Chapter 85 – Are you trying to kill me?

Chapter 85 – Are you trying to kill me?


Jian Luo’s words came to an abrupt halt.


Outside, Secretary Jin, who had gone and returned, held the nutrient solution in his hand, clearing his throat awkwardly. “Um, I heard everything.”




They both tried to cover it up.


Jian Luo withdrew his hand and pretended to be casual. “Is that so? Hahaha, just chatting with someone earlier.”


Secretary Jin awkwardly agreed, “Yeah, just chatting.”


The two of them exchanged an awkward glance, then averted their eyes.


Finally, Secretary Jin spoke up, “Luo Luo, the military doctor just told me to bring you some tasteless nutrient solution to see if you can try it.”


Jian Luo was genuinely reluctant about the nutrient solution. He frowned, “Secretary Jin, please, I really don’t like drinking this stuff.”


“Luo Luo…” Secretary Jin also looked troubled. “But if you don’t drink it, how will your body get the nutrients it needs?”


Jian Luo sighed.


Life was tough. He sat on the sofa and suddenly thought of the dragon hatchling that had crawled on his shoulder earlier. Was that little black dragon really his offspring? It seemed… quite thin. Could it be because of his poor health that he couldn’t absorb nutrients properly? Now that he remembered, it seemed to be about the size of his palm. Thinking about other dragons, they all looked so robust. What if his offspring had a weak constitution and became the subject of ridicule? With these thoughts, Jian Luo suddenly found strength. “Alright, bring it. I’ll try.”


Secretary Jin was pleased. “Luo Luo, here you go.”


The nutrient solution was in a glass bottle, and from the outside, it still had the familiar green color. Jian Luo uncapped it with a motion that could rival a warrior unsheathing a sword, and with a heavy heart, he said, “I’ve had it.”


He poured the entire bottle into his mouth in one go, not daring to savor its taste, just downing it all at once. After finishing, he and Secretary Jin waited quietly for a moment.


Secretary Jin hesitated. “How is it?”


“It…” Jian Luo pondered for a moment. “It actually tastes like water.”


Secretary Jin breathed a sigh of relief. “Looks like it’s fine!”


Just as Jian Luo was about to nod, a wave of nausea surged from his stomach. He patted his chest and rushed to the bathroom, where he promptly vomited all the water he had just drunk into the toilet.


Secretary Jin was at a loss.


Jian Luo took a few shallow breaths and stood up, rinsing his mouth at the sink. He felt exhausted. “Forget it, don’t bother me anymore.”


Secretary Jin furrowed his brows. “You can’t go without eating.”


Jian Luo waved his hand, too tired to argue. “Let me rest for a while.”




Secretary Jin looked at Jian Luo lying on the sofa, feeling a pang of sympathy. Jian Luo was so thin that his belly’s curve was visible even when sitting. His limbs were delicate. Secretary Jin lowered his head, only able to see his fair and tender profile, which looked rather pitiful.


Secretary Jin walked out of the room and saw the secretary assistant waiting outside.


Assistant Secretary whispered, “How is it?”


Secretary Jin shook his head.


“What should we do then?” The assistant secretary scratched his head, clearly also feeling troubled. “Human bodies are naturally fragile. If this continues, can Luo Luo’s body withstand it?”


Secretary Jin sighed. “I’ll go talk to Vice Admiral and get his opinion.”


The assistant secretary accompanied him, and the two of them went to the front, where they saw the Vice Admiral. He nodded politely when he saw them.


Secretary Jin briefly summarized the current situation. “Vice Admiral, we hope you can report to the Marshal and get a decision.”


The Vice Admiral held a document in his hand and spoke, “Secretary Jin, I think you might have a misunderstanding about me. Considering the Marshal’s current condition, you know his human courage… Are you sure he can handle the shock?”


Secretary Jin choked up.


These matters were indeed somewhat rashly handled, but Jian Luo’s situation couldn’t continue to be neglected.


Secretary Jin sighed. “Vice Admiral, regardless of whether Jian Luo can endure it, this isn’t a decision for us to make, is it?”


The Vice Admiral fell silent.


The three of them faced each other, wide-eyed, and just when everyone was about to make a decision, the door inside opened, and everyone unconsciously turned to look.


In the doorway, Lu Shifeng stood in his neatly pressed military uniform. The collar of his uniform was slightly open, revealing the dragon scales on his body. Only his face didn’t show any scales. He said, “Jiang Han.”


The Vice Admiral stood up with a swish.


Lu Shifeng’s gaze was icy. “Is his information bracelet ready?”


