It hadn’t been a day or two since Xu Ting had his eyes on the land in Donglin. He had a temperament of a man that liked the new and disliked the old, which could be seen from his bed partner that changes every three days. The cafeteria business had been relatively stable since it got on track, with no major storms. With a large number of franchises almost at capacity, he had other ideas. He found out that there was a land of about 1,000 acres in Donglin city, with beautiful mountains and rivers, and it was only three hour drive from K City, so he thought about taking it and making it a high-end resort. The reason for cooperating with Song Wanhua was first, because Xu Ting himself had no experience in resorts, while Song Wanhua already had several mature properties in his hands, and second because the area to the east was really susceptible. Over the years, the scarcity of land resources in the vicinity had become more serious as urbanisation intensified. There was such a fat piece of meat in Donglin, and there were many wolves coveting it. There was a reason why this piece of meat was still intact and untouched so far.


       Donglin, east border.


       Without Chu Guangyue, it would just be an ordinary town located east of K city.


       Chu Guangyue was born in Donglin and left the town for K City when he was twenty-five to make a living. He was so bold and meticulous that he was taken up by one of the leaders of the Water Snake Gang and became a bill collector. At that time, the Water Snake Gang was the dominant family in K City, controlling the city’s underground money laundering, drug, and sex trades. With his ruthless methods, Chu Guangyue skyrocketed, and it took him eight years to become the second leader of the Water Snake Gang. He obediently obeyed everything and sold his life for the gang leader for two years, and then turned the entire Water Snake Gang upside down in one fell swoop. After that day, the name of the Water Snakes Gang disappeared, and the logo was replaced by a black eagle.


       There were many versions of the reason why Chu Guangyue turned against the gang, but one of the most popular was that he wanted to avenge the death of a man who came with him.


       That man walked out from Donglin with him back then, blocked knives and shotguns for him, followed him for eight years, and died in an accident after being hit by a stray bullet. It was the gang leader who did the tricks, and the reason was that a mistress said that the man molested her during pillow talk. It was said that Chu Guangyue personally chopped him and his mistress into pieces, and the scene was so bloody that even those gang members’ legs went weak.


       Afterwards, the Black Eagle Group worked as a gangster for a few years. They gradually began to gain access to high-profile industries and washed away all the private money. Now that more than twenty years have passed, the Black Eagle Group of that year had already transformed into a powerful and decent Golden Eagle Group, and the Chu family also became a popular guest of honour in business and political circles.


       The reason why the place in Donglin still retained its original state was that Chu Guangyue did not allow others to touch it.


       This was another main reason why Xu Ting asked Song Wanhua to cooperate. Song Wanhua has a friendly relationship with Chu Guangyue. He used to be a high-level official of the Black Eagle Group.


       It was Xu Ting’s life principle to make the best use of everything. This ‘thing’ also included his own son. He had intentionally or unintentionally led Xu Ye to meet Song Wanhua because he wanted them to get married. He had already played the game of forming a family and cooperating with each other when he was young. That’s how he and Zhou Jia got married. He felt that as long as things worked out, the follow-up was not important. Affection in this kind of thing was like the icing on the cake, and it didn’t matter if it was gone.


       Xu Ye hated him for this, but there was nothing he could do.


       This charity auction dinner was held in the banquet hall on the 36th floor of Jinmao Tower, which was full of grandeur. Men and women dressed in glamorous formal attire exchanged cups and glasses, smiling and lightly chatting, the place was full of people with fragrant shoulders, and slender waists, dressed in suits and leather shoes, which made Xu Ye feel tired. Xu Ting and Zhou Jia were holding hands, laughing and acting in front of people, which made him lose his appetite. Even the champagne tasted like bitter buckwheat tea. He simply picked a secluded place by the window and stood there, overlooking the city’s bright lights and rushing traffic.


       “Why are you hiding here?” Zhou Jia came up behind him with a tall glass in her hand, and whispered, “Why don’t you go to your father’s side?” When she saw that he didn’t move, she sighed and persuaded, “Even if you don’t like her, you have to go and meet her. The girl looks average, and she looks pretty good-natured. You should also calm down and don’t let her get down.”


       Xu Ye glanced at her, “I could get land and someone good at the same time, I seemed to strike gold. I wonder if my father had such a generous buy-one-get-one-free bonus when he married you?”


       “You child is really…” Zhou Jia held back her anger and said, “I don’t care, do as you please.”


       “As if you’ve ever cared about me before.” Xu Ye sneered and walked around her, walking towards the hustle and bustle.


       Xu Ting was talking to Song Wanhua when a young girl in a rose-red dress stood beside them smiling. Song Wanhua saw him first, and said with a smile, “I was just talking about you, and here you are.”


       “Hi Uncle Song, it’s been a long time.” Xu Ye nodded slightly. He stood next to Xu Ting with a smile, and asked, “This must be your daughter, right? Hello, I’m Xu Ye.” He offered his hand.


       “Hello, I am Song Yueran.” The girl shook hands with him and smiled. Although she was not very attractive, she was quite sweet when she smiled.


       Song Wanhua patted Xu Ye on the shoulder and said, “This child just came back from Canada, and she doesn’t have many friends around. If you have time, Xiao Ye, spend more time with her.”


       Xu Ye smiled, “Uncle Song, aren’t you afraid that I kidnap your daughter?”


       “How can you say that?” Xu Ting feigned anger.


       Song Wanhua laughed loudly, “If you can kidnap her, that means you’re good at it. Go on, you youngsters talk, don’t stay with us old fogeys, you’ll be bored to death.”


