Chapter 43 – Who is the spouse?

Chapter 43 – Who is the spouse?


The doctor was gone.


The room was quiet again, and the weak, pitiful and helpless Jian Luo was half sitting on the bed, covered with a quilt, only showing half of his head and peeking at Lu Shifeng.


Lu Shifeng glanced sideways.


Jian Luo immediately shrank as if he was a thief, and only showed his hair on the top. Before Lu Shifeng could speak, he explained himself: “I’m sorry, I ate something indiscriminately.”


Lu Shifeng moved and his military boots stepped on the clean blanket. He walked without making a sound and stopped in front of Jian Luo. His tall body was very oppressive as he looked down at Jian Luo and swept up the person on the bed in a single motion.


Jian Luo blinked innocently.


“Does it still hurt?” Lu Shifeng sat down and the bed collapsed: “Are they still bothering you?”


Jian Luo subconsciously touched his flat lower abdomen and felt it for a moment: “It’s no trouble. It just hurt for a while before, but now it’s fine.”


Lu Shifeng stared and said nothing.


“Well…” Jian Luo wondered if the Marshal wanted to touch the cubs too. After thinking about it, he hesitated: “D-do you want to touch them? But they are not moving now, and my stomach is not rounded yet.”


He must be thinking too much.


Unexpectedly, the marshal nodded.


Jian Luo was stunned, but he couldn’t go back on his words, so he got out of the quilt and moved closer to Lu Shifeng.


Lu Shifeng felt like a little rabbit had crawled out of his nest and placed himself next to him, a cowardly little rabbit.


Jian Luo was generous: “Then touch.”


Lu Shifeng’s slender hand slowly fell on Jian Luo’s flat belly. Through the clothes, he felt his warm body temperature. It was exactly as Jian Luo said. The cubs weren’t moving and his belly was flat. But there was a wonderful connection. When he put his hand on top, he could feel the gentle, faint presence of the cubs.


The presence was not strong, and was inexplicably soft.


The Lord Marshal’s eyebrows and eyes were subconsciously softened and the room was quiet.


Jian Luo looked up at Lu Shifeng and felt a rare surprise, and nothing else. It was a bit unexpected, because he had never seen such a relaxed Lu Shifeng before.


Half a second later.


Lu Shifeng said, “I will also be sleeping here tonight.”


Jian Luo was originally lost in thought when he responded indiscriminately: “Oh… huh? What!”


How can you say such explosive words lightly? Please stop making trouble, why do you want to stay all of a sudden!?


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids, and took some time to appreciate Jian Luo’s expression. After he had enough, he said, “Are you worried that I will take advantage of you?”


Jian Luo choked: “No, not that.”


“Really?” Lu Shifeng retracted his hand and said slowly: “Don’t worry, I’m not so hungry yet that I’ll even start with someone who’s pregnant.”



That sounds about right too.


Jian Luo gave himself some mental consolidation. There was no need to talk about innocence between two grown men, otherwise wouldn’t it be too hypocritical of them? Thinking of this, Jian Luo felt that everything was acceptable.


“Then where will you sleep?” When he thought about it, he became more courageous: “Are you going to sleep on the floor?”


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids and glanced at him. For no reason, the sight of the Marshal made one feel a little anxious.


Jian Luo felt guilty and hesitated, “Then, why don’t I sleep on the floor?”


Lu Shifeng said, “I will sleep in the bed, and you will sleep in the bed too.”




Jian Luo choked.


Although he won’t suffer from sleeping with this peerless and good-looking person, wasn’t it awkward?


Lu Shifeng got up and said, “I’ll ask someone to install a big bed. You go over to the side and drink the medicine that the doctor will bring you later.”


Jian Luo was dumbfounded: “There’s medicine?”


“Otherwise?” Lu Shifeng asked rhetorically, “Have you forgotten what I said?”


Jian Luo racked his brains trying to find the connection before finally slowly remembering what Lu Shifeng said before.


(If you don’t get sick, you don’t need to take medicine.)




That’s horrible.


