Chapter 86 – Can you feel the fatherly love

Chapter 86 – Can you feel the fatherly love


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng, his eyes sparkling, and sighed, “This is so cool.”


Lu Shifeng: “Hmm?”


“In the summer, it must be really refreshing to have scales.” Jian Luo, an honest person, continued, “Your Dragon clan is amazing. You can have scales whenever you want, keeping you cool in the summer.”


Lu Shifeng fell silent.


Seeing that he wasn’t speaking, Jian Luo felt a bit embarrassed and realized he might have said something wrong. He awkwardly changed the topic, “Have you been seriously injured?”


Lu Shifeng looked down at him from a higher vantage point and replied calmly, “Why do you ask?”


“Because the last time I saw your arm injury, it was covered in scales.” Jian Luo presented his evidence. “So, are you injured now? Is it serious? What did the doctor say? Can it be treated?”


Three consecutive questions, each more ridiculous than the last.


Lu Shifeng stared quietly at him and finally asked, “Aren’t you afraid?”


This time, Jian Luo was puzzled, “Afraid of what?”


Silence fell between them as they locked eyes.


Finally, Jian Luo realized what Lu Shifeng might have been avoiding him these past few days because he was worried that Jian Luo might be afraid of his scales.


Is that it?


Jian Luo felt like a thousand crows were flying over his head. He inwardly scolded himself, “What do I have to be afraid of? You forgot that night when you saw scales on yourself, didn’t you?”


Lu Shifeng’s blood-red eyes dimmed.


Jian Luo wished he could bite his own tongue. It was so easy to blurt things out. He quickly added, “Anyway, isn’t it normal for Dragons to have scales?”


He didn’t say anything particularly touching, but for some reason, it felt like someone had scattered little flowers from the sky, and they all landed on Lu Shifeng’s heart.


Lu Shifeng looked at Jian Luo, and slowly, a smile formed in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth curved up.


Jian Luo tilted his head and said, “Hey, you actually smiled.”


Lu Shifeng’s expression turned serious. “Haven’t I smiled before?”


“Yes, you have,” Jian Luo replied earnestly, “but this smile feels different from the others.”


Indeed, Lu Shifeng’s smile had always been somewhat eerie.


How should he put it? It was like the cold smile of the head teacher when he caught you daydreaming during class. It had a strange charm to it.


But more importantly, Jian Luo always felt that smile didn’t reach his eyes, like it wasn’t a genuine expression of happiness.


But just now, he had genuinely smiled, unlike any of his previous smiles. It was like a rare plum blossom blooming on the desolate and remote Snow Mountain, beautiful and inspiring.


Lu Shifeng sat down next to the sickbed. “Dopamine production is reduced in Anxing people, so it’s normal that it feels different.”


“So, were you genuinely happy just now?” Jian Luo asked internally, “Wasn’t that night you seemed so happy?”


He silently sighed. Leaning against the bed, he said, “Can I go back now?”


Lu Shifeng looked at the completed IV drip and raised an eyebrow, “Or do you want to hang a couple more bags of saline?”


“No,” Jian Luo replied, “I’m done.”


Lu Shifeng got up from the bed, and Jian Luo’s legs felt a bit weak. When he stood on the ground, he felt a bit dizzy and had to steady himself for a moment.


Seeing him in discomfort, Lu Shifeng furrowed his brows and asked, “Can you walk?”


Jian Luo nodded, “I just need a moment to recover.”


“I’ll carry you.”


With those words, Lu Shifeng lifted him up horizontally. For the Dragon clan, the weight of a human was almost negligible. Jian Luo exclaimed and clung to his neck to prevent himself from falling.


Lu Shifeng glanced down at him.


Because they were so close now, Jian Luo could see Lu Shifeng’s scales on his neck more clearly. His eyes widened as he examined them closely. But before he could study them in detail, Lu Shifeng moved away.


Outside, Secretary Jin, who had been waiting, spoke up, “Marshal…”


Lu Shifeng turned to look at her.


“Nothing,” Secretary Jin quickly corrected herself when she saw Jian Luo. “You’re busy. I’ll go.”


