Chapter 8 – This humans dares reject me?

Chapter 8 – This humans dares reject me?


Ai Jin prayed silently in her heart: Marshal, you mustn’t get angry at me. I have to make sure you have a hot meal to eat!


After praying, Secretary Jin began to speak righteously: “Of course, it’s our comrades-in-arms who’s ordering the meals, otherwise who did you think it was?”


Jian Luo frowned: “Is it worth ordering special meals for a soldier?”


Did she think he was an idiot?


Ai Jin opened her eyes and spouted some nonsense: “This is a reward meal. On the day of the soldiers’ training, only those who come out on top can eat it. However, we have a condition. If we were to officially work together, you may need to come over to deliver us the meals in person instead of only providing a virtual taste. Of course, for the inconvenience, a salary to your satisfaction can be provided.”


Jian Luo calmly said, “Please allow me to think about it.”


Ai Jin was a little anxious but she also knew that she couldn’t be too hasty, so she could only give Jian Luo a few days to think about it.


At the same time – The Dark Starlight Network


An existence similar to the ancient earth’s Weibo1Google or Yahoo, more like Yahoo tbh., high on the hot search topics:


#fried potato chips#


This trending search term started to rise slowly from when Jian Luo’s live broadcast began. Now, at the end of the live broadcast, more and more people have tasted potato chips and the popularity has not decreased but increased.


A food blogger, BigvFlashy, posted a comment:


“This is the most daring innovation using vegetables that I have ever eaten. Cooked with oil, it is not greasy but refreshing. The potato chips are sweet and crispy in the mouth. The oil completely stimulates the deliciousness hidden in the potatoes, and is very addicting. Comparable to an experience in a five-star hotel.”


There were also comments below:


“Is it so mysterious?”

“Isn’t he just a human being?”

“Looks like he’s just tooting someone’s horn.”


At this time, someone pointed out the site where they could try it by just downloading Jinjiang, you can taste 10 pieces for free.


Dark Star people have a characteristic, they are very proactive and after identifying something, they must find a way to prove that they are right. Many people adhered to the principle of “I must not fall for this evil” and angrily downloaded the app.


A while later, the public opinion on the web began to change:

“God, it’s so delicious.”

“Potatoes are my favorite.”

“I don’t want to eat meat anymore.”


However, the Dark Star people soon encountered a problem. Generally speaking, once other food bloggers have successfully developed food, they will make it open for purchase but Jian Luo does not do this and he prefers to sell his food in limited quantities.


Even Jiang Jiang chatted with him privately: “Luoluo, why don’t you open up a shop to make money?”


Seeing the message, Jian Luo replied: “Brother Jiang, I have announced it on the homepage. If they want to buy it, it will be available during the next live broadcast and it will be put online for half an hour.”


Jiang Jiang: “Cough, I didn’t think that you’d come up with this gimmick.”


Jian Luo smiled: “Since long ago, the affection of the public can’t be easily maintained unless there is a gimmick to it.”


Everything went well on their side, but the group of people on the other side couldn’t sit still. Naturally, these people were from the largest food network in the universe.


The colleague bit on the potato chips: “The creator of the chips seems to be on fire.”


The moderators came over to take a look and sure enough, he saw a group of people promoting the chips on the Lightweb. The momentum was even greater than the previous french fries.


Normally, the overall viewers online on their website should be around 1 million, but today, especially when Jian Luo was broadcasting live, the overall viewers online was only 800,000.


Especially now that the whole network seems to be talking about potato chips, it has invited a large number of users onto Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network, which poses a serious threat to them.


The supervisor said, “Go and dig up that anchor!”


The moderator made a dark face and decided to tell the truth after a long silence: “Actually, he came over to try to sign a contract before but it seems that he gave up because he was not satisfied with the profit ratio.”


“What?!” The supervisor understood the ins and outs of the matter and was also a little angry: “He is a mere human and he thinks too much.”


The moderator said: “But his food is really good and it seems that the public response was also excellent. I heard that Jinjiang gave him 7 to 3. It is difficult for us to give him such a ratio and after the last time, it’s unlikely he’ll sign with us.”


The moderator sat in the chair and pondered for a moment. After a while, the corner of his mouth twitched into a smile: “If he refuses to terminate the contract with Jinjiang, then we will force him to stop live broadcasting and agree to it.”


A strange atmosphere spread in the office.


The moderator sighed: “Boss, he’s just a human…”




The supervisor slammed the table and looked at the moderator with hatred: “Do you know who the founder of Jinjiang is? It’s Jiang An. He thinks that he can start his own business after leaving us, what a fool’s dream!”


The moderator was taken aback.


He did not expect the boss of Jinjiang to be Jiang An.


That excellent employee was powerful, but was framed by his own supervisor’s ploy.


The supervisor sneered with a vicious light in his eyes and waved to the moderator: “Come here and do as I say…”


The next day


The weather was very good and the sun was shining brightly, but no light entered the room. The small house was still narrow and had no ventilation. Jian Luo lay on the bed thinking about moving away soon.


Su Liang’s voice came from outside: “Luoluo, mother is going to work. There are vegetables in the pot to eat.”


Jian Luo responded: “Okay.”


