Xu Ye felt like he had been doused cold by a bucket of water, his face froze, and he lowered his head in frustration. At this moment, his wrist was grabbed by a warm hand and before he could react, he was pulled into a firm chest. Above his head, there was a man’s low and smiling voice, “Only I can hold you.1Xu Ye was asking before if he could hold him and here he was saying that only he could hold Xu Ye and not the other way


       The light scent lingered on the tip of his nose, and he could feel the steady and powerful heartbeat in his chest as Xu Ye put his arms around his waist, curled up his legs, and lay in his arms completely relaxed. He finally found himself hopelessly addicted to it. Even though the temperature in the house was set at a comfortable level for naked bodies, he just wanted the warmth in this embrace.


       The man’s hand descended from his head, gently stroking his smooth back.


       Nothing erotic, just soothing.


       “This afternoon, you were resisting so fiercely. Why?”


       Xu Ye’s body obviously stiffened for a moment, and after a moment of silence, he opened his mouth and said, “I went out with friends in the circle before, and a group of people got drunk, so they found a hotel to rest. I didn’t drink too much and was woken up in the middle of the night by screaming from next door, the sound was terrible… I asked someone to open the door, only to find out that the two who stayed next door had actually lost control of themselves after drinking and r4p3d a young male waiter…” He paused for a moment before continuing, “When I entered the room, I saw that the waiter was covered in blood…on the bed sheets and also on the carpet…and called 120 to save his life. After that I never went out with those people again, I heard that the matter was settled with money.”


       It was not uncommon for the pampered sons of a wealthy family to get together and let loose, but it was something that Xu Ye couldn’t tolerate, and then he kept a distance from those people after that. The shocking sight of that incident cast a shadow over him. So later, even though Xu Ye let others use intense methods to induce pleasure, and used some toys appropriately, he never allowed others to really use their sexual organs to enter his body.


       “Did my actions this afternoon remind you of this?”


       He nodded.


       “You have trauma on this matter, and you dare to choose a stranger to be your master. Are you not afraid that I will do to you what some doms do?” The man asked.


       “I thought at the time that if you forced me to do something I didn’t want to do, I could resist.” Xu Ye answered honestly.


       “Why didn’t you resist this afternoon?”


       “You said you would ensure my safety.” He tilted his face up, and his eyes glowed like obsidian under the light.


       What kind of illogical trust is this? The man was stunned, then lowered his eyes and smiled, “Xu Ye, although I will try my best to keep the situation under control, I don’t know what you’ve been through and I can’t predict your reaction perfectly every time. That was the case this afternoon, and even though I stopped in time, I still made you feel overly panicked, I’m sorry.”


       He was apologising.


       Xu Ye was completely stunned and looked at him closely with a pair of big eyes.


       There was no trace of teasing in the eyes of the man in front of him. The man was serious.


       “…It’s because of me, it has nothing to do with you…It’s because I forgot to do what you asked…” Xu Ye said. The apology made him nervous instead, and the guilt that swept over him made him unconsciously clutching at the man’s shirt.


       “Relax.” The hand that rested on his back patted him gently, “This is not an apology from a master to a slave, but an apology from me to you as an equal. The master-slave relationship is a matter between two people, and I will take on the responsibilities that come with being a master, and you will need to give feedback and cooperate, such as the communication like now, so that I can get to know you better.” The man’s hand stroked his back, leaving a warm touch, “To ensure that I can sense your tolerance boundaries in time for some situations, I will let you pick a safe word. Whenever you say that word, I will stop anything that could hurt you.”


       “Can any word be used?” Xu Ye blinked.


       “Preferably not common words, or words that may be used frequently in the course of behaviour, such as ‘don’t’, ‘stop’, ‘it hurts’, and so on. Such words will make it impossible for me to tell if you are really in danger and it may also arouse my interest in continuing to go deeper.”


       Xu Ye thought about it, looked at him, thought about it again, and finally made up his mind, “Can I use your name as the safe word?”


       The man looked directly at him with his dark black eyes, “You don’t know my name.”


       “No, I don’t know.” He buried his head down again in frustration, his voice muffled with strange emotions, “So if you don’t tell me, I won’t have safe words for a day.”


       The man smiled, “Don’t regret it when the time comes.” With that, he gave him an uncomfortable slap on the buttocks, the pain woke him up and Xu Ye sucked in a breath. “Next time you’re punished I might blow your ass open.”


       “You won’t.” Xu Ye raised his eyebrows, his tone full of determination. After a while, he seemed to remember something and asked, “I have a question…”


       “Go on.”


       “If… I mean, if I had made preparations at that time, would you… have done it?” He finished speaking intermittently, his cheeks flushed again.


       “Would you like for me to continue?” The man asked with a smile.


       He didn’t speak and held his tongue for a long time. He finally buried himself in the man’s arms and moved his head up and down slightly.


       The man couldn’t help laughing, “Aren’t you afraid?”