On the way back with Jian Luo, they encountered many soldiers. They all stopped to greet Lu Shifeng and noticed Jian Luo in his arms, but none of them dared to stare for too long.


Jian Luo thought Lu Shifeng would take him back to his room but was surprised when they arrived at the cafeteria. “Why are we here?”


“To eat,” Lu Shifeng said and motioned for him to stand aside. “What would you like to eat?”


Jian Luo stared in amazement, “Are you going to cook for me?”


Lu Shifeng nodded.


Jian Luo was left speechless. If he broadcasted this live, with Lu Shifeng cooking, he’d probably become the number one interstellar internet sensation.


But there was a more important question.


Jian Luo asked seriously, “Um, Dragon Brother, can you actually cook?”


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow at his question and countered, “What makes you think I can’t?”


Jian Luo chuckled awkwardly, “Of course not.”


Isn’t this how you perceive him? Do I really need to state the obvious?


However, in front of Jian Luo, Lu Shifeng rolled up his sleeves and skillfully took out some meat from the freezer. After a simple preparation, he started cutting the vegetables.


Jian Luo approached, saying, “Let me help.”


Lu Shifeng didn’t let him, saying, “Just stay there.”


“I’m not doing anything else,” Jian Luo watched his actions, “Do you really know how to cook? Have you learned before?”


Lu Shifeng, while slicing the potatoes into strips, replied, “No.”


Jian Luo was quite surprised.


“Do you need to learn?” Lu Shifeng threw the vegetables into the pot. “I understood it after watching once.”


What? Was that even possible?


Jian Luo took a few steps back and went to wash and steam the rice, saying, “I never learned to cook either. I figured it out on my own; no one taught me.”


Lu Shifeng flipped the vegetables in the pan with a spatula. “You don’t seem clumsy.”


Jian Luo protested, “I’m naturally talented, you know.”


A hint of a smile tugged at the corner of Lu Shifeng’s mouth.


Both of them quietly prepared a few dishes in the kitchen, all of them simple home-cooked meals. The only remarkable thing was that these dishes were prepared by the renowned Grand Marshal of the entire interstellar military.


If the enemy knew that Marshal Lu Shifeng not only commanded the army but also cooked for a human, they would probably be dumbfounded.


Jian Luo sat at the dining table, saying, “I’ll try it.”


Lu Shifeng wiped his hands and watched him eat in silence.


Because he had been experiencing bouts of nausea these past few days, Jian Luo was cautious not to eat too much at once, fearing he might vomit again.


As he put a forkful of potato shreds into his mouth, the fragrance of the potato filled his senses, and it was crispy and delicious. Dragons liked spicy food, but Lu Shifeng had controlled the spiciness perfectly for his sensitive stomach.


Jian Luo sighed, “It’s delicious.”


Lu Shifeng continued to watch him silently.


After a while, just as Jian Luo was about to say that he hadn’t vomited this time, a wave of nausea hit him as expected. He covered his mouth and rushed to find a place to vomit.


Once he had finished vomiting, he felt like his stomach had been emptied.


Lu Shifeng stood beside him and asked, “Has it been like this for the past few days?”


Jian Luo nodded and rinsed his mouth. Straightening up, he said, “I’m used to it.”


Lu Shifeng looked at his pale face, and considering that Jian Luo didn’t like needles and had spent some time lying in the hospital bed, he was clearly not in good condition. With several more days of travel on the warship ahead, prolonging this condition would be detrimental.


Seeing that Lu Shifeng kept watching him, Jian Luo smiled, “Maybe I just can’t handle the food you cooked.”


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow.


Jian Luo chuckled awkwardly, “Of course not.”


Wasn’t that how you saw him? Did I really need to state the obvious?


Nevertheless, Lu Shifeng pulled Jian Luo back.


Jian Luo thought they were about to fight, but the Grand Marshal brought him back to the table, held him in his arms, and as Jian Luo stared in shock, he lifted a spoonful of food to his lips and said, “Eat.”


Jian Luo blinked, opened his mouth, and obediently swallowed the food.


Lu Shifeng’s hand rested on Jian Luo’s slightly protruding belly due to the pregnancy. He lightly tapped it, conveying a clear threat.


