Chapter 39 – Stomach bump-preserving soup

Chapter 39 – Stomach bump-preserving soup


Jian Luo looked at her and his dark eyes gradually filled with a smile.


The woman was inexplicably annoyed by him: “What are you looking at? Did I say something wrong?”


“It seems that your evaluation of potato chips is quite high.” Jian Luo said slowly: “Then you should eat more.”


The woman felt that Jian Luo’s words were contradictory: “What do you mean?”


Jian Luo put down the dinner plate: “You’re no fun, take care of yourself.”


He turned around and was about to leave, but before he took two steps, he met Kazuki, who jumped over happily: “Luoluo!”


Jian Luo looked at her: “You’re here too.”


“Of course, I really wanted to come and play.” Kazuki was also more sincere: “However, it’s more important for me to observe the market. Today, many of the foods are new products of Moonlight. I heard that you were coming too, so I just followed instructions. What do you think of these potato chips? Are they made according to your taste?”


Jian Luo told her the truth and said: “It’s not bad, but the control of heat needs to be better grasped.”


Kazuki’s brows and eyes were smiling: “It seems that I have learned only half of the art. Okay, I will let them watch and improve on it when I return.”


The woman next to him was at a loss.


She knows and has heard of people from Moonlight, and she also knows that potato chips were very delicious, but when these things are added together, why did she feel that there was something she was missing?



When Jian Luo was about to leave, the woman grabbed Kazuki’s arm: “Hey, who is that person?”


“Him?” Kazuki repeated, looking at Jian Luo’s back. A mysterious smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “Don’t you know, these potato chips were the first thing he invented.”




A question mark slowly appeared on the woman’s face.


Kazuki smiled and said, “You didn’t say anything stupid just now, did you?”


The woman’s face turned green and white She looked very unhappy and hesitated for a while, shocked and not knowing what to say.


Jian Luo, not far away, continued to survey and eat.


His stomach became hungrier faster now, but it was amazing how he’s full without even eating a few bites at a time, but he was sure that he’ll be hungry soon after.


This whole reception was basically full of half-raw meat from the blood clan, and although Moonlight had specially prepared some dishes, apart from the fried food such as potato chips, the other vegetables were simply tasteless.


He was walking around when he heard some movement not far away.


At the very front, in the main hall of the palace, a woman slowly walked down. It was the protagonist of the night, the little princess. She was wearing a fluffy embroidered dress, and her skin of the blood race was as white as snow.




The little princess bowed to everyone and announced in a slow voice: “I am very grateful to all the guests for coming tonight. Even if it’s just to show me some courtesy, I hope everyone has a good time.”


The crowd applauded slowly.


The little princess raised her arrogant head: “We will be holding a moon-viewing banquet in the center of the lake not far away, please come and enjoy it together.”


Everyone set off and walked towards the so-called center of the lake.


Jian Luo was stunned, as he was thinking about it, Lu Shifeng’s voice sounded beside him: “Let’s go.”


“Where are we going?” Jian Luo followed him and asked a soulful question: “Why must we go to appreciate the moon? Can’t we just enjoy the banquet here?”


The corner of Lu Shifeng’s mouth twitched into a smile: “I don’t mind if you speak louder, it’s better even if everyone else heard.”




Jian Luo pouted.


He felt humiliated inside.


Because he stood beside Lu Shifeng, it attracted the attention of many people. Jian Luo couldn’t stand being stared at all the time, so he subconsciously slowed down and tried to keep a distance from Lu Shifeng.


However, the marshal did not do as he wished.


Jian Luo only took a few steps back, but Lu Shifeng turned around.


As the tall man stopped suddenly, Jian Luo, who had his head lowered, almost bumped into him. Lu Shifeng said, “Give me your hand.”


Jian Luo raised his hand suspiciously.


Lu Shifeng held his hand: “Let’s go.”


Unlike Jian Nan’s slender, white and tender palm, Lu Shifeng’s palms and finger pads had a thin layer of calluses. At first touch, they even felt a little like dragon scales.


Jian Luo said, “I can go by myself.”


Lu Shifeng ignored him: “When you go to the banquet in the lake, there will be assigned seats. If you don’t want to stand, just follow me.”




