Chapter 44 – Made for another man

Chapter 44 – Made for another man


Jian Luo was puzzled and it could be said that he was very, very conflicted. The two got into the car. Today, they were both going to drop him off at his workplace. They sat on the cushion as Jian Luo looked at the problem on his screen. He was very embarrassed.


Lu Shifeng glanced at him: “Is there a problem?”


“No.” Jian Luo unconsciously replied something perfunctory to him first: “It’s okay, I can handle it myself.”


The problem concerning the bracelet still persisted. Jian Luo thought about it for a while before finally choosing “no spouse”.


Who knows.


The bracelet immediately displayed: [Please re-enter, authentication failed. 】




A question mark appeared above Jian Luo’s head.


What’s wrong with this bracelet?


He took a deep breath and finally caved into the wicked thing, choosing: “Yes.”


The system immediately authenticated his information successfully, and couldn’t wait to give him the next options to fill in: [Please enter your spouse’s name and contact information. 】




Was this necessary?


Jian Luo glanced at Lu Shifeng quietly, thinking about it in his heart, should he enter the marshal’s name?


This is a problem.


Lu Shifeng glanced at him: “Are you thinking about using my name?”




Jian Luo was shocked and couldn’t believe it: “How did you know?”


“Because this is a linked bracelet.” Lu Shifeng said in a low voice: “The Obsidian is only available for couples, so you must enter your partner’s information.”




I have a feeling you knew from the beginning.


Jian Luo swallowed the complaint in his heart: “Then I…”


Lu Shifeng nodded: “Fill in my name.”


“Will it make any difference after I fill in your details?” Jian Luo was very curious. After all, he never used this kind of advanced technology before: “I mean, will it affect the various functions it has?”


This thing doesn’t have any tracking, or some perverted features right?


Lu Shifeng looked at his document sent by the secretary: “There is basically no difference and it can be used normally. The Obsidian has the most basic human monitoring system, so if your body experiences any abnormalities, I will know as soon as possible.”


Jian Luo seemed to understand but also not understand at the same time: “So that’s how it is.”


Soon, they arrived at the seed planting base and Lu Shifeng said to him, “I will pick you up at noon to take you to the hospital for an obstetric examination.”


Jian Luo had no objections: “Okay.”


After a few days, he has finally returned to work. As soon as he entered the shed, Wang Heng came over excitedly: “Your chilies have turned out well.”




Jian Luo’s eyes widened and he hurriedly ran over to see them.


They really turned out well!


He saw the green rhizomes standing firmly from the ground, with green leaves and red fruits. They all grew very well. The colors of red, viridian and green looked very beautiful. For a moment, Jian Luo was moved and it even filled his chest cavity, with an indescribable feeling. It was as if he was standing on the earth’s land and had returned to his home planet, looking at his own fields.


Wang Heng said later, “They look very good.”


That one sentence brought him back to reality in an instant.


Jian Luo walked slowly to the front of the nursery and squatted down, subconsciously smiling: “I have no regrets if it grows well.”


Wang Heng was surprised: “How do you eat this?”


Jian Luo wanted to prank him, so he picked a small pepper and smiled at Wang Heng: “Try it, it’s delicious.”


Dark stars were sometimes very simple-minded.


Wang Heng really took it: “The resulting plant could be seen the day before yesterday, so I’ve been curious for a long time. It looks pretty cute, but I don’t know if the taste…”


He stopped speaking abruptly.


Wang Heng’s face gradually flushed red as his face wrinkled together, like he had just swallowed poison.


Jian Luo snorted and hurriedly said, “Hurry up, go rinse your mouth.”


Wang Heng generally flew over to the water outlet not far away and rinsed his mouth for a while before thinking for a long time. He then scolded: “What the hell is this?”


Jian Luo beside him was a little guilty: “I’m sorry.”