Jian Luo cooperatively finished his meal and then said, “I’m thirsty.”


Lu Shifeng fetched him a red dragon fruit milk tea.


The meal was eaten in a peaceful atmosphere. After a while, Jian Luo asked, “Hey, it seems like I didn’t vomit this time.”


Lu Shifeng nodded, finally putting him down. “Go rest; I’ll be with you.”


Jian Luo hadn’t had a proper meal in days, and now he felt energized. He pouted, “Not tired at all, I’m not tired at all!”


Seeing Jian Luo so full of energy, Lu Shifeng decided not to insist, “I’ll escort you back.”


Jian Luo paused, and his enthusiasm visibly wilted. He looked at Lu Shifeng, and with some effort, he said, “Back to my room again?”


Lu Shifeng finally realized and said, “To my quarters?”


Jian Luo’s eyes lit up. “Can I?”


Lu Shifeng nodded, “But you can only stay in front of me; no wandering.”


“Got it!”


Jian Luo had been to Lu Shifeng’s office before, but it was better than staying alone.


The two of them returned, one after the other, and as they approached the door, they ran into the adjutant. The adjutant’s expression changed noticeably when he saw Jian Luo behind Lu Shifeng, but he didn’t say much. He simply bowed respectfully to Lu Shifeng and said, “Marshal.”


Lu Shifeng replied with a simple “Hmm” and instructed, “Get some fruit and snacks delivered.”


The adjutant acknowledged, saying, “Yes.”


Once inside, Jian Luo could finally see the full view of this office. It was typically Lu Shifeng, minimalist to the extreme. Apart from the sofa and coffee table in front of the desk, there were almost no decorations.


Jian Luo couldn’t help but remark, “So simple.”


Lu Shifeng sat at the desk and said, “Too many things can be distracting. Find some books you like to read.”


Jian Luo didn’t need to; he took out a book he had borrowed from the High Priest’s place. “I have this.” It was a book on human history. He hadn’t finished it last time, so he continued reading. As he flipped through the pages, he discovered that history was like a circle, a cycle of rise and fall that never changed.


Halfway through, he unexpectedly found a holographic image ring. Jian Luo tapped it, and suddenly, a three-dimensional, azure-blue Mercury appeared before him. The Earth’s landmasses were reflected in his eyes. This small blue planet was tranquil and beautiful, making it impossible not to be moved.


Only those who had been away from their homeland for a long time could feel tears welling up when they saw their mother Earth, and only those who had lost their homes and wandered before returning could understand the emotion of seeing their homeland again.


This was Earth, the mother planet of humanity, their home. They once had homes, not just guests sitting on cold benches.


Jian Luo sniffled, took a deep breath, and reached out as if to touch the small blue planet. However, the holographic projection disappeared the moment his finger made contact. In an instant, the azure-blue Mercury vanished, like a mirage, here one moment and gone the next. In that moment, a sense of melancholy filled Jian Luo’s chest.


Lu Shifeng raised his head and saw Jian Luo staring blankly at the book. He said, “Jian Luo.”


Jian Luo looked up and said, “Hmm?”


“If you want to see it again, just tap it.”


Lu Shifeng’s tone was indifferent, and he added, “No need to daydream.”




What a guy.



The next day


After spending several days on the warship, Jian Luo’s complexion had improved visibly, thanks to Lu Shifeng’s paternal care. The morning sickness had also subsided.


“Where are you taking me?”


Jian Luo followed behind Lu Shifeng, asking curiously.


Lu Shifeng walked ahead without turning his head. “You said you were bored. We’re passing by a planet where we can make a stop. I’ll take you down to relieve your boredom.”


Jian Luo had never been to an alien planet before, or rather, he had never been off a planet. This was his first time on an extraterrestrial world. He got excited as soon as he heard they were leaving the ship. “Which planet is it? Why didn’t you mention it earlier? I need to prepare and gather information to see if there are any local specialties I can bring back!”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him. “You don’t need to prepare.”




They had reached the airlock. Lu Shifeng helped Jian Luo adjust his protective suit and then put a mask on him. After ensuring it was safe, he said, “No one knows this place better than you do.”

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