Jiang Han nodded quickly. “Yes.”


“Good.” Lu Shifeng walked to a nearby lounge and sat down. “Go and give it to him.”


Jiang Han was momentarily stunned but quickly understood and hurriedly acknowledged, “Yes!”


After Jiang Han left, the Vice Admiral’s expression didn’t look too good. Secretary Jin could see it and sighed.


Lu Shifeng asked her, “Has Jian Luo been eating?”


Secretary Jin replied, “Yes, he has been eating since he left, but he always ends up vomiting. The military doctor said it might be due to a lack of comforting pheromones from a mate and excessive worry, making it difficult for him to adjust to the environment.”


Lu Shifeng tapped his fingers on the table, deep in thought.


Secretary Jin also tactfully mentioned, “I can tell that the Marshal is genuinely concerned about Jian Luo. You could see it when he went to confront Jian Luo about scaring him with Silver Grey. Now that there are problems with Jian Luo and the child, I imagine the Marshal is not doing well either.”


On the other side, Jian Luo received the information bracelet brought by the Vice Admiral.


He looked at the bracelet with some surprise. “Silver?!”


“Yes, it was specially developed for you. All the functions are still intact,” the Vice Admiral said. “You can use it once you wear it.”


Jian Luo nodded. “Alright.”


The Vice Admiral hesitated for a moment, then his gaze fell on Jian Luo’s belly. He left without saying a word.


Jian Luo was trying to figure out how to use the bracelet when a call came in. He was surprised to find that it was Lu Shifeng calling, and his hand trembled as he answered.


It was a video call.


As the video connected, Jian Luo raised his head and saw Lu Shifeng’s face. They had seen each other these past few days, and Lu Shifeng appeared somewhat worn out.


Well, not exactly worn out, but he seemed to have a deep sense of hostility. His facial features were deep and three-dimensional, and his blood-red eyes were profound, like a coiled beast ready to strike.


Even through the video, Jian Luo felt a bit intimidated.


“Marshal?” Jian Luo stammered.


Lu Shifeng responded with a soft “Hmm.”


“Are you okay?” Jian Luo was worried and couldn’t help asking, “Are you injured?”


Lu Shifeng didn’t say much, just, “Hmm, injured.”


Then why didn’t you come back to see me?!


Jian Luo’s inner turmoil raged, but in reality, he could only hold himself back slightly and hugged himself.


Lu Shifeng took out a book. “Have you mastered the topics prepared by Lord Sacrifice?”


“…” Jian Luo choked. “Isn’t it still early for that? Don’t rush me.”


Lu Shifeng flipped through the book casually. “Which chapter is the specific assignment in? Let me see.”


Jian Luo agreed and, in fact, he had been feeling a little uncomfortable. However, Lu Shifeng’s request to check his homework completely diverted his attention, so he quickly got out of bed and found the book, saying through the video, “I’ve been reviewing on my own, and the main problem is with these questions on this page…”


He rambled on, and Lu Shifeng listened, occasionally interjecting a word or two.


Ever since Jian Luo’s condition had deteriorated a few days ago, discussing these things with Lu Shifeng helped him forget about his troubles.


Finally, he looked up at Lu Shifeng and hesitated. “Do you think this approach to solving the problem is correct?”


Lu Shifeng casually turned a page in the book and said, “There are a few mistakes. Look at line b, the verb shouldn’t be used like that.”


The two of them reviewed together, and Jian Luo nodded thoughtfully.


After they finished their homework, Jian Luo mentioned that he was also studying medical books. “I think once I learn it, maybe I can do more than just cooking in the future during our live broadcasts. I can add some medical content.”


Lu Shifeng’s words were to the point. “Adding extras is fine, but reading books late at night isn’t.”


“Uh…” Jian Luo buried himself in the book, carefully considering Lu Shifeng’s words. It seemed like he wouldn’t be coming back to sleep.


Realizing this, Jian Luo’s mood inexplicably sank a notch.


Finally, he couldn’t hold back and asked, “By the way, when will your wound heal?”


He looked up at the video segment of Lu Shifeng, and in this perspective, the Marshal saw Jian Luo’s face. That slightly thin face had indeed lost some weight. It was evident that these past few days had been tough on him.


Having seen many storms and endured numerous injuries, Lu Shifeng, even if he was in great pain, found himself feeling a bit choked up.


Seeing him asking, Jian Luo became a bit anxious. He quickly changed his words, saying, “I was just asking casually, you know… asking for the baby.”


Lu Shifeng spoke in a deep voice, “Is that so?”