Wang Heng was still heaving: “Do you have a problem with your brain? To have chosen this to cultivate. No one will eat this thing, understand? Quickly destroy it!”


Jian Luo tentatively asked, “Does it taste numb and spicy?”


Wang Heng nodded frantically.


Jian Luo was relieved. He patted Wang Heng on the shoulder: “Okay, just wait. I won’t simply waste resources planting this vegetable for nothing. I’ll go back to the kitchen today and show you the finished product after it comes out.”




Wang Heng waved his hand: “Go away, I won’t eat it.”


Jian Luo smiled and said nothing.


Now that the pepper seeds have been successfully cultivated, it was necessary to write a breeding and cultivation report. After submitting it, it must go through several stages to be approved. After the approval is successful, they will be officially put into the production base of Paradise Garden to start mass production.


After spending the entire morning writing, Jian Luo submitted the cultivation report.




His information terminal received a message.


After Jian Luo clicked it, he saw Zhan Wentai’s message: “Did you come to work?”


Jian Luo’s head throbbed and he had to admit the truth: “I did come.”


“Come to class at noon, I have prepared materials and lesson plans for you.” Zhan Wentai worked very seriously: “I’ll pick you up.”


Jian Luo quickly replied: “I can’t make this noon, I’m going to take an obstetric examination.”


There was silence for a moment.


Jian Luo breathed a sigh of relief and thought he almost escaped.


The result was this.


Zhan Wentai quickly changed his words: “I can also teach you after noon.”



Jian Luo was resigned: “Then wait for me to come back in the afternoon before going there. You don’t need to worry about me for now.”


The high priest finally let him go.


It was almost lunchtime and Wang Heng, who had been looking at him unpleasantly asked, “Where are you going to eat? I’ll go with you?”


Jian Luo refused: “The place where human beings go is not suitable for the noble you, I’ll just go by myself.”


Wang Heng snorted coldly, “Who wants to go with you?”


That’s good.


Jian Luo came out of the door and saw Lu Shifeng’s car.


It didn’t take much time to get to the hospital from here. The marshal was wearing his usual military uniform, but he didn’t know where he came back from. Jian Luo only whiffed a faint bloody smell, which made him uncomfortable.


They arrived at the hospital soon after.


The doctors had already been ready since a long time ago and they were very enthusiastic when they saw Jian Luo:

“Mr. Jian Luo, how are you feeling recently?”

“Do you have any reactions to certain food?”

“Which flavors are probably more disgusted with?”


Jian Luo answered as he thought the answer. Finally, after being surrounded by many doctors and answering the questions, the nurse kindly gave him a drink: “This is juice made with holy dragon fruit, you can try it.”


The color of the drink was white and there were golden particles of the holy dragon fruit in it. At first glance, the drink was even filled to the brim.


Jian Luo took it: “Thank you.”


The nurse took out a needle that had been prepared some time before and smiled: “Then let’s draw blood from you.”



I knew you weren’t that kind.


Jian Luo raised his arm resignedly: “Go ahead and pierce it.”


The nurse responded. After taking care of Jian Luo, she really started to insert the needle. While holding the drink, Jian Luo found that the needle was really much smaller than the last time. It seems that Lu Shifeng didn’t lie to him and really made the hospital make small needles.


After a while, the doctors finished taking blood and started testing, so Jian Luo was free and walked out of the room.


Lu Shifeng turned around and looked at him holding a drink.


Jian Luo explained: “The nurse gave it to me.”


“I know.” The Marshal was leaning against the window with a lazy attitude: “Mr. Jian was slightly temperamental last time, so this time they were ensured to be well prepared.”



Jian Luo pouted: “What about my temper?”


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids and glanced at him. He looked at him from top to bottom and then slowly opened his mouth with a smile: “Well, it’s not really that bad.”




I’m pretty sure you’re implying something else.


Fortunately, the dark star’s technology is good, so the test results came back quickly. The doctor invited Jian Luo and Lu Shifeng to chat about it as soon as they got it.


