Chapter 23

       Xu Ye had no other plans on Sunday, so Chu Yu kept him until the afternoon.


       The master seemed in no hurry to train his slave in terms of physical endurance, but rather to give him time to adapt to the more stringent rules of behaviour.


       As he sat on the sofa in the living room, Chu Yu looked at the person kneeling beside him and said, “From today onwards, I want you to follow my living habits, to understand my likes and dislikes, and prepare my needs in advance. I won’t tell you what I like and what I don’t like. Use your eyes and brain to collect and organize all this information. You must pay attention to my every movement and eye, try to figure out my thoughts and meet my needs as much as possible. For example…” His eyes fell on the glass on the coffee table and then glanced at his slave.


       Xu Ye was stunned for a moment, and when he realised it, he immediately got up to make a cup of green tea and placed it back on the coffee table lightly. He was not very sure about Chu Yu’s preferences, and the reason why he chose green tea was that he had seen him drink it.


       “Very good.” Chu Yu patted his head as a reward, “As your master, I need to have your full attention. When I am not giving you a clear order, your line of sight must also belong to me. I am the sole object of your existence. For you, nothing but me is meaningless.”


       “Yes, master.”


       Xu Ye felt himself being brainwashed. His whole mind had been on that man all morning.


       The man’s hand moved a little, was it to take something? Was it a book, or an iPad?


       The man’s eyes were looking out of the window. Was the sun too bright? Should he draw the curtains a little?


       The man put down the cup, was the tea cold? Or should he change it to something else?


       The man got up, was he going to the bathroom or did he need to do something else?


       Xu Ye was absorbed in observing every move of his master, every subtle expression, every wandering of his gaze. He was the only one in his sight. Such concentration gave him a sudden sense of relief. It was as if all other emotions and thoughts had disappeared and the only person left in the world was the man in front of him.


       The time in Hanguan passed very quickly. Unknowingly, it was noon, Xu Ye was about to take the dishes from Uncle Ye’s hands and was about to wash them when Chu Yu stopped him, “You can watch from the side, don’t do anything today.”


       Only then did he remember that he had injured the back of his hand, and his face was a little red. He put the dish down, and responded softly, “…Yes, sir.”


       When Chu Yu went upstairs, the chef, Uncle Ye asked, “How did you get it burnt like this?”


       “Spilled milk while preparing breakfast.”


       “Have you been treated?”


       “Yeah.” He nodded.


       “It’s the most taboo thing in the kitchen to be reckless. Even if you are in a hurry, you must follow the rules, otherwise, you will be in danger.” Uncle Ye gave him a rare lecture.


       “Got it.” He looked down at the area where the medicine was applied on the back of his hand, and a small warmth welled up in his heart.


       He was still on his knees when he ate and ate whatever Chu Yu gave him. Xu Ye was burying his head in his rice when he heard the sound of chopsticks tapping on the table and raised his head.


       Chu Yu looked at him indifferently, and said, “Count out thirty grains of rice in each bite and chew twenty times before swallowing.”


       This was because he was eating too fast.


       With a bitter face, Xu Ye lowered his head resignedly to count the rice grains. After finally finishing the meal, Chu Yu didn’t ask him to clean up the tableware but led him for a walk for a while.


       The so-called holding did not mean holding hands, but holding in the true sense.


       A soft leather collar was put on Xu Ye’s slender and fair neck, and a small golden bell hung on the front. The traction rope was bright red, very eye-catching, and about a metre and a half long. The end of the rope was a hand-held leather ring, which was held by Chu Yu.


       “Don’t like this?” the man asked.


       “…not used to it, Master.” Xu Ye’s voice was muffled.


       Chu Yu smiled lightly. Although his slave’s answer was very tactful, the tense body reaction when he was tied to the collar was not deceiving. He didn’t like the collar.


       “You need to get used to it as soon as possible.” The man looked at the naked body in front of him with only a collar, and there was an uplifting pleasure in his voice, “Because I like it.”


       Xu Ye turned his neck helplessly, and the bell made a crisp sound. Although the collar was soft, the slightly tightened buckle still made him uncomfortable. This deliberate restraint by his master made him feel more deeply enslaved and controlled and also reminded him to submit and surrender.


       “First of all, let’s talk about the rules.” Chu Yu tightened the leash slightly, “Slave, when I use the leash on you, you must go into a walking position, stay within a distance of one and a half metres behind me, do not overtake me when walking, do not walk alongside me, and likewise don’t block me from turning around. When I ask you to stop, you must be on your knees and bite the leash until I come back to you, understand?”


