Xu Ye was speechless as he followed him to the second floor. The man pushed open the door of a room, “This is the guest room. Everything is newly prepared and is now for your use. If you have any requests for any of the furniture or decorations, you can let me know and I will replace them for you. You can also put your personal belongings here, but I will not allow other people to use this room while we maintain this relationship. In this room you are free, and when I allow you to return to this room, I agree to remove you from your slavery.”


       The room was also spacious and bright, decorated in warm yellowish tones, with a separate bathroom and balcony. There was a soft and wide bed in the middle, with a bookshelf, wardrobe, TV, and an IMAC on the computer desk. Xu Ye felt very satisfied, these were almost the same as his apartment.


       “Come in.” The man opened the bathroom door.


       The window opened onto the side of the white single-person bathtub, and the shelves on the wall were neatly arranged with various bottles and cans. A frightening number and variety, all of which Xu Ye noticed were unopened. The man opened the white cupboard door, and Xu Ye’s eyes fell on those neatly placed transparent packaging bags, and he turned red from the top of his neck to the top of his head.


       Those were the household enemas that Camel had used on him. At that time, he used all means to find ways to get pleasure, and he also tried many new and brutal gameplays.


       The man looked at him, “As the master, I will touch and use your body in any way I want. Therefore, in this house, no matter when and where, I ask you to keep yourself clean. You must use these tools skillfully to clean your body. If you can’t, tell me now and I’ll teach you. “


       “I can.” Xu Ye’s was already burning red as he scanned the cabinet for various cleaning tools such as long, thin, soft brushes and responded in a soft voice.


       The man closed the cabinet door with a playful smile on his lips, “Very good. If you don’t clean to my satisfaction, I’ll punish you. And I will not be lenient when I use you just because you hurt yourself while cleaning.”


       “Yes…Master.” Xu Ye blushed and responded stiffly with his eyes fixed on the floor.


       “Over there are all sorts of lubricant and enema fluids, if there isn’t one of these that you like, you can let me know and I will prepare it for you.” He pointed to the bottles and jars, “Make sure your insides are well moistened every time you clean your body, if you are unfortunate enough to forget and I happen to be using you…” The man stopped the sentence here and looked at Xu Ye with a smirk that made his body tense. “You know very well who will have a harder time when the time comes..”


       There was also a well-equipped fitness room and an oversized study room with bookshelves on three walls, like a mini library on the second floor. “When I allow you to move freely, you can use these places as you like. If you have a book you like, you can take it back to your room and read it. If you want to take it away, write down the title of the book and leave it on the table.”


       After the tour of the second floor, the man led him and briefly paused on the third floor. “The third floor is my private area, including the bedroom and my workspace. I need absolute silence when I rest, and you are not allowed to enter without my permission.” After he said that like it was not a big deal, they came to the fourth floor.


       As he pushed open the slightly heavy door, Xu Ye’s blood seemed to heat up all over his body.


       It was a room half-surrounded by transparent glass. As he looked up, he could see the blue sky and the dazzling midday sun. The man pressed a button on the wall, and a curtain was slowly drawn down over the window, blocking the daylight from the top.


       The most eye-catching item was the hook hanging from the steel beam in the middle of the zenith1The zenith is an imaginary point directly “above” a particular location, on the celestial sphere. The scale of the execution frame was much larger than he had seen in the club that day, and it had more functions. The lift-up massage table was placed to one side. Two large unbleached oak cabinets were placed against the wall. As for what was inside, Xu Ye felt that he could guess roughly. The room was covered in a cream-coloured velvet carpet, which was very soft to the feet. In the middle of the room was a black single sofa covered with white fox fur. Surrounding the entire room was all kinds of whips and wrist cuffs hung neatly as if all of it was on display, with some of the brass hooks left empty.


       “Everything here is new and has been sterilized, and some are still on the way in.” The masked man spoke up, probably sensing Xu Ye’s confusion. Xu Ye’s heart skipped a beat, at the fact that this man had such a delicate way of dealing with subs.


       “This room is called a cage. Just like its name, every time you enter here, you must be in a state of absolute obedience. I am your only master, and you only exist to obey my orders.” The man sat on a black leather chair, and with a low voice he said, “Come and kneel down.”


       Xu Ye did so, and his knees touched the carpet very softly.


       “From today onwards, you will arrive here every Saturday morning at nine o’clock and leave making breakfast on Sunday. If you cannot come, you must tell me in advance. I will order you to enter the cage every Saturday night. If I have no other orders, you must remain in the cage in a kneeling position.” He paused, and took a silver pointer2a stick is a solid rod used to point manually at hand, “Kneeling is a common posture for slaves. In this case, you must do your best to remain steady in whatever I do to you until I give you permission to change your position. When I tap my thigh, you are asked to kneel quickly at my side.”


