Chapter 49 – Not the only one

Chapter 49 – Not the only one


Jian Luo didn’t read his messages again after replying to the last message from Lord Marshal.


Originally, he thought that it was easy to grow peppers. After all, when he was in the greenhouse before, he didn’t give it much thought and managed to plant peppers that looked great, however, once the location changed to this place, everything has changed, and many problems arised.


“Brother Jian, the temperature here is a bit wrong.”

“Brother, it seems that the irrigation here is not well controlled, I have added too much water.”

“Are these pepper seeds defective?”


All kinds of problems made his head hurt. It was obvious that when he was alone before, he felt that it was easy, but now that he has an entire team to coordinate, Jian Luo realized that being able to lead a whole team into doing something well is very difficult, and that mutual understanding is not enough


Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but think of Lu Shifeng. How did the marshal manage to command an army without it being chaotic at all and still have time to leisurely chat with him and stroll around?


Did the man have three heads and six arms?


It seems that he must find some time to go back and ask for more advice.


While Jian Luo was thinking about these things in his heart, his hands and feet were not idle. Just as he was about to lift himself up and walk away, Jiang Kang next to him said, “Luoluo, if you are tired, drink some water.”


While talking, Jiang Kang handed the water in his hand to Jian Luo.


Jian Luo took the water: “Thank you.”


“It’s nothing.” Jiang Kang said to him, “Come and see this. I planted this row and I planted it all according to your instructions. If there is no problem, I will help the others to plant, so, at least the goals we set for today will be completed.”


Jian Luo squatted down to check and found that Jiang Kang really had planted two rows and they were all planted very well. He was indeed a meticulous person.


Jiang Kang said: “When I was studying abroad on the alien planet, I also learned a lot of alien planting techniques. When I came back, I thought that with us humans could try to become more innovative to get rid of our shackles.”


It was the first time that Jian Luo knew that there exists opportunities for studying abroad on alien planets. Since he crossed over, he has only stayed on the Dark star and had no chance to go outside at all.


When it came to this topic, Jian Luo was inevitably interested: “What’s the difference between that alien planet and Dark star?”


Jiang Kang’s skin is very fair, and when he smiled, he was indeed very gentle: “I feel that the technology of the dark stars is more developed. The atmosphere of the planet also has more happiness per capita. As for the alien planets, they are a little less complicated. Some of their planets focus only on a certain industry, so there are entire planets made of reinforced concrete. There are also planets that focus on water resources, so half of their planet are comprised of large oceans…”


Jian Luo was taken aback for a moment.


“Dark star is still the most suitable for human habitation.” Jiang Kang’s eyes swept across Jian Luo’s wrist: “Luoluo, where is the bracelet I gave you before, why did you change it?”


Jian Luo frowned: “You gave me that bracelet?”


Jiang Kang sighed: “It seems that you really forgot. It was a birthday present I gave you. I bought it for you with the money I saved for a long time. You said that you would wear it for the rest of your life.”






I really can’t wear that short-circuiting bracelet for the rest of my life.


Jian Luo thought about it for a while, but decided to express his gratitude: “Uh, thank you, I’ll pass the money to you. How much is that bracelet?”


Jiang Kang looked at the bracelet on Jian Luo’s hand: “Luoluo, I don’t care about money, I care about you.”



Jian Luo was going to be annoyed: “I said I forgot about all of it so don’t say such things again, otherwise I’ll have to replace you, do you understand?”


He said it a little too implicitly.


But it was also the truth. The fate of staff working in this entire shed was all really up to Jian Luo.


Jiang Kang’s face changed: “Okay, Luoluo, I won’t irritate you. I know you’re not feeling well now, so I’ll teach them to plant. Don’t be angry and drink more hot water.”


Jian Luo walked out: “I’m going out to get some air, you guys get busy first.”


Seeing Jian Luo leave, a girl walked to Jiang Kang’s side and asked curiously, “Brother Jiang, I saw that Brother Jian’s bracelet is really expensive. It’s a limited edition obsidian, I think it’s the classic style. The previous price on the official website was 500,000, and the limited edition 800,000 and above.”


