Ji Qin asked me again if the former Ze’an would come back.


       I was actually unusually tired those days and didn’t want to socialise with anyone, yet he came over to ask me that question again.


       I told him helplessly, “You know, I’m actually Ze’an, and that Ze’an is an outsider.”


       When Ji Qin heard the words, his expression froze slightly, as if he was unhappy.


       “So will he be back or not?” he asked, unwilling to give up. “For example, the real him, coming back in a different form. What I like about him is the person he is, not his appearance.”


       What I like about him is the person he is.


       I lost my mind. I envy that Ze’an so much.


       I took a moment before saying, “Maybe he will.”


       These words felt like they took a great deal of my strength again, and I felt I couldn’t feign composure to stand in front of Ji Chin, so I hurried to my room and closed the door.


       I’m so tired, why no one likes me now?


       They all prefer that Ze’an. My friend, my parents, the person I like, and so I too began to wonder why I had come back. I was like a villain, no one expected me to return.


       It was as if trying so hard to come back was just to make a fool of myself.


       My first head-to-head encounter with Ji Qin was at the class’s graduation party.


       I had had a crush on Ji Qin for so long, but Ji Qin was so indifferent to strangers, and I have no idea what to do. Except for secretly following him with my eyes, which I only feared would turn him off.


       It wasn’t until the year he graduated that one of Fu Shan’s best friends got together with one of the boys in Ji Qin’s class, and Fu Shan cheekily asked to be able to attend the graduation party, bringing me along with her.


       I was so excited that I tidied myself up and went to participate.


       Their graduation party was first held in a popular restaurant for students. After everyone finished eating, they changed the venue to a KTV1karaoke place. There were about twenty people in total. Unfortunately, I was not able to share a table with Ji Qin in the restaurant, but I finally got to sit opposite him at the KTV thanks to Fu Shan’s help.


       Ji Qin didn’t sing and was playing with his phone with an indifferent expression on his face, so I secretly raised my eyes to look at him, to see his beautiful brows and slender fingers, and the more I looked, the more I liked him. This was the first time I was so close to him.


       Ji Qin suddenly put away his phone, as if he noticed my gaze, and raised his head in my direction, just in time to capture the gaze I didn’t have time to retract.


       At the moment when our eyes met, my brain was stunned, my cheeks quickly flushed red, and even a little sweat broke out on my body. I quickly avoided his gaze, I was so nervous that I didn’t know what to do.


       Would he find out that I liked him?


       After singing on KTV for a long time, a group of people couldn’t help but get tired of singing. There was a lot of commotion about playing a game of Truth or Dare, and they ordered alcohol as if they wouldn’t return until they were drunk.


       I was nervous again because I couldn’t drink.


       But Fu Shan pulled me to let me participate, she thought it was a very good opportunity to get close to Ji Qin. Generally speaking, after a few rounds of games like this, everyone would be able to get to know each other well. I thought it was reasonable.


       I could only secretly pray that I won’t be pulled to drink.


       In the first few rounds, perhaps God heard my prayers and I was safe. Ji Qin was chosen to have a Dare of eating a Pocky with a girl. He refused and ended up drinking a whole glass of wine. While I was secretly happy, I was also a little disappointed.


       He didn’t seem to like this type of game.


       In the end, I didn’t expect that in the next round, it would be my turn to be selected for a 15-second mouth-to-mouth Dare with No. 4. I was taken aback by the noise of a group of people shouting and cheering. I was about to just let it go about not drinking, and found that No. 4 was actually Ji Qin.


       I was dumbfounded and looked at him blankly, and he frowned at me, his gaze was dark and unclear.


       Through the atmosphere, I somehow got a little courage. This was a great opportunity, if, if this was the last time I could see Ji Qin…


       I plucked up my courage and leaned in his direction. He frowned and seemed to duck backwards as if trying to hide. I didn’t give him this chance, and I reached out and quickly pressed the back of his head—


       The next second, I put my lips lightly on his lips.


       The people around seemed to be screaming, and I couldn’t hear it very clearly, but I could clearly hear Ji Qin’s messy breathing, and I could even smell the faint smell of alcohol on him—it should have been the party dare he drank. It all made me dizzy, and I felt as if I was dreaming, but I knew for sure that it wasn’t.


       Someone was counting down, and I pressed my lips against him a little nervously, and I was suddenly eager to taste the wine he’d just had, so I did so. I carefully stuck my tongue out and licked his lips, he was drinking a fruity c0cktail that was sweet and I liked it so much that I forgot that I never seemed to have had alcohol before.


       I was still in a daze when I suddenly felt as if the tip of my tongue had been licked. I was startled, and before I could react, I was pushed away by Ji Qin.


       Someone next to him shouted, “Fifteen seconds is up!”


       “You’re too brave, Fang Ze’an! You actually dare to go!”




       I dumbly touched my lips and subconsciously went to look at Ji Qin across the room. His lips became very rosy, he stared at me for a while and withdrew his gaze with a puzzled look.


       …Did he just kiss me?

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