Jian Luo earnestly followed him. In fact, it felt quite strange. He had never been held by anyone since he was a child. The person who held his hand last time might have been a fortune-teller at a roadside stall.


In addition to that, he was really holding hands with Lu Shifeng, although it seems that the Marshal was only taking him to find their seats.


They arrived at the Lake Pavilion.


In the middle was a big disc with a lifelike statue of a god with rather strange features. It had dragon horns on its head, but its hair was as red as a phoenix, and there were small fangs at the corners of its mouth, while its face was a bit like a shrewd Pixiu.


Lu Shifeng said to him, “That is the national beast.”


Jian Luo seemed to understand, but tried to reason with him: “A mascot?”




Lu Shifeng was silent for a moment before softly saying, “You can say that.”


The banquet tables were filled up from top to bottom. Lu Shifeng’s status was respected, so he was assigned a seat in the front to be admired, but this was all unnecessary for Jian Luo, a petty citizen.


When Jian Luo saw that he wanted to go up, he was not happy: “Forget it, you can go by yourself. I’ll find a place below by myself.”


Lu Shifeng said, “Where would you like to sit?”


Jian Luo was stunned for a moment, looked around, and tried his best to pick a spot that looked the most inconspicuous: “I think over there is suitable.”


“Okay.” Lu Shifeng led him there: “Let’s just sit there.”




Big brother, I’m begging you, please don’t mess with me.


It was not a question of location at all. Um, it’s a question of you. As long as you, a living person, are there, you’ll attract attention wherever you go!


Jian Luo was afraid of him: “Forget it, let’s go and sit in front.”


Lu Shifeng lowered his head. The man’s profile was as handsome as a knife: “Didn’t you want to switch seats?”


“It doesn’t matter.” Jian Luo sighed: “Anyway, since I’m a broadcaster, more people will look at me. It’s good to get used to this small scene.”


The corner of Lu Shifeng’s mouth twitched into a smile.


The two walked to the front where the VIP seats were. The first thing Jian Luo saw was Zhan Wentai, before feeling the fear of being tortured by his lessons. It felt as if he was suddenly about to go meet his headmaster.


The little emperor was sitting on the main seat. Wait… the little emperor?


Jian Luo’s eyes widened. He had guessed before that this child might have had a high status, but who would’ve known that the boy who ate his stinky tofu before was actually a noble emperor?


The little emperor noticed Jian Luo’s gaze and smiled at him with sharp little teeth that looked very cute.




Your Majesty, you hid it so well.


Jian Luo sat down next to Lu Shifeng and found that the food on the table in front was very interesting. There was a switch under it. After turning it on, the table on which the food was placed on will automatically become a cooking table in the kitchen. You can also choose your own meat and roast it yourself.




To be honest, the food made by the blood clan was really bad, so he still had to do it himself.


Just as he was enjoying herself, a female voice suddenly came from not far away: “I heard that the little cook from Marshal Lu’s place is very good, can you demonstrate it to us?”


Jian Luo raised his head and met the princess’s gaze.


The princess sat on the high platform at the top, looking at him with provocative eyes, full of hostility and resistance.




Princess, why bother.


The little emperor said, “Aya, don’t fool around.”


“How am I fooling around?” Princess Aya was very unhappy: “Brother Lu’s mouth is very picky, so if caught his eyes, it means that the little chef is really capable.”


Nie Yan sat down and looked at Jian Luo.


Princess Aya teased: “I remember Brother Nie said that all the famous chefs in the world are in Moonlight, why doesn’t he have anyone?”


After being called out, the richest man didn’t care. Nie Yan played with his glass on one hand: “Huh? How does the princess know that he is not one of mine?”


Princess Aya was taken aback: “Is he from Moonlight?”


“To be precise.” Zhan Wentai on the left said coldly: “He is a member of Phoenix Stage now and works with me.”


Nie Yan sneered: “It’s only temporary.”


The two were still arguing when Lu Shifeng took out a small snuff bottle from his pocket and gave it to Jian Luo: “Take a breath.”


Jian Luo fell on the barbecue. He was curious: “What is this?”


“It’ll help you to suppress the smell of blood.” Lu Shifeng said softly, “Try it.”


