Chapter 40 – Locked and captured

Chapter 40 – Locked and captured


Jian Luo was stunned stupid.


Lu Shifeng gave him a deep look: “Where’s the medicine?”


“Er… medicine?” Jian Luo held the empty bowl in his hand, and felt a little sad in his heart: “Just, I just finished the medicine.”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows: “You finished drinking it?”


The man repeated meaningfully, his tone extended. The end of his words were lengthened, and the sound of it made his heart tremble.


Jian Luo bit the bullet: “En, I’ve finished drinking it.”


The corners of Lu Shifeng’s mouth curled up: “You drank it in the bathroom?”




Jian Luo nodded profusely: “Yes.”


Lu Shifeng leaned against the door: “I don’t know about that. Do you have the habit of drinking medicine in the bathroom?”


NO, I have not.


Jian Luo wanted to strongly object, but finally had to bite the bullet: “Yes.”


There was silence all around.


Half a second later.


Lu Shifeng said: “Then you should feel uncomfortable in your stomach now. Drinking this medicine will have such side effects.”


Luckily he didn’t drink it.


Jian Luo responded indiscriminately: “Yes, it’s quite uncomfortable.”


The room fell silent again.


Lu Shifeng’s dark eyes looked at Jian Luo. Those eyes seemed to be able to read people’s hearts, the man sneered: “I lied to you.”


Jian Luo raised his face, shocked: “Huh?”


“There is no side effect of stomach pain after drinking it.” Lu Shifeng said lazily, “Your stomach hurts? Do you want me to find someone to take a look at you?”


Jian Luo’s heart sank.


He raised his eyes cautiously, and met Lu Shifeng’s half-smiling eyes, which made his heart tremble, after he’s been found out.


Thinking that he might have to drink it later, Jian Luo couldn’t hold back: “It’s mainly because that supplement soup is really too hard to drink!”


Lu Shifeng raised his brows.


“I didn’t lie to you.” Jian Luo sat on the sofa with a bitter face: “I feel like if I drank it, it would be like swallowing poison.”




Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows: “Didn’t you say you’ve finished drinking it?”


Jian Luo gave up: “I took a sip.”’


Lu Shifeng sneered.


Jian Luo on the sofa appeared to give up, and his entire person looked dead. This really can’t be blamed on him. Especially with how Lu Shifeng got these strange soups casually, which is really unacceptable.


Lu Shifeng took the first two steps and walked over.


Jian Luo sat up and was a little nervous: “What, what’s wrong?”


“These are all for your body.” Lu Shifeng said in a deep voice, “If your body’s nutrition can’t keep up, you will suffer in the end.”




He understood the reason.


Jian Luo unconsciously stroked his lower abdomen and sighed: “I know, I will think about it.”


Lu Shifeng gave a low “en”.


Jian Luo buried his head in the sofa and glanced at him sideways: “Aren’t you dark stars able to taste the bitterness?”


Lu Shifeng sat lazily: “We are not very sensitive to bitterness.”




Oh so that’s how it is.


Jian Luo sighed: “Thinking about it like this, human beings are really pitiful.”


Lu Shifeng had never seen him hang his head so low, so he said, “Fortune and misfortune depend on each other. You also have something that the Dark Stars envy.”


Jian Luo was instantly refreshed, eagerly looking forward to it: “For example?”


Lu Shifeng: “In terms of tasting this flavour.”




Wow, thanks.


The next day.


Today was Jian Luo’s rest day. Early in the morning, he heard that his younger brother had returned home, so he cleaned up and prepared to go home to take a look.


A group of servants of the blood clan guarded the outside together.


Jian Luo hesitated and said, “You…Is there anything else going on?”


“We just saw Your Highness.” The attendants bowed and saluted: “Today is your rest day, so we will now teach you the etiquette of the blood clan.”




Jian Luo was now very confused: “Why should I take the etiquette class of the blood clan?”


“Because from your behavior at the banquet yesterday, you don’t seem to know much about etiquette.” The attendant wearing a maid’s uniform said obediently: “The dragon cubs must be born as noble, so this is also a kind of prenatal education.”




