Chapter 42 – It is hope

Chapter 42 – It is hope


After sending out the message, Jiang Jiang began to inspect Jian Luo’s information bracelet. It is almost unbelievable that his bracelet was not the latest model. This model was almost no longer seen on the market. It was probably a first generation bracelet, so even the waterproofing was not done well. It was hard to imagine how Jian Luo persisted to use this every day. He guesses that even the speed of the data was slow.


When Jian Luo came out, Jiang Jiang was still studying this ancient artifact: “Luoluo, this bracelet of yours is of the antique level. It is even older than me.”




Jian Luo was shocked: “No wonder I always feel it has a bad signal.”


“I can change it if you have the specifications.” Jiang Jiang returned the information bracelet to him: “I can help you choose one that’s good value for money. By the way, there was a scam message just now. I replied to it for you, you can see for yourself. “


Jian Luo was very curious: “What scam?”


Jiang Jiang scratched his head: “It seems that they wanted to take you to a house or single-family villa at Imperial City No.1. Hahaha, don’t you think that’s funny? Turns out the scams nowadays start at Imperial City No. 1. Does he think that he’s the military’s marshal? That he would simply be able to acquire a villa…”


Jian Luo fell silent for a moment.


Jiang Jiang looked at his gradually solemn face and suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart: “Could it be, was he really the military marshal?”


Jian Luo scrolled through the slightly scratched screen and sighed, “Jiang Jiang…”


Jiang Jiang quickly asked, “What’s wrong?”


“It’s okay.” Jian Luo patted him on the shoulder: “Maybe it’s time to board the rocket.”




Jiang Jiang suddenly felt terrified. He suddenly remembered that when Jian Luo came over to his home before, he received a phone call that seemed to be from Lu Shifeng. But weren’t they supposed to be one-night stands? Could it be that Luoluo was still in touch with the marshal?


It was very possible now that he thought about it. Last time, Luoluo’s body was injured and he was shocked when he saw it. Could you imagine how much Luoluo must’ve suffered? Lu Shifeng was wealthy, so it is very likely that he wanted to give this villa as compensation.


Thinking of this, Jiang Jiang took a few steps forward, walked quickly to Jian Luo, and said hesitantly, “Luoluo…”


Jian Luo turned back: “Huh?”


Jiang Jiang glanced at him incessantly, and finally couldn’t hold back: “Could this villa be compensation for you? Did I accidentally say too much, will there be no bones left of me?”


Jian Luo smiled: “No.”


Jiang Jiang breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s good.”


“It’s too exaggerated to say that no bones will be left.” Jian Luo frightened him: “I will definitely plead for you and ask him to leave your ashes at least.”




He was not comforted at all.


Jian Luo found a quiet place to call Lu Shifeng. He sat in a chair and looked at the scenery outside through the hotel glass mirror.


After a while, his call was picked up.


“Hello?” Lu Shifeng’s voice came: “Come over and tell me which model the rocket should be.”




The marshal was very humorous.


Jian Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Just now, my information bracelet was with someone else.”


“Really?” Lu Shifeng’s voice was flat: “Your family member?”


Jian Luo said smoothly, “It was a friend, I’ll apologize to you for him.”


There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone.


This deadly silence made Jian Luo feel a little clueless.


Could it be that the Marshal was really angry? No, no, no, Jian Luo’s heart unconsciously beat faster.


Lu Shifeng’s voice was in a questioning tone: “I remember you said that you were going to be at home with your family today.”




Jian Luo froze.


“And now it’s friends?” Lu Shifeng seemed to chuckle: “Mr. Jian’s schedule is very busy.”


Jian Luo was stunned stupid.


He completely forgot that he had just lied to Lu Shifeng last night!


Jian Luo felt very guilty: “That, that…”


“Do you need me to wait while you make up another story?” The Marshal was very leisurely: “I’ll wait.”


Jian Luo panicked inexplicably: “Okay, I was wrong.”


Lu Shifeng didn’t pester him: “Where are you?”


“I’m outside.” Jian Luo was honest this time: “I was eating just now. Don’t worry, I’m fine, and nothing happened.”


Lu Shifeng responded: “Be careful, don’t eat unclean things.”


Jian Luo assured him: “I ate at Moonlight, so don’t worry. I’ll be fine. I’m not a child anymore.”




Actually, you are still one.


