Chapter 70


Typically, a normal five-star task only requires one S-class or semi-S-class leader, but this particular task needed two S-class seniors to back it up, indicating how high the risks were. When Wen Ye heard Wen Xingchen’s explanation, he immediately agreed to the meeting without hesitation.


In the evening, they met at a restaurant off-campus, and there was another person who came along. It was said that there was a club president meeting at the school today, and after the meeting, the two decided to come here together.


Bing Yunlin had the natural talent for mooching off others, casually finishing the meal and wiping his mouth with a napkin. It seemed only now did he remember to ask, “Wen Ye mentioned that you guys are planning to take on the mission to investigate the disappearance of the Watchers’ Island Trading Company?”


Lu Jingning replied, “Yes, among the remaining two five-star tasks, this one has the highest credit reward.”


According to the current situation, completing this task would easily propel them into the top 100 of the rankings.


Bing Yunlin responded, “That’s true,” with a faint smile. He tapped his fingertips gently on the table and glanced at Lu Jingning, “But I have to remind you that the school doesn’t encourage students to take on this mission. If your counselor finds out about your plan, they probably won’t agree due to safety concerns. These tasks in the system are universal; apart from being open to some military academies, they are also accessible to professional bounty hunters. The Watchers’ Island mission carries a high risk, and the military would prefer experienced hunters to handle it.”


Lu Jingning furrowed his eyebrows, “So, President Bing, are you saying that we are not qualified to complete it?”


“No,” Bing Yunlin smiled faintly, “I mean, it’s impossible for you to find an in-service teacher at the S-class to lead your team.”


“Damn… So we can only look for seniors in their fourth year?” Lu Jingning sighed.


Wen Xingchen saw Lu Jingning’s frustration and couldn’t help but glance at Bing Yunlin, saying, “Senior, don’t tease him.”


Bing Yunlin’s lips curved up, “Oh, you’re quite protective of him.”


Lu Jingning, feeling puzzled, asked, “What do you mean?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “Your club president broke through to the S-class not long ago. He’s here now to express his intention. Isn’t that obvious? The second S-class leader is already here.”


Lu Jingning looked up at Bing Yunlin.


Bing Yunlin innocently smiled, “Everything I said just now was factual, I didn’t deceive you.”


Lu Jingning’s lips twitched. In the end, considering that Bing Yunlin had helped him with his urgent matter, he decided not to bother with the cunning fox.


But in reality, the main reason was that even though he had never seen Bing Yunlin’s combat prowess, he subconsciously felt that this person was a bit scary. This judgment came from the first day he confronted Yu Zeyang in the Mecha Club. The club president stealthily approached him from behind, then casually lifted him up as if handling a little chick.


Of course, merely the action itself didn’t seem very difficult, but the crucial point was that even with his keen senses, he didn’t detect anyone approaching.


At that time, Bing Yunlin was only a semi-S-class, let alone now.


Regardless, he felt relieved that the issue of finding leaders was resolved during a meal, and Lu Jingning felt quite happy.


As he watched the two tall figures leave together, he stood outside the restaurant, stroking his chin, lost in thought.


Next, he only needed to find three A-class teammates. That difficulty shouldn’t be too great.


Several familiar names flashed through his mind, and he turned to Wen Xingchen.


Wen Xingchen seemed to have already guessed his thoughts and straightforwardly said, “Jiang Luan won’t be interested. He cherishes his life too much, and his lifelong dream is to graduate and return to inherit the family business. So, he will never participate in such high-risk five-star missions.”


If he guessed correctly, his good friend must have already taken on three or four one-star missions and was leisurely strolling down the streets with satisfaction.


Lu Jingning felt a bit regretful, “Then I’ll ask my other roommate.”


After receiving Lu Jingning’s call, Yu Qingcang readily agreed without even asking about the mission’s details.


After agreeing, his second question was, “Is your roommate going too?”


If it were a face-to-face conversation, Lu Jingning estimated he could slap Yu Qingcang, “Are you kidding me? This is a life-and-death five-star mission, not a sightseeing trip! Do you think it’s suitable for someone like Yang Hebin, who’s such a delicate Omega, to go there?”


It was truly unsuitable, and he couldn’t bear it.


Yu Qingcang subconsciously answered, and after a while, he couldn’t help but ask, “Wait a minute, why are you inviting me to such a dangerous mission? Aren’t you worried about me getting hurt or sacrificing myself?”


Lu Jingning lazily raised his eyelids and said emotionlessly, “Oh, it’s not good to force anyone into such situations. How about you don’t go either? Just a few A-class teammates; I can post on the forum for them.”


Yu Qingcang was initially expecting Lu Jingning to coax him a bit, but unexpectedly, he was met with such a ruthless and cold response. He jumped up from his chair, “Lu Dad, I was wrong! Please take me along! Please guide me and don’t leave me behind!!!”


Lu Jingning chuckled, “Hehe.”



After returning to the dormitory, Lu Jingning logged into the school network and posted a recruitment post on the forum.


The title was straightforward: “【Recruitment】Five-Star Mission Looking for Teammates, A-class and Above Only, No Time Wasters.”


Such a title stood out among the rows of three-star and four-star mission recruitments, making it particularly eye-catching.


As expected, within no time, there were around ten replies to the post. Lu Jingning opened them, intending to carefully screen through the applicants. However, as he read the contents of the replies, the corners of his lips involuntarily twitched.


1st reply: “Temporary recruitment for a five-star mission? Can you be more deceptive?”