Seeing the doctor’s serious attitude, Jian Luo was inexplicably a little nervous. He was very afraid that the doctor would ask him to eat whatever he prescribed when he went back, or even publish about a disease named after him.


Lu Shifeng was very calm: “Let’s talk.”


The doctor hurriedly and respectfully put down the information tablet: “We tested Mr. Jian. The genes in your body indeed show a stress response to our nutrient solution.”


Jian Luo was slightly surprised: “What do you mean?”


“The general consensus is that your body rejects the nutrient solution.” The doctor said very reservedly: “And it has nothing to do with pregnancy. It is rejected by your body’s natural feedback mechanism, similar to a kind of acclimatization.”



It was quiet in the room.


Unaccustomed to the soil and water here? It was known by all that the human beings in Peace Paradise have been drinking nutrient solution from childhood up till adulthood for the sake of saving money. If word gets out about the doctor finding a person who was unaccustomed to the soil and water here, he will become a laughing stock.


Jian Luo held back for a long time: “I don’t know why either.”


Lu Shifeng said to the doctor, “Will it affect his body?”


The doctor paused for a long time. He thought that the marshal would ask such strange things like why Jian Luo’s body was so strange, and that it would be better to stay in the hospital for observation or something, but who knew that the marshal would ask such a question.



The doctor said honestly: “At present, there are no records of such an observation.”


According to his own understanding, Jian Luo said, “I prefer to eat the vegetables of ancient earth. According to my physical condition, my body is more susceptible to accepting them, so if I eat these, will it also be nutritious for the small dragons?”


The doctor was a little dizzy when he was surrounded by their questions: “Well… if you are healthy and eat nutritious food, the small dragons will also be nourished. It’s three months old now, so you have to pay more attention. Starting from around April will be the fastest growing period for the small dragons. Pregnancy classes for you are currently being arranged.”


Jian Luo fell silent.


He felt that after he was pregnant with cubs, he was pulled back to study.



After coming out of the hospital, Lu Shifeng took him back to the seed cultivation base.


Jian Luo got out of the car with his head down in dejection: “I’m leaving.”


“Is the work unpleasant?” Lu Shifeng could clearly feel that he was not in a good mood: “You can talk about it if you need advice.”


Jian Luo leaned against the car door. He was resigned: “No, I just need to go for class.”


Jian Luo didn’t know if it was just his imagination, but he felt that he saw Lu Shifeng smiling. Even if the smile flashed for only a second, he still smiled.


Marshal Lu got out of the car. With his tall and straight body, he stood beside Jian Luo: “Let’s go.”


Jian Luo was suspicious: “Where are we going?”


Lu Shifeng looked down at him: “To meet your teacher.”



Jian Luo, the little daughter-in-law, followed Lu Shifeng into the building. The many followers of Phoenix Stage along the way would stop and salute when they saw Lord Marshal.


Seems like he’s the same level as the other person the last time.


When they entered the place, they saw Zhan Wentai sitting by the bed not far away. The priest was wearing a white robe and his whole body exuded a holy light.


Lu Shifeng sat down at the table: “Nothing better to do recently?”


Zhan Wentai was reading a book. After he heard the straight-forward word, he said: “The cubs are the hope of the empire. It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of it. It is also my responsibility to teach Luoluo.”


The person carrying the hope of the whole empire sat down opposite him.


Lu Shifeng picked up a book and read it. After reading it, he saw that it was actually recorded the history of the empire. It was full of pictures and texts, and could be said to be very detailed.


Jian Luo was under great pressure: “Mr. Zhan, what are we learning today?”


Zhan Wentai took out the test paper he had prepared some time before and gave it to him: “You haven’t been coming in these days, so I’m worried that you have forgotten the previous knowledge points. Do this first, then I’ll see what you know about history now, so I can approximate your degree of mastery.”