Lu Shifeng didn’t talk to him any more, and hung up after exchanging a few more words.


After hanging up the phone, Jian Luo breathed a sigh of relief. You really can’t lie casually these days. Especially to Lu Shifeng, as there is a 90% chance that you will be caught.


The meal that followed was very peaceful, but Wen Sheng was very conflicted and embarrassed.


The table was full of Moonlight’s signature dishes that had been served some time ago, but Nie Yan didn’t move his chopsticks. As the most honored person at the dinner table, since he didn’t move his chopsticks first, Wen Sheng too didn’t even dare to move her chopsticks, and was forced to just wait earnestly.


Until Jian Luo came back.


Jian Luo sat down again: “Sorry, did you wait for a long time?”


Nie Yan let him sit down and observed Jian Luo again: “Where did you buy your clothes? The size is wrong.”


This was all simply chosen by the clothing store server from before.


Jian Luo was not the kind of person who pays attention to what others think, so he didn’t care: “I simply chose it, as long as I can wear it.”


Nie Yan still wanted to speak.


Jian Luo was afraid that the boss would say that he would buy another batch for him. However, with just the ones that Lu Shifeng had already bought for him in the palace, he might not be able to finish wearing everything in his life, so he hurriedly said in advance: “Start eating or it will become cold soon. “


Nie Yan turned the mechanism on his fingertips: “This ice cream is made from holy dragon fruit. Try it.”


Jian Luo’s eyes lit up. He reached out and took one to put it in his mouth to taste it. The ice cream was really good. It’s fluffy and soft, and after putting it in one’s mouth, it was cold and pleasant. He sighed, “It’s delicious.”


The corner of Nie Yan’s mouth curled into a smile: “It’s a new product developed by Lihou’s kitchen yesterday. It will be prepared for you when you come over in the future.”


The richest man has come this far after so many years, and his reputation was not in vain. He really had a lot of skills.


After finding that it was ineffective to invite others for lunch every day, he quickly changed his counterattack measures and arranged for other things.


Jian Luo was very moved. Under Nie Yan’s expectant gaze, he agreed: “Okay!”


Because this ice cream was really delicious, Jian Luo just stared at the ice cream and ate more than a dozen of it in one sitting. No one else at the table fought him for it.


During this time, Wen Sheng tried flattering him: “I heard that the holy dragon fruit is very precious, but I didn’t expect it could be made into ice cream. Today, thanks to Mr. Nie, I can actually see it. It’s really a blessing.”


Nie Yan drank the porridge and said slowly, “The pleasure of your good luck was not because of me.”


Wen Sheng was stunned.


“It’s because of him.” Nie Yan glanced at Jian Luo slowly: “If you want to thank someone, thank him.”


After he said this, Wen Sheng suddenly felt like she could smell a certain scent.


Her eyes swept back and forth between Jian Luo and Nie Yan as she noticed something was wrong.


There was definitely something going on between these two people. It is true that Nie Yan was the richest man, but he was definitely not a philanthropist who was interested in alleviating poverty. The man was very shrewd.


Finally, the meal was over.


Jiang Jiang took the initiative to say to Jian Luo, “Luoluo, I’ll take you back.”


The richest man next to him suggested otherwise, “Take my car.”


“No.” Jian Luo still wanted to follow Jiang Jiang: “We came here together, so I’ll just go back in his car.”


Jiang Jiang also nodded: “I can send Luoluo back.”


Nie Yan did not insist: “Be careful on the road.”


The group came out of the moonlight. Jiang Jiang sent Jian Luo back first and then spoke to Wen Sheng in the back seat of the car again. His face was a little dark: “Senior sister, I’ll take you back.”


Wen Sheng hesitated: “Jiang Jiang…”


“If you want to ask me to soothe your relationship with Luoluo, don’t even try asking.” Jiang Jiang rejected her directly: “Senior sister, you already promised me before you came. Why did you embarrass Luoluo during dinner? He is my friend. Do you have any dissatisfaction with me for not showing any courtesy to him?”


Wen Sheng felt guilty and she told him the truth: “Jiang Jiang, you know your senior sister’s situation. I really wanted to rent out the factory, but you suddenly found a human being, so I was a little confused, alright? After looking at the famous labels of clothing on him, do you think he can afford it as a human being? If you were me, wouldn’t you doubt him at all?”


