He had to be obedient. Obedient to this powerful man and said words that made him lose his dignity. Such behaviour made him feel ashamed. The shame of being controlled was entangled with the pain in his back, making his body go wild.


       Desire swept through him like the wind and waves.


       “Tell me what you’ve done wrong.” The man stood in front of him and lifted his chin up with the top of the bamboo stick, forcing him to kneel and tilt his head back.


       “I used the wrong honorifics…..Master.” Xu Ye answered quickly.


       The man seemed to be waiting for him to continue. As he saw his innocent expression of silence, he pursed his lips and said, “Looks like I really need to help strengthen your memory in some more profound ways.” He raised his hand and dropped the bamboo stick, pulling out a 1.2 metre-long black and white snake whip, “You like it, don’t you?” The man swayed the whips with a faint smile, “I’ll make you whole.”


       Xu Ye’s face turned pale. It was the same whip he had just taken off and tried, and he knew how painful it would be to be hit by it. At this moment, Xu Ye had a look of fear in his eyes, and pleaded, “Master…”


       Unperturbed, the man said in a deep voice, “First is the kneeling position.” The whip sprang out like a snake, and directly hit the inner side of the pair of thighs, precisely avoiding the vulnerable part between the legs.


       Xu Ye cried out in surprise and his body shook. As the pain spread, he bit his lip as he separated his joined legs to shoulder width and straightened his body.


       “And then there’s this rule.” The man raised his wrist, and a clear whip mark was left on Xu Ye’s fair body, from the left chest to the lower right. “Remember, what position did I tell you to be in?”


       “On my knees….until you allow me to change….” Xu Ye was gasping because of the pain, and also because of his surging desire.


       When being treated roughly, part of the pain and pleasure was transformed. Some people are turned on by this. However, there was a blurred boundary where the pleasure disappeared when the pain went above a certain level. This boundary varied from person to person. Sometimes some people push themselves to the limit due to excessive pursuit of the excitement brought by pain. Once this happened, only more pain could stimulate them, and accidents were prone to happen. At first, Xu Ye thought that he too had become numb to ordinary pain, but now he realised that was not the case. Camel once whipped him all over his body without arousing his desire, but in this man’s hands, he was so sensitive that he was hardly like him.


       “What was your posture when I came in?” The man slowly turned the handle of the whip against the left breast where the tip had just been swept, grinding the poor little bud. Xu Ye’s trembling continued to intensify, his hands twisted together behind his back, sweat seeping from his palms, and he replied tremblingly, “…standing.” His watery eyes were pleading, “I was wrong, Master…”


       “A very sincere look.” The man looked at him with a smirk, “Unfortunately you used the prop without my permission and left a mark on your body, such behaviour needs to be taught a lesson.”


       The whip is swept sharply down the left breast, diagonally, over the upright cornel, in perfect symmetry with the previous whip, forming a sharp cross in front of the body. Xu Ye’s screams and gasps were mixed together, pain and desire were intertwined on his face, and his eyes were misting with moisture. The part between the legs that was slowly raising its head was suddenly grasped by someone.


       Xu Ye looked at the half-squatting man in horror, only to hear him say leisurely, “The point of punishment is to teach you a lesson, not to give you pleasure.” Then, a light c0ck ring clasped around his semi-erect root.


       The desire after being bound by foreign objects did not subside, but rather it made it stand upright even more ostentatiously. This situation made the role of the clasp more obvious. Various noises rushed to his mind, and the pain in the inner thigh become more numb. There seemed to be a small electric current rushing through the chest, causing it to itch like needle pricks. The pain in the back somewhat subsided, and his whole body burned.


       It was desire, burning like fire.


       Xu Ye arched his body helplessly and impatiently and got a hot blow on his buttocks. The man stood in front of him and looked down at him, “Slave, now I’m going to give you a chance to reflect. Think carefully, and then tell me what you did wrong today. If there is concealment and lies, you know I have the right to do anything to you.”


       Xu Ye’s chest rose and fell violently with the gasp. He closed his eyes for a while to force himself to calm down, and then he said these words almost in one breath, “I didn’t obey your order to kneel in the cage, I have looked at and used your instruments without permission, I have left marks on your body that belong to you, I have used the wrong honorifics for you, and…”


       Be controlled, dominated, bound.


       Such feeling invaded his mind, forming a barrier layer by layer, making him almost completely lose the ability to resist, forgetting everything outside. Only the masked man in front of him controls his sight, his thoughts and his actions.


       There is no need to hesitate, no need to recognise, no need to think. Just obey, act and surrender.


       Xu Ye looked at his master with those misty eyes and completely gave up on himself, “The late arrival in the morning was not due to company commitments, but because….I overslept and I deceived you….”


       The man smiled, and the corners of his mouth curled into a beautiful arc. He stretched out his hand and gently touched the top of the slave’s head as if comforting. “As a reward for your honesty, I will give you a privilege in the next punishment.” He put down the snake whip in his hand and said, “You can choose any tool hanging on the wall, and bring it to me. It is up to me to decide how it will be used.”


       Xu Ye instinctively tried to get up, but subconsciously stopped. He didn’t get the order to get up, so he looked up at the man with some resignation.


       “If you want to give up this privilege, I have no objection, slave.” The man sat comfortably on the sofa and watched him struggle with conflicts, enjoying it.


       Xu Ye resigned to his fate and walked forward on his knees. The carpet was thick and soft, and his knees didn’t hurt, but the arousal between his legs trembled with every movement, rubbing and touching his body, stirring his desire. However, the overflowing desire was stuck in that damned ring, and such repression made him almost go crazy.