Their average monthly salary was only a few thousand, something in the hundred thousands was an amount of money a whole family could only earn in their entire lifetime.


Jiang Kang looked back: “Luoluo’s family background is not good, so it is inevitable that he will be laughed at. He got to his current position through hard work, so it is inevitable to want to use something good. Don’t poke at his scars.”


The girl closed her mouth and said slowly, “Brother Jiang, do you mean that Luoluo’s bracelet is a fake?”


Jiang Kang pursed his lips and seemed to feel a little pitiful: “Don’t say it.”


“I didn’t expect Luoluo to care so much about his image.” The girl sighed: “Brother Jiang, you are really kind.”


The corner of Jiang Kang’s mouth twitched into a smile: “I’m Luoluo’s senior brother, it’s natural for me to take care of him.”


It has only been a few days, but the people in the shed all liked Jiang Kang. Jian Luo has very high standards regarding the various processes and treatment of the seedlings, so many people are a little afraid of him, but Jiang Kang is different, he is gentle and calm. He also liked taking care of others, so unlike Jian Luo, who was very demanding, he naturally had a better image.


The girl admired him very much: “Brother Jiang, I think with your strength, you can also go to Phoenix Stage to cultivate seedlings. Jian Luo just got lucky. I heard that he only got the chance to go there through connections.”


Jiang Kang frowned: “What?”


On the other side, the Royal Garden.


Lu Shifeng sat on the stone chair, as the two little maids standing in front of him trembled. The marshal had not spoken for a long time, and was just silently suffocating the maids psychologically.


At noon.


A maid finally couldn’t bear it anymore and cried: “Marshal, we know we are in the wrong. We shouldn’t gossip and be lazy during working hours, please forgive us.”


Another quickly echoed: “Sir, please calm down. We really won’t dare to do such things anymore.”


Sitting on the chair, Lu Shifeng was wearing a straight military uniform that was dark blue as his slender and fair hands rested on the table, tapping the surface repeatedly as though it was the tip of someone’s heart. There was hot tea on the table, but the marshal did not take a sip.


The maids were sweating from nervousness.


They were all thinking about what they did wrong at the time, after the marshal, who’s time was precious, had summoned the two of them in a condescending manner.


Half a second later.


The marshal opened his lips: “Your lover cheated?”



There was a moment of deathly silence in the air.


The maid who was called was dumbfounded and raised her head subconsciously, only to meet the eyes of Lord Marshal who held no expression in his eyes. This made her heart tremble.


Lu Shifeng frowned: “I’m talking to you.”


The maid hurriedly said, “Yes, yes.”


“En.” The Marshal pretended to be casual: “How did you find out?”




A question mark slowly appeared on the top of the maid’s head, but after looking at Lu Shifeng’s handsome face, she couldn’t help but wonder, why did Lord Marshal suddenly pay attention to the feelings of her, a little maid? Was it because, after hearing their conversation, he also thought about himself, who was also in the same situation. He happened to know that his partner was cheating, so he came to inquire?




Didn’t she also hear that the marshal’s former lover was also raised in the palace?


By the way, it seems that he has moved away. Was it due to a breakup? Could it be possible that she had a chance to become the marshal’s new favourite?


Thinking of this, the maid was happy to answer: “I liked my partner because of his temperament. Although he is not very good, he used to take the initiative to take good care of me.”


Lu Shifeng said: “And then?”


“Who knew that, even though he looked honest, he actually cheated!” The maid thought about it and gritted her teeth: “At first, everything was fine with him, but he was suddenly transferred to another job, and everything changed.”




Transfering to work elsewhere.


Lu Shifeng played with the teacup in his hand and said solemnly, “Explain it more clearly.”


Although the Marshal did not reprimand anyone, there was an air of coldness, and the young woman was taken aback and said quickly: “He actually met an old friend in his workplace, and then he cheated.”


Lu Shifeng’s brows loosened.


According to what he knew, Jian Luo was a student before, so how could he also have an old friend? It was even more impossible for him to have an old love to rekindle. Thinking of this, the Marshal was relieved and waved his hand: “Leave.”