Jiang Jiang said: “Senior sister, you don’t have to repeat it again. You doubted my friend, which means you doubt me. He said this one sentence, right? Since there was no sincerity in working together from the beginning, and because you didn’t trust us, our cooperation won’t be necessary.”


Wen Sheng choked.


The car stopped on the side of the road, and Jiang Jiang said, “I have something to do with the website in a while, so I won’t send you off.”


Wen Sheng was so angry: “Your little anchor is not as simple as you seem. If you treat him as a friend, I don’t think he will treat you the same way, just wait!”




The door was slammed shut, leaving a slight lingering echo.


Jiang Jiang frowned at the back of Wen Sheng’s departure. Although he didn’t agree with Wen Sheng’s words, he had to say that what Wen Sheng said still made sense. Luoluo was indeed hiding something from him, but he hopes it’s not something bad.


On the other side.


When Jian Luo returned, he sent Jian Sheng to school.


This time, he was not too shy to trouble the driver who drove the car. His younger brother was very excited on the road. The child could not tell the difference in the quality of the car but just thought that his brother was very powerful.


When parting, Jian Luo transferred a thousand star dollars as living expenses for him.


Jian Sheng didn’t want that much: “Brother, I can’t have that much.”


“How much do your classmates get?” Jian Luo was calm: “What’s their average allowance?”


Jian Sheng said, “I’m don’t buy the same things as them, so I won’t need it.”


“Buy what you need.” Jian Luo was not stingy: “You are no worse than others. All you have to do is to study hard.”


You are no worse than others.


Inexplicably, after hearing this sentence, Jian Sheng’s eyes were a little red.


“Go in quickly.” Jian Luo sighed helplessly: “Call home if you need anything. Remember to listen to your teacher’s words in class and always eat breakfast in the morning. You are growing. There are prepared potato cakes in your school bag. Just treat it as a snack…”


Jian Sheng burst into tears and smiled: “Brother, you nag do much.”


Jian Luo: “Go do your stuff, go in quickly.”


Watching his younger brother leave, Jian Luo sat back down. As the car started slowly, he couldn’t help but ponder: “Was I naggy?”


The driver said: “Taking care of children is like that.”


Jian Luo thought about it for a while, then smiled: “Children don’t like naggy adults. They think they are annoying, although adults also dislike noisy children.”


He was just talking casually, but didn’t expect the driver to actually reply.


But the driver in front said: “If we can have a child, we will definitely not dislike him for being noisy. In Dark Star, it is too quiet.”



Jian Luo tentatively said: “I think it’s very prosperous.”


The driver who drove the car glanced at the scenery outside: “That is just an illusion. Each clone has its own suffering.”


“As long as it’s a test-tube replica, no matter how advanced the technology is, it still can’t make up for the pain it experiences.” The driver sighed: “I’m not just saying it, but although the test-tube clones have indeed inherited excellent genes, these such genes are too domineering that even the bad habits of the previous generation will be inherited.”


Jian Luo felt some sadness and helplessness in his tone.


“Sometimes, you don’t feel like an actual person, but a machine that’s carrying a soul.” The driver’s voice was low: “A walking corpse is living for others. As it is said that since you can’t become an independent individual, why would you want to have your own independent thinking if we can’t even choose for ourselves what kind of people we become.”


Clones with excellent military genes must become soldiers.


Those with high IQs must also inherit their lineage and succeed their predecessors.


The little driver smiled bitterly: “You can’t choose your own destiny, because the genes in us all came from the selfless dedication of the previous generation, so we must be worthy of them. We must live like that, because if the right person doesn’t do it, then no one will be able to rise up to the occasion. For the survival of the entire planet, they have to do those things.”


“You see, some people don’t say it, but they are very envious of human beings. There is no way, to control this feeling, Mr. Jian, there is really no way.” The driver looked at the busy traffic outside. “The Dark star you see as prosperous has in fact long been a backwater nation. No one is truly happy.”



For the first time, Jian Luo intuitively felt the dark star’s childless plight.


“Actually, we’re all still pretty well off.” The little driver digressed from the topic again: “Those like the Marshal, Lord Nie, even His Majesty the Emperor and the others are much more miserable than us.”


Jian Luo sat up straight, curious: “Why?”