A question mark slowly appeared on Jian Luo’s head.


He sat on the bed and looked at the group of people amusingly: “Do you mean that I am uneducated?”


The maid hurriedly said: “We don’t dare to insult your highness like this, but it is not a bad thing for your highness to learn noble etiquette. The marshal and your majesty are already applying for a household registration for you. Because you have their child, you have decided to directly apply for a noble household registration for you, so you have finished studying about nobles. Only after the etiquette lessons can you truly integrate into the nobility.”




Jian Luo didn’t feel happy at all.


The household registration was just a qualification certificate for him to buy a house, not a necessity for him.


Thinking of this, Jian Luo smiled: “No, I’m not interested in the etiquette of you nobles and I’m not interested in becoming nobles. Do you really think that because of the little dragon princes, I have to change my entire way of life?”


As he finished his sentence, the room was silent.


The maid’s face changed again and again, and she suddenly knelt down with a “thud”: “Your Highness forgives my sins, please don’t be angry. I’m stupid, I made you angry!”


Jian Luo was originally a little angry, but no one has ever kneeled to him in his life, so he was a little embarrassed: “Get up.”


The maid was still hesitant.


“I don’t mean to blame you.” Jian Luo said bluntly: “If I need the etiquette of aristocrats, I will learn it myself. You don’t need to remind me.”


He just didn’t want to be told off that way.


But this does not mean that he will not find opportunities to study it in the future.


The maids nodded obediently: “Understood.”


Jian Luo waved his hand: “Let’s go.”


The maids saluted, and then they all withdrew. After this, it was obvious that almost no one dared to rebute Jian Luo again.


Jian Luo fell slumped on the bed and sighed heavily.




The information bracelet had a message for him, informing in a prompt tone.


Jian Luo sat up a little, opened the message, and saw that it was Su Liang: “Luoluo, are you coming home today?”


Jian Luo quickly replied: “I’ll be back.”


Su Liang responded: “No hurry, your brother just came home. I said you went to work.”




After replying to the message, Jian Luo closed the information bracelet and reopened the live broadcast page. He basically only watched the income earnings of the live broadcast network once a month.


Of the 178,000 star coins, nearly 100,000 of them came from live broadcast donations, while the other 80,000 came from purchases and tastings.


After transferring the money into his card, Jian Luo began to ponder.


Saving this money won’t actually do much, but if he could put this money towards something more useful, he’ll be able to maximize the benefits.


While thinking about it, Jian Luo walked out.


The driver has been waiting for a long time: “Mr. Jian Luo, where are we headed?”


“Huh?” Jian Luo told him the address of Peace Paradise: “Please, driver, take me to Peace Paradise.”


The driver replied: “Okay.”


Because the road was not too far, Jian Luo continued thinking about how to invest when he sat in the car. He also thought about the many types of investment he could make.

Investing in shares of Moonlight?

Buying something that appreciates in value?

Or opening his own shop?


In fact, if he has to tell the truth, it is true that his own cooking skills are also very good. If he could open his own shop, it was also very feasible.


Just thinking about it, the driver in front said, “Sir, Peace Paradise is in front.”


Jian Luo responded: “Okay, thank you. Just drop me off in front, you don’t need to drive into the village.”


The driver replied: “Okay.”


The car stopped on the side of the road, before parking. The door opened automatically and Jian Luo got out of it.


Rows of willow trees were blooming outside Peace Paradise, and they are blossoming lushly at the moment, fluttering in the wind.


“Just call if you need me to pick you up.” The driver has always served Jian Luo: “I’ll wait for you here.”


Jian Luo responded, “Okay, thank you.”


Going inside from here, within a few steps, one will be able to see a small clinic run by an old genius doctor at the entrance of the village with a crumbling sign. It made one a little worried when they saw it.


Without a good reason, Jian Luo stopped at the door of the clinic.


The weather was a little breezy at the moment. There was a rocking chair in the yard and the old genius doctor was slowly enjoying the coolness from the rocking chair.


Jian Luo knocked on the door: “Hello, I’m coming in?”


The old genius doctor originally had his eyes almost closed to sleep, but now he was completely alert. He opened one eye and looked at Jian Luo: “Global Hope?”