The young woman was hesitant, but she didn’t dare to say anything, so she could only bow obediently: “Yes.”


The marshal became more at ease when his information terminal received a message, it was from Jian Luo who had not replied to his message just now:

[They are not familiar with the critical period for planting now, so I have to work a little overtime to watch them before going home to sleep at night. It is close by, you can rest assured. It will be fine. 】


Lu Shifeng was in a good mood and didn’t feel embarrassed: “En, I’ll ask Secretary Jin to pick out a box of holy dragon fruit and send it to you.”


Jian Luo was happy: [Okay. Actually, I’m not particularly busy at all. There is a person I knew from before, and his qualifications are not bad. If he can help me handle the others, it will be easier. 】


Someone he knew from before?


Lu Shifeng’s smile gradually disappeared, and he couldn’t help but remember what the previous maid had said about his husband being good before. The temperature and atmosphere of the pavilion, which was somewhat calm, gradually froze over again.


The little emperor who just came back from settling his business was very excited: “Uncle Huang…”


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids to look at him, with a kind tone: “Is your Majesty’s done with his business?”


A chill ran down the little emperor’s back.




Could it be that another galaxy was going to war again? God, that’s too odd. It couldn’t be that he was just in time when the Dragon King wanted to leave to accompany his wife at home in a hurry? Didn’t he only wait for like just 3 seconds?!



Jian Luo stayed in the planting base until the night.


There was light rain in the sky, and it was misty at night. He was caught in the weather as he walked out.


Jiang Kang said, “Luoluo, where’s auntie? I’ll send you back, let’s go back together.”


“No.” Jian Luo smiled: “My mother should come to pick me up soon. Thank you for your kindness, I’ll go first.”


Jiang Kang was stunned: “Has auntie been fired? Are you the only one in your family making money?”


Jian Luo frowned slightly and was about to speak when a voice came from not far away: “Luoluo!”


Su Liang stood there holding an umbrella. When She saw Jian Luo, she walked over quickly and passed a rain ring through his hands. Once this ring is buckled onto the body, the surrounding rain will be automatically stopped without holding an umbrella. There was also an automatic function of blocking the wind. It was definitely not something that could be used by ordinary families. Originally, Su Liang didn’t want to stand out too much, but now that Jian Luo was pregnant, his constitution was the most important thing. If he catches a cold due to the wind, the consequences would be disastrous.


Jian Luo said, “Mom, let’s go back.”


Su Liang glanced at Jiang Kang, who smiled awkwardly and took Jian Luo back.


If someone in the crowd of umbrellas had a rain ring, it would be very obvious and many people will look at them and be very envious..


“Is that Luoluo?”


“It seems that he is really the eldest son of the Jian family.”


“I heard that he is here to be an instructor, a high-ranking official.”


“God, how did he get promoted?”


“Don’t you know, I heard about him…”


There were endless rumors and Jian Luo could guess what they were talking about without listening. Su Liang was a little angry just thinking of their speculation.


Jian Luo grabbed her and couldn’t stand it anymore: “Mom, I’m so hungry, can we go home for dinner first?”


Su Liang endured and couldn’t help smiling: “You…”


Jian Luo really felt that it was unnecessary. He wasn’t about to explain it to others one by one. Anyway, he was going to only be staying here for a while, so it was unnecessary.


When he got home, there was indeed a meal prepared on the table.


Jian Luo’s saliva was about to leak out: “Is there chili in this? Why is it spicy?”


Su Liang put away the umbrella and said, “Secretary Jin brought it. She said that the people at Phoenix Stage sent a batch of chili peppers that were confiscated at that time today. The marshal asked them to bring them over to you.”


Jian Luo’s eyes sparkled: “I love spicy food.”


He flew to the dining table, picked up a piece of spicy tofu and ate it with rice before sighing, “It’s so delicious. Mom, did you watch my live broadcast?”


