Chapter 50 – What are you both doing?

Chapter 50 – What are you both doing?


Jian Luo was also frightened by this situation.


Originally, he wanted to start a live broadcast and just do his job, but he didn’t expect things to get so out of control.


Jian Luo sighed: “Thank you Feng and Speechless… I remember the online class later. Today’s live broadcast will end here first. I will go and investigate those potatoes. Thank you for your support. I will try my best to find someone to explain everything to everyone.”


As soon as the live broadcast was ended, he gasped against the stove.


Su Liang came over to support him: “Luoluo, Luoluo, what’s wrong?!”


“It’s not a big deal.” Jian Luo sighed and endured: “I just felt a little pain in my stomach.”


Su Liang helped him to sit down on the sofa beside him: “My child, you can’t get angry when you are pregnant. What if you get fetal hypertension? Are you trying to stress me to death?”




Jian Luo didn’t understand it very well, but he was a little worried: “Will that cause harm to the babies?”


Su Liang sighed: “You must not be angry all the time. When I gave birth to you, it happened during your father’s accident, that’s why you have always been in bad health.”


Speaking of the original Jian Luo’s father, Jian Luo almost never heard Su Liang mention it.


Thinking about the potatoes, Jian Luo felt very bad. He thought for a while: “Mom, I just received a reward from the live broadcast. I don’t want the money, I want to donate it.”


Su Liang was stunned.


“I remember there was an orphanage at the entrance of the village.” Jian Luo said, “The children there can’t eat or drink nutrient solution, so they often go to the mountains to dig wild herbs to eat and often get poisoned. I want to donate the money I got to them.”


Su Liang thought about it and agreed: “This is the money you make, so mother has no opinions on it.”


Jian Luo smiled: “Okay.”


He thought this matter was over, but who knew that Lu Shifeng, who was having a meeting in the palace, received a call his wristband. On the huge conference table, many diffrent thought ran through the minds of the people at the table.


Nie Yan put away his wristband that he was secretly watching the live broadcast on while the priest also put down his lesson plan that he ahd been preparing as the little emperor raised his head.


Lu Shifeng said: “The wristband detected that his heart rate was too high just now, so he must be angry right now.”


“What?!” The little emperor was the first to react, wrinkling his face: “If Luoluo is angry, the cubs will definitely be affected as well.”


Nie Yan said: “Isn’t it just a question of potatoes? I will go acquire Interstellar Live Network.”



Zhan Wentai said: “He probably does not want us to get involved.”


Lu Shifeng tapped his fingertips on the desktop: “It’s better to acquire Jinjiang Live than to acquire Interstellar Live. All kinds of barrages can be posted randomly. He only gets angry when he sees those who speak out loud.”


There was a consensus on this matter.


Zhan Wentai was relatively rational: “Acquiring a platform is not the final solution. Even if a platform can be acquired, it cannot acquire the public opinion.”


Talking about this matter, everyone looked up at the emperor in unison.


The little emperor suddenly realized this and was startled: “Why are you all looking at me, do you want me to order troops to go and arrest those who slandered him?”



After thinking about it, the little emperor nodded: “It’s not impossible.”


“Your Majesty has such a leisurely mind, but the ministers do not have that much free time.” Lu Shifeng said leisurely: “You have to order them one by one this way, so it’s better to directly issue a punishment for hate speech on the online platform to stop it once and for all.”


Nie Yan rarely agreed with him: “What the marshal said is reasonable.”


Interstellar Live Network.


It was one of the largest Internet sites in the entire dark star, and one of the hot searches on its search engine was very eye-catching.

#jinjiang’s human anchor was awarded one million#


In the dark star, there were actually a lot of rich people, but the situation was the highlight of it. Very few of them would ever give a human being that much money. To be precise, it has never happened before.


The first human being rewarded with a million star dollars, just hearing this headline made others very shocked and want to eat some melons.

“Is that the anchor who made the potato chips?”

“Looks like it’s really him.”

“What kind of mentality does a person have to have to reward him, someone who makes harmful food for others.”


