Chapter 55 – Dependence

Chapter 55 – Dependence


Jian Luo was still trying to open up all his packages.


Secretary Jin said, “Luoluo, where did you get so many packages, and who sent you so many things?”


Jian Luo half-jokingly said, “Maybe it’s because everyone loves me, that flowers bloom all around whenever they see me?”


Secretary Kim was amused.


Lu Shifeng said in a cool voice, “Seems like you’re very busy.”


Jian Luo had his head buried while opening a box, when he suddenly heard this sentence, he subconsciously agreed: “Well, it’s still alright… eh?”


He raised his head in shock, and met with Lu Shifeng’s gaze.


The Marshal squinted his eyes: “Are there a lot of things?”


Jian Luo inexplicably felt a little scared and he squatted on the ground, holding the box: “Not many, in fact, I don’t know who sent these.”


Lu Shifeng picked up a piece of paper and said slowly, “Isn’t it your lovely fans?”


The corner of Jian Luo’s mouth squirmed: “The merchant in question may love the traffic that my fans may generate and the sales it can bring to them.”


There were boxes all over the ground.


Jian Luo suddenly became curious: “Where did they come from, and how did they get here?”


Secretary Jin knew he would ask this question and answered: “Actually, they shouldn’t know your address. It should be the default settings from your contracted website. I remember that there is a setting that defaults to the location of the delivery anchor, that is, the mail will only need to be addressed to the person. They will not need to know where you live, as the delivery machine will locate you based on your IP address.”


Jian Luo was shocked: “Is there such a function?”


Secretary Jin smiled and said, “We have everything you can think of!”



Yes, wow. You guys are so amazing.


Faced with so many packages, Jian Luo was also very helpless. He was a little tired after unpacking them for a long time, and simply sat on a box: “Why didn’t anyone ask me to advertise for them before? But there were suddenly so many that only came now?”


Secretary Jin said casually, “Isn’t this a good thing?”


Jian Luo did not take it as such: “They didn’t pay me anything for my advertising service, so how can it be a good thing? I have never advertised any products before, but I know the rules. No money means no sincerity, and products without sincerity cannot be recommended. If they are not sincere to me, how sincere would they be towards their customers?”


They must think that because he is a human and that he has not been much in the market, so they wanted to give it to him as a gift and make him advertise it obediently?


That’s impossible, he is simple but stern, and he will never do it!


Secretary Jin admired: “Luoluo, you really have a backbone.”


Jian Luo raised his chin proudly: “That I do.”


Secretary Jin asked some people to put the things away before asking, “What about these packages?”



Jian Luo fell into contemplation.


Lu Shifeng said indifferently: “Send them all back.”


Returning it is a trivial matter, but it will offend some merchants. It doesn’t matter if you just ignore them, but if you return it back directly, it might offend some more particular merchants.


Jian Luo was also a little worried: “Will it make some people unhappy?”


Lu Shifeng sneered: “You are in the mood to care about whether the people who are far away are happy or not. I don’t see you caring about the people in front of you.”




Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng in confusion.


The marshal stood there and could smell a faint smell of blood. Jian Luo frowned: “Are you injured?”


Secretary Jin was stunned.


Jian Luo was very concerned: “Are you injured?”


Lu Shifeng leaned against the table: “Just a small injury.”



This was quite shocking to Jian Luo and also to Secretary Jin. Of course, she was shocked that Jian Luo could smell it. She didn’t even notice it just now!


Such a sensitive sense of smell as Jian Luo is beyond those of ordinary humans.


Jian Luo came over and asked, “Where are you injured? Is it serious?”


Lu Shifeng shook his head slightly.


Because he just came back from the mission, he was afraid that Jian Luo would be able to smell the blood, so he went to take a shower, but he never expected that even so, Jian Luo would still be able to smell it.


“I cooked some chicken soup for you.” Standing beside him, Jian Luo said obediently, “Have you tried some?”


Lu Shifeng knew that Jian Luo was cooking, but he didn’t choose to eat, and instead came to see him in person first. Humans are sometimes too fragile. Taking care of Jian Luo is like raising a child and he is worried all the time.


Knock knock dear bump, is there any danger again?


On the mission, he didn’t worry about himself at all, and his mind was all on the Dark Star planet.


“I didn’t drink it yet.” Lu Shifeng was half-dazed and shut his eyelids: “Didn’t you make a lot? There will still be some left for me later.”


Jian Luo thought that no one told him about the dishes: “Of course, of course. I heard that you went out on a mission. It must be very dangerous and it looks like it spared none of your energy left, so I cooked and made some supplements while waiting for you to come back. Try it, your portion was personally made by me, while the rest was made by the uncles after I taught them about it. How could I have made so much on my own?”


After saying so much, there was only one sentence that entered the marshal’s heart – “I personally made your portion.”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows noncommittally, stood up straight, and said in a good mood, “Isn’t there a lottery to participate in if one wants to get on your list?”




Jian Luo coughed lightly: “I don’t apply the lottery rule every time!”