An exam?


Jian Luo took it as he trembled, glancing at it roughly. His heart was cold.


However, the Lord Priest also added a sentence in an understanding tone: “If you can’t do it, just leave it empty, then I will give you a supplementary lesson alone.”



Jian Luo’s hand holding the paper trembled even more.


After Zhan Wentai explained this, he said, “Okay, let’s start doing the questions.”


There was a pre-prepared pen and paper on the table for a long time so Jian Luo could only pick it up resignedly. To him, the content of the entire test paper could be summed up in four words – he didn’t know anything.


Jian Luo looked at it for almost half a day. Apart from the free-mark questions that even idiots could answer, he had to use the odd 1 out of 4 technique1

In multiple choice questions with ABCD answers, if one doesn’t know the answers, sometimes they use this technique.

Read the T/N to find out how to ace your exams with this fool-proof (not really) method,

to choose the answer.


“Knock Knock.”


There was a knock on the door from outside.


Zhan Wentai glanced towards it and said to Lu Shifeng, “I’m going out.”


The Marshal sitting on the sofa nodded lazily.


“Jian Luo.” Zhan Wentai took two steps and stopped, turning his head to look at him: “After you finish it, put the test papers here. I’ll come back and look at them.”


Jian Luo hurriedly nodded.


So the invigilator left, and Jian Luo, who was sitting in the same place, was relieved when he heard the sound of the door closing and began to peek at Lu Shifeng. After his 30th time peeking, the marshal finally asked: “What are you looking at?”



Jian Luo held the pen and glanced back quietly. After confirming that Zhan Wentai was not around, he whispered, “Um, when was the first time the dragon clan migrated?”


Lu Shifeng looked at him in a leisurely manner.


“I’m just asking.” Jian Luo started talking nonsense with his eye wide open: “Actually, I remember it, but I just want to confirm it with you.”


Laying on one side of the sofa, the lazy man closed the book. Lu Shifeng then spoke slowly, “Then which date do you remember it being?”




Why are you making it difficult for me?


After holding back for a long time, he finally made a choice to skip those remedial lessons instead of keeping his pride intact: “Okay, I forgot. Just tell me.”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows and smiled, “The 25th star century.”


Jian Luo hurriedly immersed himself in writing the answer. After that, he asked, “Which canyon did the first meteor shower land in?”


Lu Shifeng asked him, “You don’t remember the classes that the high priest gave you?”



Jian Luo was choked up, he blinked as his voice became weaker and weaker: “It’s not like I wanted this to happen. In fact, the priest explained it in detail and did it pretty well, but… but I couldn’t digest it all at once, so I can’t remember that much.”


Lu Shifeng looked at him.


“Okay.” Jian Luo felt even more guilty when he saw him: “I will definitely take notes next time, review it when I go home, and get a good score in the test.”


He thought that Lu Shifeng would reprimand him.


But what he never expected was that the Marshal would just say this lazily: “It doesn’t matter.”


Jian Luo: “Huh?”


“It’s okay if you don’t do well in the test.” Lu Shifeng lightly opened his thin lips, a little vile: “If the cubs are uneducated little dragons after birth, I won’t blame you.”



What kind of cubs are born with automated knowledge in them?!


Jian Luo rolled his eyes and simply ignored him.


He sat down with the test paper, even as the final result would be dismal. The Marshal was busy with his affairs, so he stayed here for a little while longer before leaving. When Zhan Wentai came back, he glanced at the test paper and was silent for a long time.


Jian Luo felt like he was sitting on pins and needles: “Well, teacher, don’t be angry. You can lecture me again and I promise you will get a good grade in the exam this time.”


However, Zhan Wentai slowly put down the papers, his calm gaze fell on Jian Luo: “No.”


Jian Luo: “Huh?”


“There should be a problem with my teaching and instructing method.” Zhan Wentai looked at the test paper with a stern face: “This is the end of today, and I need to think about it.”