While everyone was talking about it, they suddenly discovered that the official social media account of the dark star government had released the latest laws and regulations regarding information technology:


Dark Star Government v1verified (kinda like twitter’s verified tick mark):

[In recent years, information technology has gradually developed, and in the era of freedom of speech, everyone needs to pay for their words and deeds. The Internet is not a platform beyond the law. Dark Star has advocated for civility and equality since the old ages and will never condone any violence and attacks, even if it occurred discreetly. Starting today, major online platforms will immediately implement an online real-name system and the entire web will be monitored online 24 hours a day. If someone violates the regulations, they will be issued the penalties as below. 】


Following this official post was the latest regulations. When someone clicks on it, they will see the first regulation in bold and red:
“1. Prohibition of racial discrimination
2. Speculation of unproven rumors are not allowed
3 …”


After reading the whole page, one could sum it up to: if you want to avoid breaking the law, you must be civilized. Of course, some people have discovered the main point:


“Don’t you feel that these regulations seem to revolve around one thing?”

“That’s right, especially the racism one.”

“…No, this is the official statement of the imperial capital, but why would they help human beings?”


Everyone felt a little weird.


Of course, although many people have such speculations, they were unwilling to believe it, even in their own hearts.


Just after the official social media account of the Imperial Capital released the news, everyone was still a little unsettled and still muttered about this. While everyone was still talking about it, almost at the same time, the official website of Moonlight released some news:


Moonlight v: [The hotel adheres to a rigorous regulation and checks. All production methods and the acquisition of raw materials of potato chips are as instructed by @Jian Luoluo2Jian Luo’s social media handle. If you have any questions about the potato chips made by Moonlight, everyone is welcome for inspection. 】


Everyone’s social media accounts posted all at once, surrounding them from all four cardinal directions.


Early on before, someone once raised the question in Jian Luo’s live broadcast room, and they reasonably suspected that the raw materials of the potato chips made by Jian Luo were of inferior quality. Other than that, because their preparatory methods were also different, it has caused the potato chips circulating on the market to make people unwell after consumption.


But now, the official Moonlight has made their appearance!


Moreover, the method of making potato chips in Moonlight was actually directed by that human being!


The netizens were not calm:

“Moonlight is the leader of the food industry.”

“It’s not easy to be recognized by Moonlight and be invited to instruct there!”

“This is not the point. The point is that it is a legendary thing to invite Moonlight to issue a statement!”


Moonlight had a very high status among the dark stars who love food. It was akin to the weathervane3Someone who influences the direction of development, whether it be in public opinion or innovation.

(A weathervane is that iconic chicken-direction-pointing tool on top of rooftops that spin when the wind blows)
of the industry. Being recognized by them is equivalent to suddenly becoming the godson of a president of a wealthy family after being recognized.


Of course, even so, some people dared to challenge the conventional:

“But it’s a fact that there is a problem with Jian Luoluo’s potato chips.”

“The things that have been researched by humans may not be suitable for us to eat.”

“There must be an explanation for this matter.”


Some people wanted to get some clout online, but soon, the others who were watching suddenly realized that the accounts of these people who spoke out were suspended almost immediately.


Some good people suddenly recalled the information that was released by the Imperial Capital before that outlined that they would issue out criminal punishment. What exactly was this punishment? Were there really people from the military who will be dispatched? Just because they trash-talked a human?


Soon, someone posted some news on Interstellar Live Network:

Cui Zao Zao v: “Everyone, my neighbor was just taken away. Someone from the military came to take him away, it was as if he violated the Interstellar Network Law.”


The blogger also attached a picture below. It was a picture of what the neighbor looked like when they were taken away. The military team arrived quickly and took them away right away.


Then, not only this blogger, but many other people began to post news saying that their neighbors, colleagues and friends were taken away. This time the military seems to have really made a move. It was no joking matter, and they just took them away without any discussion.




For a time, the entire web was silent.


Originally, there were people who still wanted to push the blame, but they were all silenced and everyone who was arrogant at first kept their mouths shut, they could not be honest.


When these things happened, Jian Luo was asleep, and even after he woke up, he didn’t know what had unfolded.


“Eat slowly, you won’t be late.”


Su Liang served him vegetables at the dinner table.


Jian Luo devoured them: “I overslept, yet you didn’t wake me up!”


“Didn’t you feel very unwell yesterday? It’s fine to sleep a little longer.” Su Liang asked him to drink more water: “I’ll take you there in a while…”


Jian Luo got up and left: “No, no, Mom. I’m leaving!”


He came out to the yard and suddenly saw a very bright little flag on the roof, which looked very dazzling.