Jian Luo bitterly wanted to struggle for a while: “Actually, I’m no longer in pain. Really, can I stop taking medicine?”


Lu Shifeng sneered: “Yes.”


Jian Luo was overjoyed. He didn’t expect the Marshal to be so considerate. It was really touching!


Lu Shifeng leaned against the bed and added slowly, “Then all meals you eat in the future must be approved and your diet will be strictly monitored.”




Jian Luo’s eyes widened, and he said quickly, “I suddenly feel that the medicine will be quite delicious.”




A faint smile flashed across Lu Shifeng’s eyes, and he said slowly, “Get off the bed and sit next to me. I’ll get someone to bring the things.”


Jian Luo: “Oh.”


He ran to the sofa to the side and started to play with his information bracelet before the medicine soup arrived. It was a bit blurry at first, but now that the waterlogged marks have disappeared a lot, it can now be used normally.


Lightbrain said, “How can I help you?”


Jian Luo thought about it: “Are there any Taobao1A famous online marketplace to buy goods. websites? I want to buy an information bracelet.”


“Please wait.”


The lightbrain was buffering slowly, and nothing popped out for a long time. Jian Luo was considered not unsatisfied, but he was also considered to have been very patient with this bracelet, so opened Jiang Jiang’s chat box and began to ask: “Jiang Jiang, do you have any recommendations for information bracelet brands, I’m considering changing it.”


Jiang Jiang replied quickly: “It depends on your budget.”




Jian Luo thought for a while and thought that he would still need to use the bracelet on many occasions in the future, so he would definitely have to replace it with a better one. After all, this thing was meant to accompany him all the time.’


After thinking about it, Jian Luo said, “Something more upscale.”


Jiang Jiang was very positive about this: “The high-end is also divided into grades. The best is the obsidian bracelet, with dual-cards on dual-standby. It fully charges within five minutes, and the battery lasts two months. It has wide signal coverage. Other than being expensive, it basically has no disadvantages.”


Jian Luo felt that this was good: “How much is it?”


“30w star coins.” Jiang Jiang said generously: “Actually, this is not particularly expensive. You see, the one your marshal, or which other nobles have are basically custom models, as they have unimaginably high authority.”




My marshal?


Did you use the wrong terminology?


Jian Luo looked at the reply message speechlessly and was about to reply when Lu Shifeng’s voice came from the side: “Do you want to change your bracelet?”




The sudden sound startled Jian Luo and he almost jumped up.


After being startled for a long time, Jian Luo liftedhis face: “Why are you walking without a sound? You scared me to death.”


“Do you never pay attention to your surroundings?” Lu Shifeng put down the medicine in his hand: “If you are in danger, will you also wait for the enemy to reveal their footsteps to you?”




Jian Luo pouted.


Anyway, the Marshal had a point.


Looking at the luscious herbal soup, he lost his appetite. Jian Luo decided to change the subject and said vaguely, “I was thinking of changing my bracelet, so I was just chatting with someone.”


Lu Shifeng sat down on the chair next to him: “You don’t need to buy it, I have one.”


Jian Luo was surprised: “You have extra bracelets?”


“You are currently re-registering your account, so I’ll get one for you to use.” Lu Shifeng stirred the green soup with a spoon: “After a while, the account will be registered, so you can just use a custom-made bracelet.”


Jian Luo wanted to vomit when he smelled the soup, and tried his best to change the subject: “Actually, I don’t need a customized one. I’m not going to do anything major.”


Subconsciously, he really didn’t want to use too much of Lu Shifeng’s favour. Even if these things might really be trivial things for the Marshal, but for a petty citizen like him, these things weren’t small to him.


Lu Shifeng said lightly, “Now that you are pregnant, the unique emergency mechanism of the customized bracelet can protect you. Don’t think about yourself, think about the few little ones in your stomach.”



Jian Luo fell silent.


The concoction on the table made its presence known at all times and Jian Luo got a headache looking at it, so he couldn’t help but think of repeating his old trick: “Leave it there for a while, I’ll drink it later.”


Lu Shifeng simply agreed: “Alright.”


Jian Luo was overjoyed.


