Chapter 45 – I have nothing to do with Lu Shifeng

Chapter 45 – I have nothing to do with Lu Shifeng


There was a moment of silence in the room.


Jian Luo noticed this strange silence and turned around innocently. He thought that Lu Shifeng was having some problems within his army.


It shouldn’t be so coincidental right?.


But you can’t directly ask yourself if your work is not going your way. If you really hit the mold, wouldn’t it add fuel to the fire?


Lu Shifeng looked at the meal on the table: “Who ordered it?”


“Huh?” Jian Luo still had the wrapped up food in his hand, and he said, “The bill looks like it’s from Royal House No. 1. Someone will pick it up, so I’m only sending it out the door. I don’t know who it is.”


Lu Shifeng tapped his fingertips on the table and there was no joy or anger on his face, but many thoughts were running through his mind.


There are only a handful of people who were qualified to stay at Royal House No. 1.


Zhan Wentai stayed at Phoenix Stage all year round, so he was basically excluded. The emperor already stays in the palace, so he was excluded too.


Nie Yan?


It’s not impossible.


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids and glanced at Jian Luo: “How did you draw him from your lottery?”


When it comes to this, Jian Luo got excited. Everyone probably wanted to prove themselves or to show off a little every once in a while so Jian Luo couldn’t hide his joy: “I received 88,888 torpedoes from him!”


Lu Shifeng was silent for a while: “That’s it?”




A question mark appeared on Jian Luo’s head and an inexplicable sense between victory and defeat came: “This is the biggest gift I have received since I started broadcasting. I have never received this before and the entire Jinjiang Live Broadcasting Network rarely encounters situations like this too.”


Lu Shifeng adjusted his sitting posture and said casually, “Has no one ever given you gifts before?”


He also swiped1Swipe credit card. AKA donate $$$ a lot.


But he’s never seen Jian Luo this excited.


Jian Luo said confidently: “Yes, but this gentleman swiped it at the right time as a sign of recognition of my cooking. Maybe he’s my true fan.”


True fan?


Lu Shifeng sneered.


Jian Luo saw the unhappy appearance of the marshal and really couldn’t figure out what he was thinking, so he could only say: “Then I will send it out.”


He turned around and was about to leave when he heard a voice from behind: “Wait.”


Jian Luo paused and heard Lu Shifeng sit up a little, his face a little distracted: “I’ll have someone send it for you.”


“Huh?” Jian Luo was holding the package and hesitated: “Isn’t that too kind of you?”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows: “Isn’t the place just within the community? What are you afraid of?”


He’s also right.


Jian Luo was relieved: “Well, this should be delivered as soon as possible. It’s still hot now but it won’t taste good after a long time.”


The Marshal sneered again and again: “Don’t worry.”


So this ill-fated takeaway was sent out and Jian Luo didn’t know what would happen to it next.


After his meal, an attendant came to clear the table and also brought some cut fruit after. The holy dragon fruit was cut and placed on the plate, which looked very nice.


Jian Luo sat on the chair and asked casually, “Have you eaten yet?”


Lu Shifeng waited for a long time, and finally heard his words, so he raised his eyebrows: “I thought Mr. Jian only cared about the 888 torpedoes.”




It’s actually 88,888.


Jian Luo added in his heart, he didn’t dare say it out loud: “No, no. Um, I’m sure I care about you too. You’re the small dragons’ father.”


I don’t know which part of this sentence appealed to Lu Shifeng, but the marshal’s mood became alright again.


“Are you hungry?” Jian Luo stabbed a fork into the holy dragon fruit to eat it: “I’ll go and cook some more food for you. There’s still rice in the pot and side dishes over there.”


Lu Shifeng shook his head: “Don’t need to busy yourself, you can rest.”


Jian Luo made an “en” and didn’t insist. He continued to concentrate on eating his fruit. After a while, a servant came to the door with something in his hand.


The attendant saluted Jian Luo: “Your Royal Highness, the hospital has brought something, saying it’s a gift for you.”




Jian Luo now had a headache after hearing about the hospital.