Jian Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Lao, you still remember.”


“Come here.” The old genius doctor stretched out his trembling hand: “I’ll read your condition.”


Jian Luo took a small bench and sat down beside him: “Okay.”


The old genius doctor narrowed his eyes, took his pulse for a while and stroked his beard: “Your pulse is not very good.”


Jian Luo calmly said, “I feel it myself.”


“You have to take good care of yourself.” The old genius doctor said slowly: “How will the dark stars know what to do with fetuses? Even if they know that you are unwell, maybe they will just bring a bowl of nutrient solution for you to drink.”




That really happened.


Jian Luo whispered, “I really can’t drink that nutrient solution.”


The old genius doctor sneered: “Not to mention you, even normal humans are not used to drinking nutrient solution. Do you know why everyone is still drinking it?”


Jian Luo was curious: “Why?”


“Vegetables are expensive.” The old genius doctor said slowly: “After they are planted, they will be distributed to the front lines. How can ordinary people afford it?”




Jian Luo didn’t quite understand: “Since vegetables are so expensive, why not grow them in batches?”


The old genius doctor sneered: “That’s the problem. Its rareness is the most valuable thing. If it is planted in batches, then the role of human beings will be lost. Where will our labor be needed?”


Jian Luo thought about it and gradually understood the reason.


It was probably an endless cycle. The germination rate of seeds is decreasing, so there are only a few varieties at present. Naturally it is impossible to guarantee the innovation of human beings.


If one ate those kinds of foods for many years, one will definitely get tired of eating them. In order to prevent the food from being wasted, one can only control the quantity.


However, controlling the quantity will also have an unintended consequence – the reduction of the quantity means that sometimes even our own people won’t be able eat it.


Jian Luo sighed.


The old genius doctor said: “Humans need to innovate, otherwise, they will eventually be replaced.”


These are all very cruel facts, but Jian Luo has some ideas of his own: “Yes, human beings have to find a way that suits them to adapt to the universe, before we can all truly survive.”


The old genius doctor finally opened his eyes: “Then what do you think?”




Jian Luo sat on the chair and looked at the soil on the ground: “I haven’t figured it out yet. I’m here to see if I can find some supplements that I can drink in addition to the nutrient solution, but I don’t know if there is. Is there such a recipe for this?”


The old doctor smiled slowly: “Although the dark star is different from earth, there are many Chinese herbs for medicine in its forest that are roughly the same as on earth’s. Wait, I’ll get you a recipe in two days.”


Jian Luo: “Okay, thank you.”


After discussing this matter, he was about to leave. But after walking a few steps, he suddenly stopped, having a slightly terrifying thought in his mind.


He heard before that there were also Chinese herbal medicines that can treat infertility. Since it could treat people on earth, is it possible that Chinese herbal medicine could also cure dark stars? In his final analysis, it was a fact that humans evolved from apes. Weren’t the Dark Stars also half-beasts? Since everyone were animals, they should be able to relate to each other!


Thinking of this, Jian Luo thought about acupuncture and the clearing of one’s meridians1In Chinese medicine, they believe that bad stuff may accumulate in certain points in your body, leading to blockages. It’s a good thing to clear meridians in your body, most of the time..


“This!” Jian Luo suddenly turned around, wanting to chat more with the old genius doctor to verify his idea: “Do you think Chinese herbal medicine is effective on dark stars?”


The old genius doctor sat on the rocking chair and drank his tea slowly: “It’s hard to say.”


Jian Luo’s heart gradually sank.


“But…” The old genius doctor’s tone was elongated: “I haven’t treated them before, so it’s hard to say.”


There was still hope!


Jian Luo’s eyes suddenly lit up, it can be said that he was very happy!


After confirming this matter, he seemed to have solved a serious problem for his confidant. He walked home really fast, as if he was flying.


When he opened the door to the yard, he could smell the food from inside.


“Big brother!”


Jian Luo paused for a while and saw his younger brother rushing towards him. This child was growing up quite fast indeed.


Jian Sheng stood in front of Jian Luo excitedly: “Bid brother, why did you get off work early?”