“I don’t have to leave tonight anyway.” Lu Shifeng looked at him with a leisurely look, a slow smile on the corner of his mouth: “I will accompany you to the end.”




Lu Shifeng, you are so cruel.


Since he had to drink this soup no matter what the situation was, Jian Luo really swore off his life. He picked up the medicine bowl and took a sip. At once, the viscous nutrient solution made his stomach feel uncomfortable. He didn’t wait for another bodily response as the nausea rushed directly into his heart.


“Ugh, I want to vomit…”


Jian Luo rushed to the bathroom at a fast pace and spit it out, but there was still a sour taste in his mouth.


Lu Shifeng frowned and got up to follow him.


Jian Luo squatted on the ground, still relieving the unpleasant taste in his stomach. The two were about to talk when there was a knock on the door.


The little emperor said, “Is anyone there?”


Lu Shifeng turned around and his eyes landed outside: “What is your majesty doing here so late?”


“Sigh.” The little emperor had taken off his noble attire of the blood clan and wore an ordinary white shirt, so he looked like a child: “Can I sleep? This whole palace is filled with your cub’s scent. Don’t mention me. Now, no one in range of the scent can sleep.”


The beast race was very united. If one of the cubs were constantly disturbed, everyone else will always be worried.


Jian Luo rinsed his mouth and said softly, “What scent?”


Only then did the little emperor know: “Luoluo, you can’t smell the scent yourself.”


“He can’t smell it.” Lu Shifeng answered for him: “It’s really not private enough here. I’ll find another place in two days.”


The little emperor looked at Jian Luo with some concern and then sat down on the sofa: “I don’t think other places will be comfortable. If the smell of cubs spreads across the residential area, it will not be good to cause a panic. As of now, the people in the palace are solemn but it’s not bad.”


Lu Shifeng frowned.


Jian Luo came out and sat down beside him: “Can the cub’s scent be smelled from so far away?”


The little emperor explained to him: “It’s all like this, in order to prevent accidents because the female is not protected, the cubs will naturally emit this kind of scent. Although we haven’t smelled it for hundreds of thousands of years, and there is no documentation to teach us, distinguishing this kind of scent is like a natural instinct for us dark stars.”


Lu Shifeng looked at Jian Luo: “After this, go back to the military base to live. I will arrange a place for you in Dragon Valley where the environment is good. It is the original home of the dragon family and it is close to the mother tree.”


This is the second time that Jian Luo has heard of the mother tree.


The little emperor’s little head nodded quite quickly: “I think that’s ok. The cub’s proximity to the mother tree will also help in its growth.”


Lu Shifeng nodded.


Jian Luo: “…”


Did anyone come to ask about his opinion?


As if God heard Jian Luo’s complaints, Lu Shifeng glanced at him sideways: “Do you want to go?”


“Is it alright if I don’t go?” Jian Luo angrily lay cross-legged on the sofa: “Anyway, you’ve all made up your mind before asking me.”


The little emperor and Lu Shifeng looked at each other.


The Marshal looked at the fiery little rabbit and calmed down a little: “You can choose not to go if you don’t want to, I’ll find another place for you.”


When Jian Luo heard this, he was inexplicably discouraged.


He is such a person, although his temper comes and goes quickly.


“Forget it. The Dragon Valley is fine. I don’t hate dragons very much.” Jian Luo pouted: “You just need to prepare a bed.”


The little emperor next to him came over, inexplicably serious: “Luoluo, don’t you like our blood clan?”




That’s not it.


Jian Luo thought for a while and decided to be honest: “Actually, your blood clan is pretty good, but… there seems to be quite a lot of rules.”


The little emperor choked.


Lu Shifeng’s mouth curled into a satisfied smile: “Luoluo’s evaluation is in place.”


The little emperor propped up his cheeks angrily and looked at Jian Luo with watery eyes. He said pitifully, “Are you still angry about learning etiquette?”


“I was a little bit before.” Jian Luo has long since calmed down: “But I’m not too against it. However, I hope you won’t one-sidedly decide it for me next time, but instead discuss it with me before then, out of mutual respect for each other.”