“Got it.” Jian Luo stretched out his hand: “Give it to me.”


The attendant held a large bag in his hand, which was bulging but no one could tell what it was. He handed it to Jian Luo obediently.


Jian Luo didn’t expect anything good at all. Please do not let it be a luxury gift package of nutrient solution. He prayed to god as he opened it simply and rudely, but unexpectedly only saw a few books with gilded fonts on them:

Parenting Encyclopedia

999 Things New Moms Must Know About

Ten Thousand Years of Parenting History of Dark Stars


Regardless of the titles of these books, they were basically pretty normal, so Jian Luo let it be, but after re-reading it, the later titles became even more and more outrageous.

February-March Baby Raising Guide

Things You Must Know in March-April

Did you know about these things about April-May?



Jian Luo fell into a long silence.


Lu Shifeng flipped through a few books at random: “Their work efficiency is fast. The library has long since lost this collection of books, so it must’ve been specially printed for you now.”


Jian Luo held a few books and almost didn’t get angry: “There are so many, but I still have to take another exam. How can I finish reading these?”


Lu Shifeng put the books on the table: “Just read them when you have nothing to do, you don’t have to finish reading them all.”



You put it too lightly.


Jian Luo turned around and suddenly came up with an idea: “I think as the cub’s father, I can’t be the only one to read it. You also have the responsibility and are obligated to read the book too. If I have to take the exam, then you have to take the exam too.”


Lu Shifeng looked at him with interest.


“Cough.” Jian Luo felt guilty, but still resisted: “Is there any problem?”


Half a second later.


Lu Shifeng said slowly: “Mr. Jian is right.”


The daring little human was unaware of how daring he was being at all. No one in dark star dared call out Lu Shifeng like this for a long time, not to mention anyone who still wanted to give the Marshal an exam.


Master Jian Luo was bold: “Then read it first. I’ll read it later.”


Lu Shifeng took one, but he didn’t look at it in a hurry, and said to Jian Luo, “Go wash up first. If you’re stressed about the nutrient liquid, they changed their policy and made a nutrient solution for you to soak your feet.”




That’s insane.


Jian Luo nodded speechlessly: “I see.”


It was a proven fact that even if no one could think up any ideas, there is no magical dakr star who couldn’t think of a solution. A pot of green and bubbling nutrient solution was brought to soak his feet. After looking at it, Jian Luo felt his views widen again.


He sat on the sofa and said to Lu Shifeng, “Why are your nutrient solutions always green? Can’t you change its color?”


Lu Shifeng was reading and when he heard the words, he spoke slowly, “Want me to change it to red for you?”


Jian Luo fell silent.


It was quite comfortable to soak his feet in the nutrient solution, even if it looked a little unacceptable, it actually did not stain and was odorless, so everything was fine. Jian Luo picked up the bookThings You Must Know in March-Aprilto read and learn about parenting for dark stars.


He opened the first page and it read:

“Starting in April, the cub’s hearing has basically developed. Parents can carry out music prenatal education. In order to improve the parent-child relationship, they can also talk to them from time to time. Parents who tell stories to their children can foster their curiosity.”




This was good.


Jian Luo counted the days. The cubs are indeed about to be 4 months old, so perhaps their hearing has really developed, so could he tell them some stories?


On the opposite side, Lu Shifeng read the books very quickly, up to ten lines with a glance. After a while, he has already read most of the books while Jian Luo has not even finished the first paragraph of the first page yet.


Jian Luo was puzzled: “You can remember it all?”


“Why?” Lu Shifeng gave him a little bit of attention: “You want to give me a test too?”


“…That’s not it.” Jian Luo hugged the book and explained frantically, “Did you know what happens in April?”


Lu Shifeng put down his book.


Jian Luo was inexplicably a little nervous in his heart, and he looked forward to it: “Have you read about it?”


Lu Shifeng reached out to him: “Hand it over.”



Jian Luo didn’t give it to him, but simply showed him the page: “It is mentioned in this book that we should talk to the cubs, so do you have any designated children fairy tales?”


Lu Shifeng said, “No.”




