After I split up with Fu Shan, I felt very tired. I felt that a long time ago, my life was very simple, and I was happy every day. In Fu Shan’s words, as happy as a fool every day.


       But after I came back, I was very unhappy.


       I liked Ji Qin very much, but Ji Qin had the words unwelcome written all over his face. I met my best friend, Fu Shan, and it turned out that she also preferred that fake Ze’an.


       What am I left with? Oh, my parents…


       I perked up a little. I chatted with my parents on WeChat in the past few days, and I didn’t expose any flaws. They were the ones who gave birth to me and raised me, so they wouldn’t dislike me too, right?


       I immediately bought a bunch of flowers, fruits and vegetables and rushed to my old home. My mother opened the door, I hadn’t seen her for two years, and the moment I saw her, tears fell from my eyes, and I shouted, “Mom!”


       Two years was not a long time, but it was not a short time either. I felt that my mother had more grey hair on her head, and I don’t know if it was just my illusion.


       My mother sighed and complained, “Why are you so emotional all of a sudden? And you’re carrying so many things. What are you crying for? Come on in.”


       I wiped away my tears and followed her into the house, “Where’s dad?”


       My mother carried my things to the living room and said, “He’ll be back later. What do you want to eat tonight, why are you here all of a sudden, I’ll buy it for you.”


       “Ah, I remember you told me last time that liked my crucian carp soup best. Should I get the fish?”


       I was stunned when I heard the words. My mother’s crucian carp soup was indeed very good, but my favourite was her braised pork ribs. I could finish two bowls of rice with the soup.


       Unable to erase the presence of the fake Ze’an, I had to laugh, “What about braised pork ribs? I want to eat it too.”


       My mother was about to leave the house, and when she heard my words, she turned back and said, “You want ribs again? Didn’t you say you didn’t think it was refreshing enough? I haven’t made them in ages…”


       I gave her a perfunctory mumble and she didn’t bother to say too much, told me to wait and merrily went off to buy groceries.


       I was annoyed by the presence of the fake Ze’an, but I couldn’t help it.


       Dad returned in the evening and wasn’t surprised to see me. He smiled and said, “You’ve come to see us again, I was still nagging at you for not coming a while ago.”


       My hand that was holding the ribs stopped. Does the while ago refer to the time when I first returned?


       In fact, it hadn’t been that long, but I was a bit scared to meet my parents because of everything I’d been through so far. I thought of first relying on texting and exchanging messages to gain a little sense of security before going to them, so the changes wouldn’t be so noticeable.


       My mother said, “Yeah, you visit us every now and then. Don’t you still get annoyed with us in college? It seems like you’ve really grown up. Now you and I could chatter and listen to each other patiently. How nice it would have been.”


       I stared at the rice in the bowl and said softly, “Is that so…”


       As if thinking of something, Dad smiled and said, “How’s xiao Ji doing these days? Why didn’t he come along?”


       Huh? Which xiao Ji?


       …Ji Qin?


       My brain took a hit and for a moment and I didn’t get what they meant—did the fake Ze’an even come out1come out as gay for me……


       “It’s not a fight, is it?” My mother looked at my expression. As if she had realized something, put down her chopsticks and started preaching, “I think xiao Ji likes you very much. Now that you have grown up, you should be considerate and understanding of each other when you live together, you know? It all comes down to this. Don’t do that silent treatment to the other person ah……”


       The moon was high in the trees when I returned, my head was blank as I carried a box of chocolates for Ji Qin that my parents had forced on me.


       The fake Ze’an, he did a really good job…


       He was filial, mature, brave, stable and understanding. He was so good at everything, everyone loved him, and who else would want to look back at the plain, ordinary, silly me?


       How was I supposed to continue my life as the original owner of this body?

Tbh this story just made me feel uncomfortable in a way. Imagine someone got isekaid to your body, do their isekai protagonist thing and then left. Then you came back, and everything changed, and then they thought you are the fake one…

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