“Yes, yes,” Jian Luo chuckled. To change the topic, he continued, “By the way, do you know, Dragon Brother, I dreamed about the baby yesterday. It was a black one, completely pitch black. It was just the size of my palm, you know?”


Lu Shifeng looked at his face and repeated, “Is that so?”


Jian Luo nodded vigorously.


Lu Shifeng’s eyes seemed to flash with a hint of a smile. “Did you only see one?”


Jian Luo suddenly became perplexed. He touched his belly and hesitated. “Could I have made a mistake in the ultrasound? Maybe there’s only one baby?”


Lu Shifeng tried to comfort him. “It’s not a mistake. Some hatchlings develop their consciousness earlier.”


Jian Luo nodded. “Oh, I see.”


The two of them chatted for a while, and finally, Jian Luo felt a bit tired. He glanced at Lu Shifeng in the video and waved his hand. “I’m going to sleep.”


Lu Shifeng responded with a simple “Hmm.”


It wasn’t until he saw that Jian Luo had fallen asleep on the video that Lu Shifeng ended the call.


Secretary Jin had been waiting nearby and approached. She handed him a bottle of calming nutrient liquid prescribed by the military doctor. “The doctor said you need to replenish with calming nutrients. This is today’s dose.”


Lu Shifeng took the bottle and opened it, taking a sip.


Secretary Jin was about to take her leave. “Then I’ll go now.”


Lu Shifeng spoke with a stern tone, “Go and stay with Jian Luo.”


Secretary Jin was momentarily stunned.


“If anything happens, come and tell me immediately,” Lu Shifeng continued, his gaze meeting hers, and he spoke with a deep voice, “Understood?”


Secretary Jin’s eyes trembled as they met those crimson irises. She quickly nodded. “Understood!”



Jian Luo had another nightmare.


This time, he dreamt of a place he had never been to before. The grass here was yellowed, and there was a pervasive, nauseating stench in the air.


Suddenly, the hillside not far away trembled, and a four-legged creature emerged from the ground. It was massive, about eight feet tall, with long whiskers swaying in the air, making it look extremely menacing.


Jian Luo widened his eyes and tried to take a few steps back, but as soon as he moved, the creature noticed him. Like a rat spotting rice, it charged straight at Jian Luo.




In the nick of time, a gigantic black dragon descended from the sky, colliding with the creature. The collision created a massive cloud of dust and smoke.


Next, Jian Luo swore that he saw a scene of unprecedented frenzy and slaughter.


The creatures in this place had multiplied in great numbers. The black dragon, seemingly tireless, fought and slaughtered them tirelessly. Soon, the entire hillside was stained red.


Jian Luo looked around and couldn’t help but comment, “Either everything is burnt or stained red with blood, right?”


While he was muttering, unfortunately, the black dragon that had been in the middle of a killing spree suddenly stopped. It turned its head, its gaze sharp and alert, landing directly on Jian Luo. Those somewhat familiar blood-red eyes sent shivers down Jian Luo’s spine.


The two pairs of eyes met, and he seemed to be like prey pinned in place.




The dragon lunged at him with its entire body.


Jian Luo stood frozen in place, not daring to move a muscle, unsure if his mind had gone blank or his legs had turned to jelly. When a fierce dragon comes charging at you, you know that one wrong move means certain death, yet he still couldn’t bring himself to move.




The black dragon’s tail whipped, sending a four-horned insect behind Jian Luo flying several meters away, crashing into a nearby hill.


As they got closer, Jian Luo could see the dragon scales on the black dragon’s body, stained with what appeared to be the blood of some unknown creature. Strangely, there were many black dragons around, but he felt an inexplicable certainty about the one before him.


The wind on the hill blew strong, tousling Jian Luo’s hair.


The black dragon turned slowly, its eyes fixed on Jian Luo, distant yet filled with a strong killing intent. It was as though he were assessing a stranger, a helpless prey that could be easily dispatched with a single swipe of his claw. Jian Luo stood before the colossal black dragon, defenseless.


The dragon and the man locked eyes for a moment, as if time had frozen.


After a while,


Jian Luo spoke, his voice somewhat hoarse, “Are you going to kill me?”


The black dragon didn’t respond. Just as Jian Luo was about to speak again, he woke up, opening his eyes to find himself still in the cabin of the warship. The fragments of his dream felt so vivid, as if they were right in front of him, with a remarkable sense of reality.


He took a few shallow breaths, drenched in sweat.