A question mark slowly appeared on Jian Luo’s head: “But the book says to talk to them, do you not have any stories to tell them at all?”


Lu Shifeng thought for a while: “Do you want to hear it?”



Jian Luo blurted out, “The book says that the father should tell it to his cubs, not me.”


Lu Shifeng’s eyes stared at him with his pitch black eyes, as if he could see through all the thoughts in his heart and making Jian Luo feel inexplicably guilty.


Jian Luo was stunned: “No, it’s okay to not tell me.”


Lu Shifeng threw the book aside: “Have you finished soaking your feet?”


“Huh?” Jian Luo took his feet out of the basin and wiped them with a handkerchief. He was very positive: “I’m done.”


Lu Shifeng said “en”: “Go to bed and wait, I’ll tell you later.”


I didn’t expect it to be true!


Jian Luo was very excited: “Okay, okay.”


In fact, he has never heard of dark star’s fairy tales before. Would it be as magical as Snow White or something?


He was really looking forward to it!


Jian Luo happily got into the quilt. He waited for Lu Shifeng to finish washing before he put on his little black bear pajamas and sat on the bed.


Jian Luo’s little head popped up: “What story are you going to tell me today?”


Lu Shifeng was half-covered under the quilt while also half-sitting on the bed. He said in a low voice, “Tell me about the Dragon Clan’s battle of Phoenix Tail Slope on Interstellar Island Group.”




This does not sound like a fairy tale!


Jian Luo hesitated for a while, but still held on to some hope: “What story is it?”


“Once upon a time, there was a dragon team that bumped into an interstellar pirate group.” Lu Shifeng told the story very mechanically: “The fighters on the other side operated the newest b-257 battleship, and the combat missile type it held was the f7. There were 17 people in the dragon team. According to the feedback from the detector, the opponent had at least 300 people. The terrain of Phoenix Tail Slope was full of rocks, which was suitable for offensive and defensive battles…”


Jian Luo fell silent.


Marshal Lu’s combat recount vastly included the entire interstellar space and any military force would cry if they heard it. In addition, the Marshal also gave an analysis of the small dragons’ experience in combat in a condescending manner. He was really attentive.


After Lu Shifeng basically analyzed the situation of the enemy and himself, Jian Luo, who was next to him, was already dead asleep, and he slept very soundly.




The next day.


After a good night’s sleep, Jian Luo didn’t dare to tell Lu Shifeng what happened yesterday.


Fortunately, Lord Marshal was also very kind and didn’t ridicule him. After the two of them had breakfast together in a very tacit understanding, Lord Marshal sent Jian Luo to work and left after a few words as usual.


The first thing Jian Luo did when he got to his workplace was to give the food box to Wang Heng: “Well, this is the finished product for the chili peppers.”




Wang Heng took the food box and opened the lid for a moment: “Tofu?”


“En.” Jian Luo gave it to him: “I made some more in the morning. You can eat it while it’s still hot at noon, or during dinner. I’ll go and rewrite an application report on chili peppers.”


Only then did Wang Heng react: “It turns out that the anchor was you!”


Jian Luo laughed: “It’s me.”


Wang Heng, who was holding the lunch box, finally accepted this matter: “I was just wondering, the new breed of vegetable was just cultivated, so how could an anchor have it.”


Jian Luo didn’t plan to hide it. Seeing this, he said, “This is the new product that was broadcasted live yesterday. You can take it to try.”


Wang Heng hesitated for a long time before saying, “Thank you.”


Jian Luo didn’t mind, but reminded him: “You’d better eat it soon. It won’t taste good if it’s cold, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”


“No.” Wang Heng held the box and said after a long silence, “My wife likes to watch your live broadcast. I’ll take it home for her to eat.”



Jian Luo stopped.


He remembered that Wang Heng had also said before that he wanted to have a child with his wife. Right now, he was also very kind to his wife. For no reason, Jian Luo actually felt a little envious. This may be true love in real life. Probably because they both miss each other, they will always cherish and save good things for one another.


Not like old Lu.


Who told him an old war story.