       “Hands behind, legs apart, knees are at shoulder-width apart.” The man said, hitting various parts of Xu Ye’s body with the pointer in his hand, and the force was not too hard. “Straighten your spine and tuck in your waist. Hold your head up and show me your body.”


       Even with his clothes on, Xu Ye could clearly feel the touch of the pointer. It seemed that when he was with this man, his body became particularly sensitive. He straightened his body as required, and his gaze fixed on the man sitting in front of him.


       Satisfied with his kneeling posture, the man spoke again, “As a slave, you must treat me with respect and obedience. You must use honorifics when speaking to me. I allow you to address me as ‘sir’ when a third person is present. When I ask you to take an object, you must hand it to me in a kneeling position with both hands. I allow you to stand when a third person is present. When you walk with me, you must be behind me, not overtaking me, not walking alongside me, and cannot be more than two steps away. Do you understand?”


       “Understood, Master.” Xu Ye answered quickly. In fact, he had some aversion to these rules. They made him feel ashamed on the inside.


       “Very well. From now on, if you misbehave, I will punish you.” He tapped the pointer in his hand, “There is only one rule about punishment—whatever pleases me.”


       Xu Ye’s face turned pale, and he said, “Master, you once said that you would guarantee my safety.”


       “Don’t worry, I have many ways to get you punished under the premise of safety, and I promise you that every one of them will be memorable.” The man stood up, and the tall figure covered the light in front of Xu Ye, causing him to be in a trance for a moment. It was as if he was literally being dominated by this powerful presence before him, losing the ability to think until he heard the unresistable command from his mouth.


       “Slave, go to your room and clean yourself up, then come back to your cage.”


       The cleaning process was extremely difficult.


       In fact, Xu Ye had no experience in doing it by himself, and he had entrusted others to do it a few times before. This time he insisted, or he would be embarrassed. Because in his view, he was the dominant one before, ordering others to give him pleasure, but facing this man whom he called ‘Master’, he was a humble subordinate, thus instinctively resisting his power and dominance of the other party.


       By the time he returned to the fourth floor, nearly an hour had passed.


       The man was not there.


       The sunlight swayed among the branches and leaves, falling on his naked body to form small and shifting patches of light. He felt the softness of stepping on the cashmere carpet with his bare feet, and Xu Ye slowly walked around the cage, looking closely at the whips of different materials and shapes. He took one of the snakewhips off and tried it on his own arm. He didn’t use too much strength but it left a red mark, which was hot and painful.


       He opened one of the oak cabinets, and it was full of hand and foot shackles, gag collars, nipple clips, low-temperature candles, restraint tools, and rings of various materials of different sizes that dazzled him for a while. The other cabinet was just as he had expected. It was filled with all kinds of electric products in strange shapes and dazzling arrays, including some dangerous-looking electric shockers. One of the largest vibrators made him break out in a cold sweat, it was the size of one that could kill a man.


       “Are these toys to your satisfaction?” The man’s lazy voice came from behind, with dangerous air approaching freezing point.


       Xu Ye’s mind trembled, he turned around and knelt down. “Sorry, while you were away, I…” The explanation was cut off in half. His face was a little pale, and he knew very well that he had just used ‘you3less formal tone’ in a hurry.


       A cold light flowed in the eyes behind the mask, and the man didn’t say anything for a long time.


       Every minute of silence was torture. Xu Ye looked at him in bewilderment, like a child caught in the act of doing something wrong. He didn’t even realise that his emotions were being controlled by others, minute by minute.


       The man pulled out a two-finger-wide bamboo stick and walked behind him. In a cold voice the man said, “Tell me who you are.”


       Xu Ye was a little confused, but he didn’t dare to turn around to look at him.


       Soon, there was a crisp ‘pop’ and Xu Ye whimpered as a red mark appeared on his back.


       “Tell me who you are.” The same command for the second time.


       “Your slave.” He replied warily, his voice was a little weak, and his back was tense.


       This time the bamboo stick in the man’s hand did not fall. “Repeat who you are.”


       “I am your slave,” he replied quickly.


       “Tell me about your rights.”


       “I don’t have any rights.” The pain in his back gradually became clear, and it was burning.


       “Tell me your obligations.” No emotion could be captured in his words.


       “To make you… happy?” Xu Ye thought about his choice of words and trailed off the end of the sentence into a question.


       There was another crisp sound, and the bamboo strip fell neatly on the other symmetrical side of his back. Even though he tensed his body to defend against it, it still hurt.


       “Tell me your obligations.” The command was repeated.


       “I exist for the sole purpose of pleasing you and making you happy.” As he said this, Xu Ye dropped his head, and his naked body trembled slightly.

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