Glancing at his side, he realized that he had been sharing a bed with Lu Shifeng since the incident three months ago. He had trouble sleeping before, but after being with him, he rarely had nightmares. Now, almost every night, he slept soundly, either lost in thoughts or thinking about him.


Jian Luo slumped on the bed, muttering to himself, “Just kill me…”


“Knock, knock, knock.”


There was a knocking sound from outside.


Jian Luo sat up and said, “Come in.”


Secretary Jin heard voices from inside and pushed a meal cart into the room. “Luo Luo, it’s evening, time to eat. You haven’t eaten anything all day.”


Seeing the food made Jian Luo physically uncomfortable. He frowned and said, “I can’t eat.”


Secretary Jin sighed inwardly and said, “Luo Luo, please try. If you can’t eat today, we’ll discuss it again.”


Jian Luo didn’t want to make it difficult for her, so he reluctantly took a few bites after sitting down at the table.


Secretary Jin looked at him expectantly.




After sitting for a while, Jian Luo rushed to the bathroom and vomited some bile.


Secretary Jin stood still, sighing. She went to help Jian Luo but hadn’t even reached him when he staggered and almost collapsed. She hurried over, saying, “Luo Luo!”


Everything went black for Jian Luo. He regained his composure after a while and said, “I… I think it might be low blood sugar.”


Secretary Jin said firmly, “I’ll get you a nutrient IV.”


Jian Luo hesitated but eventually nodded.


Outside, Lu Shifeng stood at the door. His gaze first fell on Jian Luo lying on the hospital bed, and he furrowed his brows. How could he look even thinner than he did in the video?


Secretary Jin stood at attention and said, “General.”


Lu Shifeng nodded and said, “Everyone, leave.”


The doctor and Secretary Jin didn’t dare to delay and quickly exited the room.


Inside the room, it was just Lu Shifeng and Jian Luo. Lu Shifeng sat down next to Jian Luo, not saying a word, just quietly keeping him company.


The scales on his neck were still visible.


Lu Shifeng’s breath was unsteady, but when he sat beside Jian Luo, the fierce aura within him, like boiling water meeting ice, gradually settled.


In the room, there was the faint sound of Jian Luo’s breathing, which brought great relief.


Lu Shifeng looked at the person on the bed. Jian Luo’s brows were tightly furrowed in his sleep. Lu Shifeng extended his hand, his rough fingertips gently pressed against the furrowed brow. The person in his sleep unconsciously made a cute little sound, endearing.


A faint smile tugged at the corners of Lu Shifeng’s lips. He had been born with a predisposition for violence, and the restless genes in his bones made it difficult for him to calm down after shedding blood. Although others saw him as calm, the torment was known only to himself. But when he looked at Jian Luo, it was as if a fierce beast, previously trapped in a confined space, suddenly found peace.


He had noticed it from the very beginning. Even a simple meal together or eating something prepared by Jian Luo helped him find that peace.


Jian Luo’s sleep was not restful. Seeing the IV was about to finish, Lu Shifeng stood up to leave. Just as the General took a couple of steps, his wrist was suddenly grabbed. Jian Luo, who was abruptly awakened from his dream, instinctively latched onto something, realizing that he had actually grabbed Lu Shifeng’s wrist.


The pair of eyes met each other in the silent room.


Lu Shifeng spoke in a deep voice, “Awake?”


“Huh?” Jian Luo struggled to sit up but forgot about the needle in his wrist, causing him to exclaim in pain, “Ah, it hurts!”


Lu Shifeng sighed inwardly, then removed the needle, held Jian Luo’s shoulder, and said with a hint of helplessness, “Don’t be so restless. Are you still a child?”


Jian Luo felt a pang of shame, but he had thick skin, so he quickly recovered. After adjusting his mental state, he raised his head and happened to see the scales on Lu Shifeng’s neck. He remembered that they were there before, and he had even detected an unfamiliar scent on Lu Shifeng. This was also something from before.


Lu Shifeng noticed his gaze and furrowed his brows.


Jian Luo pointed to his neck, “You…”


Inexplicably, Lu Shifeng’s heart tightened. He had faced the fear of going into battle for the first time, entered the Dragon Valley for training for the first time, and faced a thousand enemies alone, but now, when he met Jian Luo’s clean eyes, he strangely felt a hint of nervousness deep within him. This emotion seemed to be called—fear.


It was strange; General Lu Shifeng himself didn’t care about the rumors and what others thought of him. He rarely showed himself in public and couldn’t be bothered by idle talk or malicious speculation. But—


At this moment,


He began to worry that Jian Luo might say something he didn’t want to hear, and that would make him sad.

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