cat lying on the ground.

       Demon Zhen said to him, “You are a spiritual weapon. Maybe you can try to cultivate the sword into a human form.”

       Chunjun was stunned for a moment, then asked, “What difference it made?” When he spoke, his voice was hoarse, and his tone was weird.

       Demon Zhen looked down at the sword pressed beneath him, then looked up at the torrential rain that continued to pour down and said, “You can help keep me out of the rain.”

       This was a very strange reason, but Chunjun’s paused thoughts inexplicably accepted it.

       He continued to follow Xia Hongshen, watching him search and collect the dragon tip whip, then the crescent moon bell, and finally the gilded phoenix wings. However, suddenly, one day, he found that he could escape from Xia Hongshen’s hands and transform into a physical entity—human form.

       That time it rained, he held an umbrella for Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen sat on a branch, feeling happy that he didn’t have to get wet in the rain.

       When the rain stopped, Chunjun closed his umbrella and sat down next to Xia Hongshen. He saw Xia Hongshen lying down with his head on his lap.

       Chunjun stretched out his hand and gently lifted the sideburns from Xia Hongshen’s cheeks.

       Later, Xia Hongshen began to persistently search for suitable beings to inject life into his weapons. Wherever he went, Chunjun would follow, not knowing joy or sorrow, with eyes only on his only master.

       Then, even with Longshao, Yueya, and Fengliu, whenever Xia Hongshen felt tired, he still liked to lie down on Chunjun’s legs and sleep. When it rained, Chunjun would hold an umbrella for him. It was like they were irreplaceable to each other.

       Day after day, year after year, Demon Zhen devoted his long life to cultivation and finally ascended to immortality. The Chunjun Four Soldiers naturally followed Demon Zhen to ascend to the upper realm and became immortal soldiers. They lived in the heavenly palace for a long time, accompanied by the lively Yueya and cheerful Longshao, and were not very lonely.

       What Demon Zhen liked most was that he revealed his original form every day and spent his days leisurely in the heavenly palace. He even liked to put his head on Chunjun’s lap and let Chunjun comb his fur.

       This kind of leisurely time was about to last until the end of the world, but a sudden change disrupted their good life.

       Jade Emperor suddenly proposed to Demon Zhen that he would marry his daughter Princess Mei Ling to him. Jade Emperor originally did not approve of this marriage because he felt that Demon Zhen was still wild and did not want his daughter to marry him.

       But Princess Mei Ling’s whole heart was tied to Demon Zhen. No matter how Jade Emperor and the Queen try to dissuade her, she would not marry if it was not him.

       Jade Emperor had no choice but to agree to the marriage and gave the artefact Thousand Years Lamp to Demon Zhen as Princess Mei Ling’s dowry.

       In response to this matter, Demon Zhen had yet to react, but Yueya vehemently opposed it. The disagreement escalated to the point where it reached the Jade Emperor, who angrily dismissed Yueya.

       Yueya was very angry and privately encouraged Chunjun to come out to oppose Demon Zhen’s marriage to Princess Mei Ling.

       Chunjun disagreed at first, but later, under Yueya’s coaxing, he accidentally smashed the Thousand Years Lamp, and the pieces of the Thousand Years Lamp scattered around the world.

       Jade Emperor was furious and demoted Chunjun and Yueya to the mortal realm, not allowing anyone to intercede. Demon Zhen pleaded with the Jade Emperor, volunteering to descend to the mortal realm to seek redemption by finding the Thousand Years Lamp. Longshao and Fengliu insisted on accompanying him.

       Driven by anger and unwillingness to let Mei Ling continue pursuing Demon Zhen, the Jade Emperor granted Demon Zhen’s request. Along with Longshao and Fengliu, they were banished from the heavenly realm and instructed to return only after retrieving the Thousand Years Lamp.

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