Originally, he was really not interested about the life experience of these nobles. Originally, he was thinking that if one knew about some things too much, one will tend to become more involved. Originally, he was not from the same world as these nobles and when the cubs are born, he will pat his pants and leave.


But once he knew the backstory on previous matters, he suddenly felt that it would be good to know some things.


The driver was stunned: “Don’t you know?”


Jian Luo was very honest: “I don’t know.”


“Master Marshal’s genes belonged to the old Dragon King, but after he was re-cloned, he was a failure.” The driver said very cautiously: “At that time, the entire Dragon Clan was disappointed because the old Dragon King had passed away. If the Dragon King is so weak and powerless, then the Dragon Clan may die.”


The extinction of a race is simple.


It may have started from a small failure. Even if it was on a sunny day when no one really thought too much about it, the death knell for their demise had already sounded.


Jian Luo’s heart tightened: “What happened after that?”


The driver thought for a while: “But the marshal was a miracle. He trained harder than anyone else, and suffered more injuries than anyone else. He is a well-deserved dragon king.”


Jian Luo thought about the Lu Shifeng he had seen. The marshal had always been in a high position and he didn’t see the difficulties he faced in the past.


“Like our majesty, or the priest.” The driver turned the steering wheel: “The moment they were re-cloned, because they were pure bloods, they had no other choice.”


The genetic succession’s success rate was 50%.


A pure blood would have a one-in-a-million chance of success, but with such genes, they have already been doomed from birth.


One could see what a tragic fate they held at a glance.


What’s more, they had to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the entire race and even face criticisms from all walks of life:

“If it was the old Phoenix King, he would never do this.”

“Isn’t he supposed to be so good? Why is the clone like that?”

“If the Dragon King is still here, he’ll definitely do better.”

“Looking at how he likes this, I know that genetic defects cannot be avoided no matter what…”


Clones can inherit the will of their predecessors. They can inherit the mantle of their predecessors. They also inherit the continuation of their race, but under their bright and beautiful appearances, they are souls that have long since withered.


The little driver also smiled and said, “I heard before that we seem to have a cub on the way. Although I don’t know who was so lucky to have cubs, the baby came at a good time. It gave hope to the world and the next generation.”


Jian Luo leaned against the car’s cushion and said softly, “What if this news is fake, or what if this was just a rare case?”


According to his speculation, his ability to conceive might really be due to his personal physique, so the dark stars may not be able to do the same.




There was a moment of silence in the air.


“It’s good to have a little hope. Our generation is definitely unchangeable. I hope that in the future, healthy babies will be born. Then, they can choose to be themselves instead of being forced to bear the shackles of their predecessors. The talents and abilities of the cubs will not be affected. The influence clones are under is too great, but they have infinite potential.” The driver sighed: “Everyone has been tired after all these years.”


His voice was light, but inexplicably sad.


Jian Luo’s voice was a little dry: “Yes, it’s inevitable.”


He has already gotten used to it these few days. The driver took him back to the palace and took him to his exclusive room. Jian Luo went back to wash up, and finally lay down on the bed to rest.


Almost at the moment when he was about to touch the bed, a pain from his abdomen suddenly came up. Jian Luo frowned fiercely and almost fell on the bed. It was a little overwhelming.


After a while, a layer of cold sweat broke out on Jian Luo’s body.




The cubs inside his belly felt that their mother was unwell and therefore began to feel uneasy too. The entire silent palace was suddenly covered with the uneasy aura of the cubs. Whether they were asleep or not, all the vampires woke up.


The pain hit him like a tidal wave and Jian Luo struggled to open his information bracelet, found Lu Shifeng’s number and pressed the dial button.


A second later, he answered: “What’s wrong?”


Jian Luo gritted his teeth and breathed softly: “I…my stomach hurts.”


Lu Shifeng frowned immediately: “Are you in the palace? I’ll go right now.”


In the conference room of Sky City, Lu Shifeng picked up his jacket and walked outside while the other adjutants who were still in the meeting were dumbfounded.


Lu Shifeng laid out his orders: “Wang Yong will take a group of people to evaluate the E-star thing first. Only if necessary, I will go there in person.”


Adjutant: “But then…”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him sideways and the man’s dark eyes were threatening. If his subordinates dared to say a word of nonsense, it seemed that he would be executed right away.


The adjutant hurriedly swallowed his words and said very wisely, “Understood.”


Lu Shifeng nodded, then opened the door and left quickly.