The little emperor coaxed him pitifully for a while, saying that he would get his attention next time as Jian Luo touched his head.


The group chatted for a while, and Jian Luo still didn’t drink the last bowl of soup and medicine. His body seemed to be very repulsed by high-tech things like nutrient solution, and he didn’t seem to be able to adapt to dark star food at all.


The night finally came and it was time to sleep.


Jian Luo slowly climbed onto the bed, nestled in the quilt and turned his head to look at Lu Shifeng: “What time do you get up tomorrow morning?”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him: “Why?”


“Nothing…” Jian Luo told the truth: “I have to go to work tomorrow, so I don’t know if I will disturb you when I wake up.”


Lu Shifeng said lightly, “I’ll get up with you.”




Because the Marshal hadn’t taken off his clothes, Jian Luo couldn’t fall asleep. If he weren’t so embarrassed at being too frank, he wanted to fully turn his head to look.


Lu Shifeng glanced at him.


Jian Luo immediately turned his face away, pretending that nothing happened. When he noticed that there was movement on his side, he secretly peeked his head out.


However, the marshal was quite generous and took off his general uniform jacket: “I’m going to wash up.”


Jian Luo nodded obediently, but he didn’t see him bringing a change of clothes, so he subconsciously asked more and more: “Don’t you need to bring your pajamas?”


Lu Shifeng stopped in his footsteps.


Jian Luo shrank inside the quilt, and directly explained himself: “No, it’s ok if you don’t wear them.”


“Pajamas.” Lu Shifeng seemed to be quite interested in this word, because he took off his military uniform and as the lights dimmed down, his entire person looked a little gentle: “Like the one you are wearing?”


Jian Luo looked down at the bear pajamas he designed and said, “Yes.”


Lu Shifeng nodded unexpectedly: “Yes.”



Inexplicably, Jian Luo had an ominous premonition.


“Where did you buy it?” Marshal Lu said unceremoniously, “I’ll ask someone to buy a few sets so you’ll feel more comfortable looking at me.”


Jian Luo hurriedly said, “I didn’t buy it, I made it myself at home. There are two sets in my gift box. I have a pair of large ones. I’ll give it to you to try.”


Originally, the pajamas were all his size, but Su Liang said that after getting pregnant, it was very easy to gain weight, so she specially made a pair in a large size. It was originally for him to wear later. Unexpectedly, it suddenly came in handy at such a time.


Lu Shifeng stood there and waited.


After a while, Jian Luo, who was rummaging through the boxes, finally found the pair of pajamas from the box and brought it to Lu Shifeng to see, treating it like a treasure: “How about this one?”


Lu Shifeng’s gaze moved down. It was a black plus-size pajamas embroidered with a pattern of a yellow bear drinking honey. There was also a sandy trace of craftsmanship to it. It was not a serious-looking outfit at all, but cute in style.


Jian Luo’s eyes brightened: “How is it?”


Lu Shifeng glanced at the pajamas more and the room was silent. Just when Jian Luo was about to shrink a little and put it away, the Marshal reached out and took it.


Jian Luo didn’t expect the lofty, cool Marshal to really take away his pajamas. Seeing Lu Shifeng take away the pajamas, he secretly felt some anticipation. How could he describe what he was feeling? He was used to seeing the noble and glamorous appearance of the marshal on weekdays, so he still had some inexplicable expectations.


The sound of water filled the inside of the bathroom.


Half an hour later.


Lu Shifeng was out.


Jian Luo sat up immediately and looked at the man standing at the door. He saw the tall and handsome man wearing long black cotton pajamas. His stern eyebrows seemed to look softer because of this. His frame was big, so even with such loose clothes at the moment, he looked like a male model on a catwalk.


Lu Shifeng: “What are you looking at?”


“Uh…” Jian Luo retracted from his mind and praised him honestly: “You look pretty good.”


The marshal was inexplicably serious: “Is it a compliment towards the clothes or person?”




I had no idea you had this side to you, marshal.


Jian Luo decided to make the owner of wealth satisfied for once: “Lord, you are very handsome. Really, these pajamas look really good on you!”


