Chapter 89 – Specialised at treating infertility

Chapter 89 – Specialised at treating infertility


Jian Luo’s heart tightened. 


This topic forced him to reminisce about the one and only intimate encounter he had with Lu Shifeng. Truly, don’t be fooled by Lu Shifeng’s usual aloof demeanor; that time, his passion burned like an unquenchable fire, as if devouring a sumptuous meal.




It was only that one time.


Since then, General Lu had put on a completely different facade. It was as if that night had never happened!


Jian Luo choked back his words, “Maybe, I don’t want to.”


“How is that possible?” Aya glanced at him, her tone slightly teasing. “Men always want it, especially if they’ve crossed that line, unless…”


Jian Luo’s curiosity was piqued. “Unless what?”


Aya smiled mysteriously. “Unless there are certain… performance issues.”


Jian Luo’s eyes widened in shock. For a moment, his survival instincts were stronger than Aya’s, and he hastily interrupted her, “Aya!”


Aya stared at him, puzzled. “Lolo, what’s wrong?”


Before Jian Luo could respond, he noticed someone standing at the door. He focused his gaze and saw that it was Lu Shifeng, who had just returned, accompanied by a leader. It seemed that trouble had a knack for finding them.


“…” Jian Luo’s scalp tingled. “When did you guys get back?”


Lu Shifeng gave him a nonchalant glance but remained silent.


Jian Luo felt incredibly uneasy under Lu Shifeng’s gaze and silently prayed that the boss hadn’t heard anything. It’s not like he couldn’t perform!


The leader behind them cleared his throat, attempting to ease the awkward atmosphere. “Esteemed guests, today I’d like to show you around our base.”


Jian Luo quickly took over the conversation, standing up. “Sure, that sounds great.”


Anything to avoid standing here looking foolish!


Lu Shifeng asked, “Have you eaten?”


“Huh?” Jian Luo blinked, then slowly realized and somewhat guiltily admitted, “Oh, I forgot.”


The food here didn’t look particularly appealing, but it smelled delicious. Perhaps it was due to being a breakfast menu with simple choices. Jian Luo glanced at Lu Shifeng, confirmed there was no objection, and began to eat. It wasn’t because of anything else but the fear of upsetting the magnetic field. It wouldn’t be good if this food was harmful to little dragons.


The leader and Aya left to eat separately to avoid disturbing their meal.


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng and asked, “Dragon brother, are you hungry? Would you like to have something?”


“No need,” Lu Shifeng replied as he sat beside Jian Luo. He glanced at Jian Luo meaningfully. “I can endure.”


Jian Luo’s movements stuttered, and he almost choked on his food.


Was he bluffing or did he actually hear it?


This was getting tricky.


They finished breakfast with Jian Luo’s heart pounding, but he unexpectedly discovered that despite the unappetizing appearance of the fauna and flora here, the taste was quite good. It was just like the normal Earth food he used to eat. In fact, with a bit of responsibility, the taste might even be better.


It seemed that even with the highly restored soil of the Dark Star, it couldn’t completely replicate the ability to nurture Earth’s seeds to perfection.


After the meal, the leader and Aya returned.


Aya asked Jian Luo, “Lolo, where do you want to visit the most?”


“The energy stones,” Jian Luo replied without hesitation. “I want to see how they are manufactured. Is that possible?”


Aya seemed surprised but still replied, “Of course.”


Lu Shifeng, naturally, had no objections, and neither did the leader. After all, something like the production of energy stones was not meant to be kept secret.


The group arrived at the energy stone mine, and as they approached, the heat grew more intense. People and armored vehicles were constantly shuttling back and forth, transporting stones in and out. There were nearly ten openings emitting hot air.


The leader explained, “We rely on mining minerals as a source of energy to maintain the daily needs of our protective shield.”


Jian Luo furrowed his brow. “How much manpower is required daily?”


The leader didn’t expect this question but answered honestly, “If we calculate it realistically, I would estimate that more than half of the men are needed, with the rest engaged in hunting, excluding women and children.”


Jian Luo nodded in understanding.


Since the interior of the energy stone mine was heated, it was not convenient to enter directly, so Jian Luo tactfully didn’t ask to go inside.


While touring the base, he spotted a school. Jian Luo pointed and asked, “Is that where the students study?”


“Yes,” the leader replied, glancing at it. “Children study there until they are old enough to work.”