       “Miss Song, shall we go over there and have a seat?” Xu Ye immediately extended the invitation. Today he was wearing a silver-grey slim-fit suit with a pair of white leather shoes, looking very refined.


       Song Yueran happily went with him.


       “Call me Yueran or Amy, Miss Song sounds weird.” She followed him and sat down by the window. Xu Ye took the juice and handed it to her, and she blinked, “It’s for children.” After she said this, she changed the drink to a c0cktail and drank it all in one go. When she saw Xu Ye looking at her, she stuck out her tongue, “Don’t tell my dad, he won’t let me drink.”


       Xu Ye smiled, “If you go back drunk, I will be criticised heavily.”


       “I’m a good drinker and I don’t blush, you can’t tell it.” She took two glasses of different types of c0cktails from the waiter’s tray and tasted them, and her expression frowned, “That tastes weird.”


       “That one is made with vodka, which is stronger.”


       “It’s still the same as the previous one.” She came to a conclusion, looked at him and said, “Is it boring to be with me?”


       “No. You’re interesting.”


       This sentence was true. Xu Ye knows how to fake a smile on such an occasion, but this girl was not like the pretentious celebrities, she was very natural.


       “I’m not used to this kind of banquet. The dresses are so tight and I have to pretend to be a lady, it’s no fun.” She turned her calf up a little and said, “The heels are all worn out.” She wore a pair of silver stiletto shoes, the ankles were scuffed red. She sounded helpless.


       “Take off your shoes and relax.” Xu Ye said.


       She was taken aback, “… People are coming and going, so it seems a bit unsightly to go barefoot.”


       Xu Ye took off his suit, put it on her knees, and covered her legs together with her shoes, “This way no one can see them.”


       Song Yueran was stunned for a while, and said with some embarrassment, “Your suit will be dragged on the floor.”


       “It’s okay.” He smiled, “Remember to wear a long skirt next time, at least you can cover it when you’re sitting.”


       “Yeah. Got it.” She had a gentle look on her face.


       The main event of the so-called charity dinner was to raise donations. Several well-known painters auctioned their paintings, and the money raised from the auction was used to donate to build primary schools in difficult areas.


       Both Xu Ye and Song Yueran got their number plates. But the two of them were just playing around. First, they didn’t have much appreciation for the paintings, and second, the financial resources they could control were so small. If they really wanted to make a move, it was up to those two fathers.


       At seven o’clock, the event officially began. The lights were focused on the stage at the front of the venue. The host talked eloquently and invited a few children who couldn’t continue their education to create an atmosphere, which fully evoked the sympathy of the rich. The auction began with an overwhelming number of bids and many of the paintings was sold at high prices.


       The last one was the work of a deceased artist ‘Water Lilies’, donated by his children. The finale was bound to be good. Xu Ye looked up the painting on his mobile phone and found that it had become a masterpiece and was worth a lot of money. Strangely enough, the asking price for this painting was very low, and when it reached one and a half million dollars, no one raised their bid, which was much lower than the previous ones.


       Song Yueran also found it strange, and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter? Even if the painting is not good, it’s not so bad that it won’t go up for auction?” There were many businessmen who liked to use charity to show off.


       Xu Ye frowned, when he saw that the hammer was about to fall, he raised his hand and shook his own number plate.


       No. 87.


       The auctioneer seemed to be taken aback for a moment, and immediately said loudly, “No. 87 is 1.8 million. Is there a higher bid? If not, this beautiful ‘Water Lilies’ will go to this gentleman No. 87.”


       A hand was stretched out from the centre of the field.


       “Mr. No. 6 bid 2.1 million.”


       Xu Ye’s original intention was to increase the price, which was considered a donation to those children. When he saw that there were bidders following closely, knowing that there were still people who liked the painting, he simply raised his hands again.


       “Mr. No. 87 raised his placard again, 2.4 million… Ah, Mr. No. 6 bid 2.7 million, 2.7 million! Is there a higher price?” The auctioneer looked towards Xu Ye.


       He froze for a moment, it seemed that he and No. 6 were the only ones left to bid, and the No. 6 bid after him twice, and apparently determined to win. He hooked his lips and smiled, since that person wanted it so much, he would bid for it no matter how expensive it was.


       “Mr. No. 87 bid 3 million! Mr. No. 6 bid 3.3 million!” The price soared all the way. When No. 6 offered 6.9 million, Song Yueran stopped Xu Ye’s hand from raising his placard.


       He was taken aback for a moment, only to hear her whisper anxiously in his ear, “Dad told you not to raise your sign again…” Then he pointed to the flashing mobile phone in his pocket, “Hurry up and answer the phone. “


       It was Xu Ting who called, and the first thing he said was hysterical, “Little bastard, are you crazy!”


       At this moment, the auctioneer tapped the hammer three times, wiped off his sweat and announced that No. 6 was sold for 6.9 million.


       As soon as Xu Ye left the venue, he was dragged into a corner by the dark-faced Xu Ting, and Song Wanhua was on the phone with a serious face.


       “What’s going on?” He frowned.


       “Who asked you to hold up the sign? Do you know who the number 6 is? Yet you dare to raise it? Not once, but many times!” Xu Ting desperately restrained his furious emotions, “You’ve got a lot of nerve, you dare to do something that no one else dares to do, I, Xu Ting, really gave birth to a good son!”


       “So who is number six?” Xu Ye asked with a frown.

Ofc it should end with 6.9 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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