Chapter 10 last paragraph that’s incomplete previously:1It was five minutes before eight o’clock when everything was laid out on the table, and Xu Ye stood hovering at the entrance to the stairs. In fact, his curiosity about the man had reached its peak, and he had been calculating the thoughts of ‘He would definitely not wear a mask when he sleeps’, and ‘If I go in now, maybe I can see his face’ and other thoughts. But a voice on the other side warned him ‘He forbids you to see and you should not violate’, and ‘If you do this, you will be punished severely’, so he hesitated, pacing around like an ant on a hot pan. It was only when he saw the man in the light grey mask coming down the stairs that he hid his regretful little thoughts and smiled up at him, showing his neatly set teeth, “Good morning, Master.”

       Xu Ye’s dark and bright eyes made his face look clean and bright. His facial features embodied the advantages of his mother Zhou Jia, which could be described as delicate and pretty. However, he himself didn’t like this kind of statement. When he was in college, he punched out a male classmate’s front teeth after he made a joke about him saying, “If you disguised yourself as a fake young lady, you’ll surely pass off as a real one.” He then started working out and really developed his abdominal muscles and Apollo’s belt. But then he got busy with his work, and there were problems in his love life, and he didn’t care about managing it, so now his muscle lines were less visible. All in all, he was still in good shape, healthy and energetic, not like those frail and slender young men. It was just that his face looked a little immature, so when he went to work, he always wore a pair of non-prescribing gold-rimmed glasses to make himself look more mature and trustworthy.


       The masked man was infected by his smile and was in a good mood. He sat down at the dining table and patted his legs.


       Xu Ye knelt beside his legs. The man took a piece of bread and spread strawberry jam with a knife and handed it to him, “Did you sleep well last night?”


       “I slept so deeply that I didn’t even know it was raining.”


       “That’s good, you look much more refreshed than before.” The man ate his breakfast slowly, as if he remembered something, and said, “Next time, don’t put your mobile phone on your pillow when you sleep.”


       Xu Ye was taken aback, “How did you know my phone was on my pillow?” He remembered that he had put the mobile phone by the pillow after setting the alarm last night, but when he woke up this morning, he found that the mobile phone was ringing on the TV cabinet. It was strange and for a while, he thought that maybe he had remembered it wrong. Now it seemed that the man put it there.


       He came to my room last night. Why? Because he was worried I wouldn’t be able to sleep or have a nightmare?


       “I don’t remember giving you the right to ask questions, slave.” The man glanced at him.


       Xu Ye’s heart warmed at the thought of him coming to the bedside to take care of him. He bent his eyes and smiled, biting the bread while looking up at the person on the seat.


       The man was spreading butter on a piece of bread, and when he felt Xu Ye’s gaze, he turned his face to the side and said with a seemingly helpless smile, “Really…” With that, he put down the knife and stretched out his hand to wipe the strawberry jam off Xu Ye’s mouth with his index finger, then stopped his long, slender finger before his lips and said, “Open your mouth.”


       The back of Xu Ye’s ears flushed with heat, and he stuck his tongue out to lick the red sauce off the finger before taking it in. Inch by inch, his lips and tongue dug into the finger, licking, toothing, sucking, the faint sweetness of strawberry jam filling his mouth, and his eyes became slightly hazy. The man raised his fingers slightly to force his slave to straighten his body and stretched his neck, the trembling Adam’s apple on the slender neck looked fragile and beautiful.


       The man’s fingers were surrounded by the hot and wet mouth, and the soft and slippery tip of the tongue could be clearly felt. The sight of the naked man on his knees allowing himself to be invaded without resistance was a huge stimulus in itself and made even the eyes behind the mask darken. Just when Xu Ye was trying to swallow it deeper into the base of his tongue, the man quickly pulled out his fingers, pulling out a strand of silver from the corner of his lips.


       Xu Ye choked twice and blushed in embarrassment.


       “At your level, you still can’t handle deep-throating.” The man wiped his fingers with a wet towel, and his tone was flat.


       Xu Ye’s face grew hotter, and he lowered his head. His jaw was not relaxed enough at all and the sharp pressure on the base of his tongue triggered an instinctive rejection of his body. He knew that if the man hadn’t pulled out his finger in time, he would have had a worse reaction, and he might have retched or coughed suddenly and bit him.


       “Slave, there are many ways to please me, no need to force yourself to do something you are not ready for, especially something that could be dangerous.” The man poured the milk over a spoon and fed it to him.


       The milk calmed down the discomfort in his throat just now, and Xu Ye said softly, “Thank you, master…”


       The breakfast episode had left him a little frustrated, and he was sluggish while doing the dishes. When he had finished cleaning up, he saw the man standing by the window, listening to the phone. Mostly it was the other party who was talking, and he only responded briefly. From the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Xu Ye standing there blankly, pointing his finger at him to go over.


       Xu Ye was considering whether to kneel down when the man grabbed his waist from behind. His naked back was pressed to the other party’s neat clothes, creating a subtle friction. The man stuck the phone to his ear with one hand, and put the other hand around in front of him, playing with the protrusions on his chest, pinching or squeezing them, and causing those two shy little things to stand upright quickly. Xu Ye moaned lightly and wanted to dodge, but the man lowered his voice and whispered the order in his ear, “Don’t move, and don’t make a sound.”


