Extra: Ze’an 4

       The first thing ‘Ze’an’ did after he recovered and was discharged from the hospital was to find a moving company and plan to move his old things to a new place to start over.


       Maybe it wasn’t to start anew, but it was just a way to live well…for that person.


       Ji Qin didn’t stop him. He and Ji Qin just looked at each other and then quickly looked away—it was strange, they used to be best friends, the ‘perfect couple’ in other’s eyes, but now they didn’t even have the courage to talk or even look at each other.


       He could smell the heavy smell of smoke and alcohol in the air that had not yet dissipated. He was slightly stunned but didn’t dare to think much about it, and only felt sad.


       At this moment, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a painting hanging on the otherwise empty wall. A cartoon with—in his opinion—particularly poor brushwork. But it was made with a lot of care, and it was clear that the artist had been meticulous in every stroke, and used colour carefully as if he was afraid of making mistakes.


       The painting depicted a summer day with a cloudless blue sky and a young boy playing basketball in his school uniform, and the sunlight falls on the boy’s face as if the boy’s whole body was glowing.


       The painting was…


       “It’s me.”


       Ji Qin walked over at some point, his voice particularly hoarse as if he hadn’t spoken in days.


       ‘Ze’an’ glanced at him hastily, and he quickly withdrew his gaze.


       “He drew it…”


       “…Well.” Ji Qin was silent for a while, “It was a gift from him to me.”




       “He’s really, really nice.”


       ‘Ze’an’ murmured after a long silence.


       “Mr. Fang, is this going to be moved?”


       ‘Ze’an’ sighed and walked in the direction of the moving company guy who had made the noise, but couldn’t help but glance at Ji Qin again before walking away.


       The man stood in front of the painting with his head lowered, his back so heavy with despair that he himself could not help but wet his eyes for a moment.


       Those of them who stayed in the end and chose to stay could only redeem their sins for the rest of their lives. As long as he remembered how that man had left in despair, he could no longer forgive himself.


       As for Ji Qin, who had always been loved by that person…


       A burst of despair and sadness seemed like a tsunami that would overwhelm him at any moment. He really didn’t dare to think much about Ji Qin’s psychological activities, and left the scene in a hurry.


       Ji Qin often thought of the person who was silly and happy all day. Someone who was clumsy but treated him with the utmost care.


       That person was Ze’an.


       In the past, he had heard the gentle voice of the man in his drunken deep and bottomless dreams several times, responding to his every call.


       He called, “Ze’an.”


       The man gently wrapped his arms around him and whispered, “I am here.”


       He asked, “When are you coming back?”


       The man seemed to hesitate for a moment before saying—


       “I’ll be back soon.”


       He was indeed one of the culprits who had killed Ze’an. He couldn’t even imagine what kind of heart that Ze’an had, to be able to answer his cruel questions so gently.


       His vision blurred, the one he had truly loved at first sight. As if was walking on thin ice, carefully and clumsily liked him. But he paid his love wrongly, never trusted him, hated him, disliked him and neglected him, and finally, he managed to……


       Kill him.


       Ze’an hoped to go see his parents with him at the end.


       He didn’t even think about it and refused him. To this day, he still remembered Ze’an’s darkened eyes.


       At that time he just thought it was ridiculous that that man had not only replaced what he thought was Ze’an, but also wanted to have Ze’an’s complete and happy family. It was impossible, and he wasn’t going to let him achieve that.


       Now that he thought about it, that was indeed the last wish of that Ze’an—as the real Ze’an, before leaving, seeing the family just having a simple and reunited meal, trying to save it as a last solace.


       But he…rejected it outright.


       That summer—


       He remembered the shy teenager at their first meeting, remembered the soft touch on his lips at the KTV party, and remembered that person’s loving and tender eyes that rested on him every time their eyes met.


       Obviously, that person was the Ze’an he liked first, how could he treat him like this?


       The soul came alone and left alone after trying hard to live, without being recognized by anyone at present.


       And as the only person who recognized that he was not ‘Ze’an’, he brought him more pain than anything else.


       So, that was it.


       He changed back to the ‘Ze’an’ that everyone was looking forward to.


       In the end, he disappeared, evaporating into the air.


       Never to be seen again.



The author has something to say:
Ze’an’s extra is over

This is not really the end yet! One more extra for our lovely real Ze’an’s bright future (〃 ω 〃)
Eat that Ji Qin!

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  1. Jae

    Volví a leer esta historia e incluso con mi pobre entendimiento del inglés estoy llorando demasiado. Esto amarga mucho mi corazón. Gracias por tan buen trabajo de traducción.

  2. bm

    do you still continue to translate the next extra? i really love it and can’t wait to read next. t__t

    • hoenimochi

      All chapters had been completly translated ^^

      • bm

        oh really. may i ask about the note that saying there is one more extra for Zean’s bright future? cause i wanna see him happy so so much.

        • hoenimochi

          Head to the next post so you can see how Ze’an living a better life~
          He’s not living nicely as Ze’an but he seems happier~

  3. LicoLico

    Can’t wait for that last extra! (OwO)
    Thank You for the new chapter (´,,•ω•,,)♡


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