Jian Luo was very curious about this kind of high-tech thing, so he took it. The small bottle was cold all over, and there was a faint mint fragrance before putting it into his nose.


“It smells good.” Jian Luo was a little uncomfortable just smelling the bloody smell of the barbecued meat. This would make him feel much better: “It’s really useful.”


Lu Shifeng looked back: “Then keep it.”


The two’s every move attracted the attention of the above, but the little princess only saw that Jian Luo had received something, she couldn’t see what he received.


The little princess watched Jian Luo roasting meat and pouted, “Your method is wrong.”


Other nobles were also paying attention to Jian Luo. There are rules for the blood clan barbecue. They paid attention to the elegance, rather than the tossing and turning method of Jian Luo’s to make it fully cooked.


Although everyone didn’t say it, they all secretly despised it in their hearts.


The little emperor gently pulled Aya’s hand, his eyes were a little deep: “Nothing else matters, don’t make Luoluo unhappy.”


Aya felt unbelievable!


Forget Lu Shifeng. Even those two were lured in by him, not to mention her own imperial brother also had this attitude?


Aya snorted coldly, “Do you not know whose birthday it is?”


Jian Luo, who was not far away, continued to roast his meat. He was very good at roasting meat. In the past, his family was poor and could not afford meat. Even if there was meat, they would not let him eat it, so he learned to go to the mountains to get some fish and pheasant to eat.


The more times he did it, the more skillful his grilling technique became, which was completely different from the brute-force grilling method of the dark stars.


Jian Luo approached Lu Shifeng: “Is there any seasoning?”


Lu Shifeng lowered his head: “What?”




Well, definitely not.


The aroma of the barbecue slowly radiated out and Jian Luo took out a packet of salt brought by his own foresight from his pocket and sprinkled some on it. It would be more refreshing to have some chili too at this time.


His techniques were naturally proficient enough to make others feel distressed.


The aroma of his barbecue made almost all the vampires who were accustomed to eating half-cooked meat look towards him frequently. They were subconsciously curious about this person.


Jian Luo took the vegetable leaves on the side, rolled it up around a piece of meat and put it in his mouth: “En… it’s delicious.”


Lu Shifeng looked at him.


“It’s delicious.” Jian Luo swallowed the piece of meat. It was almost enough to quell his fear of the half-raw food around him. He then took the initiative to say to Lu Shifeng, “Do you want to eat? I’ll wrap one up for you.”


Seeing that he had found something to do, Lu Shifeng agreed: “Sure.”


Jian Luo quickly wrapped another meat inside the vegetable for Lu Shifeng. In order to avoid soiling Lu Shifeng’s hands, he held it himself and looked at him with bright eyes: “Lower your head a little bit.”


Lu Shifeng leaned down.


Jian Luo shoved it into his mouth and it was like coaxing a small dragon: “Is it delicious?”


Lu Shifeng finished chewing slowly and nodded his head: “Not bad.”




The barbecue technique of the Chinese nation has been recognized.


The other nobles were stunned. They managed to witness something rare in this lifetime… Was that still that cold-faced Marshal Lu who vanquished other’s into ashes?


That was too cute!


Nie Yan said not far away, “Luoluo.”


Jian Luo raised his head: “Boss?”


“Since it’s ready, you’re not going to let your boss try some?” Nie Yan pushed up his glasses: “No matter what, you’re still a staff of Moonlight.”


Jian Luo looked at him.


Nie Yan stood up, walked over within two steps, and leaned down: “Wrap one for me.”



No, I don’t have enough for myself.


Jian Luo perfunctorily picked the smallest piece of meat and wrapped it in the vegetable before handing it to Nie Yan: “Boss, here it is for you.”


Nie Yan was very strange: “Aren’t you going to feed me?”


Jian Luo felt even more strange: “Why, don’t you have your own hands?”



Lu Shifeng’s shoulders shook.


Nie Yan took a sip of the grilled meat and vegetable wrap. His eyes lit up as he nodded approvingly, “Not bad.”


A military commander and the world’s richest man said it was nice to eat.


Coupled with this seductive, damn aroma, it also made other vampires greedy for a while now.