Jian Luo furrowed his brow. He had already figured out the current situation on this planet. It was incredibly challenging to develop here, even less prosperous than Earth in the 21st century. What limited their development was the environment.


In ancient Earth history, there were five thousand years of uninterrupted development without magnetic field interference. If they wanted to free up resources, the first thing to tackle was the magnetic field issue, even though it was a difficult problem to solve.




As they continued walking, Jian Luo accidentally bumped his foot on a stone slab, causing a sharp pain.


Lu Shifeng, who was nearby, frowned. “Watch your step.”


“Okay,” Jian Luo replied.


He wanted to continue walking but found that the pain from the injury persisted. So, he chose to stand in place and wait for the pain to subside.


Lu Shifeng simply lifted him horizontally.


Jian Luo exclaimed in surprise and instinctively hugged Lu Shifeng’s neck, fearing that he might fall. He also added, “I’m quite heavy.”


“So what?” Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow. “Even if I’m not ready, I can still carry you.”


Jian Luo blushed a little and averted his gaze. “I didn’t say that.”


“Hmm,” Lu Shifeng drawled. “After all, I know best whether I can or cannot carry you.”


Jian Luo chose to ignore that comment.


In reality, he didn’t really doubt Lu Shifeng’s ability to carry him. The General’s strength was truly astonishing, and in retrospect, Jian Luo wanted to give himself a pat on the back for still being alive.


But this brought up another question. Jian Luo asked, “What happened to you that night? You seemed really scared.”


Lu Shifeng, holding him like a featherweight toy, casually replied, “Dragon mating season.”


Jian Luo choked and shivered. “Do you have a fixed mating season?”


Lu Shifeng said, “Yes.”


Jian Luo breathed a sigh of relief.


“So, it happened before you became a dragon,” Lu Shifeng continued, a hint of amusement in his eyes. “After that, it never occurred again.”


Jian Luo blinked. “Did you… count the days until you could become a dragon?”


Lu Shifeng walked slowly, responding, “Dragon transformations aren’t determined by age but by the time you first engage in sexual activity.”


Jian Luo choked again.


That was incredibly hard to guard against! It wasn’t as if he could easily enter a mating period, right? 


Trying to console himself and not display everything on his face, Jian Luo glanced at Lu Shifeng, who seemed to be aware of his thoughts.


To tease Jian Luo for his morning grumbling, Lu Shifeng leisurely remarked, “According to the books, during the first eight months of pregnancy, it’s best to avoid strenuous activities. If you have any desires…”




Jian Luo hastily interjected, “I don’t have any desires!”


Due to his excitement, his voice unintentionally carried, and the leader walking ahead turned around curiously, observing Jian Luo.


Jian Luo’s face turned crimson. He couldn’t explain, but not explaining was also not an option. Unfortunately, the curiosity of the group persisted as they continued to stare.


“What are you all looking at?” Jian Luo’s voice was small, filled with embarrassment, as he buried his face in Lu Shifeng’s embrace. “Can’t we chat about something else?”


A faint smile tugged at the corner of Lu Shifeng’s lips.


The group finally arrived at the school, which was quite large. Each classroom could hold sixty to seventy children, and there were several such classrooms. Next to the school was the base’s breeding facility, where various animals were raised—likely for reserves. In case external circumstances prevented hunting, these animals would serve as the primary food source.


Jian Luo noticed a peculiar phenomenon and remarked, “You have a lot of children here. It seems the birth rate is quite high on this side.”


In their paradise, the birth rate was low, and even the school couldn’t fill all the seats.


The leader responded, “In our base, pregnant husbands always give birth to twins.”


Jian Luo widened his eyes. “Is it a probability issue, or is it always like this?”


“It’s always like this,” the leader replied and, as if to provide proof, pointed to the nearby breeding area. He said proudly, “The animals we raise here also have a high reproduction rate. Of course, our casualty rate is not low either. Gathering energy, hunting—there are sacrifices every day. And these animals in the breeding facility come and go daily as well.”


Jian Luo found it unbelievable. Based on what he knew, the birth rate of their species shouldn’t be that high. Was it due to natural selection, or was it because of the magnetic field? Was it a result of their species’ unique physiology, or did it apply to Earth’s surviving species after the magnetic field changed? If it was the latter, did this magnetic field have some kind of enhancement?


Jian Luo subtly turned his head to glance at Lu Shifeng.


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