In the evening, the report of the Chili report was approved.


It was completely different from yesterday’s tone and attitude. This time the reviewers seem to have suddenly changed their attitudes: [After our multi-party certification investigation, the pepper is now upgraded to high-grade ssr seeds, and its edible value is allocated as a high-grade seasoning. It is verified for batch planting. The first-level permissions for this matter has been issued to the seed cultivator Jian Luo’s account, please check. 】


Jian Luo asked Wang Heng, “What are the first-level permissions?”


Wang Heng was tinkering with his latest seeds, and replied: “If your seeds have been approved for batch planting, then you need to follow up and guide the planting work on the human side. This means, for almost the next few days, I’m afraid you have to go to Peace Paradise frequently.”


Most dark stars didn’t want to go there.


Except for Jian Luo.


Hearing this news, Jian Luo was very happy: “Okay! Then I can go there tomorrow, now that the order has come out.”


Wang Heng gave him a strange look and nodded: “In summer, the environment in Peace Paradise is even worse, you should pay attention to yourself.”



Have you forgotten that I am a human too.


Jian Luo was not angry: “I see.”


He was still happy to be able to travel at the expense of the government. The most important thing was that he didn’t have to worry that the priest would come over at any time to tell him to take the exam.


In the afternoon, Jian Luo was handling the handover work. He made all the handover preparations for himself in order to move to Peace Paradise from today onwards.




His information terminal received a message.


Jian Luo opened it casually. It was Jiang Jiang, “Luoluo, I found out that there is an anchor on the Internet who imitates you and makes the same food as you to gain popularity every episode after you finish your broadcast. Did you give him the authorization to do so?”


Jian Luo was stunned and replied, “No.”


“Then you should go and have a look first.” Jiang Jiang sent him the weblink and name: “It’s someone from the Interstellar Food Network called Chef Chenguang.”



Jian Luo said, “Okay.”


He was very impressed by the Interstellar Food Network before. At first, he wanted to broadcast live on their live network. Later, he came to Jinjiang without signing a contract with them and some unpleasant things happened after that, but with time, he basically forgot about it and put it behind him.


Who knew that after such a long time, this Interstellar Food Network would once again reappear in his life this way.


Jian Luo sat down on the chair and began to search for this Lord Chenguang. The obsidian information bracelet was fast, and sure enough, he found this person very quickly. After watching about a dozen videos, the earliest and the most popular video was:

[Luoluo’s potato chips, unlimited purchase for the same taste]


The food anchor in the video also made potato chips, which attracted a large number of people to come and appreciate the broadcast. Taste tasting was also opened after that. The order quantity exceeded 10 million, and the unit price for each was 2 star dollars. Jian Luo’s own broadcast only sold it for 1 star dollar.


Jian Luo thought about it before subscribing to try it. After taking a bite, it was very crispy, but it almost had the same problem as the one produced by Moonlight last time, that is, it was a little burnt because they did not grasp the control of heat well. The taste was partially okay, but others will get tired of this product pretty quickly as it was not thin enough.


Jiang Jiang sent another message: “Luoluo, have you read it yet?”


“I saw it.” Jian Luo replied to him: “Actually, potato chips and chips were not my idea. I read them in a book. They belong to the culture of the ancient earth, so it can’t be considered that he copied me.”


Jiang Jiang was very surprised: “But how would he know about it if you didn’t bring it up. He’s just rubbing off on your popularity, because you have limited purchases, he’s decided to use your popularity to sell his merchandise unscrupulously!”



It was the truth.


Jian Luo frowned: “But I don’t want to ruin the quality by rushing on the quantity.”


Jiang Jiang was also very angry: “Actually, I found out about this two days ago. 

They are really good at exploiting holes, so it’s not easy to make them own up to their mistakes. But the problem now is, even if they do not limit their purchases in bulk, there have been some health concerns as something went wrong with their physical chip products so some people have started to feel unwell after eating them. Now, they don’t want to admit that there’s a problem with their potato chips, but instead claim that there is a problem with the food itself.”