The little emperor also walked down. The child looked soft and cute. Very earnestly, he said: “Luoluo, Luoluo, I also want to eat.”


Jian Luo was the least resistant to the child, so he quickly wrapped the biggest piece of meat: “Come here.”


The little emperor opened his mouth wide, “Ahh”, chewed it twice, and dropped his cheeks together: “Is wlly1“really good” – but his mouth was full. good, wlly good.”


All of them have eaten.


Princess Aya above couldn’t sit still at all.


Dark stars naturally loved food, especially since they don’t secrete dopamine themselves. Food can promote the secretion of dopamine, so their love for food was engraved in their bones.


Princess Aya raised her face: “Since it’s so good, let me taste it.”


Jian Luo lifted her eyelids to look at her, but ignored her. Pretending not to hear, he continued to wrap food for himself.


Aya waited for a while and found that she was being ignored. After observing closely, she found that Jian Luo was completely ignoring her!


The little princess took a deep breath and said harshly: “What’s so great about it? If you won’t let me try, I’m not trying any.”


Jian Luo still ignored her.


When you eat barbecue, you have to come up with some tricks. A plain-old barbecue session is boring.


“Can I eat that fish?” Jian Luo pointed to Lu Shifeng’s table not far away: “It’s okay if I can’t.”


Lu Shifeng didn’t like to eat fish at all: “I’ll give it to you.”


The fish was prepared and its internal organs were cleaned. Jian Luo sprinkled the salt evenly, and he used long chopsticks to pierce the fish and roasted it directly on the fire.


Originally, this was a gathering of nobles, and everyone should’ve raised their glasses to admire the bright moon, but he turned it into an outdoor barbecue show.


The aroma of the fish slowly dissipated, which was really enticing to the taste buds. Jian Luo thought it was too hot, so he took Lu Shifeng to try it first: “Do you want to try it?”


Lu Shifeng saw that he hadn’t even taken a bite yet: “Eat it yourself.”


“I’m afraid that it’s hot.” Jian Luo said honestly, “You eat it first.”




Lu Shifeng glanced at him silently and sneered.


Jian Luo was stunned, feeling that the aura of the marshal seemed a little bad, so he said decisively and honestly: “Forget it, I’ll eat it myself.”


He was about to blow on it, but the fish in his hand suddenly trembled, as if something had been cast around it, and the temperature plummeted.


Jian Luo looked up and met Zhan Wentai’s gaze.


Sitting firmly like a mountain, the priest wearing white robes said softly, “It’s not hot anymore, you can eat it now.”




Jian Luo tentatively took a bite, and found that it was no longer hot. It can be said to be very miraculous. It turns out that Phoenixes really has magical powers.


After eating the fish in his mouth, Jian Luo mouthed out to Zhan Wentai: “Thank you.”


Zhan Wentai gave him a slight nod.


Sitting at the table, Jian Luo thought for a while and felt that he couldn’t owe him favor, so he simply took another piece of barbecue and put it on the table to grill it. The high priest was not far from him, but there was a Lu Shifeng in the middle of them.


Jian Luo gently poked Lu Shifeng.


Lord Marshal lowered his head in a condescending manner and stared at Jian Luo: “What?”


Was he sending him another plate of barbecue because he liked it?


The Marshal’s thinking was very divergent from his’.


“This.” Jian Luo held the small plate in his hand and said softly, “Please help me pass it to the priest.”




There was a moment of silence in the air.


Half a second later.


Lu Shifeng stretched out his hand to take the plate and handed it to Zhan Wentai next to him.


The priest took the plate and nodded reservedly at Jian Luo: “Thank you.”


Jian Luo smiled: “It’s only natural.”


After all, you are my teacher. How could I not please you? If you try to stubbornly give me remedial lessons every day, I’ll be screwed!


Everyone was in harmony, and the whole reception was about to come to an end.


When the reception was over and Jian Luo was full, he heard Lu Shifeng say, “Sleep in the palace tonight. The house outside is not fully furnished yet.”


Jian Luo had no other opinion: “Okay.”


It was not the first day he lived in the palace. Jian Luo followed the attendant and walked forward. Because he slept here the last time, the room prepared for him in the palace was still gradually being perfected.