       Xu Ye hesitated for a while, then replied, “Understood, Master.”


       For an entire hour in the afternoon, he was led by the man from the study to the bedroom, and from the first floor to the third floor. The distance of one and a half metres was really not far. When Chu Yu made a move, he had to react quickly, otherwise, the leash would be pulled tight. Xu Ye didn’t like this training, so he was a little distracted. When Chu Yu stopped suddenly on the stairs, Xu Ye bumped into his back in the end.


       “I apologised…” He apologised hastily, his face slightly embarrassed.


       Chu Yu looked at him quietly for a moment with his deep black eyes, until Xu Ye trembled in his heart. The man then smiled and said, “It’s okay, you can get used to it slowly, if you can’t learn it once, you can learn it twice, if you can’t do it in an hour, you can do it in two hours.” After the man finished speaking, he added, “This collar can be locked. If you never get used to it, I will consider letting you wear it all the time, including when you are at work.”


       Xu Ye’s face turned pale, and he whined, “Master…”


       “I’ve always been very patient.” Chu Yu shook the leash in his hand and led him downstairs.


       For the next hour, Xu Ye’s thoughts were highly concentrated on the person in front of him, apart from one occasion when he blocked Chu Yu’s turn, he only made a few mistakes.


       The man sat on the large recliner by the window, untied his collar, and asked, “Are you thirsty?”


       Xu Ye raised his face, shook his head and asked, “Would you like tea, master, or something else, Master?” He noticed that his master had not had much water in the past two hours.


       The man got up and poured a glass of orange juice from the refrigerator, handed it to him, and then patted the place beside him, “Sit here, Xu Ye.”


       Calling him by his name means giving him equal time to talk. Xu Ye held the cup with both hands and sat down beside him, and asked hesitantly, “How do you know that I like to drink this?”


       The man smiled, “I know you better than you think.”


       Xu Ye drank half of it and wanted to put it aside, but Chu Yu grabbed his wrist, moved it directly in front of him, and took a sip from the same cup as if even his lips were pressed against the place where he had just drank. Xu Ye’s gaze was completely sucked in by those abyss-like pupils, his heart skipped a beat, and his ears felt hot. He lowered his head hastily, then raised his eyes cautiously, his eyes wandering and he muttered, “Can you… um… hug me like last time?”


       Before he finished speaking, the man grabbed his arm and pulled him into his arms. Xu Ye buried his head in his chest, like an animal warming up. He said softly, “Can you not be offended if I ask a question that offends you?”




       “Did you allow me to return to your side, because you… to me…” he weighed his words, “felt something for me, or did you just to get me back who had run away?”


       There was always been a knot in his heart. He was not sure whether Chu Yu accepted him again because he wanted to continue this master-slave relationship, or just to restore his dignity. After all, no slave had ever left his side voluntarily. Xu Ye had never been very confident. After all, there were a bunch of subs who want the Earl to be their master, and he was just a newbie who couldn’t even follow the rules. He was plain-looking and there was nothing special about him.


       Chu Yu looked at him for a moment and asked, “Do you drink orange juice to quench your thirst, or to fill your stomach with it?”


       Xu Ye was choked by this rhetorical question and was at a loss as to how to respond for a while. As he was frowning in thought, his jaw was lifted up, then there was Chu Yu’s magnified face in front of him.


       He froze completely when his lips felt the soft touch.


       It was a kiss.


       “Close your eyes.” Chu Yu said as he moved a little further apart and then leaned down again.


       When Xu Ye closed his eyelids, the touch became clearer. It was gentle at first, a touch and grind between the lips and teeth, and when Xu Ye responded, everything seemed to be on fire. The man’s hand hooked his neck, forcing him to lift his chin, revealing his beautiful collarbone more clearly. And that aggressive kiss dominated with an irresistible force. Xu Ye was pinned down and allowed his master to invade every part of his mouth. When Chu Yu’s other hand touched the bulge on his chest, Xu Ye trembled all over and let out a short, cat-like moan.


       Their breaths were entwined, indistinguishable from each other. The sweet scent of orange juice between his lips and teeth drifted away, and when the man let go of Xu Ye, he was already in a state of confusion, leaning softly in that warm embrace, his face and even his body were tinged with a vague pink. Xu Ye curled up, trying in vain to block the reaction of his lower body.


       Chu Yu looked at him with a smile, “Now why do you think I allowed you to come back to my side?”

Yeah, Xu Ye what do you think it is, huh? For the Godly Chu Yu to kiss you, huh? I want a man like that too in my life, ngl

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