Jian Luo was curious: “Mom, what is this?”


Su Liang came out, glanced at the roof, and then said: “Didn’t you make a donation yesterday? This is the sign of your donation. As our family’s account is registered, and because of the amount of your donation, we were automatically sent this.”






Jian Luo wanted to keep a low profile, but he never expected this to happen.


But now that the matter has already happened, he can’t go back to get the money back, so he could say: “Okay, then I’ll go to work first.”


Su Liang responded: “Walk slowly.”


Jian Luo opened the door and walked out: “Got it!”


He went out of the house and ate a pastry made by Moonlight. When he arrived at the planting base, he was a little sensitive, finding that other people were looking at him in a strange way. If yesterday they were a little curious, today, they were a little fiery.


Jian Luo felt uncomfortable as he pushed open the door of the pepper shed before being greeted with a more violent welcome and round of inquiry:

“Mr. Jian Luo, is it true?”

“Is the donation really from you?”

“How are you so rich!”

“My God, when did your family get rich?”


Looking at Jian Luo’s face with eager eyes, he felt a little uncomfortable. Originally, he just wanted to solve this matter in a proper and reasonable way, but he never expected it to get so big. Jian Luo looked at the many people and suddenly didn’t know where to start explaining.


However, Jiang Kang came over to help him: “Okay, okay. Don’t surround Luoluo. It’s definitely not a mistake that the red flag was issued to him. As for where the money came from, don’t make inquiries and take care of your own affairs properly.”


Everyone looked at each other, pouted and walked away.


Jian Luo breathed a sigh of relief and said to Jiang Kang, “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome.” Jiang Kang’s attitude was very docile, he looked at Jian Luo: “Luoluo, I have something to tell you, can you come with me?”




He had something to say again.


Jian Luo backhandedly wanted to refuse, but Jiang Kang looked like he couldn’t bear it: “Luoluo, will you listen to me?”


Jian Luo pursed his lips, and finally said, “Okay.”


The two walked through the shed and found a secluded place outside. That was when he heard Jiang Kang say, “Luoluo, I know about your live broadcast last night. To be honest, I knew that you must’ve been the anchor. You were the most likely person.”


Jian Luo admitted upfront: “So what?”


“I don’t believe there are any problems with the potato chips you make.” Jiang Kang said frankly, his eyes were affectionate: “I know your character, you would not do such a thing.”


Jian Luo didn’t know what to say, so he could only say, “Thank you for your trust.”


“Luoluo…” Jiang Kang stepped forward: “If you need my help, you can tell me. I will always be by your side, so you can trust me!”


Jian Luo fell back subconsciously: “Thank you, I’ll go first if there is nothing else.”


Jiang Kang’s eyes sank and he stepped forward to hold Jian Luo’s hand: “Luoluo, do you think I have no money?”




Jian Luo directly kicked his leg, unable to bear with it any longer: “I think you are sick!”


After kicking him, Jian Luo was out of breath. He glanced indifferently at Jiang Kang with a distorted face, turned around and left. It can be said that he did not have any affection for him.


Jiang Kang, who stayed in place, looked gloomily at Jian Luo’s back before unconsciously clenching his hands into fists.




There is a message from his information terminal.


Jiang Kang quickly accepted it and saw the message: “What happened to the negotiated matter? As long as you agree, the deposit will be immediately credited to your account. No one else will know about this matter.”


The other party used an anonymous account.


“Is it true that no one will know?” Jiang Kang typed quickly: “Deposit the promised 100,000 star dollars, you won’t regret it.”


The other party sneered: “Don’t worry. No one will ever know. Just bring me the seeds.”


Jiang Kang looked at the chat box with a gloomy expression. He remembered the lack of courtesy Jian Luo treated him with just now. The more he thought about it, the more angry he became.


He never thought that a person could change so much in such a short period of time. Jian Luo really disappointed him.


But it didn’t matter. Although Jian Luo has changed, he was not a pacifist. Isn’t it just money? Jian Luo, you will regret it sooner or later!


In the afternoon.


After lunch, Jian Luo started his routine inspection work.


Director Li came over and said, “Luoluo, a new batch of seeds has arrived. Would you like to come and take a look?”


Jian Luo stood up: “Okay!”