As soon as the door of the room was opened, he stepped a foot inside. There was a soft carpet and it was as soft as stepping on the clouds. Even the coffin that almost scared him away the morning before had also disappeared.


Lu Shifeng said, “Go wash up first.”


“Huh?” Jian Luo turned back: “Then I’m going, you should go back soon too.”


Lu Shifeng walked in normally, as though he was supposed to be here: “No hurry, go take a shower first.”




A question mark appeared above Jian Luo’s head, but he didn’t dare to ask Lu Shifeng what he wanted to do.


Anyway, he didn’t think too much about himself. About the previous time, wasn’t it only because it was the estrus period of the dragon clan?


Jian Luo didn’t think much: “Okay, then I’ll take a shower.”


There was a bathroom in the room. Jian Luo walked in and took a quick shower. When he came out, he thought that the Marshal had already left, but he didn’t expect that Lu Shifeng had not left yet. Sitting lazily on the sofa, his slender legs were in military boots, looking stern and handsome.


Jian Luo stood on the spot: “Why are you…”


Just as he was speaking, there was a knock on the door from the outside. It was a maid: “Marshal, the item is cooked.”


Lu Shifeng said slowly: “Bring it in.”


The maid in maid outfit walked in with small steps, put down the medicine in the tray, and respectfully said, “Your Highness, please take it slowly.”


Jian Luo lowered his head and looked at the green water in the bowl. The water was still bubbling. It was very similar to the bowl of “Dalang poison2ref chapter 1 lolololol (being fed poison meme)” from the day he crossed over into this world.


Lu Shifeng said: “This supplement soup was specially designed for you.”


Sitting on the sofa, Jian Luo was very suspicious: “Supplement soup? What kind of supplement?”


“To fix your body.” Lu Shifeng said slowly: “Your body is too weak, and the cubs are growing up too slowly. If they absorb too much of your nutrition, you won’t be able to take it.”




So this was a supplement for himself. Jian Luo would have dared to pat his chest and said that he would never drink it. After all, he hated drinking all kinds of poisons since he was a child, so it was impossible that he’d drink them now.


But now there were a few small ones in his stomach. If it were him on his own, it did not matter, but what if these small ones did not get enough to eat.


In the first place, he was not a female dragon, so he couldn’t give the cubs a good environment to grow. Now there was a way to make up for it, it was not impossible to give it a try.


Thinking about this, Jian Luo sighed: “Then let me drink it.”


He picked up the supplement soup and took a sip. He wanted to drink it all in one gulp, but the stench came up and it was very unbearable.




All the supplement soup was spit out.


Jian Luo bitterly rushed into the bathroom and rinsed his mouth before coming out. He leaned against the door and wrinkled his face: “What kind of smell is this?”


Lu Shifeng explained to him: “This is the supplement liquid that the hospital has prepared for you according to your own condition.”


Jian Luo couldn’t drink it anymore: “Then leave it there, I’ll drink it later.”




There was a moment of silence in the air.


Jian Luo tried his best to keep his face steady, and gave Lu Shifeng the illusion of “I’m really good and I won’t try anything at all”.


After a while.


The Marshal nodded: “Alright.”


Jian Luo was overjoyed in his heart: “Well, then you can go back quickly. Pay attention to your own safety on the way back.”


Lu Shifeng: “You seem very happy.”


“Huh?” Jian Luo’s smile froze on his face, and he said dryly, “You read it wrong.”


Lu Shifeng stared for a while, then finally withdrew his gaze. He sat up from the sofa and walked outside.


Jian Luo only dared to take action after making sure there was no movement outside. It was not that he would not drink it, but that if he finished drinking this thing, he might have to vomit out the contents of his stomach all day.


Picking up the soup bowl on the table, Jian Luo walked to the bathroom and poured the bowl of liquid into the toilet. He then pressed the flush button directly and said goodbye.


After doing all this, Jian Luo happily clapped his hands and walked out swaggeringly, giving herself a compliment in his heart.


However, almost as soon as he stepped out the door, his footsteps stopped.


At the door, Lu Shifeng had gone away but returned. The man leaned against the door and looked at Jian Luo in a leisurely manner: “You came out?”




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