The meeting room was quiet, and several adjutants glanced at each other and felt very strange. There was even a little gossip.

“What’s wrong with the marshal?”

“My lord hasn’t been so anxious for a long time.”

“The last time His Majesty was assassinated, he only got up after making a cup of tea.”

“That’s right. He was so fierce. Could it be that his wife had just given birth?”



At the Royal Palace.


There was a knock on the door, and Jian Luo answered in a vain voice. The attendant waiting outside broke into the door. When she saw the human curled up on the bed, her heart skipped a beat.


The attendant bent over: “Are you all right?!”


There was a layer of sweat on Jian Luo’s head: “A little… uncomfortable.”


“Don’t worry, we have a doctor on stand-by.” The attendant said quickly, “The doctor will be here soon.”


Jian Luo simply responded.


At this moment, it was not just chaotic in this room. The entire palace of vampire’s was restless. Originally, some vampires still didn’t know about the cubs, but once the scent of cubs came out, no one could sit still.

“Am I crazy?”

“I seem to smell cubs?”

“Seems like a red flag.”

“??? Who dares to harm cubs in the palace!”

“My God, does His Majesty have a little prince?”


The little emperor, who was being talked about, got up from his coffin. The uneasy smell of the cubs made it impossible for any dark star to sleep. It was ingrained in the bones of the beast group to instinctively want to protect the cubs of their race. Every child of theirs is a shared responsibility.


The doctor arrived quickly, stood by Jian Luo’s side, and supported him: “Are you okay? I’ll check your body now.”


Jian Luo nodded weakly, his face was pale and sweaty. He looked like a crippled person at the moment.


The doctor scanned his entire body with a medical tool and fell into deep thought after diagnosing the symptoms.


Jian Luo continued to curl up and asked weakly, “What’s wrong with me?”


“From all perspectives…” The doctor put away the instrument, frowning nervously: “Your current situation seems to be caused by an upset stomach.”




The room fell into silence.


Marshal Lu, who had just entered the room, stopped, and his eyes fell on Jian Luo, who was full of a guilty conscience on the bed.


Jian Luo guilty and shrank in the quilt: “It’s nothing major?”


The doctor nodded: “No, it should be labor pains. Just wait for a while, it does no harm to the cubs.”


“…Oh, I really don’t feel that much pain.” Jian Luo said in a lower voice, “Thank you.”


The doctor smiled and shook her head: “It’s okay.”


Lu Shifeng walked in. The man in the military suit seemed to have the coldness of the night. He stood in front of Jian Luo’s bed and repeated with a half-smile: “Was your upset stomach caused by bad food?”


Jian Luo completely shrank into the quilt.


The doctor didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Actually, dark stars have very developed stomachs and don’t need to be careful, but Mr. Jian is a human and his stomach is very fragile, so if you don’t pay attention to some food, it is indeed easy to cause such a problem.”


Lu Shifeng nodded: “Got it.”


Looking at the marshal like the calm before the storm, the doctor cold-sweated for Jian Luo.


Half a second later.


Lu Shifeng said, “You can go.”


The doctor also wanted to leave, but she still wanted to add: “Well, my lord, it’s still a little early, but according to Mr. Jian’s physical condition, I think it will be okay. You can consider taking him.”


Lu Shifeng hadn’t spoken yet, when Jian Luo stuck out his little head: “Taking what?”


“Don’t you know?” The doctor also sighed at Jian Luo’s ignorance: “The growth of the cubs does not all depend on the mother, they also need the comfort of their father. The scent of two people can help ensure the healthy growth of the cubs. In your current trimester, you don’t necessarily need it yet, but according to the test, your body is relatively weak, so we recommend you to start now.”




No, that’s not the point.


Jian Luo tried to struggle: “I mean, something you said about taking me. What do you mean? Do I have to follow behind the marshal every day?”


Thinking of this may make Jian Luo’s heart very tired!


The doctor smiled: “Of course not.”


Jian Luo let out a sigh of relief.


“Just try to stay together as much as possible.” The doctor gave an example, and her smile began to gradually widen: “For example, when you rest at night, or have meals, do it together. After two months, when the fetuses are more stable, you can have sex, but you have to be restrained~”


The word “restrained” was said by the doctor with such an elongated tone that Jian Luo almost didn’t recognize these two words.


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