The batch of peppers in the shed were planted with nutrient solution, so they were almost ready to bear fruit. In order to ensure the proficiency of the entire team, he must provide at least three batches of mature peppers.


The quality of the pepper seeds sent this time were obviously better. It can be seen that the scientific research institute on the Phoenix Stage has become more and more proficient in the reproduction technology of pepper seeds.


Director Li pointed to a bag and said, “There are basically about 200 seeds here. Take a look and check.”


Jian Luo lowered his head to look carefully.


Generally speaking, to identify the quality of seeds, everyone would usually scan them with tools and machines, but Jian Luo is different. He was not at ease with using machines to conduct scans. He ensured that they were of high quality before giving up.


Director Li was very curious: “Luoluo, have you planted on soil before?”


It was really amazing, whether in terms of carrying out the techniques or proficiency, Jian Luo could be regarded as a veteran, but the strange thing is that according to his understanding of Jian Luo, the young man in front of him has never planted anything before!


Jian Luo said, “You might laugh at me, but it’s all from the book.”


Director Li was suspicious: “Which book?”


“Forgot.” Jian Luo said confidently, “I’ll tell you next time I remember it.”






Usually, when he was in charge of other sheds, he just roughly swept through them, but when it came to Jian Luo, he took a long time to count, which made others wonder if this child could accurately count the number of seeds.


Jiang Kang and the others came over: “Luoluo, we have just received a notice from Director Li to come over to help you get the seeds.”


Jian Luo put down the seeds in his hand: “Okay, let’s move this batch of seeds back.”




There was a young man in the whole team that attracts Jian Luo’s attention the most, but it was because the young man was extraordinarily silent and nothing else. Sometimes, even during such group activities, he stood far away, never taking the initiative to fight or steal any opportunities.


Jian Luo walked to the boy’s side and put a box of seeds in his hand. With some encouragement, he said: “Okay, let’s go back.”


Everyone happily brought the seeds back.


In Peace Paradise, not just any shed could recieve so many seeds at once.


According to the sales volume of the market, the number of seeds distributed by the national nursery each month will be very different. If the number of seeds they received fluctuates, it means that they will also gather a larger harvest. The number of seeds the people in Peace Paradise can receive also has an impact on their status and pride. 


“Have you heard, we received 200.”


“Listening to Director Li, there may be more in the next batch.”


“We’re too lucky. How many points can we gain from this?”


There was a lot of discussion and the team was also enthusiastic. Originally, everyone was transferred to listen to the airheaded and blind commander who did not have a name, but who knew Jian Luo was actually very good!


The first batch of pepper seeds will soon be ready and Jian Luo has already started planning for the other half of the greenhouse and dispatching people to cultivate it.


Jiang Kang was the first to take the lead: “Luoluo, I have mastered the outline and techniques of planting these days. I will be responsible for planting the second section. Just let me and Xiaoyu work together, how about it?”


Xiaoyu was that honest boy.


Jian Luo frowned, still thinking: “You two will settle it?”


“Yeah.” Jiang Kang hugged Xiaoyu’s arm: “You know my skills as well as Xiaoyu’s. Let’s go settle the second batch, shall we?”




Jian Luo had a good work ethic when dealing with people.


Although he didn’t like Jiang Kang, he will never let real talents be buried. He has to admit that Jiang Kang does have talent.


It was indeed very suitable for him to be in charge of the second sector.


Thinking of this, Jian Luo didn’t feel reluctant: “That’s fine.”


Jiang Kang smiled: “We will definitely work hard!”


Jian Luo encouraged them: “Go on then.”


After the second section was delegated, it was still not over. Jian Luo had to check on their progress from time to time, lest there be any unexpected situation that is difficult to handle. However, what he has to worry about will always come.


In the evening, the seeds of the second section were almost all planted.


Jian Luo came over to finish work. He used an instrument to detect the number of seeds in each place before frowning. He then heard Jiang Kang next to him ask, “What’s wrong?”


“It’s okay.” Jian Luo didn’t say much: “You guys are quite efficient.”


Jiang Kang smiled.


After finishing up on the second section, Jian Luo sent a message to Wang Heng: “Is there any special tracking and positioning system for our seeds? I don’t think the amount is right. I suspect that someone else has stolen them.”


Wang Heng replied after a while: “This system does exist, but you must know exactly how many seeds are in this batch. The tracking distance of this system is only about 20 meters. It was originally designed to prevent the seed from getting lost in the chaotic site so they can be found.”