No way!


Jian Luo was full of complaints, but he didn’t dare to say it too clearly. However, he was still very happy that he didn’t have to take remedial classes. After leaving Phoenix Stage, he returned to the shed.


Wang Heng said after seeing him come back: “The auditor has just sent back the report. They rejected the request for the mass production of peppers.”


Jian Luo frowned: “What’s going on.”


“I told you that chili peppers have no actual edible value.” Wang Heng was annoyed: “It’s useless for you to bring it up in the report. You will definitely be rejected.”


Jian Luo took the report and looked at it a few more times. Sure enough, it was similar to what Wang Heng said. His entire proposal was rejected, and the examiner’s tone was also very sharp: “After the official appraisal, the peppers have no edible value. Mass production is not recommended. For mass production, please give priority to the SSR grade seeds when selecting seeds. Also, conserve more fertilizer and land resources.”




Wang Heng said next to him, “Someone came over there just now and said that you should clean up all the peppers. You can pick another seed in two days.”


Jian Luo put away the report: “Don’t clean it up yet.”


“What do you want to do this time?”


Jian Luo walked up to the peppers and started picking peppers: “I want to write a complaint report which will be submitted tomorrow. Don’t clean this place up.”


Wang Heng sighed heavily, too lazy to say anything.



Because the house in Dragon Valley has not yet been furnished, Jian Luo still stayed in the palace for the past two days. Today, he was going to cook a meal with the chili peppers, so he specially asked the attendants to lend him a small kitchen.


The attendant dispersed the usual crowd and finally packed a separate cubicle for him in the imperial kitchen, and said, “If there’s anything, just holler!”


Jian Luo said thank you.


Two days ago, he bought a live broadcast lightball online on his own, so now he was just trying out its functions.


“Beep, it’s turned on.”


The ball was connected to the live broadcast room and the broadcast started on time at night, so  Jian Luo habitually greeted the camera: “Hello everyone, let’s eat spicy tofu today.”


In fact, he actually wanted to make some meat, such as spicy crayfish, spicy fish, etc. But now he can’t stand the smell of raw meat. After all, it was alright if he accidentally vomitted in front of his audience once, but what if the smell comes back, it’ll bring much trouble, won’t it?


After carefully considering, the simple spicy tofu was okay too.


The audience in the live broadcast room was also very excited:


“What do you mean by spicy? I don’t know what it is.”

“Anchor, can you be normal and do normal things this time?”

“I like to make your recipes, it’s delicious every time.”

“I’m not tired of rice crackers, can we do that again?”


As more and more recipes were made by Jian Luo, the popularity of the live broadcast room got higher and higher. Although his broadcasting time was not fixed, there were still a large number of people who camped outside his room every day.


Jian Luo nodded: “It will be spicy, and I’ll be making a new product for everyone today.”


On the table was the tofu sent by Moonlight. With their masterful skill, the tofu was very tender and fragrant.


“When cutting tofu, you have to be careful.” Jian Luo said while cutting the knife: “As the texture of tofu will be slightly fragile, you should pay more attention and avoid hurting your hands.”


From this point on, it was basically the usual routine.


Seeing that the water in the pot was boiled, Jian Luo said, “Put the tofu into the blanching water first, so that it won’t fall apart and will be more delicate after frying. You should also pay attention to it when you make it yourself.”


A few steps later, Jian Luo took out the chili and washed it. He then said, “The chili is the most critical step. Chop it and add it in…”


The audience members were not calm:

“What are chili peppers?”

“It looks so strange.”

“Why are you putting it together with the tofu?”


When Jian Luo started to cut the peppers, some restless viewers who had turned on the hologram couldn’t hold back and secretly tasted the peppers. Almost instantly, everyone was quiet.

“It’s poisonous.”

“Ahhh, my mouth.”

“Everyone, listen to my advice. Don’t eat it!”