Lu Shifeng sat down beside him on the bed. As the mattress sank down, the man’s body also felt oppressive: “If it doesn’t look good, are you going to take it back?”




Jian Luo hugged the quilt tightly: “No.”


Lu Shifeng, who was beside him, didn’t speak. The quilt was lifted and the Lord Marshal lay down, basically lying on the edge of the bed without overstepping his area at all.


Jian Luo obediently also lay down.


The sound of each other’s breathing could be heard in the quiet room.


Half an hour later.


Jian Luo couldn’t bear it. He was worried that Lu Shifeng would be uncomfortable sleeping on the edge of the bed so he couldn’t let go: “I actually sleep very well, and I won’t overstep my area.”


Lu Shifeng: “En.”


“Then you……”


Lu Shifeng closed his eyes: “Go to sleep.”




The chatty person quickly closed his mouth and steady breathing gradually came from the room. The pregnant person was already sleepy, and after tossing all night, he was even more tired.


After a while, someone who claimed to be a good sleeper began to roll all over the bed.


With one leg up and down, Lu Shifeng only felt his body sink. He became a foot-carrying pillow.




Even when Jian Luo was sleeping, he still didn’t forget to mumble indiscriminately, “Hotpot…”


In order to prevent him from falling off again, Marshal Lu, who was sleeping on the edge of the bed, had to maintain his position. Motionless, he acted as a wall to block him. Unfortunately, Jian Luo, who was sleeping very badly, began to slowly turn to the other side. As he rolled further and further, he saw that he was about to fall off the other side of the bed.


In the nick of time, Lu Shifeng stretched out his hand and pulled Jian Luo directly into his arms.




He finally knew why the room was carpeted.


The next day.


The sky was bright.


When Jian Luo slowly woke up from his dreams, his entire person could be said to be refreshed and happier, which made him unimaginably comfortable.


In fact, ever since he was pregnant, he hadn’t slept very well. Every night, he woke up for no reason and wanted to run to the toilet, or had all kinds of nightmares. However, his situation was greatly improved last night, and he never once woke up or had any nightmares. He even happily ate hot pot!


A low, hoarse voice came from the side: “Awake?”


Jian Luo was shocked. He looked up, saw Marshal Lu’s face, and said earnestly, “Good morning!”


Lu Shifeng looked down at him, his dark eyes made people feel a little confused: “It seems that you slept well.”



Jian Luo was stunned.


What does the marshal mean?


Didn’t you sleep well last night too? It should not be!


Jian Luo’s whole body suddenly froze, and he hesitated: “You haven’t slept, have you? Did I not sleep normally?”


Lu Shifeng sat up, ignoring his conscience: “Normally.”


Jian Luo let out a sigh of relief.


“Promise me.” Lu Shifeng gave him a slow look: “If it’s not necessary in the future, don’t share your bed with others.”




Several question marks appeared on Jian Luo’s head.


Washing up in the morning was quite hectic. After eating, Lu Shifeng handed him an information bracelet. The black bracelet was very beautiful and shone brightly. It could be seen in the sunlight that the texture was very high-end. The matte feeling in his hand was the ultimate factor of enjoyment.


Jian Luo said sincerely, “Thank you.”


Lu Shifeng sat on a chair drinking tea and said slowly, “Activate it first.”


Jian Luo nodded and started the activation procedure. Personal information must be entered into the newly acquired information bracelet, and the registered account can only be used after the input is complete.


The first line stated: [Please enter your name, age, home address.】


No problem. Jian Luo entered those quickly.


The second line was even more subtle: [Please fill in the lightbrain account number of your frequent contacts for emergency contact]




Jian Luo quickly filled in Lu Shifeng as a family member.


By the third line he was stunned stupid.

【Do you have a spouse? 】


For a moment, Jian Luo fell into contemplation and confusion. This was such an embarrassment. He did not know what to type. To be reasonable, as a person with cubs in his stomach, he should fill in ‘yes’, but considering his relationship with Lu Shifeng, could he fill him in as his spouse?? 


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