It has been his habit to stay in bed in the morning for many years. Now, he turned over in bed and turned on his Lightbrain and refreshed the latest food news but saw a message sent to him by Jiang Jiang: “Luoluo, have you looked at yet?”


Jian Luo didn’t even know what he was talking about: “I didn’t see it yet.”


“There is a big research blogger from the Interstellar Food Network who pointed out that the food you made has elements that are harmful to the body.” Jiang Jiang was very anxious: “Go and have a look.”


Harmed the body?


What a joke. If it said that the fried food on ancient earth was really unhealthy because of various additives in it, he would have acknowledged it.


But this fvcking pure natural fried potato chips was dangerous, you say?


Jian Luo frowned and said to Lightbrain, “Help me open up the Lightweb.”


Lightbrain thoughtfully opened the website page for him, and sure enough, it was a hot search topic on the top:


#Potato chips harm the body#


The one who pointed out this problem was another well-known anchor. He is different from the previous food anchors. Everyone else makes food but he is responsible for tasting the food and doing promotions for others. This anchor’s reputation is not small. Whatever he says carried some weight:


Ling Ran v: “Rigorous testing shows that potatoes cannot be fried as fried food can cause colon cancer and seriously affect health.”


A diagram of the study was attached below his comment.


Jian Luo was stunned. Earthlings have grown up snacking on fried food and no one has ever gotten cancer from eating these snacks, so let alone these strong aliens?


The following comments were also quite extreme:

“I just said it was not okay to mess around.”

“The process of the anchor’s cooking looks very dangerous.”

“What’s delicious is delicious, but it is more important to cherish life.”


Many extreme users went to report the website and even asked Jinjiang Live Network to give an explanation. For a time, potato chips fell into a storm of diminishing public opinion.


Jian Luo felt a little speechless.


Jiang Jiang sent him a message: “Luoluo, don’t be afraid. I believe in you. You will never make poisonous food to sell, I firmly believe that.”


Jian Luo smiled: “Brother Jiang, send the potato chips for inspection. I’m not afraid.”


Jiang Jiang sighed: “I also had this idea but those people on the Internet are reacting so wildly these days so just stop live broadcasting for two days. Also, you should not contact those outsiders for the time being. Don’t worry, I figured out a way to solve this.”


Jian Luo took some time to look at the ratings of the website. Because of the chips, many people maliciously gave low ratings, causing the good ratings accumulated by the website from the first two days to plummet.


He was not a fool.


Was there any way this was accidental?


Jian Luo frowned and at the same time he received Ai Jin’s greeting: “Hello, have you thought about it?”


Ai Jin’s heart was bitter!


The marshal didn’t receive a meal yesterday and was in a bad mood! As such, her workload was doubled!


Jian Luo is also in a bad mood now. So after encountering this problem, he used it as a reason to reject Ai Jin, asking: “Do you still want to cooperate with me? The web just exposed that my cooking may harm the body. For humanitarian reasons, I suggest you think twice.”


Ai Jin was taken aback: “What?”


Jian Luo suggested that she check the Lightweb herself. After all, he was not in a good mood now, and definitely not in the mood to talk to others.


“Beep.”2The call was ended abruptly.


A message alert sounded on her desktop.


Secretary Jin stood up quickly: “The marshal called me to see him.”


The little adjutant looked at her sympathetically: “Have a safe journey.”




It’s better if you don’t talk.


Secretary Jin went to the training ground in an uneasy mood. At the center of the patrol field, there stood a man with a gun in his hand. With the sound of the gunshot, the target on the opposite side fell down. There was an invisible aura on his body when the man hit the enemy. The entire training ground seemed to be enveloped by a chill.


Secretary Jin obediently said, “Marshal.”


Lu Shifeng stopped after the last bullet. He turned his face and said, “Remember what I told you?”


Secretary Jin cried: “There is a small problem with this matter.”


“Really?” Lu Shifeng took the towel from the shelf next to him and moved gracefully: “The army doesn’t support idlers. I thought Secretary Jin’s job was to deal with problems?”


Secretary Jin had chills on her back and quickly said, “This matter came up suddenly but you can rest assured that I will deal with it as soon as possible.”




Lu Shifeng walked to the chair on the side and sat down, displaying a rare concern: “What happened?”


Secretary Jin could finally assign the blame to someone else. She quickly explained her issue with the web, including the problems that Jian Luo is currently encountering. Although she did not dare to garnish with unneeded details, it was okay to add some spice to the story.


After Lu Shifeng listened quietly, his thin lips parted slightly: “He still refuses to cooperate with us?”


Secretary Jin didn’t expect the marshal’s focus to be here. Oh no, she would never sell out her beloved comrade. Her heart went into full panic.


It was not a good thing to be concerned by this demon lord!

T/N: Should I update with another chapter… Zzzz

Poor Jian Luo, all those evil corporate people after him and those social justice warriors tsk tsk…


What will the demon marshal do?

A) Kill the one spreading the false rumours.

B) Roast Secretary Jin. Literally.

C) Go find and threaten Jian Luo.

Lu Shifeng: Cook for me or else..!
Jian Luo: !!!

D) Eat Jian Luo.

Lu Shifeng: Since you won’t make me a meal, I have no choice but to eat u instead.

Jian Luo: (⊙.⊙)!!!


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