       “…I don’t know.” Xu Ye’s face was burning hot. At that moment he was aroused by the man’s provocation, and found that he did not reject the man’s entry, and even had a little expectation in his imagination.


       “No.” The man gave him the answer.


       “Why?” Xu Ye was surprised, he obviously reacted back then, didn’t he?


       “Some things lose their meaning if they go too fast, and it’s my pleasure to be in charge of the rhythm of it all.” The man said leisurely.


       Sure enough, all doms are control freaks. Xu Ye thought.


       They chatted a lot. As Xu Ye guessed, the man had a wide range of knowledge. He had read almost all the books in that study room. They had a lot of common understanding, and the topics jump from travel, sports, and movies to finance and corporate culture, and to psychology. The man’s theoretical sophistication in BDSM was outrageous. When he said that Foucault2Paul-Michel Foucault was a French philosopher, historian of ideas, writer, political activist, and literary critic. Foucault’s theories primarily address the relationship between power and knowledge, and how they are used as a form of social control through societal institutions. used ‘infinite imagination of desire’ to describe this irrational relationship, Xu Ye smiled empathetically. In the process of being controlled, he couldn’t see himself, but he could imagine his body flushed and humiliated when he was whipped. Such imagination stimulated his desire and gave him pleasure. This was not substantially different from ordinary men masturbating to an AV3adult video. The man told him about the development history of SM, the psychological needs of sadism (the tendency to abuse) and masochism (the tendency to be abused), and also talked about the current situation of the entire domestic circle.


       Xu Ye would offer some of his own opinions and ask questions from time to time. Now he understood why a dom has many subs because the ratio of the number of people between the two was very different. The reason why the number of subs was much higher than the number of doms was that most of the time subs only need to simply obey, while dom needs to control everything by himself which was actually quite tiring. If you compare BDSM to performance; the dom, as the main character, had to organise everything from the script onwards, from the timing of the scenes to the handling of props and expression language. In a sense, everything the dom did was in service to the sub, to give him pleasure. So an excellent dom must be very calm, while he controlled the sub, he must also control himself. And those doms who only use tyrannical means to satisfy their own desires were not welcome.


       Xu Ye quietly looked at the man beside him and felt very lucky in his heart.


       He was undoubtedly the best of the doms. He was strong and gentle, like a king, possessed dignified decisiveness to kill, but also has gentle tenderness.


       Time passed quickly, and before he knew it, the clock was ticking past nine, Xu Ye asked, “Don’t I need to go to the cage tonight?” He remembered that the man once said that he would give him orders every Saturday night.


       “No need.” The man patted his still slightly red buttocks, “After taking a bath, put on the ointment and go to bed. I put the ointment by your bedside.” Xu Ye nodded and heard the man add, “If you can’t sleep or wake up from a nightmare, you can call me on my mobile. You have to have breakfast ready by eight o’clock tomorrow morning.”


       Xu Ye thought he would not be able to sleep.


       He didn’t have difficulties sleeping in a bed other than his own, but it was too early for him. He hadn’t been in bed before ten since he was at university.


       This day’s slave life was new and interesting to him. He entered the state much faster than he had imagined. When he lay down, his mind was peaceful, not full of confusion and entanglement as usual. All those desires that couldn’t be aroused and had nowhere to go, restless emotions, doubts about himself, and trivial matters at work seem to have disappeared, and his mind and body relaxed on the soft bed.


       The only voice in his head was that of the man, low and gentle, echoing faintly.


       He fell asleep quickly and was woken up by the alarm clock next to his pillow at seven o’clock in the morning.


       It had rained last night, quite heavily by the looks of it, but he hadn’t known anything about it. It seemed a long time since he had slept so deeply. Xu Ye got up and stretched his muscles in the courtyard. The leaves were still covered in raindrops and the air smelt damp.


       At half past seven he returned to the house, took off his clothes, put on his apron and began to make breakfast. Uncle Ye had already prepared the ingredients last night and specially told him how to make fried eggs well. Despite the theoretical guidance, it was still difficult to put into practice. It was either too raw or too burnt. After frying six eggs in a row, Xu Ye finally had a finished product that looked good. The man asked for a simple breakfast of bread, fried eggs, ham or bacon, juice or milk.


       It was five minutes before eight o’clock when everything was laid out on the table, and Xu Ye stood hovering at the entrance to the stairs. In fact, his curiosity about the man had reached its peak, and he had been calculating the thoughts of ‘He would definitely not wear a mask when he sleeps’, and ‘If I go in now, maybe I can see his face’ and other thoughts. But a voice on the other side warned him ‘He forbids you to see and you should not violate’, and ‘If you do this, you will be punished severely’, so he hesitated, pacing around like an ant on a hot pan. It was only when he saw the man in the light grey mask coming down the stairs that he hid his regretful little thoughts and smiled up at him, showing his neatly set teeth, “Good morning, Master.”

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