Lu Shifeng looked at the young man in front of him, his lips were red and his teeth were white. 


In fact, he had a rather ordinary face, but he had quite the personality. His eyes were glowing, and he always looked very feisty. It was completely different from the lifeless appearance of the Dark Stars.


In the past, he felt that human beings were all the same to him, but now he is slowly distinguishing between them – this line was still roughly drawn between Jian Luo and the other humans though.


Lu Shifeng squeezed his chubby cheeks: “Let’s go.”


“…Hey, why are you pinching me?”


“Just checking if you have gained some weight.”


Jian Luo asked sincerely, “Really? Have I gained weight?”


Lu Shifeng was very decisive: “No.”




After dinner, Jian Luo sat on the sofa soaking his feet. It was still a nutritional soup prescribed by the hospital. He was studying with a book in his hand. He was going to return to the planting base tomorrow, so in order not to be hammered to death by the teacher, he decided to study up.


When Lu Shifeng came over, Jian Luo said, “Dragon bro, Dragon bro, come here quickly!”


Jian Luo was rarely so anxious, so Lu Shifeng got closer.


“What’s the matter with this grammar?” Jian Luo pointed to the second unit of the book: “I can’t read it, teach me.”




Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows: “Don’t you hate studying?”


Holding the book, Jian Luo clarified: “I decided to find the joy of learning from books. Knowledge is the ladder of human progress. I will set an example for the cubs and become the hope of the whole village.”


Lu Shifeng: “Please speak properly.”


“Okay, I have an exam coming up.” Jian Luo retracted.


There was a smile in Lu Shifeng’s eyes and he looked at him teasingly, but Jian Luo was thick-skinned, and it didn’t matter if he was sneered at. It reminded him of the former headmaster.


Because the marshal got closer, Jian Luo smelled the blood again, and he frowned inaudibly: “Where are you injured?”


Lu Shifeng said, “Forearm.”


The military uniform fits snugly, and one couldn’t see anything from the outside at all.


Jian Luo pursed his lips, wondering if the injury was serious, so he asked, “Can I take a look?”


The Marshal did not refuse. He unbuttoned the button to reveal his forearm, but it was not like what Jian Luo had imagined. The injured part was covered with a layer of dragon scales. From the top to the bottom of the forearm, the dragon scales did not retreat back into his skin.


Jian Luo said, “Where is the wound?”


Lu Shifeng said: “Under the dragon scales. The dragon scale has a certain healing effect, and it is also a self-protection mechanism unique to the dragon family.”


Jian Luo, who had just learned about it, thought it was very magical. He had heard many legends about dragons before, but he had never heard that dragon scales had such miraculous effects.


Seeing this with his bright eyes, Lu Shifeng knew what he was thinking, so he said a little more: “Dragon scales don’t just act as armor inthe dragon family, it is also very useful. In the early years, the dragon family was the target of killing, because the scale had a more important effect.”


Jian Luo was curious: “What?”


“Healing.” Lu Shifeng gave him a simple example: “It can not only heal the dragons, but other beings as well.”


Now Jian Luo realized the importance of the matter. Possessing a treasure can both be one’s luck and misfortune, as it will attract many greedy wolves.


Lu Shifeng buttoned up his sleeves and said slowly, “The dragons are born warriors, but our flesh and scales are all good medicine for healing.”


Jian Luo frowned and asked sincerely, “Aren’t you often in danger then?”


Lu Shifeng took the book and read it casually, and said slowly: “Everyone is, to a certain extent. Not only those who possess the blood of the dragon race. The phoenix, the Pixiu, and all the high-ranking races’ flesh all have miraculous effects. All the people of the Dark Star are walking treasures. In the early years of Dark Star, there were many wars as too many people covet these traits. Only if you are strong enough, will you not be slaughtered by others.”





Jian Luo was a little depressed, so what should he do? No matter how strong he is, could he come close to the dark star people’s greatness?


Some people’s emotions are easily discernible and often written on their faces. Lu Shifeng glanced at him and knew what Jian Luo was thinking. He flipped through the vocabulary and grammar book before pointing something out to Jian Luo: “How do you read this?”


Jian Luo turned his head to look over and tried to recognize it for a long time: “I don’t know.”

The grammar of this book is the common language of the galaxy. After learning it, one will be able to communicate with aliens normally even after leaving the planet. It is almost the same as English. It is also a common language for some dark stars. He was still very interested in this foreign language.


Lu Shifeng pronounced the words to him one by one. The man’s tone was magnetic and his words were well articulated, which sounded very lovely.


At the end, Lu Shifeng said to him, “In the Dark Star’s language, this means attachment.”


Jian Luo seemed to understand but also did not understand.


Lu Shifeng gave him a meaningful look: “Do you know what that translates to in human words?”

Jian Luo didn’t expect that he still understood this, and immediately became very curious: “What does it translate to?”


“Holding one’s thighs[/mfn]In chinese, this means to rely on someone very strong. Usually in webnovels, the mc might want to hold a strong character’s thighs so they can survive all the death flags, haha…[/mfn].” Lu Shifeng said.



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