Chapter 19

       It was very unwise to provoke the dom recklessly because torture was what they were best at. Sadly, the man Xu Ye offended was the most dangerous one among the bunch of doms.


       At this moment, he felt like a piece of meat on the chopping board, being cut up and chopped up, cooked and fried by that person. Like a prisoner tied to a torture rack, being tortured endlessly by a cruel official wearing masks. Although he was cleaned, he was not loosened up. The entry of two fingers was already unbearable for him, and the man’s deliberate stretching and simulated thrusting movements made his whole body tense and gasping for breath.


       The tenser he was, the more painful it became.


       The man’s movements didn’t stop because of the resistance of the person below him but increased in magnitude. Xu Ye heard the sound of the lubrication stirring inside his body mixed with his own sobbing moans, and a strong sense of shame engulfed him like a tidal wave


       There was no pleasure, no joy, only an almost brutal penetration and unbearable discomfort, which made him tremble with fear. Chu Yu used this method to make it clear that he was in control.


       Just as he had said—everything was under his control.


       When the number of fingers entering the body increased to the fourth, Xu Ye let out suppressed guttural sounds, then gasped and gave up his physical resistance. He lay helplessly on his back, like a tattered doll, in a humiliating position as he was subjected to the man’s unbridled penetration.


       It was for the last time. He was a sub anyway, and it was only a matter of time before he got screwed. Since there was nowhere to escape, he should let him open his legs and let him enjoy himself… Xu Ye kept hypnotizing himself with these thoughts, but when he looked at the familiar yet unfamiliar eyes behind the black feather mask, a blurred mist unknowingly appeared in the bottom of his eyes.


       If it was you, could you not use this method, not be in this place, and not use such a cold and cruel attitude?


       Something slipped uncontrollably from the wet corners of his eyes.


       What’s going on here……


       Xu Ye himself was at a loss. He tried to cover his face with his hands in panic, but he couldn’t move because he was bound. He could only look helplessly at the man on top of him, like a herbivore with its legs caught in a trap, his eyes trembling with fear and helplessness. Tears blurred his vision, giving him the illusion, as if there was a little softness in the pupils behind the mask. The movement stopped for a moment, and the fingers that invaded the body were pulled out. The weight on his body suddenly disappeared, and then his hands and feet were untied.


       Xu Ye wiped away tears indiscriminately and sat up from the sofa. His shirt was hanging diagonally on his body but he didn’t dare to pull it, and he looked nervously at the man who had taken off his gloves. He couldn’t figure out why Chu Yu changed his mind, or if he was going to treat him in some other way.


       Chu Yu sat down on the sofa opposite him. That was the safest furthest distance, and the two were separated a diameter apart in the circular shape of the sofa. “Why are you crying?” He asked indifferently.


       He had asked this question before. In the cage at Hanguan No. 8, Xu Ye cried once after being punished for disregarding orders and rules. At that time, Chu Yu, his master, held him in his arms and said to him, “Don’t worry, I won’t break you.”


       Same question, different state of mind. Xu Ye sat with his head down, sniffled, and said with some embarrassment, “I don’t know…” He hadn’t shaken off the panic just now, and his voice trembled slightly when he spoke.


       “Raise your head up.” The calm voice was no longer cold, but it still carried a sense of oppression that could not be resisted.


       Xu Ye did so almost instinctively, and immediately looked up at the man opposite him, with wet eyelashes fluttering over his bright black eyes like a deer.


       “You want to be Marvin’s slave, don’t you?” The man leaned back, his long legs folded up.


       Xu Ye’s eyes trembled, and his lips moved but no sound came out.


       “Do you want to answer my question, or do you want me to continue with what I just did?”


       Xu Ye was startled by this threatening question, and he replied bluntly, “I just… want to find a master, and he just happened to show up, so…” He spoke carefully, for fear that a certain sentence would make the other person angry again.


       “Since you’ve made up your mind, why don’t you continue with the third order?” The eyes behind the mask were as calm as a deep well.


       Xu Ye pursed his lips and said softly, “I don’t know…”


       “Come here.” A low voice, a short command.


       Xu Ye panicked immediately, and explained urgently, “I don’t want to do that kind of thing in front of others…it feels disgusting…and I won’t do that…”


       “I said, come here.” In the second repetition, the tone was a little colder.


       The pressure was so great that Xu Yi was suddenly silenced, and he stood up stiffly as if resigned to his fate. The shirt hanging behind him fell completely to the ground, leaving him completely naked. His left leg, which was bound just now, was slightly numb and he swayed a little, walking silently to the man.


       Chu Yu stood up, and the two faced each other.


       The distance was too close because his naked and sensitive skin could even feel the man’s body temperature radiating through the shirt. Xu Ye tried to step back uneasily, but Chu Yu’s warm palm was placed against the back of his waist.


       “Since you don’t want to tell the truth, then let’s have a different kind of conversation.” The man’s voice rang out next to his ears, “I don’t want to hear the word ‘I don’t know’ in the next question. If your answer doesn’t satisfy me, I will have you left naked in the most crowded part of the city centre. Put your hands behind your back and look up at me.” He paused and saw Xu Ye’s pale face as he did so, he curled his lips and said, “From now on, if you dare to move around, I will force myself on you.”


       Xu Ye stood stiffly, his heart in his throat, not even daring to breathe.