       The man’s hand wandered freely on his body, and it was as if there was a fire wherever it went. From the lower abdomen to the chest, from the collarbone to the cheeks, sometimes teasing his Adam’s apple, sometimes teasing his lips. What the man did arouse his sensitivity, but he was forced to endure. Xu Ye stood naked by the floor-to-ceiling glass in the living room on the first floor, and could even clearly see two gardeners not far away who were pruning trees standing on the vertical ladder. Even though he clearly knew that he would not be seen by anyone outside, he still had the illusion of being exposed in front of everyone in such a scene. The glass vaguely reflected his erotic and gorgeous appearance of being in a hand of a man. He was like an object, held in the hands of that person, and played with it at will. Every inch of his body was not his own.


       When that hand came to his lower abdomen and seemed to touch his vulnerable erection, Xu Ye trembled and clenched his lips. However, half of the moans he couldn’t bear to hold in leaked from his throat, like the suppressed cry of a self-restrained teenager.


       “Well, leave this matter to him, and let me know when you have the results.” The man finally hung up the phone and put the phone in his pocket. His other free hand stroked his chest and squeezed hard on purpose. A deep voice whispered in his ear, “Who told you to make a sound, huh?”


       The feeling of pain and numbness runs through the body, bringing deeper desire. Xu Ye couldn’t bear it any longer and cried out involuntarily.


       “You will be punished for disobedience, little slave.” The smile in the man’s eyes intensified and he stopped touching his body. The man instead folded Xu Ye’s hands behind his back and held them firmly in place.


       Such a sudden withdrawal of caress stopped Xu Ye’s surging desire within an impenetrable barrier. Like a vine that had lost its footing on the stone wall, he didn’t know how to climb to it. The watery eyes were full of pleading. He didn’t dare to speak for the people behind him didn’t allow it. He didn’t dare to move, and although his legs trembled a little, he still tried to stand up straight.


       “Tell me who you are.” A deep voice sounded from behind.


       “I am…your slave.” The torment made Xu Ye slightly dizzy and he forced himself to hold on to the sliver of clarity in his head.


       “Tell me about your rights.”


       “Everything I have belongs to you, Master. I don’t have any rights.” The answer came out of his mouth.


       “Tell me about your obligations.”


       “I exist to make you happy.” His shoulder blades trembled slightly, and he took deep breaths to try to calm himself down.


       “I want you to remember these three things at all times.” The man behind let go of the palms that bound his hands, “Once you step out of here, do not allow anyone to enter your body in any way without my permission. Where my hands have just touched, no one else will touch. If I find you disobeying my orders, slave ……” He pushed up Xu Ye’s chin with his fingertips, forcing his head back against his body. “You know what the consequences will be.” The man’s voice was always calm and relaxed, without any hint of cruelty. But the sense of oppression was like maggots attached to the bones, making people tremble unceasingly. In this posture, Xu Ye’s slender neck was completely under his big hands, and his Adam’s apple was twitching in his palm, like a beautiful and fragile swan, that could be strangled as long as the man exerted a little force.


       In this way, the man reminded Xu Ye that he manipulated his desires, controlled his body, and dominated everything about him.


       “Yes, master.” Xu Ye’s eyelashes fluttered like the wings of a butterfly wet with rain. He lost himself in the light scent of the man’s body. He felt like a puppet, being led by a man into a brand new world, where there was only him and his master, and no one else.


       “Get dressed and come down, and I’ll have someone take you back.”


       When Xu Ye left, there was still a special car to pick him up, and when he arrived at the gate of Hanguan, a chauffeur in a black uniform was already waiting beside his car and opened the door for him very attentively, “Sir has instructed me to take you back.”


       Xu Ye got into the car and gave his home address, then looked out of the window at the rapidly receding scenery for a while, took out his mobile phone and called back one of the missed calls.


       Xu Ting on the other end of the phone was obviously in a bad mood, and asked, “Where did you go all day yesterday?”


       “Tired, slept all day.” He replied perfunctorily.


       “Are you sick?”




       “That’s good. There’s a charity dinner tonight, you’re coming with me.”


       “I’m not interested.” Xu Ye was a little impatient, “We agreed that you would do this kind of socialising on your own.”


       “You have to attend.” Xu Ting said coldly, “Wanhua’s daughter came back from abroad, so it’s a good opportunity to meet her. You’re not too young anymore.”


       Xu Ye was silent for a moment, then asked expressionlessly, “Are you going to sell your son for the Donglin project now?”


       “Whether the Donglin project is successful or not depends on you. Song Wanhua admires you, and if his daughter also has a crush on you, everything will naturally fall into place. Xu Ye, you have to understand clearly that if I hadn’t paved the way for you, you wouldn’t be worth much. Whether you are willing to take this path or not, you have to take it.”


       Xu Ye hung up the phone, leaned his head against the back seat and closed his eyes.

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