2nd reply: “Where did this fool come from? If you’re trying to scam people, at least make it sound somewhat believable.”



7th reply: “I’m different. I think the poster is serious; they’re just not very bright.”


8th reply: “Are you a freshman? Don’t aim too high and have lofty ideals. Be careful not to die outside; your life won’t be guaranteed~”


9th reply: “Give it up, I feel like this is just an empty offer. Where’s the poster? Why aren’t they sharing their personal details? Don’t tell me they’re just a nobody below A-class.”



Lu Jingning: “…”


He underestimated the basic trust between people. After a moment of silence, faced with all the taunting comments, he calmly left a message: “The poster is indeed a freshman, Lu Jingning from Class Three, The Integrated Warfare Faculty. Anyone with doubts is welcome to ask in person~ :)”


As this reply was posted, all the mocking comments ceased immediately, and the atmosphere changed drastically.


33rd reply: “Damn, I’ve been looking for you for so long, schoolmate! Why bother forming a team when you could join my team? We need one more player for a four-star mission, and we’ve been waiting for you!”


34th reply: “Don’t deceive innocent youths for adventures. The five-star credits might seem tempting, but have you mentioned the great risks? Don’t fool the freshmen into risking their lives. Schoolmate, don’t mind him, come join my team. I’ll help you brush through four-star missions, which are way safer than five-star ones!”



122nd reply: “Truly a school celebrity. Your name alone becomes a hot topic. I bow to you.”


123rd reply: “Hahaha, am I the only one who noticed that all the replies to this recruitment post are completely off-topic? It’s the first time I’ve seen a recruitment post flooded with random comments and not a single applicant.”


124th reply: “The five-star missions are too terrifying. Those who can do them already have fixed teams. What’s the difference between these temporary teams and giving away free kills?”



After lurking in the post for half a day, Lu Jingning finally noticed a message that caught his attention: “Lu Jingning? I’m Cen Junfeng. My communication number is 3652XXXXX.”


He messaged Cen Junfeng back using the communication number, and he received a prompt reply. Cen Junfeng expressed his willingness to join the team directly.


Lu Jingning had never seen Cen Junfeng, the straight-Alpha cancer student, in a favorable light before. After a brief discussion, they quickly reached an agreement.


At the same time, Wen Xingchen also sent a message, saying that a senior student in his third year, Qin Yuankai, had contacted them through Wen Ye and was willing to join their team. Qin Yuankai was on the verge of breaking through to semi-S-class. Since he knew Wen Ye would be the leader, he became interested in joining.


Qin Yuankai was currently ranked 11th in the leaderboard, just a step away from the top ten. However, as they climbed higher, the credit gap between each rank increased significantly. So, he hoped to use this mission as an opportunity to make a significant climb in the rankings.


After finalizing the last member, Lu Jingning asked everyone to log onto the school network. Soon, they completed the team formation, and as the organizer, Lu Jingning successfully accepted the Watchers’ Island mission through the system.


Recently, many students had been closely following the team formation platform of the mission system. They witnessed the whole process of Lu Jingning’s team being created and filled one by one. When they saw the names of the members, they couldn’t help but feel uneasy.


“What the heck, why didn’t I sign up? Who did I see in the team leader column? Wen Ye and Bing Yunlin?!!!”


“The last person who joined seems to be Qin Yuankai, right? Besides the other two, who are seemingly unknown newcomers, what kind of monsters are in this team?”


“Wen Ye + Bing Yunlin + Lu Jingning + Wen Xingchen? Excellent, the most luxurious lineup in history! So, what kind of hellish mission are they going to undertake, bringing four S-class?”


“Who was laughing before, saying that freshmen taking on five-star missions were just giving away free kills? Why do I feel like now we should be worried about the other team’s free kills?”


“I was wrong, terribly wrong. I’ve been watching for so long, and I didn’t realize they were recruiting!”


“Don’t forget, Lu Jingning is an Omega! After completing this five-star mission, the credits will still be multiplied by 1.5, right? Damn, not participating is a loss of billions!”


“A team with a credit-boosting BUFF for a five-star mission is a first for me. Those two, Cen something and Yu something, are undoubtedly gifted!”



Cen Junfeng had been lurking on the forum for a few days and hadn’t found a suitable team. Today, he came with his last glimmer of hope, and when he saw Lu Jingning’s post, he immediately applied, following his instincts that it was a sure bet.


By the time the mission was accepted, he hadn’t had a chance to read the specific details yet, nearly blinded by the excessively luxurious lineup.


Cen Junfeng: “!!!”


This was supposed to be a mission team? Who would believe it?! They could represent the school in any exchange competition without any problem! 


Though it hadn’t even started yet, Cen Junfeng had already mentally prepared himself to be a little brother.


Following Lu Ge was a feast! As expected!


At this moment, Lu Jingning swiftly added all the team members, including the leader, to a group chat.


Cen Junfeng’s reaction was unparalleled in its speed: “Thank you, seniors, for giving me a chance to lay down and win!”


Following him, Yu Qingcang replied, “Thank you, seniors, for giving me a chance to lay down and win!”


Wen Xingchen seemed bored and copied and pasted, “Thank you, seniors, for giving me a chance to lay down and win!”


Lu Jingning: “Except for the above, if anyone else wants to lay down and win without working, be careful, or I’ll kick you out directly.”


Cen Junfeng, Yu Qingcang: “…………”


This sudden sneak attack was too much! How could they be so unprepared!


The author has something to say: 


Two classmates, if you can’t handle this, how will you survive during the missions?


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