       When the man’s hand caressed the sleeping part in his crotch, his body trembled uncontrollably. And soon, the thick panic in his eyes was replaced by surprise as he realised that what the man was trying to do was not to hurt him, but to…


       The face that was gradually rising with lust was flushed with a light red colour. Xu Ye’s eyelashes trembled slightly, like fragile and beautiful butterfly wings. His desire that had fallen into coldness was so easily awakened in Chu Yu’s hands, eating away at his sanity inch by inch.


       His panting intensified, his heart beats faster and his whole body flushed.


       Xu Ye, who had been ordered not to take his eyes off, raised his face and looked at the man in front of him, his eyes seemed to beg him to stop but also seemed to beg him to continue. The uncontrollable moans in his throat were more like aphrodisiac poison, vaporising into smoke in the curtain-wrapped area. All the senses in the body are dead, except only for the part wrapped in the palm of another man, which has been teased wantonly and was very much alive, feeling mixed pleasure and pain under the domination of others.


       The stroking continued. Xu Ye’s eyes were foggy, and his tense body focused all its strength on the palms supporting his lower back, his legs were shackled by the order ‘don’t move’, and he couldn’t help trembling uncontrollably.


       Chu Yu knew very well how to ignite this body and how to make him feel pleasure. As a dom, he had excellent control over the sub. He took in every expression on Xu Ye’s face, felt his feelings, and manipulated his desires. Therefore, when Xu Ye’s desire was about to reach a critical point, Chu Yu suddenly tightened his palm with precision and confined it to the root


       The sudden shackles tightly sealed Xu Ye’s surging desire in his body, and left him with nowhere to go. He gasped heavily, his chest heaved unbearably, and he cried, “Let me go.. Please… I can’t take it anymore…” He didn’t even know what he was saying, he just kept begging.


       “Answer my question honestly.” Chu Yu’s voice was still calm, “Why are you looking for Marvin?”


       “It’s just a coincidence… ah—” The swollen and sensitive part was squeezed hard, and it hurt like hell. Xu Ye’s body trembled more violently, and he was on the verge of falling.


       “If you are not afraid of pain, you can continue to lie.” Behind the mask was the man’s calm gaze.


       Xu Ye, who was pushed to bliss by desire, and dragged to hell by force, looked at the man in front of him very desolately, gritted his teeth, closed his eyes, and shouted in a broken voice, “I’m looking for him because I want to forget you as soon as possible! I need a new Dom so I don’t keep thinking about you! Marvin or anyone! But I can’t do it! I can’t give him a bl-wj-b in front of you! I’m an idiot! You either let me go or kill me!!!”


       He shouted at the top of his lungs before he realised that there was silence in his ears, except for the soft music in the background, there was no voice in the venue outside the curtain.


       At this moment, Marvin, who was leaning against the window, spit out a mouthful of wine and coughed non-stop, and his slave patted his back thoughtfully. Pharaoh laughed and said, “Admitting to finding Llion as a substitute and yelling at the Earl, this kid has more guts than I thought.”


       Jerry laughed and said to the man beside him, “It’s really interesting, we’ll have to find a little slave like that someday.”


       Tom shook his head, “This kind of thing is too much to handle, and it’s only for Earl.”


       “This kid…” Marvin recovered from his cough and said angrily, “If he falls into my hands some other day, I will definitely beat him with a whip until he asked for death!”


       “Why do you think the Earl went to such lengths to force him to say these things?” Pharaoh gave him a look with a smile, “Do you dare to whip the man he likes, even if he was delivered to you?”


       Marvin took a deep breath and calmed down, “Forget it, my lord has a lot, I won’t bother him.”


       Chu Yu’s gaze softened as he did not let go of his hand, but gently moved again.


       Xu Ye found to his dismay that his pent-up desire was once again erect in his hands uncontrollably. His eyes met the man’s smirking gaze and his face flushed.


       Why did this body become so sensitive in his hands…


       When the gasps and moans mingled, the man’s voice sounded in his ears, “You can move now.” Then, the hand that had been resting against his rear waist used its strength to press him directly into his arms.


       His naked body was pressed against Chu Yu’s. The rhythmic movements of the man’s hands, the subtle rubbing of his clothes and the deliberate teasing in his ears caused Xu Ye to drown in a sea of desire and eventually ejaculated without any hindrance. After the tide, he leaned softly on the man, sniffed and frowned.


       “What’s wrong?” Chu Yu asked.


       “You changed your perfume.” Xu Ye’s voice was muffled.




       “It still smells good as before.” After he said that, he felt that he was talking too much. Whether he changed his perfume or not had nothing to do with him. He stepped back half a step away from the man’s arms, looked down and saw the white marks on the man’s trouser legs, blushed, and said, “Your trousers….it’s dirty.”


       “Put on your clothes.” The other party didn’t seem to mind.


       His underwear was so torn that it couldn’t be worn anymore. Xu Ye put on the jeans, then put on the shirt, and asked cautiously, “Can I go now? If you don’t want to see me, I can stop coming here in the future…”


       Chu Yu looked at him and said, “In your head, all you can think about is how to escape?”


       Xu Ye pursed his lips and remained silent.


       “I have already given you the chance to leave once, so there will be no second time. Xu Ye, no matter what your reason for leaving me is, you will never be able to find someone who can replace me, and I will never let you go again. So…” Before he finished speaking, Chu Yu pressed a white button next to the sofa, and all the curtains rose slowly at the same time. The entire circular sofa area reappeared in everyone’s field of vision.


       Under the watchful eyes of everyone, the man removed the black feather mask from his face and threw it onto the sofa. He looked at Xu Yi and curled his lips as he spoke in a relaxed manner,


       “You can’t run away.”

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