“Huh?” Jian Luo casually thought of a reason to just answer him: “Because I used to work too much, so the place let me get off work early now.”


Jian Sheng nodded: “So that’s how it is.”


The two entered the room hand in hand, and chatted a lot along the way. Of course, it was mainly Jian Luo listening to Jian Sheng talk about the school. The most interesting thing was his admiration for Lu Shifeng.

“The marshal gave us a martial arts demonstration.”

“He’s too good.”

“Those monsters are not his opponents, even if they came at him together.”

“If only I could be as good as him one day!”


Jian Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “He is the marshal of the empire, he must have some skills.”


The two of them walked into the room and sat down at the table respectively. His younger brother has basically become Lu Shifeng’s fanboy: “I heard that the marshal was not a dragon king when he was born. As a little dragon, he was a relatively weak one. However, he also became stronger by his own efforts later in life. I want to learn from him!”




Inexplicably, Jian Luo suddenly felt that he didn’t understand Lu Shifeng at all.


Nor did he take the initiative to inquire about Lu Shifeng’s past.




But was it necessary?


They just met by chance, and were just strangers who accidentally met, so they didn’t get to know each other.


Su Liang came out of the kitchen and asked his younger brother, “How many days of school holidays do you have in total?”


“Oh.” His younger brother answered honestly: “There are two days off in total. I should go back to school tomorrow. Now is a critical period for learning. The school does not give too many holidays.”


Jian Luo knew it. Seems like he was going to sleep at home tonight.


Su Liang glanced at Jian Luo: “Luoluo, if your workplace is busy, you can go. You don’t need to worry about your family.”


“It’s okay, it’s not busy.” Jian Luo comforted Su Liang: “I’ll just tell the boss again. The boss takes good care of me.”




It would be better if he did not have to go to class.


After wandering around at home for an afternoon, he was too comfortable, so Jian Luo suddenly received a message from Jiang Jiang: “Luoluo, are you there?”


Jian Luo replied, “Yes.”


“That is… I see that you have withdrawn your earnings. I have an idea on something and want to discuss it with you.” Jiang Jiang has been thinking about it for a long time. “But the main decision of this matter is up to you.”


Jian Luo couldn’t help but pay attention: “What’s the matter? You can just say it.”


Jiang Jiang coughed lightly: “It’s like that… I think your potato chips, shrimp crackers and et cetera can actually all be mass-produced. Judging from the current market and the reactions from your live broadcast room, there is a huge demand for these snacks. Yes, the supply is still in short supply now, so it can be mass produced and sold to the public, what do you think?”


Jian Luo thought about it. It was feasible.


It happened that he was also worried about how to spend the little money he had saved in his hand.


“It’s feasible.” Jian Luo said honestly, “Let’s make an appointment tomorrow to meet and have a good talk about this matter.”


Jiang Jiang responded quickly: “Okay!”


After thinking about it, Jiang Jiang said again: “I brought my senior sister here by the way. She is in this industry. Let’s talk about it together.”


Jian Luo had no objections.


After discussing it, it was time to say hello to Lu Shifeng. He cowardly opened the chat window and sent Lu Shifeng a message: “I’ve arrived.”


He thought that he would have to wait for a while, but who knew that the speed of the other’s reply was very fast: “What’s going on?”


Jian Luo was very honest: “I’m sleeping at home tonight. My brother is back.”


“Alright.” Lu Shifeng responded, “Pay more attention to yourself and call me if you have anything.”


Jian Luo responded: “Okay.”


He thought it was over, but Lu Shifeng added another sentence: “I’ll pick you up for dinner tomorrow.”


Having a meal together?


That can’t be done, he already had an appointment.


Thinking of this, Jian Luo quickly replied: “No need. My brother will be at home tomorrow, I’ll just eat at home.”


Lord Marshal, who was rejected again, frowned, but when he thought about the relationship between Jian Luo and his family, he finally agreed: “Okay.”


After chatting, Jian Luo rolled on the bed very happily.


Great, if we can talk about mass production tomorrow. He can only think of how much money will make. Maybe it will be as successful as the Copico2Famous chips and junk food brand in China. company!



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