       He struggled to move to the wall and finally chose a leather paddle with a short handle that looked relatively light. In his opinion, a paddle with a larger area of force would be less powerful than a whip. When he returned to his master and clapped the hand paddle over, the man smiled and said, “Not going to go round and have a closer look at the others this time?”


       Xu Ye gave the man a sorrowful look, then lowered his head to avoid the teasing gaze. There were several red marks on his body, and his eyes were tinged with lust, but he was desperately restraining himself, his helpless panting looked pitiful.


       “Turn around.” The man gave an order.


       He turned around and maintained a kneeling posture, with his back to the owner on the chair.


       When there was a blind spot in one’s field of vision, people would unconsciously feel insecure. He couldn’t see the movement of the person behind him at all, couldn’t predict, couldn’t judge, and couldn’t anticipate it. Xu Ye could only tense his nerves and wait for his action. But the person behind him seemed to deliberately increase this deterrent force, and there was no movement for a long time. Xu Ye almost collapsed from the overwhelming tension and his voice shook a little as he tentatively said with a trembling voice, “Master…”


       With a snap, the slap landed on the left buttock, which was even more painful than the whipping just now. Xu Ye cried out in pain, his eyes turned red, and his heart was filled with regret—Why did this thing hurts so much even when you hit with it!


       The man got up and took something, walked up to him, and ordered, “Open your mouth.”


       Xu Ye opened his eyes wide, but before he could react, the man had already cupped his jaw, forced him to open his mouth, pressed his tongue, stuffed the bright soft yellow ball in and pulled the clasp tight behind his head.


       It’s a gag. After he wore it, his mouth couldn’t be closed, nor he could speak, and the ability to swallow was also lost, and saliva could only drip through the gaps.


       “This is a small one. If next time you speak without my permission, there are a bunch of bigger ones waiting for you over there.” The man lifted his wrist and looked at his watch, and scanned Xu Ye’s panicked eyes. He said in a deep voice, “Next, I will use this paddle to slap your buttocks twelve times as punishment. If you dodge, the count will start from the beginning. Now put your hands on the ground and lift your buttocks up.”


       Xu Ye slowly crouched down, and the seam of his buttocks opened up a little bit because of his movement.


       The sense of humiliation was overwhelming.


       The shame of exposing his most intimate parts to others in this position was compounded by the silver threads dripping from the corners of his mouth, which he could not close because of the gad made this feeling even more profound. The painful swelling of his lower body made him aware of his growing desire under such circumstances. A warm liquid moistened the corners of his eyes, and he closed them.


       One stroke, then another, alternating between his buttocks.


       There was no room for bargaining in the cruel punishment from the man. There was a pause of about ten seconds for each blow so that the slave could fully feel the pain caused by each blow. Xu Ye’s moans and pants through the gag ball melted together, making it indistinct. Lust and pain were entangled together in an unpredictable way. He felt that he was like a small boat capsized in the waves of emotion, he was thrown high with the surging waves, and then fell into them, heaving and sinking. Sweat dripped on the carpet, and tears were suppressed in the corners of his eyes.


       When the twelve strokes were over, he felt a hand quickly remove the evil ring that had been binding him. And at that moment, he completely collapsed.


       Tears broke in his eyes as his climax gushed out.


       His legs trembled and fell limp, but the man took the first step to support his body that had lost its centre of gravity, carefully avoiding the part that had been whipped just now. After undoing his gag, he massaged his chin with his hands very gently, as if he didn’t mind getting Xu Ye’s saliva on him.


       Xu Ye leaned weakly in his arms, wrapped in the man’s faint scent. He said hoarsely, “Master, I was wrong…”


       “I forgive you.” The man looked down at him and spoke softly.


       The tears accumulated in his eyes suddenly flowed down uncontrollably, he hurriedly blocked it with the back of his hand, but the other party grabbed his wrist.


       “Why are you crying?” The black eyes behind the mask looked at him serenely.


       “I don’t know.” Xu Ye’s eyelashes were wet with tears, and his face was flushed, “It may be because of the pain, or it was too intense just now… I don’t know, I just feel like I’m going crazy. It’s like I’m really enjoying the feeling of being enslaved… It’s completely perverted….” He spoke intermittently, his voice choked up, “When I’m treated like this, I feel like I don’t have to think about anything. I don’t have to think about anything in my head, it’s very comfortable… I think I might be broken….”


       This was the first time he has truly expressed his thoughts like this and told another person about those entangled contradictions and anxieties, doubts and insecurities.


       “Don’t worry, I won’t break you.” The man smiled and stroked his hair like a small animal, “There are many ways to get pleasure, and the interaction between us is just one of them. You don’t need to feel guilty for feeling pleasure and relaxation in this way. Our relationship is based on the premise that you are willing to give yourself to me so that I can gain the right of mastery, otherwise, I have no right to force you to kneel at my feet. So, relax Xu Ye, this is just your way of life. Accept it, and accept yourself as you are.”


       Xu Ye was stunned for a while, then suddenly asked sullenly, “Will Master also get pleasure because of me?”


       The man smiled and said, “Of course.”


       “But you didn’t react at all.” Xu Ye moved his body as if he was touching something.


       “Little slave, the punishment for groping your master without permission will be severe. You’d better think clearly before doing it.”


       When he heard this sentence, the paw that had been moving under the man’s waist froze immediately.


       “It’s getting late, go to your room to clean yourself, and then go downstairs to eat.” The man helped him up. When the man saw him grimacing in pain, he simply picked him up by his arms.


       Xu Ye was startled, “Master…”


       “What, you think I can’t carry you?”


       “I’m afraid that you won’t be able to hold me steady when we go down the stairs, and it will be even more painful when I fall.” Xu Ye blinked.


       “Oh?” The man deliberately pressed the spot on his inner thigh where he had been whipped just now.


       Xu Ye took a breath and was sincere.

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