Jian Luo thought it was weird, so he had to confirm: “As long as the potato chips are not eaten every day, the appropriate amount will not cause any discomfort.”


Jiang Jiang was also very angry: “It must be their production problem.”




Jian Luo opened the homepage of Lightweb, browsing it before finally finding a forum discussion page about potato chips:

“Chef Chenguang’s potato chips will make you dizzy, do you face the same problem?”

“Yes, sort of. I thought it was just me.”

“Yeah, what’s the problem?”

“His production method is the same as Luoluo’s.”

“It seems that you can’t eat more potato chips on their own, and you can’t eat more than ten pieces at a time too.”


There was a lot of discussion on the Internet, and a lot of discussion about potato chips, but everyone’s attitudes were different. It was precisely because Jian Luo himself did not have an account on Lightweb, so no one came to him.


Jiang Jiang sent a message to Jian Luo: “Luoluo, in a couple of days there will be a convention for all the anchors. These people should also be present there, will you go?”


If it was left to Jian Luo’s previous temperament, he would definitely go.


But now there were still cubs in his stomach, what if something happens?


Originally, he really didn’t have any feelings for these unplanned children. But after three or four months, it was hard to be impartial. How could he not care for them?


If possible, he really didn’t want to expose the children to any danger.


Jian Luo’s fingers quickly typed on the screen: “Jiang Jiang, do you have Lord Chenguang’s contact information? I’ll chat with him first.”


Jiang Jiang was curious: “What are you going to do?”


“I suspect that the potatoes he used had already sprouted or were bad.” Jian Luo had no tolerance for this kind of thing and typed quickly: “I don’t mind getting not involved, because I didn’t invent potato chips, but if he used them to harm my good conscience and name, then I must find him.”


Jiang Jiang was also taken by Jian Luo’s thinking and quickly replied: “I don’t have his contact information yet, but I can check it out for you.”


Jian Luo breathed a sigh of relief: “Thank you.”


It was just time to get off work. Wang Heng packed up and was ready to go home with the spicy tofu in his arms. When he turned around, he saw Jian Luo sitting not far away.


Wang Heng frowned: “Aren’t you going back?”


Jian Luo sat on the chair, wearing a clean white shirt. From a distance, he looked like a student who had just got off school. He raised his head and smiled slightly: “Well, it’s time to go back. You should go first.”


Wang Heng waved his hand and left.


Jian Luo was full of worries and had a lot of things to think about, so he just sat in the shed. If he was allowed to go out now, he would have to face those dark star people. Now his heart was numb. The funny thing was that when he looked around, he couldn’t find anyone to talk about it to, so he could only quietly keep it to himself.


“Ring ring.”


His information bracelet was being called again.


Jian Luo sighed before receiving it. It was Jiang Jiang’s call. When he picked it up, he heard Jiang Jiang say, “I have entrusted it to someone, we will find out tomorrow. Also, regarding the registration form for the anchor conference tomorrow, our platform was only given one place so you can consider it. If you want to go, I will take you there and we can count it as clarifying it with the other party.”


Jian Luo was cautious: “Okay, I understand. I’ll think about it on my side.”


Originally, he meant that he was going to reconsider it himself.


Who knew that Jiang Jiang actually said: “Okay, discuss it with your marshal!”




Jian Luo choked with a mouthful of old blood: “Why do you think that I am with the marshal?”


Couldn’t he be discussing it with someone else? Couldn’t that person be himself? Why must it be Lu Shifeng?


How spiteful!


Jiang Jiang on the other side was much calmer: “Are you not?”



Jian Luo decided to be hard-hearted for a while, and heaved a sigh of relief: “Don’t talk nonsense, I obviously have nothing to do with him!”


When he finished his sentence, he turned his eyes and suddenly saw a figure standing at the door. Marshal Lu was standing there, leaning against the door and looking at him. When his eyes fell on him, it felt like a sharp knife was placed against his back or like sitting on a needle.


For a moment, Jian Luo suddenly shuddered.


Jiang Jiang asked suspiciously: “Is there really nothing?”


“En.” Jian Luo immediately changed his words: “That of course…is impossible.”


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