There was a lot of disturbance in the barrage, as if a fuse had been lit, but Jian Luo, who was cooking, only concentrated on cooking his spicy tofu. It was a beautiful red as the aroma of chili peppers spread out slowly, making everyone feel good.


Jian Luo has been craving for peppers for a long time, and now he was almost drooling.


The audience was intimidated:

“A pot of poison.”

“Report the live broadcast room for maliciously hurting people.”

“Whoever eats this thing will die. I just tasted it, and I can’t speak it right now.”


When Jian Luo turned around and saw these words in the live broadcast room, he was completely dumbfounded. He thought of a possibility and dared not accept the truth: “Are there people who’ve just eaten a few bites of the chili?”


Obviously, it was a yes.


As the aroma of spicy tofu came out, many people couldn’t help but sigh.

“What should I do? This vicious vegetable has caught my attention.”

“It seems to be okay.”


Although most of them were shouting, the dark stars have always loved challenges, so even if the crowd was fierce, there were still some people who could tone down their excitement.


“It’s best not to eat the chili raw. It’s too spicy.” Jian Luo served the food and said, “It’s a little hot now, so let’s leave this for later.”


“I steamed some rice.” Jian Luo turned on the rice cooker next to him: “You can eat them both together. It’ll make for a good meal.”


After the meal was finished, the tofu was almost ready to eat. Jian Luo carefully put one in his mouth. The delicate and smooth tofu no longer had the same faint taste it had before, but it still had a smell that stimulated the taste buds and mobilized the nerves. After biting into it, the initial taste was crispy and delicious, it was wonderful!


For a time, apart from the small number of them who couldn’t stand spicy food, most were shocked.

“What does it taste like?”

“The chili, it’s so damn sweet.”

“It successfully got my attention.”

“Leave the link for the chilli peppers, thanks!”


Just when everyone was clamoring to buy chili peppers, the largest donation in the history of Jinjiang was wired into the live broadcast room: The user Speechless has presented 88,888 deep-water torpedoes to the anchor.

The super luxurious torpedo special effects blinded all the audience in an instant.


Because Jinjiang received such a large torpedo reward, it flashed once across the public homepage screen and other broadcasts of other anchors. As the local tyrant gave the donation, the entire Jinjiang homepage was swamped and other anchors started talking. After the numbers exploded, everyone was also stunned.


Not to mention others, Jian Luo himself was also stunned, and subconsciously asked, “Did the hands of this audience member accidentally slip up?”


After a while, [Username Speechless: I want to buy a spicy tofu]



The power of money.


The 88,888 deep-water torpedoes were worth almost hundreds of thousands of star dollars, even at a discounted rate. Jian Luo has never seen such a wealthy person before, so he had to make the promise, “…Okay, I’ll make it for you soon.”


The live broadcast room was temporarily suspended. At the same time, two hot searches also rose in the star network:


#hundreds of thousands of star dollars to buy a bowl of chili#


After Jian Luo finished eating, it happened that he had not finished using all the ingredients, but managed to keep some for himself, as such, he simply made another spicy potato with the remaining ingredients and decided to use some of his backdoor connections to inquire about the identity of the user by the name of Speechless.


There was a voice outside, someone was approaching.


Lu Shifeng leaned against the door: “Have you eaten?”


“En, I’ve eaten.” Jian Luo replied casually, “You are early today.”


Lu Shifeng saw that Jian Luo had already eaten but was still busy in the kitchen. He thought of a possibility that Jian Luo might be making food for the marshal himself, and couldn’t help but smile. He was in a good mood.


Jian Luo responded.


Lu Shifeng waited for a long time but no one came to personally greet him, so he had to ask, “What are you doing?”


“Oh, I’m cooking for someone.”


The Marshal was just about to speak with satisfaction, when he heard Jian Luo add another sentence: “It was made for a gentleman from my live broadcast room.” 



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