If he was replaced by a general person who was in charge,they would not be too clear on how many seeds there were.


Jian Luo: “213.”




Wang Heng was surprised: “After the seeds were sent to you, did you count them one by one every day?”


“Why shouldn’t I count them?” Jian Luo said confidently, “If something goes wrong, whose responsibility is it?”




Yes, you’re too amazing.


Wang Heng told Jian Luo about the tracking method, and Jian Luo remembered it. He opened the panel to download the program. After setting up the app, the system began to scan the distribution of seeds, and finally came to the conclusion: [The number of seeds currently distributed on the land is 202. 】


Okay, so it looks like they are really missing a few seeds.


Jian Luo pretended to glance at Jiang Kang, who was not far away, and had some idea of what’s going on in his heart, so he deliberately said: “The quality of the last batch of peppers was not high and its taste after eating was not very good. Come here, the peppers need this special nutrient water, let me tell you about it first.”


Jiang Kang was surprised: “Was there a problem with the last batch?”


Jian Luo’s face was not red, but his heart stopped: “Yes.”


Everyone looked at each other in dismay. They thought it was not bad when they saw that they were growing so well, so they didn’t expect that it had reached the point where nutrient water was needed.


Seeing that the others believed him, Jian Luo said, “It’s almost time to get off work. I’ll go back first. You may all leave early.”


Others hurriedly said:

“Teacher Jian Luo, please travel slowly on the road.”

“Goodbye, Mr. Jian Luo.”



As the time to get off work got closer and closer, almost everyone in the base was gone As the sun set at the horizon, it cast a darkness everywhere.


The last figure came out of the shed, and the traitorous dog was stalked.


Jian Luo’s voice came from behind him: “Stop.”


Jiang Kang’s footsteps stopped.


“Where are you going?” Jian Luo leaned against the door: “You also took took away the nutrient water and seeds.”



Jiang Kang’s face sank. As the sun was setting, his face was dark, making it difficult to see his expression, and the entire base fell into a terrifying silence.


Jian Luo was not really afraid.


He remembered that Lu Shifeng had told him that he was surrounded by people from the Dragon Clan to protect him.


Although he couldn’t see them, as long as they are there, he feels at ease.


Jian Luo raised his face: “Those potatoes that were circulated, were you the one who made them too?”


Jiang Kang raised his hands on his side unconsciously: “Luoluo, am I such a person in your heart?”





Jian Luo was speechless: “It’s not that you are such a person in my heart, but your acting is very unconvincing, Jiang Kang, do you understand?”


He thought that Jiang Kang would admit that he was caught, but he had, in fact, underestimated the man’s shamelessness: “Luoluo, I did this all for you to be with you and give you a better future.”



Jian Luo couldn’t believe it: “What are you talking about?”


“What I’m saying is that, I speak from the bottom of my heart.” Jiang Kang turned around, his face full of affection as he stepped forward to hold Jian Luo’s hand: “I didn’t mean to do these things, Luoluo. I know you can understand me.”


As the sun went down, the two people in front of the shed were very close. From the side, it looked like they were almost hugging each other. It was very ambiguous.


Lu Shifeng stood not far away and said in a deep voice, “What are you both doing?”


T/N: Wow, how annoying could Jiang Kang get? I hope none of you get pestered by such a annoying person… it can be intimidating and you may want to give in, but hold your ground! You deserve to make decisions about things involving yourself, and are NTA4Not the arse when you reject them. They also have to learn to accept that not everyone will give them consent to do whatever they want.

Grr, Jiang Kang reminds me of a spoilt brat… Hope he disappears soon, hehe. It’s unfortunate that these kinds of people also exist in real life. Don’t be afraid, if anyone tries to harass you, tell a trusted friend or parent. Your aggressor is actually a coward (other than being in the wrong), so you must call them out as soon as you spot their toxic behavior!! In these changing times, we must be careful and stand up for ourselves and our rights. No one can take your freedom from you, no one.


Apologies for the negativities… ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ♡

We finally made it to Chapter 50!!! I’m so proud at how far we’ve come~~ Hope you’ll continue with me on this wonderful journey hehe. It’s the second-last day of June today, if it’s a special day for you, I would like to wish you a happy one ^^


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