Su Liang replied: “You must be doing what you like. Mom just followed it when she had nothing to do at home. I’ve never practiced making it before, so I’m not sure if I’m successful in making the tofu this time. You can try it.”


Jian Luo nodded: “It’s a success, especially successful!”


Su Liang smiled, walked to the table and sat down to watch Jian Luo eat, sighing: “I thought you might endure hardship with the Marshal before. After all, it’s easy to criticize others, but now I can see that the marshal is very devoted to you. I am relieved”


Jian Luo stuffed food into his mouth: “The marshal is pretty good.”


“Then…” Su Liang looked at Jian Luo cautiously, and asked tentatively, “About that, Luoluo. Do you like the marshal?”



There was a moment of silence in the room.


Jian Luo, who was trying to put food in his mouth, stopped, looked at Su Liang, and smiled: “Mom, what are you talking about?”


Su Liang retracted her gaze, a little worried: “Have you discussed it with the marshal, has he told you?”


“It has been discussed.” Jian Luo poked the bowl with his chopsticks: “We have all agreed that after the children are born, I will definitely return to my own life. The dragon cubs are their entire planet’s hope. There are a lot of people who take good care of them, so I don’t have to worry about it.”


Jian Luo’s words were very relaxed, but inexplicably, Su Liang heard a trace of sadness from it.


“Jian Luo…”


Jian Luo interrupted her: “Mom, don’t worry. I know.”


Only then did Su Liang relax a little. The children came too suddenly, and at times, felt unreal. After their initial happiness, when their relationship cooled down, they might feel that being together might not be a good thing. Some people are destined to be unhappy together so it’s best not to be together in the first place.


After eating, Jian Luo decided to broadcast live.


It’s been a long time since he broadcasted live, so he decided to get to work. He took out the lightball and live broadcast equipment before adjusting them.


“Hi, everyone.” Jian Luo said to the ball: “Let’s eat spicy strips today. It’s a kind of snack. Fellow friends who can’t eat spicy food, you should be careful.”


In the past, even if there were a lot of people, it would not be crowded immediately, but this time, the people in the live broadcast room poured in like crazy:

“Is there something wrong with your potato chips, anchor?”

“Yeah, I gave it to my brother and he said he was dizzy.”

“Can you please explain?”

“Is your food edible?”


The previously peaceful barrage in the live broadcast room suddenly became chaotic and Jian Luo really didn’t expect it to be like this.


Jian Luo frowned: “I don’t remember that I have ever sold physical potato chips. I always allowed them to be sold, only to be taste-tested.”


“Master Chenguang made potato chips according to your method.”

“Aren’t you afraid to sell your own products?”

“If this is inedible, are your other dishes edible?”


The barrage was full of chaos and filled with all kinds of doubts. Everyone came so quickly that he was almost overwhelmed.


Jian Luo tried his best to suppress her emotions: “Potatoes are also divided into good and bad. If it is a bad potato, there will definitely be problems with the potato chips made. Please calm down a bit, please?”


The audience didn’t listen at all:

“All the potato chips made in Lord Chengguang’s broadcast are good.”

“Yeah, there are so many bad potatoes on the market.”

“Anchor, can you speak with conscience?”


Jian Luo felt a thorn in his heart, but the more the situation escalated, the more calm he became. He ignored some people’s rude remarks, but had an idea and was inspired: “Where did everyone buy it? I’ll buy some to try too?”


That’s right, can’t he also just taste-test it as well?


Why didn’t he think of it before?!


These audiences are really clever little ghosts, giving him endless inspiration!


The audience was also quite speechless and gave Jian Luo directions: “It’s on the homepage of Lord Chenguang on the Interstellar Live Network.”


Jian Luo followed the audience’s directions to find the sales webpage of Lord Chenguang. When he was about to place the order, the potato chips were taken off the shelf at almost the same time.


Simply great.


The audience also saw this scene:

“Why was it taken off the shelf?”

“Could it be that you’ve already negotiated with him to take it off the shelves beforehand when you wanted to pretend to buy it?”

“Are you guys working together?”


Jian Luo was also stunned stupid, but he laughed even more when he saw the malicious speculation: “Why should I work together with him? I invented the potato chips first, even if I really want to sell them, then I can’t sell them myself? Why do I have to band up with him to sell them?”


The audience was at a loss for words.


Jian Luo leaned against the stove in the kitchen: “If there is a problem with the potato chips, I will help to investigate it clearly, and everyone is welcome to supervise me. I will also try my best to create more delicious food for everyone. If you have any random criticisms and suggestions, I will accept them. However, if you want to make trouble, please leave my live broadcasting room.”


His words mixed with sensibility and criticism could be regarded as sweet words to placate the audience after also telling them to get lost.


Some people in the barrage also recalled their words:

“I clearly heard that Moonlight also sells potato chips.”

“Yeah. Since Moonlight dares to do it, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“It’s not sold by this anchor, why did you all come here to scold him?”


When a blind spot is discovered, many problems can be exposed. These verbal attacks against Jian Luo were like an organized and disciplined attack.


Sure enough, before the rational audience could even get a few words in, the atmosphere in the live broadcast room soon became chaotic again. Many people began to irrationally continue to express their anger. There were all kinds of monsters in the live broadcast room, and it made one’s scalp tingle. More people came to prick thorns into him:

“Moonlight’s cooking method is definitely different.”

“Can a person at the level of a live broadcaster be can compare with a chef from Moonlight?”

“How low has the human beings come? They really can’t do good things.”


Everything else was fine, but Jian Luo, who saw these two comments, really burst into flames. He took a deep breath, but just as he was about to speak, he saw a light flash across the live broadcast room:

【User: Feng, gave away 8,888 deep-water torpedoes】


The light of the deep-water torpedoes covered the entire screen, and no matter how much the other harassers swiped, they couldn’t read their words on the entire page.


Jian Luo was also stunned.


Some viewers were confused after the light disappeared: “This ‘Feng’ was probably not someone who the anchor collaborated with to send the torpedoes. After all, who would spend so much money watching a human live broadcast?”


When the automated voice stopped talking…


[User: Feng, gave away 88,888 deep-water torpedoes]


The splendid torpedoes filled the screen again in an instant, and even the entire homepage of Jinjiang was struck by the heavy activity coming from Jian Luo’s live broadcast room, which also made others stunned.


People were stunned by their own malicious speculation just now. They were completely stupid. If this person only swiped once, they could say that this user was collaborating with Jian Luo. The point was that they swiped again. After adding up the amount of money donated during these two times, Jian Luo would have already made a base of up  to 400,000 to 500,000 star dollars. This generous amount was also difficult for ordinary dark stars to make in one go.


Finally some of them were convinced:

“Wow, so rich.”

“Gold Master, Father 6661Can mean sh-ht sh-t sh-t. Used to describe something or someone very powerful.

“We’ve seen him so many times, everyone should know him by now.”


The Marshal who sent out the torpedoes was also very satisfied. After he went back, the Marshal thought for a while, and finally realized to himself that Jian Luo would not cheat at all. After all, he was one of the best bachelors. He was handsome too, and besides, as a partner, how many others could be as generous as him?


To sum up, the Lord Marshal thought that he was basically a hard-to-beat opponent, so he could simply just sit back and relax. After all, he met all the requirements with flying colors, as long as Jian Luo’s mind is normal, he will not look at others.


He was thinking this when the live broadcast room suddenly became lively:

[User: Speechless, who gave away 99,999 deep-water torpedoes says: The roses that bloom in September, mine are all to be given to you. 】


The screen hasn’t finished playing out the message yet, when:


[User: Speechless, who gave away 99,999 deep-water torpedoes says: Don’t forget out online class at the end of the live broadcast, don’t let it affect your learning. 】


The two waves of torpedoes were very subtle and a little more in number than the Marshal, but the arrogance in the other’s attitude was outrageous. The torpedoes wildly jumped about on top of the marshal’s fragile self-confidence.


Lu Shifeng narrowed his eyes. After being influenced by the palace maid, he began to think, was it possible that Jian Luo actually had more than one ‘old friend’ like this?

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